Hrithik Roshan on Kaabil vs Raees clash: My father is hurt and upset

Kaabil and Raees are set to hit the theaters on the same day, but Hrithik Roshan feels it could have been avoided if the producers of the Raees had planned things in a better manner.

“My father plans his life very well. He was also very careful. ‘Kaabil’ was about to get over in October. But he did not want to release it in November or December last year as the dates were already taken by someone else and it would not have been fair. He decided to go to January as he didn’t want to put any other producer in distress.

“My father is careful and concerned for others so he also expects other to be the same way. He is a little hurt and upset. But he is graceful about it. You can’t control the world you can only control your reaction and our reaction is very graceful so now let’s see,” Hrithik said in an interview here.

The actor, however, says he has no hard feelings for people attached with Raees. “People attached to ‘Raees’ are not doing it intentionally. There is nothing like revenge. But if they had planned it better and had executed it better then this clash would not have happened.”

“I think ‘Raees’ also didn’t have any choice. The film is waiting for a release date for quite some time. It was supposed to release with ‘Sultan’ but it got pushed. They are also in a problem. I understand that. My sadness is only that if the party had planned it a little better than this clash would not have happened,” he said.


5 comments on “Hrithik Roshan on Kaabil vs Raees clash: My father is hurt and upset”

  1. Gud said by Ritik
    Bhagwan Sab dekh raha hai takluji
    U HV shown graceful act so result will be in ur favour
    Raees may beat kaabil in opening days
    But lifetime collection will be high for kaabil

    1. Tumaaye bapu bhi nhi rok sakte raees ko. Taklu ke ladke ko Excel movie dete hai maan jata takla par akad me thha...

  2. Just stop crying ! These guys have been looking for sympathy for months, begging audiance to save their movie like Ajay for his flop Shivaay... Only content will decide the winner, accept it and move on.

  3. Look why didn't raees clash with dangal if srk didn't get on with aamir then he would have but this goes to show they are not really the enemies they are made out to be even with clash both films would have had 4 open weeks as this clash will only have 2 open weeks and then jolly llb2 will release. You srkians make your own judgement.

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