How much PRDP needs to collect to become Blockbuster?

Q. How much PRDP need to collect to attain blockbuster status? (Divyanshu)

Ans. Over 280 Crore.


Q. Who is female actress in Sultan? (Mohd Rashid)

Ans. It is not finalized yet. But there are rumours that it can be either Deepika Padukone or Parineeti Chopra.


Q. Which is next film of Rohit shetty after Dilwale? (ImranHT)

Ans. Golmaal 4 and an untitled film with Akshay Kumar.


Q. Which is the best film of SRK, Salman and Aamir Khan's career? (Malik Tazim)


SRK - Chak De India

Salman Khan - Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Aamir Khan - 3 Idiots


Q. What's your Airlift teaser review? (Vivek)

Ans. Airlfit teaser is excellent. The production department has done a good job, representing the happenings in a real time format, which gives it a news feel. 4/5 stars



Q. Shooting of Mohenjo Daro movie is going to complete soon but Hrithik Roshan has not signed any film. In near feature is there any movie is he going to sign? And what about Mohenjo Daro?. Till now why there have no buzz about that movie? (Alok)

Ans. Hrithik Roshan has signed Kabir Khan's next. Other than this he will also star in a YRF's untitled project. Mohenjo Daro has decent buzz and hype. The makers have not revealed much about the film. But as now it is almost completed, we will be able to see more stills from the film. Also it is Hrithik's first film in 2 years, so there is enough anticipation around the film.


Q. Do u think that 15 days were not enough for Bajrangi Bhaijaan to break PK record because at that time PK had no competition? (Basit)

Ans. Absolutely. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was facing tough competition from Baahubali. And in the third week, Drishyam was released. On the other hand PK had free run for three weeks and also have holidays advantage.


Q. Which are top ten actresses in India according to popularity? (Pratik)


  1. Deepika Padukone
  2. Katrina Kaif
  3. Kareena Kapoor
  4. Priyanka Chopra
  5. Alia Bhatt
  6. Sonakshi Sinha
  7. Anushka Sharma
  8. Jacqueline Fernandez
  9. Shraddha Kapoor
  10. Kangana Ranaut


Q. Do u think that any newcomer has potential of becoming future Salman, Srk and Aamir? (Prashant Yadav)

Ans. No one can even come close to what the three Khans have achieved. But yes some new comers like Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh have the potential to become mega stars.


Q. What is the budget of Akshay Kumar's Airlift? (Mumin)

Ans. Around 50-60 crore.


Q. Can Akshay Kumar recreate the magic of 2007 when Akshay's all films were hit in 2016? (Amar)

Ans. The same was being said for 2015 too which unfortunately did not happen. As for next years is concerned, only Housefull 3 looks a safe bet. The verdict of Airlift and Rustom is tough to predict due to their genre.


Q. The editing of PRDP was bad. Do Rajshri production intend to rectify this shortcoming by decreasing/cutting 2 or 3 songs? If they do it in the next 2/3 days, I am sure that the WORD OF MOUTH will improver. (Pradeep Bhalla)

Ans. For the second week run, Rajshri has shortened the length by 20 minutes by cutting songs. But the damage has already been done.


Q. Who is the actor playing in Karan Johars film Kalank? As per reports, it is Salman Khan. Is this true? (Yousuf)

Ans. These all are rumours. Karan Johar has not signed anyone yet for Kalank.


Q. Why didn't you add Saif Ali Khan in top 10 popular actors as he has more fan following than Shahid, Ranveer and some others? Ranveer last movie made only 30-35 cr (Kill Dil). But Saif last movie made 45-50 cr (phantom) despite bad reviews. (Aquil)

Ans. The list was made on the basis of popularity and has nothing to do with box office. Today most of the people don't even know what are upcoming projects of Saif Ali Khan which is not the case with Ranveer or Shahid.


Q. Aamir Khan's next movie Dangal is being directed by Nitesh Tiwari who is not a popular director. Will it effect Aamir khan movie and what will be the Result? (Ahmadsayed)

Ans. Aamir Khan has become a brand. People have blind trust on him. It is said that he can do nothing wrong and that's why he is called Mr. Perfectionist. So the director's name becomes less important.

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    6 comments on “How much PRDP needs to collect to become Blockbuster?”

    1. Can dilwale become the best film of shahrukh khan ?.
      What is the budget of dilwale?? How much it required to become blockbuster??

      1. Yes...
        Dilwale has many postives..
        Pairing of SRK-Kajol,Pairing of SRK-Rohit,varun and kirti,and the supporiting cast and SRK stardom.
        The movie will be one of the biggest hit of SRK..
        The budget of movie is around 95-100 crores.it have to collect around 300 crores to being decleared as a blockbuster..

    2. my question is to bollyarena team , director abbas-mustan 2 movies, humraaz and aitraaz declared semi hit verdict at the box office but why most of the website mentioned average above average verdict ? pls give the correct box office verdict of humraaz and aitraaz ?

    3. What will be the verdict of prdp n does sultan has d potential of next bajrangi bhaijaan for salman as it looks he is working really hard for this movie which is a rarity for him?

    4. Do u think that sultan has the potential of next bajrangi bhaijaan for salman as it looks he is working really hard for this movie n can it generates the same buzz like ett as both these movies r of yash raj banner?

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