How much Dilwale should collect to become a hit?

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Q. Which is the best film of this decade in terms of content, public appreciation and box office performance? (Mayur)

Ans. So far Aamir Khan's PK is the best film of this decade as it found huge appreciation among public and it had repeat value. It will be followed by Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. There were other films like Barfi, Queen, Kahaani, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Haider etc but they all had limited appeal.


Q. How much Dilwale needs to collect to become a hit? (Suyash)

Ans. The film should collect in the range of 160-170 crore to become a hit. It will become super hit at 200 crore. Despite the underperformance of the film, the makers have already made decent profits. And it is distributors who have to suffer from huge losses.


Q. Which movie has better word of mouth PK or Bajrangi Bhaijaan? (Anant Tiwari)

Ans. PK had a slight edge over Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The ticket prices of PK were hiked for the whole first week.


Q. As Dilwale losses against BM, now does Sultan has an edge over Raees? (Mandy)

Ans. Of course Sultan has the lead over Raees. Shahrukh Khan starrer has only one advantage that its teaser was received very well. Sultan teaser or trailer is yet to be revealed so we have no idea how the film looks like.


Q. Bollyarena, Which is your favourite actor? 

Ans. We love and respect all actors equally. An individual's opinion would be irrelevant as it is a team work.


Q. The trailer of PRDP and Dilwale were released 40 days before release. Fan and Raees trailer are out long time before their release. Do you think it is right decision? Could Fan suffer in between Dilwale and Raees. Also it is releasing in non holiday period and IPL time.

Ans. The trailer release date will not make any difference if your product is up to the mark. But if you are not confident then it should be released 30-40 days before the film hit the screens.

As for Fan is concerned, Shahrukh Khan has himself said the he does not think that it will be a blockbuster. So he is also expecting something over 100 crore. IPL period will not affect much as this year Gabbar Is Back, Piku and Tanu Weds Manu Returns were released in this period.


Q. Can Dilwale break the record of PK in overseas if it releases in China? (Pratik)

Ans. Shahrukh Khan's Happy New Year was released in China and performed poor there. So it is very unlikely that Dilwale will be a big success in China. Though it can become highest overseas grosser for Shahrukh Khan and claim 5th position.


Q. What are upcoming movies of Ranveer Singh in 2016 except Befikre (Rahul)

Ans. He has not signed anything officially expect Befikre. He is in talks with Aanand L.Rai (Tanu Weds Manu Returns director) for a film.


Q. Do you think Robot 2 will break all possible records? (Awad Saeed)

Ans. It will be too early to talk about that. Rajinikanth's last two films Lingaa and Kochaidiyaan have not done that well at the box office. The director Shnakar last film "I" was a decent success only. Though the sequel factor will bring strong initials. The presence of Akshay Kumar will ensure good run in Hindi belts. The ideal opening day should be over 50 crore.


Q. Who is more popular in India among 3 Khans? (Pravin)

Ans. Kamal R Khan :-P


Q. Can it be said now that overseas supremacy of SRK is over and Salman and Aamir are equally big now? (Avijit)

Ans. No. Shahrukh Khan has still 5 films in the top 10 highest overseas grossers. A mediocre film like Dilwale is breaking records in overseas. Fan can also prove to be a major game changer in overseas. It will probably take more time before anyone can replace him. Though Aamir Khan is quickly covering the gap.


Q. Will Abbas-Mustan direct any another action flick? (Vickveer)

Ans. Probably Race 3.


Q. Who will win box office battle between Dilwale and Bajiro Mastani? (Ali)

Ans. Bajirao Mastani will lead in India and Dilwale in overseas. Overall winner is Bajirao Mastani.

Q. What was the verdict of Desi Boys? (Sunny)

Ans. It collected around 47 crore and was a below average.


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    15 comments on “How much Dilwale should collect to become a hit?”

    1. @BollyAreana Team , with all due respect I must say you made one blunder by saying KRK is the most popular Khan. Honestly, it was not expected from you people as I have great respect for you guys but now I think I want to reconsider it. KRK , a cheap guy who sends gandi gandi messages to actresses, besharam who calls himself no 1 critic and what not. Please change you answer. Never expected from you even if it was a joke. Very bad. You are making fun of yourself. Chiiiiiii !!!!!

    2. @bollyarena kamal r khan?very poor joke
      if a joke cant make reader laugh it should atleast bring smile which is not case with ur joke. . .to me it is the poorest joke of 2015 which i have read

    3. @BollyArena, footfalls of BB was more than PK then how could u say that PK was more accepted ? if ticket rate of BB were higher then Collection would have been 350 crs.

        1. It is not a convincing explanation if ppl were ready to pay higher ticket prices then why it didn't sell higher tickets than bajrangi bhaijaan?

        2. Ticket prices were hiked due to Christmas and New Year period not of publics willing otherwise PK would had ahead of BB on first six days and ten days.

    4. Comment:hahaha if dilwale need 160 then bhajipav 200?
      n how can you say overall bajirao? in overseas bajirao is crushed inly half of dilwale and overall dilwlae crossed 300 cr gross see bollywood capsule i tjink better site then you ...sich a biased site bollyarena and that person who asks about overseas lead hahaha man actually bb pk and yjhd had content that's why they are in top 10 see top 15 list srk have 9 10 movies ?
      wait fan will come like strom
      and bollyarena srk also said this statement before release of chak de india
      ... bhajipao is better than dilwlae overall ??
      and footfall of dilwale is more than bhajipao but problem was price difference b/w SS and mltiplx ..
      such a rubbish trade experts you have and why you don't publish my comment ... fear? i know your views decreasing like hell ?? n m enjoying
      note :- sallu fans plz tang na adaye i like sallu too ..but his fans are intolerable

      and krk jitna aage badh jao fr uska majak banana ?? wo kamata h sbko ullu bana ke #2rsppl

    5. Ans. No. Shahrukh Khan has still 5 films in the top 10 highest overseas grossers. A mediocre film like Dilwale is breaking records in overseas.
      You know one thing that film like PRDP never collect more than $10 million in overseas but still Collected more than $14 million. PRDP's 14 million is equal to 20 million of Dilwale.

    6. The total budget of Dilwale is 100 crores and it has so far collected 130 crores only in India. In addition to this, the revenue from music rights and satellite rights needs to be added. The collection, 130 crores is just profit and not the gross amount. Dilwale is doing some crazy business in overseas which you don't want to publish (especially in Gulf, UK and Malaysia) . Some good words and only appreciation will not make the movie box office hit. In case of BM, though it is steady and getting more words of appreciation but it is very expensive movie with the budget of more than 160-175 crores. Are you doing some biased reporting or simply to say to mislead the people ?

    7. Comment: i think you follow some local distributer on Twitter and post that dilwale need 160
      can you explain how? even when there is no dostribution company b/w the diatributors and production house ..they sold it 110 cr all india to all diatributors and if movie earns 150 than 40 cr will shared by distributors and theaters ... where is loss? can you explain it?
      ya some territories will suffer but it happens in every case bm dubbed version is disaster what abt that film is only doing business in north india some parts and specially maharastra while acc to it's budget it need much more ... only some lakhs made by bm dubbed version please give all information bollyarena and please dont say any thing about krk he is better than you guys

    8. oye bollyarena tum kuch bhi kar lo krk ko kuch mat bolana hamako pata hae tum popular hona chaate hau par hum tmko nai haune dnge

    9. Salman khan top domestic actor & Papulor because highest paid actor top ww avg act hi 6 Alltime highest grossers 5years 7 bolckbusyers big reaylity show sucsees & bajrangi bhaijaan higest footfaals in the decade must papulor actor in family & Action film actor no any other actor take over there

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