How much Bajirao Mastani will affect Dilwale collection?

Q. What is the verdict of Brothers? (Manoj Kharat)

Ans. Flop. You can check Brothers total box office collection and analysis here.

Brothers Total Box Office Collection


Q. When Dilwale trailer will be released? (Sazad)

Ans. Probably at the end of September.


Q. Everyone says that Salman and Aamir are the biggest superstars but no one can ignore that none of their recent releases has matched the opening figure of HNY? So can we say SRK is ahead of both?

Ans. The difference is Happy New Year was released on the Diwali day. While Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released one day before Eid and PK was released 6 days before Christmas. HNY was a masala entertainer while BB and PK were more of content driven films.

Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger collected 32 crore on Independence Day in 2012. Similarly Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 collected 36 crore on a normal day.

The real test will be when Dilwale will release on 18 December. Both Aamir and Salman have given their best (PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan). Now its time for Shahrukh Khan.


Q. How much Bajirao Mastani will affect Dilwale? Can Dilwale beat PK record or not? (Anant Tiwari)

Ans. Most probably Bajirao Mastani will release on 25 December. So there will be no clash. Also both films belong to two different genres. Bajirao Mastani can affect Dilwale only if they are released on the same day. For more details you can check the box office prediction category.


Q. If Prem Ratan Dhan Payo release screen count is 5000 and youth also accept the film then what can be its lifetime box office collection? (faizurrahman)

Ans. 300+ Crore


Q. How many film done by Salman Khan and their business? (Yam Rana)

Ans. 72 Movies - 2434 Crore


Q. How you judge Music Hit or Flop of any movie? By looking at Radio Mirchi countdown or is there any Box office collection for Music Album also? Plz elaborate. (Mousami Ghosh)

Ans. There are so many parameters like You Tube hits, Itunes, social media etc. These days most of the people download the music illegally form internet. So there is not much collection coming from music as it was in the past.

Aashiqui which was released in 1990 remains the best-selling soundtrack album in India of all time. Approximately 1.60 crore music units of Aashiqui were sold which is still a record.


Q. Why Aamir khan and Raju Hirani so Popular in China and why not Salman? (Ramiz Raja)

Ans. China was not a regular market for Hindi films. In 2010 Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots was released there and it received extremely positive response from audience. The actor became very famous there. So his next release Dhoom 3 and PK were also successful in China. Salman Khan has yet to release his film in China.

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