Housefull 4 Reviews by Critics

Housefull 4 Reviews by Critics: Akshay Kumar starrer Housefull 4 has received negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 1.44 which is even lower than films like Thugs of Hindustan and Race 3.

  • Positive: 1
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 8
  • Avg Rating: 1.44/5

Taran Adarsh

Rating: 1.5/5

Tries too hard to make you laugh, but fails miserably... Bad writing, terrible direction, over the top performances... Weakest film in #HouseFull franchise.

Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 2/5

On the whole, HOUSEFULL 4 is a major disappointment and suffers on the account of poor writing and vacuous screenplay. The negative word of mouth will ensure that it will crash at the box office though it might still end up crawling to Rs. 100 crore mark on account of festive period and the extended weekend.


Rating: 3.5/5

As the great Joker said, “Comedy is subjective” & this is my style of comedy. If you’ve loved Housefull 1 & 2 and disliked the 3rd one, you’ll definitely like this. All said and done, Housefull 4 is unabashed, crazy, insane fun. A proper out-and-out comedy, without a mashup of any other genre, after ages. Perfect festive watch!

Indian Express

Rating: 0/5

Brain to Me, ‘Stop. Enough. I’m done’. The Akshay Kumar starrer offers nothing that makes sense.


Rating: 1.5/5

The humour is tired, the gags with Pandey and Lever are hackneyed and the cross-dressing jokes are crass in Housefull 4. If you survive the 140-plus minutes of preceding inanity, the most fun is in the outtakes that play with the end credits.


Rating: 1/5

Housefull 4 is among the finest films that we have seen in recent years. I'd definitely call it an Oscar contender. C'mon, much like Aakhri Pasta, 'I'm ah joking!' Honestly, I believe that the amount you enjoy this film is inversely proportional to your IQ. Of course, the cast and crew never promised a good story or great performances, so I wasn't stepping in looking for logic. Yet, this is the weakest link of the franchise, so far.

Hindustan Times

Rating: N/A

Housefull 4 is quite the comic extravaganza that offers you a heavy dose of laughter this festive season if you can keep your expectations in check. Watch it if you are a fan of Housefull franchise and, of course, Akshay Kumar, who seems to be getting better with age.


Rating: 1.5/5

All in all, Housefull 4, a-so-called-tale-of-three-brothers is a potpourri of dull gags, scenic songs, inconsequential scenes with VFX and glam which provided very shallow entertainment. For me, it is has created no dhamaka this Diwali in theatres. Watch the movie only if you feel it's good enough for you.

Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 1/5

If you have nothing better to do, and must watch a film, go watch a repeat of your favourite television show, no matter how taxing it may get. Wasting your time, money and energy on a film like Housefull 4 will possibly make you swear to be off cinema for some time at least!


Rating: 1/5

These tricks are too stale and superficial to salvage a sad spectacle designed to take the audience for a ride. Hop on if you wish, but don't say you weren't warned. The misunderstandings that the rigmarole causes are neither funny nor logical.

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