Housefull 4 on Diwali 2019

The makers of Housefull have announced the fourth installment of the series and it will release on Diwali 2019. The film will be directed by Sajid Khan who earlier directed the first two parts of the franchise. The fourth film of the series will revolve around the theme of reincarnation.

The star cast of the film has not been announced yet. But Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh who have appeared in all Housefull films, will be there in the fourth part too. There are speculations that it will include a new big star apart from Akshay.

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala confirmed, “Housefull is franchise of fun and 4th will be the biggest Housefull that we have made till now. I am happy to be back with Sajid Khan who directed the first two parts of the film. We have a funny thematic twist in the fourth part as the plot is that of reincarnation. We have big production plans for the movie and that’s why we think that we would need all this time to make it the event film of 2019.”

This year’s Diwali saw the release of Golmaal 4 which was a horror-comedy. And now the team of Housefull has also announced the fourth film in the franchise.

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      1. It will be blockbuster and who tries to clash with it will be crushed by it ...
        Akki will be in superbbb form at that time
        I think hritik sud be taken ....
        Aur Haa haters 150 wale
        Now this movie will earn more than 200+

      2. Those haters who bark that Akki didn't HV a single movie 150+ then plz add the collection of the year of all movies of Akki in that year which will be greater than amir 's one movie
        Ex:- in 2016
        Airlift 130
        H3 110
        Rustom 130
        Total 370

        Dangal 370

        It simply proves amir and only Akki is only in race

        1. @roric bro haters ko pata nahi ki 2018 aur 2019 mein Akki dhamaal macha de ga. Especially 2019 . 2 movies confirmed and both are looking like 200cr + grossers .
          Housefull 4 will be biggest release of all. And I am eagerly waiting for it . Socho Sajid + Akki .
          Ab to storm hi aayegi Diwali pe.

        2. Housefull 4 will be biggest blockbuster ever in comedy genre. It will easily cross 200 crore n even go past 250 cr

    1. Now we will see who gets bigger collections, Akshay Kumar, Big Movie, Huge Holiday, let's see what it brings?

      I'm expecting at least 150cr

    2. Jab chakki Kumar independence or republic day ne release krta hai movie to uske fans Bolte hai Akshay kitna deshbhakt hai abe jab PURA festival book ho jaata hai to bas republic independence hi bachta hai jisne holiday ho or movie Ko fayda ho ..2019 republic Hritik independence Ranbir le Gaya itna hi deshbhakt tha to clash krta independence ye republic me ...diwali Mila kutta ki tarah bhaag gaya

    1. Yes then it will be 6th 130 crore movie in 4 years..rustom,tepk,gold,2.0,kesari,h4..and 9th 100 crore grosser in 4 years..airlift,h3,rustom,jolly,tepk,2.0, gold,kesari,h4..not including padman as it may fall short of. 100 crore due to niche subject...tell any of the superstars to do 3 different movies with eqch other with good content and deliver hits...hritik comes once in two years and dissapoints..srk and salman tried two in a year bt failed miserably..(salman for this year)ajay delivers one big hit followed by 5 to 6 flops...aamir has a fantastic track record bt comes in 2 years
      Ps-i agree that khans are bigger than him bt doing good films and completing them in time is a very big deal...and its funny bow you guys call him canadian a if you have received padma sri for contributing towards your country..lol

  1. Sajid khan is bit a bad director..hey baby and houseful 2 was quite entertaining..part 1 was ok..humshakals and himmatwala was bad..i hope they dont ruin diwali..bt a good comedy film can ensure a huge total...the film should be good to br a big grosser..anway houseful is a popular franchize.. And has good repeat value in tv...so i really hope the film is good and then it will be a huge grosser..akki has 2 big films in 2019..also good release period..if both wre good akki will rock 2019
    Ps- i again want to tell that most people in arena are frustrated...with one failure or hit film they start judging an actor..without judging other aspects..people like this should get a life..comment after getting full knowledge about it..dont act like a mental

  2. Opening below 16cr
    Lifetime below 130cr
    Akki ki AUKAAT nahi hai ki 130+ jayein
    Another festival wasted

    1. Hmmm Akki is a 130cr star . But lallu flopstar Salman is just 115cr star . Bada aaya Eid ka superstar . Eid + Kabir + Salman = 115cr
      An pata chala ki Akki Salman se big kyu hai .
      Abhi to TZH ka wait hai fir Salman 115cr star se 75cr star ban jaaega.
      What a shame . Tum Salman fan ko to soon mrna chahiye.

    2. Comment:aur niche genre movie se 130+ cr Dena festival me bhi lallu ka aukat se bahar hai???

  3. Akki's next releases

    2.0 26th january 2018
    padman 13th april 2018
    Gold 15 th august 2018
    kesari holi 2019
    houseful 4 Diwali 2019

    what a line up with finalized releasing date

  4. well interesting. However, it remains to be seen if they can hold on to the release date.

    Only one Khan - Salman has announced his film Bharat for Eid 2019. There are speculations that Aamir's Rakesh Sharma biopic might release during Christmas 2019.

    But what happens if Salman has two films for 2019. Remember, Dabang 3 also starts in 2018. What about SRK, he may have a film too! Surely, the Khans would try to claim the festive dates!

  5. This movie will be big hit . Biggest for all including Akki , Sajid K and Sajid N . Eagerly waiting for this .
    Pichle 3 saal se Diwali barbaad ho rahi hai :-
    2015 (PRDP) = Maha boring
    2016 (ADHM&Shivaay)= Both mental torture
    2017(Golmaal4&Ss) = G4 ghatiya & SS not watched

    Ab 2019 mein kaafi saal baad Diwali achi nikalegi.
    Maza aayega.
    Housefull 4 = 200cr +

  6. One intresting thing is that apart from padman, all other movies that he has signed seem to be big movies, not like what he signed till now as toilet, rustom or airlift. 2.0, gold, kesari, Hf 4 look much more bigger than what he signed earlier.

  7. Fantastic news..
    Lets see who will face clash in 2019

    Aamir-Xmas(not confirm)

    I think Ajay will clash with this one.

    From now we want healthy clashes on festivals

    1. None can dare to clash with akshay kumar as he is in the great form. Century pe century laga raha hai. Now big centuries coming...

  8. Comment:huge blockbuster
    Sajid Khan with Akshay
    hey baby excellent entertaining movie
    houseful good entertaining movie
    housefull 2 excellent movie
    this movie is also looking good will become huge blockbuster ??????

  9. I have seen that khans and kjo deliberately sabotage Ajay and akki films so that they don't get solo release... That's out of insecurity or what... Seen it multiple times..

    Son of sardar was to release solo
    Shivaay was to release solo
    Gold was to release solo
    Golmaal again was to release solo...

    Anyone else feels the same?

  10. Hahahha Canadian Sir Diwali Pe Arahe Hai ?? Pls Sir 2019 Me 1Baar Bas 1bAar HGOTY Dedena ??

    Akkian Meri Upar Ki Lines Padhkar Sochenge Ye To Namumkin Hai ?

    Chalo Koi Na 200Cr Apne Dum Pe De Paega Kya Akki 2019 Me ?

    Akkian Ye Padhkar Sochenge Yaha 150Cr BJP Ki Chat Kar Na Horaha Hai 200cr K Lie ?? Aamir Sir K Pass Jana Hoga ??

    Aakkkk Thuuuu 130cr Wale star Pe ??

    #Aamir_Rules ?❤❤

    1. ha ha beta aamir ko bhi 27 saal to ho hi gaye or bahut saari HGOTY bhi diya hoga fir total collection me pichhe kyu chal rha
      ohh sorry 2 saal me ek movie bana ke HGOTY dene se achcha h saal me 3-4 movie hit de de
      pr aamir ki to ye akaut se bhar h
      tum na beta 2 saal me ek movie karo yahi aukat h
      2 saal ka asar to bahubali ne dikha diya uske samne aamir ki aisi taisi ho gyi ab na h tumhre bas ki all india me 1000 crore dene ki tum bas china jao

      1. Oh No Ye TO Tottally Gawar Hai ? Aamir Ne Akshay Se 3Gunah Kam Movie Ki Hai ? Har Decade Ki Everage Me Aamir Bahot Aage Hai Pls Gawaro Na Aaya Kare

  11. Superstar Aj's Tanaaji on diwali 2019
    blousefull will face clash with tanaaji or any other.... Watever craphouse liftime <150

    1. One more mental sallu fan detected who has lost his mind after the epic news of housefull 4 . Beta yeh comedy lallu k bas ki nahi hai . So please not get jealous from Akki . Aur rahi baat tanaji ji vo bhi shivaay ki tarah flop hogi.
      housefull 4 = 200cr

  12. Biggest blockbuster of comedies will be this film really ab maza aega akki is going to really rock now

  13. Only gud thing abt house4fools is ritiesh
    h3 was worst,i enjoyd only ritiesh comedy. Makki kumar's sandy/sundi was disgusting..A torture
    His intro...playing soccer war the worst intro ever

  14. Don't worry ....
    Can Akshay able to make houseful big in diwali.
    Still more than 1 year is left.
    May be Rajshri next production come up with new film on Diwali 2019.
    It's too early to predict 2019 is too far.
    Be careful of Rajshri production once he declared they will 100% change release date of housefull4.
    Rajsri and yrf home production with big hero never push their film date.
    @bollyarena can Rajshri production next will expect Diwali 2019.

  15. Oh no phir se 3rd class franchise le kar ek bar phir se agy Diwali kharab karne megaflop star in the world deshbagahti ka notanki crap star tum logoo Kiya din a guy hai aksahy plz mr.bond 2 Chandni chowk to China 2 bi Kar lo worst star ever

    1. Yrr site pe jitne Salman fan hai . Saale sabhi pagal hai . Yrr tubelight fuss kya ho gayi tum log to pagal hi ho gaye ho . Aur beta 3rd class tu housefull ko keh raha hai . Shame on u . Tubelight se 3rd class movie koi aur ho hi nahi skti . Aaya bada Sallu k faliure ki frustration nikalne.
      Housefull 4 will be biggest Blockbuster movie of 2019 . 200cr packa .
      (And Bharat will be biggest disaster of 2019 . One more crap from Salman)

  16. As of now, for EDX, only two superstars are going un-opposed. Aamir on Christmas and Salman on Eid. Rest all are currently struggling for solo releases on EDX. Still to see if SRK gets a solo release next Christmas and Akshay a solo release for Houseful 4 on diwali.

    It will take some guts for a star to clash his movie with Salman/Aamir on Eid/Christmas. And if that clash can result in a chink in Aamir/Salman’s armor then they will get vulnerable too like other stars. But then who will bell the cat?

    1. Forgot while commenting that yesterday had decided to shift to my previous user name from @Raja. @bollyarena to be blamed for this mix up.

  17. Diwali kbhi achi nahi rahi hamare liye.. Pr hope is baar diwali 2019 acchi rhe Akshay Sir I hope 2019 diwali acchi rhe. Love u Akshay Sir. Pahle 2 baar diwali pr hum nakaam rhe hain. Bura nahi manane main. Do baar diwali release di humne Jaaneman or Action reply. Par Ab 2019 se hamara luck bhi chalega. Advance main Diwali 2019 ki Blockbuster ke liye Congrulation. Love u Sir, North or South East or west Akshay Sir you are the best. Love u Sir.

  18. finally akki sir in festival now haters will see the real potential of akki sir. 2019 going to be huge year for him with kesar&housefull4

  19. akki sir line up in 2018-2019

    2.0 25JUN 2018
    Padman 14APR 2018
    Gold 15AUG 2018
    Kesar Holy 2019
    Housefull 4 Diwali 2019
    Mogul 2018-2019
    Crack 2019

    now I can say confidently akki sir going to rule 2018&2019

  20. Clash to pkka Hoga housefull 4 ..humko to smjh nahi aaya rha ki housefull franchise Ko guasit kyu rha hajaha

    1. Beta an to Diwali Housefull ne le li hai . Tujhe lag raha hoga ki takla roshan Diwali pe Krish release krega. To beta sapne kam dekh. Jo Rustom ne Mohenjo Daro k saath Kiya vo sab jaante hai. An taklu Akki se panga nahi lega. 2019 Diwali belongs to Akki . Taklu ji koi aur date dekh le ya pitne k liye tyaar ho jaae.

  21. Wait for 150cr from akshay.
    2.0 dreaming will do 150cr if not
    Again dream start GOLD if not
    Again dream PADMAN if not
    Dream moghul.
    Dream shift 2 housefull4.

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