Hollywood beats Bollywood in 2016

In the last couple of months, so much has been said about Hollywood taking over Bollywood in terms of domestic box office performance. This stance is arguable as some Hollywood films have emerged huge hits and others as disappointments. However, we will take a look at the scenario from the other angle.

A few weeks back we posted an article Regional films beat Bollywood biggies at overseas box office. It was to show that Bollywood films have not performed to its potential in overseas this year. Instead, the regional films (Punjabi, Tamil) have started to beat Bollywood in markets of Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. Here is the list of highest overseas grossers of Bollywood.

  • Fan - 10.1 m
  • Kapoor and Sons - 7.1 m
  • Airlift - 6.3 m
  • Housefull 3 - 5.1 m
  • Neerja - 4.1 m
  • Ki and Ka - 4.1 m
  • Baaghi - 3.06 m
  • Others - 12 m

Total: 51.86 m (Approx)


Now let's take a look at the business of Hollywood films in India. It was Disney's The Jungle Book which stormed the Indian box office by emerging all time blockbuster. TGB India collection is equal to Fan worldwide collection.

  • The Jungle Book - 38.8 m
  • Captain America: Civil War - 12.1 m
  • Batman Vs Superman - 10.7 m
  • The Conjuring 2 - 9.4 m
  • X-Men Apocalypse - 5.8 m
  • Deadpool - 5.2 m
  • Kung Fu Pada 3 - 4.7 m
  • The Angry Birds - 4.1 m
  • Zootopia - 1.6 m

Total: 92.4 M (Approx)

It shows that Hollywood has taken much more from India this year as compared to Bollywood's share from overseas. So the only concern is not Hollywood's dominance in India. Four Hollywood films have collected more in India than Bollywood's highest overseas grosser of 2016 Fan.

The markets of Australia/New Zealand are now completely dominated by Punjabi films. They hardly contribute unless it is an Aamir Khan's film. The highest grossing Bollywood films there are PK, Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots. UK market opens strongly only for SRK or Dharma films. In the USA, Tamil/Telugu films post a major threat.

So what needs to be done? Bollywood is world's biggest film industry in terms of film releases. We think instead of blocking Hollywood films, we should take two steps. First, make universally appealing commercial films where more focus should be on the script and story. Second, megastar actors should do big budget films having VFX of international level. Now history/war genre is super hot in trade. So a trilogy can be made featuring a couple of megastars of Bollywood.

This year except Moenjo Daro and Shivaay, none have taken a risk to make a magnum opus in terms of scale and budget. We don't see any highly anticipated big film happening soon. Instead, it is Baahubali 2 and Furious 8 which are keenly awaited by the audience.

It's time for Bollywood to pull up their socks.

25 comments on “Hollywood beats Bollywood in 2016”

    1. Who told aey dil mushkil will be big hit r u gone mad or wt. Joke of the year. Don't take panga wt bhai nai to hojaye GA . Samjha.

  1. Ae dil hai mushkil will be a blockbuster , no doubt, but not on earth , in pluto.as there were many stupid fans like ranbir warrior.

  2. This is absolutely right that Bollywood should do movies with good script and story......they should use quality international vfx in their movies.....
    2 to 3 big actors should make movies with high budget and then it will be having universal aapeal and will automatically gets bigger screen size and good collections.....
    Bollywood you need to take initiatives to protect this industry and yes avoid ego clash first.....

  3. Jungle book around 185cr
    Civil war 62cr
    BvS 53cr
    Conjuring 2 52*still running
    Kung fu Panda 3,Xmen,Deadpool, around 35cr

    So pls check....I think u r extremely wrong in the case of Deadpool Bcz its Life time net collection it self is around 35cr and that is more than 5 million dollar!!!! so the gross will be much bigger than this!!!

    Check it bolly arena....

  4. Bollywood producers don't have that much money as Hollywood producers, so simply forget that Bollywood can make big films with budget of 500 cr-1000 Cr... With this trend Bollywood will simply die and noone will be able to save it... Just like other industries where no Indian company is able to compete with foreign companies which have much more funds... Patanjali is the probably the only Indian company which is taking on foreign companies...

    1. Why not yaar they can make movie of 400cr budgets when 3khans or akshay,hrithik,ajay can combine......
      If at least 3 actors can do a movie together then the budget can be 300-400cr.....
      If a prabhas stareer movie can have budget of around 130cr then why not any 3 superstar of Bollywood can combine do a movie with budget of at least 250cr.....

      1. That's not the way things can work out... Tomorrow you will say why not all the producers of Bollywood come together and create a big mega film of 1000 Cr budget... Is that how business is done??? Is India a market which can give back profits to such a big budget film???

        1. Oh hello......bahubali is having only 2-3 big actors name and both movie budget is 250cr+ and robot 2 alone is having 250cr+ budget with 2 actors.....
          If tollywood can make movie with 2or 3 big actors with budget around 250cr to300cr then why not Bollywood as it is the highest film producing industry in India....

          1. First of all, i don't consider movies as Bollywood, Tollywood etc... I see them as Indian film industry and Tollywood is also Indian film industry... So yes, there is an example of bahubali as a big budget film coming from Indian film industry but not everyone can do like that... India is a much smaller market for films (in terms of revenues) and India is not that rich a country that everyone would be able to produce big budget films as Hollywood guys can do...

          2. U mean India is poor but small Telugu&Tami states who producing 100-300Cr movies r RICH :P

            Problem is Bollywood run by lazy,d-gang mafia and Sickulars

          3. Bahubali is just one film. So don't say that Telugu and Tamil states are producing films (as if they are continuously producing such films) of 100-300 crore... Secondly, bahubali was not targetted just for Tamil Nadu or Andhra, its target audience was whole of India... So whatever business bahubali could do, its not that a film produced in Mumbai would have scope of doing more business than that...

          4. There are many big production houses in India which can produce movies of high budget such as take all 3 khans production houses, Sajid nadiawala, yash raj, ajay devgan films, dharma, filmkart, slb, reliance entertainment and many more can produce more than 200cr plus movie easily in India.(some can 300cr +)...
            They are not small, they are big banners only from Mumbai......then guess from whole India......

          5. Dear, even if they spend all the money and produce big budget film, there are 2 questions. Firstly, can they do on continuous basis like Hollywood can??? Secondly,will they get enough returns??? The most successful all time blockbuster gives a business of 300 crore in India... Can a producer take such risk when 300 crore is the max return one can get??? In Hollywood, even the worst of the films which are disasters on box office, easily do 300-400 crore business and that is why they can easily spend so much on films without any risk...

          6. Dear, no they can't do on continuous basis because of many reasons such as there are not so many superstars in India max 20.....
            Imagine if aamir can do a movie which crosses 300cr then 500cr is not impossible if any of the 2 khan does a same movie...(no one will even dare to clash with them and they will get at least 3-4 min open weeks) and it must be the duty of producers to release movie in more no. Of theatres overseas such as srk's fan 1100screens in overseas.....(so 2000screens will not be tough task)....

            If they will start this change then Bollywood at least can produce 10 big budgets movies(200cr to300cr) in India every year....
            The revenue can be 1000cr for a single movie of big superstars worldwide.(as pk with one star has collected 700cr+).....

            After seeing this there will be more investment for Hall and theatres in India and obviously the screens will increase and yes also India will develop....

  5. According to koimoi Airlift's overseas collections are 47.6cr ( 7m+)
    And u are showing 6.3 howz that possible????
    Also 5.1m was Housefull 3 first week collections in overseas... total figures for hf3 are yet to be reported....
    Pls don't give incomplete information...!!!

  6. Salman Khan films, outside of BB and maybe Jai Ho, never have any story or content. We, as his fans, can defend him with his box-office success but he never makes anything memorable. He is the biggest example of being a star but not an actor.

  7. Dekh ab sultan kaisi blockbuster jayegi
    Ab pure record break ho jayege ab bs bhai chalega

  8. The reason is simple their movies work large coz we understand their language...english is the common language of the world... but they donot understand our language so we miss out earning money abroad due to language factor.. if british ppl and arab ppl would understand our movies then surely our movies would cross 1000 crores globally

    1. High collection of Hollywood movies in India is not with their English version but because of their dubbed Hindi version... So language factor is irrelevant... Why can't our movies be dubbed in English and become hit in overseas???

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