Hindi Medium to release in China on 4 April 2018

After Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, another Bollywood film is all set to release in China. Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar will hit the screens in the Middle Kingdom on 4 April 2018.

China has a quota on the number of overseas movies that can be screened in the country each year. However after the massive success of Dangal and Secret Superstar, Indian films are finding increased presence there.

Producer Bhushan Kumar of T-Series said in a statement, "There's a unique twist in this tale. 'Hindi Medium' is content-driven and even though Irrfan is an internationally recognised talent, the Chinese distribution body opted for our teaser concept which shows the feet of a man, one representing poverty and the other representing material wealth."

 Producer Dinesh Vijan of Maddock Films said, "This is exactly what made 'Hindi Medium' so significant. The idea that we give importance to material wealth and our social image over the value of humanness and love baffles me, but sadly it's what drives most of society and portraying this in a light yet meaningful form is what resonates with audiences universally."

Check out the official Chinese poster of Hindi Medium below.

25 comments on “Hindi Medium to release in China on 4 April 2018”

  1. Fantastic!!

    Now China market is open for Indian films, thanks to Aamir

    It will beat BB!!

    1. Congrats to all salman fan ,,BB has crossed 100crs in China on 7th day,,,,,7th day collection is around 26crs and it is the highest of the seven days,,,,,,,go tiger go.....trend is superb strong

  2. Lol it looks like boi is running of excuses about why they gave secret superstar a avg verdict. First they gave a very illogical logic that green apple and red apple put in a basket is not a basket of apple (yes trust me they made a logic based on this)and now even more illogical nonsense logic by claming secret superstar spent more on pr in China than bb so it won't hit verdict no matter how low the budget is (seriously it's true). Anyway bollyarena it's time to give secret superstar at least a blockbuster verdict or it won't fare to that girl zaira Waseem and to good cinema

    1. Film verdict is strictly depends on it's domestic collection in every country of the world..... Overseas collection never ever change the verdict.If it really matters then no Hollywood films never called Flop as their world wide business is huge.

      1. verdicts in hollywood is a bit different from bollywood. most of hollywood movies are made by big studios and these studio has shareholder and the shareholder only think how much is the profit. so the verdict they use is successful and unsuccessful.and also most of the big hollywood movies spent huge on their big movie so domestic is just one part to recover the cost most of them need overseas to recover the cost to become successful. like the movie pacific rim which was unsuccessful in domestic but very successful overseas so overall profitable. this means pacific rim = successful or hit ( greenlight for a squeal).
        unsuccessful means a movie like lone ranger which was unsuccessful in both domestic and overseas. so lone ranger = flop ( and yes there are giant flop disaster movies in hollywood , the thing is the studios are big and experience enough to handle them mostly)

    2. Very true. I wondered why it was not designated a Blockbuster, especially since the collection was being shared on the same basis of Hollywood Films. I wish that honesty could prevail when declaring the collections of films, both in India and Overseas, even when using estimates.

  3. Pls do promotion ,use Aamirs name
    Use local Chinese superstars name
    So that it will have good opening may beat Dangal also...

  4. Now it will be very interesting to see d business of all d films that r underrated in India...

    I m sure some content films will thrash India business of masala films

  5. Aamir has set some some standards in china. It's no brainier that he has serious success in Eastern Asia. The brand of the movies that he brings to the table is very much commendable. This movie will do excellent in China. All the best Irfan Khan and party.

  6. Only content driven films must be released in China. If random films release the all credibility will be lost to a single flop film.....
    JHMS ....?? Bullshit

  7. Delhi Safari did better than Bahubali .....
    Then think...
    How different the Chinese market is ....??

  8. Irfan will definitely beat aamir.even in Chinese news paper article published on Salman Khan that Salman is better then Aamir in China in his first movie fan following of Salman is better then Aamir. young girls loved Salman looks.aamir to giyo

    1. Buhaaaaa. I have not seen a single fan of Salman in China. Everyone is going for content. Aamir creates mass hysteria and his pictures on trucks and everything is seen have you seen any such craze for fanless salman???? No. So stop joking and making fool of yourself. Salman can't even dream to achieve fan following like aamir globally.

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