Hindi Medium slows down in China

Hindi Medium has slowed down at the Chinese box office in the second week. The film witnessed a huge drop on second Friday as it grossed $0.62 million. Though it again showed growth on Saturday by collecting $1.41 million.

The total collection of the film now stands at $28.20 million (184.06 cr INR). It is unlikely to surpass Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was also recently released in China. Nevertheless, Hindi Medium is still a box office success.

Day 1$3.39 m22.05 cr
Day 2$6.28 m40.81 cr
Day 3$6.04 m39.21 cr
Day 4$3.82 m24.79 cr
Day 5$1.74 m11.29 cr
Day 6$1.29 m8.39 cr
Day 7$1.23 m8.04 cr
Day 8$1.16 m7.57 cr
Day 9$1.09 m7.11 cr
Day 10$0.62 m4.04 cr
Day 11$1.41 m9.19 cr
Day 12$1.20 m7.84 cr
Day 13$0.42 m2.75 cr
Day 14$0.42 m2.75 cr
Day 15$0.43 m2.84 cr
Day 16$0.39 m2.57 cr
Total$31.08 m205.21 cr

27 comments on “Hindi Medium slows down in China”

  1. Don't worry
    TOH will destroy BB's china collection in 5 days only

    Aamir-The record maker and destroyer

    Sallu-The record chaser and looser


    1. Parshya aunty phir palat gyi apni comments se as parshya aunty toh bol rahi thi ki hindi medium tod degi bb ki collection?? btw TOH ki story agar chinese ko naa pasand aayi toh below 100 cr kaa record bhi aamir k naam hoga 3 idiots,dhoom3 next TOH ??

      1. @Arjun ave gawaar local c grade flop actor's fan Aamir is baap of everyone in China among non Chinese star's. His movies make minimum 500 cr in China. And you rat it's him who opened the market because of which your unknown local star lallu got chance to release his boring movie BB. And he used aamir' s name to promote his boring movie. And Aamir is the one who creates maximum mass hysteria which your 2 rs star can't even come close to. Don't worry TOH will cross 500 cr even in worst case even if Chinese people don't like it because they love Aamir and they watch his films to watch him. Get a life. 3 idiots in 2011 with adjusted screens and collections much more than BB. So stay within your limit. If BB was first movie to release in China (though sounds too funny) then it wouldn't even collect 2 crore life time. And if 3 idiots released today it would do minimum 1500 cr in China. And worry about your garbage actor lallu' s upcoming crap lultan as it will surely be under 100 cr because it doesn't have any content even close to dangal and will earn far less than dhoom 3 and 3 idiots. And BZH won't even Get a chance to release there. Even if it does it will struggle to earn 1 crore life time. LOL.

  2. Only Aamirs rule in China
    Others following him...

    TOH ke time Sallu fans ko pahle India,overseas mein dhoyenge baad mein china mein dhoyenge...

    Aise dhoyenge ke bechare pani bhi nahi mangenge....

    Aamir stardom>>Sallus stardom

  3. Salman fans ye baat jaan lo race 3 dabnagg 3 ye sb release nahi hoga china ne ..bharat achaa hua to release hoga
    China ne ab achii movies content vali movie chalegi except commercial movie masala movies

    Zero bajrangi bhaijaan se to bhut zyada kamaega ye likh lo
    Salman ka AUKAAT bhi nahi tha ki china ne usko release mil jae hahahah

    1. Commercial movies like action masala sequel like judwaa salman movies don 3 golmaal housefull

  4. Abhi mujhe India ka to nahi pata
    But 2018 me srk salman ko India ke bahar bhut ache se thokega ...race 3 max $15M overseas me ..or zero $30M + krega ..dilwale $26.6M kar lia ab khud soch lo
    Salman 2014 tak overseas me dood peeta bacha tha ..2015 se thora achaa krne laga

    Just search overseas ranking 2011 taran adarsh ..or usme dekho salman rank 10 pe tha hahahaha even below abhiehk imraan saif john

    1. Race 3 won't even do $15 mn. As it has no YRF banner and first 2 films didn't even cross $5 mn in overseas. And so will 3rd. It will dobmaximum $10 million because Salman doesn't have fan following in overseas. So even $10 mn would be a tough task.

      1. Aamir has no fans outside India or even in India
        He is flop word of mouth dependent actor

        1. @Lallu Chuha Hai ha ha ha jali jali jali??? Aamir ke global megastardom se??? Aamir has highest fan following in India and outside India which your 2rs fanless star can never dream to achieve. Salman local star has no fan outside India or even in India. He is a flop masala and word of mouth dependant actor. Aamir is baap of Salman in fan following.

  5. Race 3 vs zero
    Domestic :
    Zero - 300cr if simmba next week or agar simmba pospone to 350cr
    Race 3 - 220cr

    Overseas :
    Zero - $30M
    Race 3 -$15M

    China :
    Zero - $50M (330cr )
    Race 3 release Hi nahi hoga

    Zero : India nett 300cr
    India gross 400cr
    Overseas $30M (200cr )
    China - $50M (330cr )
    Worldwide -930-1000cr

    Race 3 :India nett 220cr
    India gross 310cr
    Overseas $15M (100cr )
    Worldwide 410cr hahahahahaha

    Is baar pura confidence hai zero achaa movie hoga

    1. Main bataun zero ki prediction..zero 1st week 70 cr..second week 15 cr..3rd week mein rahegi nahi so below 100 cr confirm @honest man 2.0

  6. 2018-2020
    2018 zero 315cr if simmba ..if not 350cr
    Race 3 230cr just like kick

    Salute 350cr
    Bharat 150cr (another tubelight )
    Kick 2 275cr

    Don 3 250cr
    Dabnagg 3 180cr
    Or srk bhansali if happen 375-400cr

    Khoob dhoyega salman ko hahaha too much fun

    Now overseas :
    Zero $35M + $50M in china
    Race 3 - $15M (no china release )
    Salute - $30M + $30M in china
    Bharat $13M + $30M in china (agar movie kharab nikla to no release )
    Kick 2 $20M (no china release )
    Don 3 - $25M (no china release )
    Dabnagg 3 - $12M hahahaha bhojpuri

    Too much fun

  7. US$28M (184 Cr ) is more than enough for a Hindi Film in a Foreign country. Be happy, and send more.

  8. 5sal se jis actor k pas ak clean hit movie nehi he,,, oska flop fan 300cr ki bat krti he,, saram nehi ati flop king ka fan.

    1. Yahi to AUKAAT hai in salman fans ki
      Hakikat me srk ke pass 3 saal se ek bhi clean hit nahi lekin ye autovale fb twitter me 4 saal bolte hai or ye 5 saal bol rha ..2013 me blockbuster 2014me superhit dia srk ne

      Tere Hi language me mai bolunga salman 74 flops dia ..salman 2000-2009 0 hits and 46 flops ...hahaha lol mujhe bhi manipulate krna aata hai

  9. The mega bumper dumber super duper tingu bahubali needed 7 releases to cross 100cr in china... salman needed first attempt to get near 300crs :D..
    hahaha :D

    1. @Defeat LoL more ass burning for tingu baahubali (salman)'s fan. Sorry lallu is fanless without masala genre. And you idiot thanks to Aamir opening the market your thingy baahubali got chance to release his long time outdated movie. What first attempt 300 cr my foot?? It's all because of aamir. Who opened the market you rat???? And 3 idiots released in too less number of screens and ticket price also less back in 2011. Have some shame you jerk. In China Salman can never earn even half the craze Aamir has. Wait for his crap lultan's release as it will not even cross 10 cr in China. LoL. Right Sharma has 2 double centuries record which is highest on ODI but sachin and virat don't. So does it make rohit better than them??? LOL. Riksha waale sathiya gaya hai. LOL.

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