Hindi Medium 1st Week Box Office Collection in China

Hindi Medium has done pretty well in China as the film grossed $26.20 million (171.04 cr INR) in the extended week. The numbers are very good considering the star cast of the film.

Irrfan Khan starrer has an excellent first weekend. Though it has faced drops on weekdays and it will be interesting to see how it will fare in the second week. Hindi Medium has become the 4th highest grossing Indian film in China after Dangal, Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Day 1$3.39 m22.05 cr
Day 2$6.28 m40.81 cr
Day 3$6.04 m39.21 cr
Day 4$3.82 m24.79 cr
Day 5$1.74 m11.29 cr
Day 6$1.29 m8.39 cr
Day 7$1.23 m8.04 cr
Day 8$1.16 m7.57 cr
Day 9$1.09 m7.11 cr
Day 10$0.62 m4.04 cr
Day 11$1.41 m9.19 cr
Day 12$1.20 m7.84 cr
Day 13$0.42 m2.75 cr
Day 14$0.42 m2.75 cr
Day 15$0.43 m2.84 cr
Day 16$0.39 m2.57 cr
Total$31.08 m205.21 cr

21 comments on “Hindi Medium 1st Week Box Office Collection in China”

  1. china is a very strange market, it seems that stardom does not work there, unless irfan khan who in india can't even give 1/10 th opening of aamir or salman has beaten both of them in initial by margin. don't be surprised if hichki when it releases opens also bigger than dangal and bajrangi bhaijaan.

    1. Bhai there is Huge Difference between BB release and HM release.......BB released there with only 18K shows while HM released with 50K shows, which means almost Triple amount of shows......so you cannot compare these 2 movies......But still in long run (with HUGE COMPETITION) BB will beat HM......

      1. Saurabh don't try to teach us. BB had much better content and story so it will win the life time collections. That doesn't give you any right to give excuses like so many films and bla bla bla. In China only 2 things pull the crowds. 1. Aamir khan and 2. Content. BB and HM both had content that's why they are huge there. And you are saying as if BB is the only film that faced competition. Don't forget Dangal faced even bigger competition from Guardians of galaxy, Pirates of Caribbean and few other Chinese films. Still it thrashed all of them by big margin and crossed 1000 cr in china. That's called megastardom.

  2. 2nd Friday only 14500 secren hahahahahah
    Where is parshaya / sunil khurana beta hindi mediam ne bajrangi bhaijaan ko to nhi beat kia mger pk ko zror wash kia hai china me
    Now you have no permission to comment against salman khan

  3. PARSHYAAA..?..Where is Parshya now.????...Tune kaha tha na agr hindi medium ne China mei bajrangi bhaijaan ko beat ni kiya to Salman ka fan ban jaunga toh aa gya time bol jaldi se ab tu Salman ka fan hai ya fir ye site leave kr de...chl ab khud challenge kiya tha tune hai himmat to kar k dikha poora

    1. Bhai na toh vo site change karega aur na hi Salman ka Fan banega.....Vo phir se 1 aur new ID banake Bakwas karega......Aamir ke 2-4 Fan hi toh hai, jo ki multiple ID's banake comment karte hai......

      1. Bhaiyo usne to tzh ke time bhi kaha tha pk ko beat karega to salman ka fan ban jayega....bana kya
        Ek front loaded action 6.5 imdb rating wali movie ne....universally accepted 8.3imdb rating wali movie ko dho daala....ayega to china collection ki baat karega....
        China me face value nahi content chalta h

        1. @Sachin you lunatic kahan dho dala?? Apni [email protected]@nd me??? PK jo ek 3 saal purana film hai usne commercial aur high ticket price waali BZH ko dho daala. PK 340.84 cr and BZH with fake collections 339. 16 cr. Yehi aukaat hai.

      2. @Saurabh aur Salman local star ke to 2-4 fans bhi nahi hai. Kyonk local star ki films sied masala se chalti hai. Only his PR is handling his so called fake fanbase and his ekka dukka fans are creating multiple ids like losers. Jokes apart, Aamir has much bigger fan following than your local star lallu not just in China but also in India and rest of the countries. Poor Salman has most uneducated jobless fans who are mostly truck drivers and riksha drivers so they have plenty of time whole Aamir fans are in billions and most of them are educated and have life and business so they don't bark like jobless losers like you. In superstardom aamir is baap of Salman so get this inside your tiny head you nuts. Salman never was and never will come close to Aamir's global megastardom Even in his dreams. He will remain a local star. Period.

        1. @Movie Lover exactly bro. Let the local tint star's 2 re fans keep barking on social media. It won't even affect 0.01% to world's biggest movie star AK at all. Salman is not even in the competition with Aamir. Only Aamir is his own competition not this 2 rs flops king Salman who is more known for his flops and disasters than successful films.

  4. Parshya aunty kaha h tu bol tune kaha tha ki Hindi medium 100% BB ka China record todega aur Maine tera challenge bhi except kiya tha ye jaante huye bhi ki Hindi medium BB se double screens se bhi zyada me release hua tha ,,,Maine kaha tha ki agar Hindi medium ,BB ka record China me Tod dega to me bollyarena KO hamesha ke liye leave kar dunga lekin ab to lagta h ki Hindi medium 230 bhi nhi kar payega,,,,ab tu kya excuse dega parshya aunty urff addatoday ke Sunil Khuranna bol.....

    1. Apni haar except kar parshya aunty tera prediction super flop ho gya h ab lagta h tujhe bollyarena leave Karna padega,,,,,tu bhaut Dino se bhok raha tha ki Hindi medium 100% ,,China me BB KO dho dega ab tera over confidence kaha gya,,,,,,itna jaan le jitna screens me Hindi medium release hua tha agar BB utna me hua hota to dangal to 50:50 tha lekin SS KO 100% dho deta China me samjha aunty

      1. Now Parshya will say that Baj. Bhaijaan could do well because they used the name of Aamir by showing his 2 mins vdo.
        But if this happened Bhaj Bhaijaan would have got a huge opening that did not happen. Bb got only a mediocre opening and did well for a long run because of its good content not of Aamir.

        1. So you also accepted that BB worked because of good content only and not because of salman. Well thanks for proving that. ??????

      2. @Dean Ambrose opening is about stardom and life time is about content. BB had better content than HM. Use some common sense. HM took bigger opening than HM itself proves that irrfan is bigger crowdpuller than Salman. Don't worry after BB none of Salman film will even manage to cross 5 million in China life time forget 45 million. BB was content nothing else.

  5. The movie is doing better than other top Bollywood productions and certainly making more money, which is the sole purpose of the Film Industry. This makes Irfan Khan a better investment than MOST of the others.

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