Highest Tuesday Collection of All Time: Dangal at 2nd

Highest Tuesday Collection of All Time: Dangal at 2nd

Dangal is smashing records with each passing day. After Monday now it has recorded the second highest Tuesday collection of all time.

The record is held by Salman Khan's Kick which had a Eid holiday on Tuesday. Thus Dangal Tuesday collection is the highest ever for a non holiday. Earlier it was Bajrangi Bhaijaan who collected 20 crore on Tuesday.

This year's Airlift and Sultan are also in the list. The former had republic day holiday on Tuesday. Interestingly no film of Shahrukh Khan is in the list while Salman and Aamir had five and three films respectively.

Check out the highest Tuesday collection of all time list below.

  1. Kick (Holiday)
  2. Dangal
  3. Krrish 3 (Holiday)
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  5. PK
  6. Dhoom 3
  7. Airlift (Holiday)
  8. Ek Tha Tiger
  9. Dabangg 2 (Holiday)
  10. Sultan



18 comments on “Highest Tuesday Collection of All Time: Dangal at 2nd”

    1. Ha ha I like your comments always parashya

      When you know Aamir always do in Christmas no other festival give benefit like Christmas gives

      All school and colleague closed so big festival

      Next I will show how lol records shatter by tza whatever contant good or not it wil earn only coz of salman stardom

      Sultan had earned 30 cr continue five day where 2 working day also include

      Did dangal did answer no
      No one mean no one can catch salman stardom

      Dangal is very good movie and truth also that it's getting benefit for Christmas and new year holidays plus continues hike rate on weekdays too plus in Haryana also tax free starters from Tuesday

      Salman Aamir both are good

      We don't compare action skill with Aamir as he is superior

      And don't compare stardom with salman as he is superstar

      1. "Sultan had earned 30 cr continue five day..."

        Because of Eid, it was a five-day weekend. Obvious that it would sustain 30 crores daily. You did notice that it dropped to 15 crores on day 6, right?

    2. Salman without festival
      Ready(2011) collection-125 cr verdict- Blockbuster
      Amir without festival
      Talash(2012)collection-90 cr verdict-Average
      That's the aukat of Amir without festival and great WOM.

    3. Dear Parshya and Salman fans,

      All movies of respective stars is earning huge money...... if it is universally acclaimed.....Whether it's 3Idiots,PK,Bajrangi Bhaijaan,Sultan or Dangal......

      The advantage of Aamir movies as compared to Salman movies is "the trust" people show towards them.....As Aamir does less films but it has a quality....Also Dangal is best among them....

      But the advantage of Salman movies over Aamir movies is the "loyal fans" ......irrespective of the fact that the movie is excellent, good, bad or worse .....in any condition.....

      One another point is ..... If I topped in the class once.....I will be scared to not loose the position ever....whether the competitors are my best friends or some fellow mates....

      So all competitions are good but don't make it an ugly fight ......They both love each other and appreciate each other work....then why fight???? No need of fight among each other fans please......

      1. That's what I always say. Amir needs great film. If his film us anything less than great it will not cross 200 cr. even on Christmas but Salman even with average film can easily cross 250 cr. on festival release.
        Example Kick in 2014 collected 233 cr. which today is equivalent to 265 cr. Now for God's sake don't say Dhoom 3 worked due to Amir.

      2. Yaar jab hum online hai tab haters offline aur hum offline ho gaye toh kehte hai TIGER kam ho rahe hai.
        Phone is going with dad. See you haters in night.

      3. i m not fighting bro...i just want to tell them dont underestimate the power of Aamir
        because they always said because of brand ,raju papa cristmas Aamir survives ...
        but now its our turn to shut the mouth of them

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  2. Bollyarena Team, if you want to mention Sultan name then also mention that it is 7th day for it.....Comparing 5th day (With Christmas Holiday) with 7th day (NON-Holiday) is unfair.....Just few days back I praise you that you mention every point in your article and but again you did the same mistake by not giving details....Please don't do this.....

  3. Salman vs Shahrukh vs Amir debate exists only on websites like Bollyarena, Indicine.
    If you go little wider on Twitter and Facebook then there people only talk about Salman vs Shahrukh.
    If you go even wider, out of the internet world, in the real world then there is only Salman vs Salman.

  4. Salman and Srk both were big stars in 90s. Amir was no where close.
    Then Salman went down in early 2000s due to controversies and court cases and Shahrukh and Hrithik dominated.
    It is only after 2008 that people started to talk about 3 khans. Amir has come into battle only un last few years and sad thing for him is when he is going through his best phase Salman is also going through his best phase.
    Sadly for Amir even this will not belong to him. It will be remembered for Salman Khan.

  5. LMAO Salman fans now draggig SRK to downgrade Aamir. No one remembers Salman before 2010. BUT Aamir has given classic films in his entire career. SRK was good but he lost the plot from 2010 onwards

    1. Jab bade baat kar rahe hai toh beech me nahi bolte. Papa ne itna bhi nahi sikhaya?
      Yaha Khans ki baat chal rahi hai. Bombay Velvet fans ka koi kaam nahi hai beechme.

      1. Hi bro don't say that. I am big fan of Salman Khan and his film CLASSIC MARIGOLD.
        I also remembers his two big hits but only in in courts, Hit and Run case and Black Buck case

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