Highest Paid Bollywood Actors

Highest Paid Bollywood Actors:

Last week we received a lot of requests for the list of highest paid Bollywood actors. So we have fulfilled the request this week. If you want to request any other article, post it in the comments section.

The big budget movies are becoming a craze these days. But with this trend, the fees of Bollywood mega stars have also been increased. Often the fee of the actor is the 1/3 of the budget.

Here is the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actor in 2015. This list is based on various insights available and earning reports of Bollywood celebrities.




Salman Khan
60 Cr
Aamir Khan
45-50 Cr
Akshay Kumar
40 Cr
Shahrukh Khan*
35 Cr
Hrithik Roshan
30-35 Cr
Ranbir Kapoor
25 Cr
Ajay Devgn
25 Cr
Amitabh Bachchan
20 Cr
Saif Ali Khan
15 Cr
John Abraham
15 Cr


*Do remember that Shahrukh Khan mostly produces his own films. The last time when he worked outside his banner was in 2012, when he charged 35 crore for Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

It was the list of highest paid Bollywood actors. If you want to request any other article, post it in the comments section. Your request will be fulfilled on next Wednesday.

13 comments on “Highest Paid Bollywood Actors”

  1. All india i will see any catagere Any place this decade no 1 Position only salmankhan
    eg:-1)timex celebrity ranking
    2)alltime blockbusters
    4)tv show paid
    5)highest grossers year
    6)highest paid singel film avg
    7)1000cr gross in a singel year indian
    8)indian biggest fIlm-HAHK
    9)higgest money getting film actor avg
    10)singel year overses 290+Cr
    one & only salmankhan

  2. Plz make a list of territories wise actors ranking..means in which circuit which actors have a strong following.

  3. The first place goes to amitabh and salman and second place goes to akshay kumar according to forbes magazine the information you have provided is old

  4. @admin Akshay Kumar's movies budget in between 70-80 crore and collection also below 100 crore. how is he getting 40 crore per movie.
    and Hrithik Roshan's last movie paid by 50 crore, you know very well but you have not mentioned.

    1. Budget of around 70 Crores is inclusive of Akshay's Fees / Share. Otherwise, his movies are made in very controlled Budget (one reason being how quickly he finishes them) and are not over promoted either.

      With Collections of around 90 Crores, Distributor Share is around 50 Crores. Including Overseas Share, Satellite, Music and other Incomes, total is generally close to 100 Crores. All stand to gain in such situation.

      Producers are not fool to invest on 4 Akshay films in a year... They know the ROI better than U or I know...

  5. @bollyarena, I have a doubt, you said earlier that the total collection of Tamil & Telugu version of PRDP is 7.1cr and that’s 10 days back. So according to that the total collection of PRDP (all versions) should be 218cr. Please correct me if I am wrong. Please reply..

    And if it cross 100cr in overseas too than is it possible that the total WW collection of PRDP can cross the CE worldwide collection which is 422cr.

    Please reply….

  6. It's a wonderful site but some where you just forget dome films updation like for example ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES nothing being published as if it dint Exsist. Atlest weekly earning should be.

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