Highest Opening Day of Bollywood Actors: Analysis

Stardom is often measured with the initial box office pull of actors. The opening day and somewhat weekend also depends on the star power. Later on, word of mouth comes into play which can do wonders in the long run. Even a Hollywood film like The Jungle Book can collect over 180 crores if the content is solid. And a high budget Bollywood film like Fan can warp under 90 crore if the word of mouth is not good.

The last time when we updated this article was one year ago. But since then not a single change has been made in the list. Check out the list first.




Salman Khan
Shahrukh Khan
Happy New Year
Aamir Khan
Dhoom 3
Ajay Devgn
Singham Returns
Hrithik Roshan
Bang Bang
Ranbir Kapoor
Akshay Kumar
Singh Is Bling
Sidharth Malhotra
Ek Villain
Ranveer Singh
Ram Leela
Saif Ali Khan
Race 2
Varun Dhawan
Shahid Kapoor
Tiger Shroff
Emraan Hashmi
Raaz 3


Salman Khan tops the list with his Diwali release Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which smashed Happy New Year record. He has an immense fan following and is one of the rare actors who can overshadow content, genre and director. His next release Tubelight will be released pre-Eid but Tiger Zinda Hai has chances to broke the opening record if released solo.

SRK is going through a bad phase but almost all of his films have taken a good initial. Dilwale and Raees had a clash whereas Fan was not a commercial film yet all these films opened in 20 crore range. With a right kind of films, he can still create magic. He has to wait for Dwarf which will release next year on Christmas.

Aamir Khan has been very consistent when it comes to opening. Most of the highest non-holiday openers belong to him. Though there is also a factor that he does very few films. When an actor does more than one film in a year he put his stardom at stake. His next film Thugs of Hindustan is sure to break all opening records.

There is a big gap between the Khans and the rest of the actors as far the initial pull is concerned. Ajay Devgn comes next with Singham Returns but it has been his only bumper opener in recent times. His second best is Bol Bachchan which opened to just 12 crore.

Hrithik Roshan was riding high with Krrish 3 and Bang Bang, both of them opened good. But his last two films have been a big disappointment as they opened even less than 10 cr. When an actor comes after two years, he should deliver at least 20 cr opening. He will be relying on Krrish 4 to turn the tables but it is not releasing in near future.

Ranbir Kapoor has been the only young actor who has challenged the big guns. Besharam which had negative word of mouth opened to 20 cr plus. Though he faced some failures later on but now he is back in the business. Dutt Biopic can be a complete game changer for him.

Akshay Kumar is struggling for a big opener for many years. Most of his films have opened in 13-15 cr range irrespective of the genre, cast or release period. His upcoming films are also not looking so hot from opening perspective. Now it's time for his to do a universally appealing commercial film.

Sidharth Malhotra surprised once with Ekk Villain but since then it has been a downhill journey. Ranveer Singh's highest openers are Ram Leela, Gunday and Bajirao Mastani and will be hoping to break his record with Padmavati. Saif Ali Khan is now doing very few films and his highest opener is still multi starrer Race 2 released way back in 2013.

Varun Dhawan is one of the most promising young actors who has not delivered any flop yet. Judwaa 2 which is releasing later this year can prove to be his biggest opener. Tiger Shroff has quickly become one of the most popular actors among masses and has shown his potential with his second release Baaghi. Shahid Kapoor has been struggling since a long time and has not signed any film yet except multi starrer Padmavati. Emraan is almost out of the equation.

The holiday factor also helps the opening big time. Dhoom 3 is the highest non-holiday opener. Recently there is a trend that film releases before the National holiday to get the full advantage of the festive season. Thus the opening records are not being broken in last year or so.

Do tell us your views about which upcoming films can prove to be the highest opener for these actors?

103 comments on “Highest Opening Day of Bollywood Actors: Analysis”

      1. Sultan ali khan tu ek corrupt insaan hoga tabhi to corruption aur manipulation ko support kar raha hai.kitna black money hai tere pass.kam screens aur kam occupancy ke bawzood woh 45 cr kaha se kar gaya.dimaag hai ya nahi tera.

          1. but dr sahib is site ka naam anti srkians rakh dena chahiye .
            jab srk ke film ate hai- trade figures
            other stars ki - producers figures?????

    1. Achaa to sun singh is bling producer fig 20cr trade fig 16cr .akshay ke vaqt nahi bolega tu ...or HNY 44cr sb language mila ke hai

  1. Very nice article and you should added that prdp was not a fully masala it was family movie yet collected so high it is salman's stardom

  2. Highest Single Day All Time (ExCePt Opening Day)
    #1 Aamir Khan: DANGAL=3rd Day=41.75cr (BOI) As per Trade & Dubbed included it's 42+ is The Highest Single Day EvER

    #2 Belongs To Salman Khan:BB:38.5cr

    #3 SRK:HNY

  3. Singh is bliing opening day is 20.5 cr not 16.5 cr what shit is this ???
    Bakwaas article

      1. Lol! Who is questiong Bhai's holiday releases! Let's see Bhai vs Aamir on non holiday.......
        Highest grosser:
        Bhai - 122cr
        Aamir - only 93cr

        Non holiday 100cr grossers:
        Bhai - 2
        Aamir - louda

        Non holiday ATBB :
        Bhai - 2
        Aamir - louda

        Non holiday HGOTD :
        Bhai - 2
        Aamir - louda

        Non holiday HGOTY :
        Bhai - 5
        Aamir - 1

        Ab bolo filthy lady @parshya who is festivals dependent star???

            1. Rehan bhai mere khyal se road par 5-6 logo ko maar diya tha criminal ne.3 jaanwaro ko bhi maara hai.plus gawaho ko bahut daraya dhamkaya hai.aise ghatiya insaan ke fans hai mujhe yeh dekhkar itna dukh hota hai.

        1. Abey billy sallu ki aukat pata chali sabko remake karke ullu banata hein sab eid barbad kardi par bechare se 23 yra me ek ATHG de nahi paya aur kabhi dega bhi nahi
          Acting ka to ABCD pata nahi.
          Megastar hahhaha

  4. Bollywood Arrena Konsi School Main Padhai Kiya Hai ? Hny 40.02 Bdle 44.97cr Bol reho
    Srk ko nahin aapko battery Bolna Chahiye

    1. suman tum ek corrupt insaan hogi tabhi to corruption aur manipulation ko support kar rahi ho.kitna black money hai tere pass.kam screens aur kam occupancy ke bawzood woh 45 cr kaha se kar gaya.aur fake ID's bhi bana rake hai ek suman aur ek suman sahu wah.

        1. Corrupt person ki support mein mahacorrupt aa gaya.maine kab corruption aur manipulation ko support kiya dumb geeny.geeny bottle mein band ho jaa kar.

    1. In that case we have to change many films collection, why only HN? Oh ,I forgot u r a hater.

        1. Marigold footfall-only bhai watched his bigest film.
          Total collection -1cr
          Footfall-only bhai wo bhi so gaya
          Hahahaha billy darling aab bol
          Mein to kahta hoon aisi movie kabhi banegi nahi.hats of sallu for ur dedication.

          1. We saw awwal number raakh too biggest disaster of 90s,80s even marigold failed to break Aamir's record of these movies

        2. 2 kisne bola only HAHK hai sallu ki.

          aur gadar ka FF bhi 5+cr.

          aur tu MPK ko count kar hai to woh to RH/DDLJ se bhi choti hit thi,bas lower budget ke karan ATBB ban gayi.

                1. Abey ja chamiya,RH and DDLJ are way bigger hits than MPK.1989 aur 1994 ke ticket prices mein jyada fark nahi tha.chal tere liye double rate maan liya HAHK ka MPK ke muqable.

                  MPK ka nett HAHK ka 1/5th.

                  HAHK-7 cr FF
                  MPK-(7/5)*2=2.8cr.(considering double ticket rate of HAHK compared to MPK)

  5. Srk Ko Nahi Tere Ko Battery Bolne Ka Bollywood Arrena
    Hny ? 40.2cr Nahin 44.97cr Chashme Theek Se Pehn Ke Dekh Lo

    1. 45 Cr only by red chilli calculated other wise only 36 Cr

      Put some common sense how they can get 45 Cr with 3600 screen

      1. 1.when no one touched 90cr.
        aamir set 100cr,110 cr with ghajini, 120cr,130cr,140cr,150cr,160cr,170cr,180cr,190cr,200cr lifetime benchmarks with 3idiots.

        2.when no one touched 215cr.
        aamir set 220cr,230cr,240cr,250cr,260 with Dhoom3.
        270cr,280cr,290cr,300cr,310cr,320cr,330cr lifetime benchmarks with PK.

        3.when no one touched 320cr .
        aamir set 320cr,330cr,340cr,350cr,370cr benchmarks with dangal.

        1. 1. When Aamir didn't even deliver a blockbuster Bhai delivered ATBB.

          2. When Aamir didn't even deliver a HGOTY Bhai delivered HGOTD.

          3. When Aamir didn't even hear about ATG Bhai delivered ATG.

          Abb bolo... ???

          1. Ha isliye bhai aabhi tak taras raha hein Aamir ka record todne ke liye
            Billy darling sallu se na ho payega

          2. 1.when sallu hadn't even dreamt of 100cr,aamir crossed 200cr.
            2.when sallu hadn't got even 2 HGOAT,aamir got 5 HGOAT.
            3.when sallu hadn't got even 2 back to back ATBB,aamir got 3 back to back ATBB and HGOAT.

            1. 1. Till date Aamir doesn't have top 2 highest grosser of the year. But Bhai has this milestone in 4 different years.

              2. Till date Aamir doesn't have top 2 highest grosser of the year. But Bhai even delivered top 3 grossers of the year (1999).

              3. Aamir can't even dream of delivering 4 back to back 100cr grossers. But Bhai has already delivered 10 back to 100cr grossers.

  6. As promised, we are revising old data and changing collections and verdict in last month or so. Some of the articles have already been updated and others will be updated in coming days. We hope that you will like the changes.

    If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section.

    1. First of all change the ek tha tiger collection from 198cr to 186cr
      Salman koi dudh ka dhula nahi.
      PRDP ka bhi manipulation hein.

        1. Abey Billy darling Aamir ne kabhi manipulation nahi kiya aur na karega nahi to Dhoom3 pahli 300cr hoti,talaash-100cr Hoti,PK-350cr hoti,Dangal-400cr hoti..
          Sultan jaisi 300.45cr

  7. Analysis is not fair enough as akki does 4 films per year still he gets avg 14 crore opening that's really wonderful
    As Amir does 1 film in 2 years where as srk n salman 1 film per year
    So I think akki record is great..

  8. Happy New Year 2014 mein release hui 3 years baad Bollywood Arena Team ko yaad aya ke Happy New Year ka 1st day business 44 crore nahi 40 crore hai pehle kya soye thy

    1. Would love to know how accurate is bollyarena's figures.Hope they can provide the data for that.Till then we have to believe the producer figures.

  9. SRK always gives record opening when he gets a solo festival release.Both CE and HNY are record openers.his next Rehnuma can break Dhoom 3 record of highest non holiday opening of 36 crore.

    1. Srk only released on holiday day so it will break others movie released before holiday thats why they failed and Bollyarena too clarified it if dangal released on xmas day it will collected 43 cr + opening

        1. But parshya darling aamir no 1 hone ka record nahi tod paayega wo 2nd hai 2nd hi rahega aamir bechara athg diye jaa raha hai par no 1 nahi ban paa raha hai

  10. Bollyarena ur site us all about collection and money. Wud u ever talk about the quality of the films of these so called superstars? Or u don't have gutzz to talk about it??

  11. you said that you will give update through out the day. when will you give noon or evening show update for jolly

  12. BOI has said all things and factors considered,Dhoom3 is the biggest opener of the decade.

  13. srk X-mas rekease...

    (1) Trimurty ...22 dec...flop...

    (2) Swadesh....17 dec....flop...

    (3)Don 2.....23 dec....Hit...

    (4)Dilwale...20 dec...SemiHit

    kya enme se koi bhi....blockbusters h...??

    1. This hater will answer anything about SRK even in his sleep.Boy get help for u r addiction.

    2. Waah bhai waah
      I won't fight with you but....
      You talk about trimurty ? Swades ? 2004 days ? 1999- days ? Remember that the first movie who crossed 100 cr belongs to aamir...in 2006 ...

  14. ab srk fans yahan dikhna band ho jayenge
    hny ka collection pakad k toph dikha rahe the acha hua aapne unko sahi collection bataya
    hny first day is i think 36 cr
    40 cr bhi chalega

    1. Why? Just because bollyarena decided to change the figure? What proof they have that the movie collected only that much?

  15. Thanks Indicine....We salute you for giving correct and real figure of Opening day of Happy New Year.

    As per BOI, it is 38 crores.

    Thanks again for the correct figures..

  16. Only Dhoom3 is non holiday opener.
    All the star needs holidays for opening.
    Par Aamir sabka baap hein non holiday pe 36cr to sochlo holiday pe to 45cr pakka.TOH will samash all the opening records,highest single day,weekend,

  17. @BollyArena
    HNY didnt Even Collect 40 Cr
    Dangal 1st Sunday-42 Cr in 4300 Screens while HNY was released in 3800 Screens + 15% Lower ATP.
    So Real Collection of HNY-36/37 Cr.
    Now If We About Aamir,
    He is yet to release a film on Full Holiday.Imagine Dhoom3 on 25th December,it would have crossed 42/43 Cr in 2013 itself.
    Ghajini & 3idiots on Full Holiday-Result -Record Openers
    Aamir only Gets Sundays in 1st Week and Everytime on Sunday,
    He has delivered Highest Single Day Ever(D3,Pk,Dangal)
    TOP 2 Non- holiday openers of Bollywood
    1. Dhoom 3 - 36Cr 2. Dangal -29Crore
    But No Xcuses I know
    All Opening Day & Weekend records will be History on 7th November 2018. #TOH.

  18. Happy New Year 44.97 cr (first day) Shahrukh Khan
    Dangal 42.35 cr (third day) Aamir Khan
    Prem Ratan Dhan Payo 41.75 cr (first day) Salman Khan
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan 38.75 cr (third day) Salman Khan
    PK 38.24 cr (third day) Aamir Khan
    Sultan 38.21 cr (fifth day

  19. Bollyarena
    Taking BOI figure for Akshay's SIB
    But showing producer figure for Hrithik's bang bang and K3 ..???
    Is this fair..??
    And by the way 40+ on day 1 is yet to be achieved ..!!
    Pls correct

  20. 40 Crore in one day already achieved by Dangal Hindi collections only. Only one star who is way ahead on Non holiday openers the ace Khan the perfectionist Aamir Khan.

  21. 1St day collection upcoming movies

    Tubelight 30 cr.. ( ramzan time working day)
    Rehnuma 26 cr. Solo realese ( working day)
    Tiger zinda h 40 cr..solo realese (working d)
    Golmal 4 28 cr..
    Thugs of hindostan 45 cr.. ( diwali holiday)

  22. The Gap between Ranbir and Akshay is too much!! Well not surprised with the list all the superstars there are either Record opening Ace bosses or National and Filmfare Award winners. Akshay paaji was always playing side roles in movies the above starred in or multicast with Suniel Nana Anil Govinda Javed Riteish John that is when he got his 4 successful movie in the year. Its very important to note Neeraj Pandey introduced him to Multiplex audiences if not his career was going Suniel Shetty way pre s26. That too When Ajay Devgn refused special 26. Greatest thumbs up for Bollywood Arena. HNY collection come to justice! Great news for Aamir and Salman fans. Good to see Hrithik my favorite way ahead of Makki an opening day that will forever be shut for Makki Kumar only in his dreams.

  23. Jolly Beta 21 is 6 crores higher Than 16. Each crore is huge money so learn Mathematics first. Your Akshay is on same level with Sidhafth forget Ranbir!!

  24. Fusslight ayegi kya ghanta record kargi.ye eid bhi barbad karga bechara sallu.iske bas ki bat nahi Aamir ka record todna abhi to bechare ko srk ka sahara lena pada hein.srk ko ek eid mili kam se kam usne 4 sal ka record to sallu se pahle toda par sallu abhi bhi pk and dangal chase kar raha kya
    Wa kya eidmade /remake star hein
    Tzh ka band rnbir bajayega

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