Highest Grossing Hollywood Films in India

Highest Grossing Hollywood Films in India

While Bollywood releases this year have been struggling to set off fireworks at the ticket windows, Hollywood flick The Jungle Book has taken the Indian box office by storm. After a first-day opening of Rs 10 crore in India, the movie has grossed Rs 100 crore in just 10 days and is racing towards becoming the most successful Hollywood film to be released here.

Here is the list highest grossing Hollywood movies in India.

The Jungle Book2016$26 m
Furious 72015$24.8 m
Avatar2009$24.21 m
The Jurassic World2015$23 m
Avengers Age of Ultron2015$16.8 m
Spiderman 32007$16.40 m
20122009$15.62 m
The Amazing Spiderman2012$14.54 m
The Amazing Spiderman 22014$13.60 m
Life of Pie2012$13.32 m


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8 comments on “Highest Grossing Hollywood Films in India”

  1. Hahaha this z a warning to Bollywood. Audience need quality n sth new or else Hollywood films will overtake Bollywood in its home. Hope our producers takes this seriously!

    1. Comment:You fool. It is most grossing movies in the world, collected over 18000 crores. If it was released now it would collection more than that

  2. The most anticipated Hollywood movies 2016 in INDIA
    Batman vs Superman
    Captian america 3
    X men apocalypse
    Independence day 2
    Jungle book
    TMNT 2
    Kung fu panda 3 3D
    Ice age 5 3D
    Finding dory 3D
    Legend of Tarzan 2016
    Suicide squad
    Conjuring 2
    Startrek 3
    Doctor strange
    Assassin creed
    Bourn 5
    Starwars rogue one
    Fantastic beasts
    Jack reacher
    Underworld 5
    Divergent 3
    Alice in wonderland 2
    The Huntsman

  3. The most anticipated Hollywood films of 2017 in India
    Fast 8
    Justice league
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5
    Transformers 5
    Spiderman (reboot)
    The mummy(reboot)
    Mission impossible 6
    Thor 3(Hulk is also in the film)
    XXX 3
    King kong(reboot)
    The Wolverine 3
    Guardians of the galaxy 2
    War of the planet of the apes
    Bad boys 3
    World war Z 2
    Wonder women
    Star wars 8
    Resident evil 5
    Beauty and the beast
    Maze runner 3
    Ghost in a shell
    Friday the 13th

  4. The time is come for bollywood industry to make big budgeted movie bcz even telugu nd tamil industry is matching the scale of production and collection. If the king khan 's movie is going to affect by a hollywood movie, next uear i think there will very tough competition from hollywood movies (this year i think one more hollywood movie will cross 100cr net in India. -Captain America 3)

  5. Even Amitabh,Rajesh Khanna etc all gracefully retired after 50 and shifted to DAD characters. Budhe Khans you literally destroyed bollywood with your idiotic love stories and controversies,where as Telugu&Tamil industries producing 2-500cr Box-office movies.Shame on you.

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