Highest 2nd Day Collections of All Time: Tiger Zinda Hai at 3rd

Tiger Zinda Hai has managed to record the third highest 2nd day collection of all time. The film is only behind two other Salman Khan starrers Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

There is also Telugu dubbed Baahubali 2 which recorded the highest 2nd day collection of all time by collecting 40.50 crores. Overall the top 10 list is dominated by Salman Khan followed by Aamir Khan.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan36.60
Tiger Zinda Hai35.30
Dhoom 333.36
Happy New Year31.52
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo31.03
Golmaal Again28.37
Chennai Express28.06
Krrish 321.60

54 comments on “Highest 2nd Day Collections of All Time: Tiger Zinda Hai at 3rd”

    1. I don't know why these lukkha Akshay fans trolling Salman ?
      Jiska aukaat 20cr opening dene ka nahi vo troll kr rhe waah ..Singh is bling 3600screens me holdiay me release hua fir v 16cr ..aukaat of Akshay ..

      1. @ tiger chuua
        But tumahari aukat eid par disaster dene ki hai aur marigold biscuit khaane ki hai and also Rakhi sawant jaisi actresses se clash haarne ki hai

        1. Agra m kafi sara noqsan hua h theatre m show bhi kharab hua h dekho koimoi ki website per abhi tum ko malom ho ga tiger z h q itna kam business kia h pehle ragastan m protest start hua tha phir nadya par desh utter par desh m hua dekho bollywood life ki web per ka ki news thi best story everything best wale bhi aur 2 year m 1 film wale salman se moqbala karte h jin ki story ki waja se 2 3 day film ka bussines star hota

    2. Salman fans Bolte hai ki is decade me 8 blockbuster Dia Salman ne ye sbse bara achievement hai ..isse bhi bata achievement Srk ka hai .1999-1999 me 5 blockbuster Dia..7 saal me 5 blockbuster jab ki Srk 1992 me hi Bollywood me aaya tha or aasan nahi hota ki Naya Naya actor itna bara cheez achieve kr le or naahi Srk ka koi godfather tha ..isko kehte hai achievement ..Salman 90s me bas 3 blockbuster Dia jab ki 1988se hai vo

  1. TOP 3 Belongs to Salman Khan.....

    Out of 10 movies 5 belongs to Salman, while rest belong to rest Bollywood.....

    Megastar for a reason.....

    1. Mega tiny star for a reason. Who is yet to cross 100 cr without commercial masala movie and big festivals.

    1. @abhi and @sagar continuously says agar yeh hota oh hota..js ka promotion agar thik se karta..ajkal srk fans ka excuses ka koi kami nahi hai..
      Har vakt woh same story..dilwale collected this much with avearge reviews..arre bhai yeh average reviews keya hota hai??oh I understood an actor should do bad movies to tst his stardom..wow logics..srk jab accha movie karenge to sab record break karenge..abe saale pehle ek accha movie karne to de..taab jitna bolna hai bol sakta hai

    2. Positive reviews me 4700 screens me e ye haal hai ..and yes tubelight prdp jai ho dabang 2 all are all time blockbuster right ?

  2. Out Of 10 Movies:
    Salman: 5
    Aamir: 3
    Srk: 2
    Hrithik: 1

    Funny thing is while I was checking this list, I was looking at Akki movie, but then I saw the last number and it was 21.6cr, aur hamare Akki bhaiya ne toh abhi tak 20cr bhi cross nahi kiya.....Lekin uske fans dusre actors ko bash jarur karte hai jab who 30cr cross karte hai .....LOL

    1. Saaf hai agar aaj tiger 43cr cross nahi Kia to Salman ka aukaat Aamir Srk se kam hai ..dangal 4100 screens me 42cr Kia tha jab ki Monday Ko working day that tiger ke vaqt Christmas monday Ko hai to Sunday night shows Ko fayda milega or 4700 screens hai to 42cr ko.cross kr ke 43cr nahi Kia to Salman doob Maro sharam se

      1. @sashi beta kar lega koi na.......pahle din thoda noon occupancy kam ho gayi kyoki holidays start ab hone wale h....sm people thought sun nahi tomonday dekhege.......bt imp ye h film has been accepted withuoght rave review unlike dangal,pk,3 idiots
        btw haters bring it onn.......ar non holiday record ho gaya.....ab weekend(3daysa) record shall be recived.........older was sultan 105cr
        new will >>>>108cr
        wait n watch
        btw go n watch movie......shayad tmne dekh rakha hoga

      2. Dhoom 3 bhi 4500 screen par release huo thi dekho Wikipedia per 2013 m.ab tiger 4700 per release hui kia masla 4 year ka gap h aur dhoom ke tickets price bhi zoyada the.good reviews bhi good the aur everything good aur china m bhi release hui ththi tab itna business kia tha.tiger kelye protest bhi hua h abhi

  3. Salman not only dominate in this list but he also dominate in Top 10 Advance Booking, 1st Day, 2nd Day, 1st Weekend list too....

    He is a True Megastar.....

    1. Lifetime below 260cr .. Christmas me 4700 screens me positive review me action masala me 260cr bhi nahi. Or Christmas bhi Monday Ko hai

      Dangal ke time Christmas Sunday Ko hi tha nahi to 400cr krta hhahaha

      1. Dangal best story film thi adita chopra ya n kia kaha tha amir ka koi kamal n story ka kamal h

  4. Top 10 Advance Booking Of Bollywood
    1 Tiger Zinda Hai 24Crore
    2 Sultan 21Cr
    3 Dangal 18Cr
    4 PRDP 15.7Cr
    5 Dhoom3 15Cr
    6 HNY 13Cr
    7 Kick 13Cr
    8 Bajrangi 12Cr
    9 Tubelight 12Cr
    10 ETT 10Cr

    Salman: 7
    Aamir: 2
    Srk: 1

    Salman Dominate this list too.....

  5. Today tza will cross 40 Cr to make 110 Cr weekend

    Before it was sultan now tza

    Remember sultan words

    Salman ko only Salman hara sakta specially on initial

  6. Tiger big roaring and parashya big crying

    Remember his words distributers ki laasha bich jayagi ???

  7. Top 10 Non Holiday Opening:
    1) TigerZindaHai - 34 Cr (Record)
    2) Dhoom3 - 32 Cr
    3) Dangal - 29 Cr
    4) BajrangiBhaijaan - 26Cr (Pre-Eid)
    5) PK - 25 Cr
    6) Kick -24 Cr (Pre Eid)
    7) Tubelight - 20Cr (Pre Eid)
    8) Dilwale - 20 Cr
    9) Raees - 20Cr
    10) MSD - 20Cr

    Salman: 4
    Aamir: 3
    Srk: 2
    Shushant: 1

    Salman dominate this list too.....

    1. Bhai Akki fans ab toh Shushant ne bhi 20cr ki opening de di, who bhi Non Holiday par.....

      Bhai log buhut achche se bol raha hoon.....Stop bashing other actors....If you support other actors then other fan base will support also support Akki.....

      Now its upto you....."Do whatever you want to do man, but don't trouble other Actors"

  8. Aisi he isn't called the biggest star of India
    Amir biggest in China
    Srk biggest in Uk amd Nort America
    But where is akshayg may be in Toilet...Lol

  9. Top 10 1st Day Collection:
    1) PRDP: 40.35
    2) HNY: 40.02
    3) Sultan: 36.54
    4) Dhoom 3: 36.22
    5) Tiger Zinda Hai: 33.75
    6) CE: 33.12
    7) ETT: 32.93
    8) Sighnam Returns: 32.09
    9) Golmaal Again: 30.14
    10) Dangal: 29.78

    Salman: 4
    Srk: 2
    Ajay: 2

    Again Salman Dominate.....King Of Records Megastar Salman Khan.....

  10. he is dominant in all the record lists..
    except highest total.. ab wo bhi ho jayega..
    Tingu bahubali fans in hiding?
    SRK fans be hosh
    others gulping gallons of water :D

  11. Top 10 1st Weekend Collection:
    1) Dangal: 106.95
    2) Sultan: 105.34
    3) Bajrangi Bhaijaan: 102.60
    4) Dhoom 3:- 101.96
    5) PRDP: 101.47
    6) HNY: 99.91
    7) PK: 95.21
    8) CE: 93.23
    9) Kick: 83.85

    Here I am not taking SR (77cr) because today TZH will enter in this list.

    Salman: 5
    Aamir: 3
    Srk: 2

    So Again Salman Dominate…..Salman Rocks, Haters Shock.....

  12. Top 10 1st Week Collection:
    1) Sultan: 208.82
    2) Dangal: 197.53
    3) Bajrangi Bhaijaan: 184.65
    4) PK: 183.09
    5) Dhoom 3:- 181.62
    6) PRDP: 163.60
    7) Kick: 155.31
    8) HNY: 140.60
    9) CE: 139.7
    10) ETT: 137.15

    Soon TZH will enter into this list and ETT out…But both belong to Salman….

    Salman: 5
    Aamir: 3
    Srk: 2

    Ooh Teri, Here also Salman Rule……I hope now haters know why we call him Biggest Megastar…...

    So I hope these data are sufficient to kick Salman Haters Ass.....

    Salman Rule Box Office…..Undisputed Sultan of Bollywood….








    1. Bhai jise tum Local star bol rahe ho who actually main "National Star" Hai....

      Aur Tumhara Tingu Star actual main "China Made Star" Hai......HaHaHa

      Bollyarena I am noticing from some time that whenever I post something against Aamir you won't pass my comment.....Why are you doing this, Aamir fans call Salman local star, that's ok with you, and in reply when I call Aamir China made star then you have problem.......I am not using any abusive word....Don't do this either pass my comment (so that I can reply to Salman Haters) or delete those comments where haters bash Salman unnecessary......Don't be Biased.....

  14. If ticket price for today is par with last year xmas release dangal then tzh is for sure going to cross 42 cr mark as it is registering 90% of occupancy as of now and even in many place it is upto 95% according to my sources fingers crissed lets wait and see how it performs in eve n late night show. I want it o come closer to bahubali 2 or surpassed it

  15. @ tiger chuua
    But tumahari aukat eid par disaster dene ki hai aur marigold biscuit khaane ki hai and also Rakhi sawant jaisi actresses se clash haarne ki hai

  16. To all Salman Haters I just gave you all records from Advance Booking, to Non-Holiday Opening, to 1st Day, to 2nd Day, to 1st Weekend, to 1st Week.....And in each list Salman Dominates...So now think before you try to compare your star with Salman.....

    My comment is only for Salman Haters.....

  17. Its been couple of years when the crowd came in big numbers for a SRK film.
    Will SRK bring this storm next Christmas ?

  18. One More List:

    Top 10 Highest Grosser:
    Salman: 5 (with TZH which easily enter in the list)
    Aamir: 4
    Srk: 1

    Ye Kya, Salman Dominate this list too.....

    Haters this is Megastar Salman Khan for you......Rule like a Sultan in Each and Every List....

  19. Bro SRK is not in the race, In India its Aamir vs Salman and Worldwide its Aamir. None of the other actors even close. See 4 300 crore movies Aamir 2 Salman 2. None of the other have crossed 250 Crore yet. The fact is this battle is between Aamir vs Salman fans and both even knows the table can be turned by either of them. Other Star fans please do not comment it makes you look fools.

    1. Arijit Bhai, In Worldwide also its competition between Salman and Aamir.....

      Aamir is ahead only because of China.....Otherwise Bajrangi Bhaijaan Beat PK Worldwide collection in 1st Phase....Its after China release PK move ahead......

      Not saying anything against Aamir (atleast not in this comment), its good that his movie collects huge in China.....But Salman has not release his movie in China market "Yet".....

      There is news that soon Bajrangi Bhaijaan is releasing in China....I hope its true.....But till than beside China its equal fight between Salman and Aamir......And with China yes he is ahead......

      1. Ok listen
        Abhi present me ..India me Aamir vs Salman hai
        Overseas me Srk vs Aamir hai
        Worldwide me bas Aamir hai ..Salman Aamir se close bhi nai .PK china collection hata bhi de to bhi 616cr hai .Bajrangi bhaijaan se bhut zyada

        And Haan dilwale clash me worldwide > prdp worldwide
        Tubelight worldwide 205cr only ..

  20. My prediction for TZH is 325 cr if it doesn't crash after new year day. If it crashes then around 290-310 cr. If it misses 300 cr by a little margin, they will manipulate collections to reach 300 cr, same if it misses to cross collections of PK or BB.

  21. @Prashant Abhishek, SRK's Dwarf will open around 25 cr mark if it is a solo release. But it needs to be good. It will most probably not hit 30 cr because It's a kind of drama/love story genre which doesn't earn that much on first day.

  22. Another News.....TZH Trailer also Beat Raees trailer in Views.....And now TZH Trailer become "Bollywood Most Viewed Trailer".....

    So Now;
    TZH: Bollywood Most Viewed Trailer
    TZH: Bollywood Most Liked Trailer
    TZH: Bollywood Most Commented Trailer

    All Youtube Trailer Records Belong to Salman's TZH.....Megastar For A Reason......

    Salman Rocks Haters Shock........

  23. There is high chance that SRK's highest grosser CE will be out of Top 10 in 2018 if Padmavati, Race 3 and TOH do 200 crore + .Race 3 and TOH are almost certain to go over 200 crore.Padmavati also has a chance.so to come back again in top 10 , Dwarf will have to work and cross 225 crore .otherwise he will remain out of top 10 highest grosser.

    1. Relax Prashant, Srk has good line up, and if Dwarf get solo release then it will also easily cross 200cr (minimum) mark.....
      And then there is Don 3 (250cr) and may be Dhoom 4 (if its not rumor) which will be Srk's 1st 300cr movie.....So Chill

  24. it's good that the film has grown on saturday. now it's certain that tzh will have the highest weekend of all time among hindi films( excluding bb2). it would have been salman's 9 th all time highest weekend record if there was no baahubali2. because of bb2 it would not be mentioned as a record weekend in datas of boi.com. the film needs around 37 crore net on sunday to beat sultan and i think it would beat that as sunday has started on a bumper note and 40 crore also can happen.
    but many trade person and general audience don't know that there is no full holiday tommorow. central government has cancelled the xmas holiday , still some states would have holiday. it is just like sultan's first day where some states had eid holiday some did not.
    by the way this film has also beaten the gross figures of dhoom 3 according to boi.com so it's the highest non holiday opener for bollywood both in gross and net. surprsingly singham returns gross was more than dhoom3. so according to gross singham returns was a record opener at it's time.

  25. Do you really believe BOI number please check the figures of Taran Adarsh he provides the most genuine numbers.

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