Heeriye Song Video - Race 3

Blast those speakers and groove to the Hottest Party Song "HEERIYE" from "RACE 3". Song featuring Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez. Vocals are by Meet Bros feat. Deep Money & Neha Bhasin. Race 3 In Cinemas 15th June 2018.

  • Song Credits:
  • Music: Meet Bros
  • Singers: Meet Bros feat. Deep Money & Neha Bhasin
  • Lyrics: Kumaar

42 comments on “Heeriye Song Video - Race 3”

  1. Song is ok dokey

    Salman is looking old and dances slow

    Jaq alone would have burnt the dance floor with her quick moves.

    1. I seriously think zero will be a higher grosser domestic, overseas and worldwide than race 3! Its not getting good vybes!

      Yet to wait for TOH and Zero Trailer

      1. I think we SRKians have been seriously thinking that (SRK movie will earn more than Salman movie) for quite a few years now. I am not sure if since Dabang release (2010) there has been any year when SRK’s movie grossed more than Salman’s movie. Even in 2013 (when CE broke records), no Salman movie had released that year. So this decade Salman has been way ahead of SRK.

        Regarding Race 3 vs Zero, Race 3 was never expected to be a classic considering Remo was the director. So the expectations were and are low and if it proves to be a decent entertainer then 200 cr is a given. It doesn’t need to be a classic to work. So apparently it is in a safer zone.

        Coming to Zero, its hype and expectations are being increased that it will be altogether a new cinematic experience. We have seen regularly that SRK movies are hyped up and when released they prove disappointing. Again that hype is being upped for Zero. But we should remember that it doesn’t have a safe genre like Race plus only 1 week open. If it proves to be disappointing in content then it may even struggle to cross 150 cr.

        So till the time SRK “actually” delivers a solid content movie (and not just the hype) like Pk, 3I, BB, I will suggest not to have unrealistic expectations as it will just cause disappointment in the end.

        1. Fake srk fan no need to pretend to be Srk fan. We all know you chameleon chaman are a Salman's riksha waala fan. Yes in this decade Srk has many movies that crossed more than Salman movies. Don't you know that??? My name is khan earned more than veer. Happy New Year earned far more than jai ho. Raees earned far more than Tubelight. So think before you speak you moron and stop pretending to be srk fan as we all see your pro comments towards Salman which means you are riksha waala. And by the way I am not a fan of any of them.

        2. What you have said is true, but i sense more hatred in your comment than concern for the movies!

          You obv think Salman Khan cannot go wrong at the box office, yet tubelight never lit up at the box office!

          The only star in India that i could put my money on eyes closed would be Aamir Khan!

          Salman Khan is all about masala he got it right with BB, i admit that but then he though that he could play with peoples emotions so he gave us tubelight but VFX cannot be used on acting!

          The same is being done in race 3, family and emotions are being used like Jai Ho, i will watch a dabbang or dabbang 2 all day because its pure entertaining masala even TIGER franchise but this looks average stuff that could easily go wrong at the box office but could also do wonders!

          1. It is not hate rather than a sense of disappointment in his movie choices and the lack of content in movies. Once he was at top (ahead of both Aamir and Salman) and no. 1 choice of all directors including Rajkumar Hirani. He could release his movie whenever he want and very few dared to clash.

            I believe he still has the same stardom and fans. It is just that his movie choices have let down his fans. Probably I have become more bitter after JHMS as Fan and Raees were still one time watchable for me. But watching JHMS was really a torture (though later I loved its songs but that doesn’t matter much).

            It is simple. He has to deliver one good content movie now for many fans like me to have that confidence back in his movie choices. I really really hope it will be Zero. I will be most happy if Zero beats TOH and Race 3. I am a fan and will still watch all his movies regardless of the box office outcome.

            But for me to compare him with Aamir and Salman in current position, he needs to deliver a big grosser at least a 250 cr movie and preferably a 300 cr movie before we match him with Aamir or Salman.

            1. Now you make 100% sense! That guy truth teller has just lost the plot, bur some people are so ignorant they cant admit thay salman and aamir were no were close to SRK in the past decades!

              They call him media star, but even the media follows the superstar at the top!

  2. Song is ok dokey

    Salman bhai is looking old and slow .... jaqueline is electric quick and salman cant match up

  3. Listen to original song NAINA DA NASHA of Deep Money and Falak Sabir from which it is insapired

    original zyada mazay ka hai .... yeh bhi theek hi hai

  4. 100k dislikes for Race 3 trailer

    1st ever trailer to achieve this feat

    some told its dislike ratio is more than tubelight

    does it indicate overall trailer has not been liked

    will it impact opening i doubt

    1. Itni dafa songs sun nai ka farigh time fans kai paas hota hai. Salman fans have the incentive to keep listening till they start liking. For others, their is no such incentive. 1-2 dafa sun nai kai baad agar click na kare to others will move on

  5. Salman fans calling it blockbuster and out of this world song

    Srk and other fans calling it bakwas and disappointing

    Truth is gaana acha hai .... na zabardast na bekaar

    Apne ko to Yaar na Miley from Kick buht acha laga tha. Zabardast tha. Us kai samne yeh bas theek thaak hai

    1. Exactly its a good song! But will be made into a blockbuster by keep playing it everywhere!

  6. Hit like if you think heeriye of race 3 is better

    Hit dislike if you think zara zara touch me of race 1 is better

    Honest opinion dena

    Chu pana nahin karna

  7. Honestly sallu is looking very old and tired

    Aisa lagta hai nind se jag kar shoot Kiya hai gana

    Aur gaana bhi bahot hi bakwass hai..


  8. According to me this song is nowhere near swag se swagat. When I first heard swag se swagat I knew that the song is going to be a huge chartbuster and today the song is the most viewed song in you tube. Infact I will say that if I take out the songs of Salman in the 90's which were the most memorable ones swag se swagat is the best song of his life.

    This song is good in parts, the female voice is very good but somehow the male voice does not work or maybe the music in the part of male voice is average. Overall for me it's an above average song.

    Now let's see how it is received by the listeners but I will be very surprised if it reaches anywhere near swag se swagat in you tube views.

    The trailer has got the most number of dislikes any trailer has got ever. The like dislike ratio is almost 75:25. I have never seen this kind poor response to any trailer.though the views are good as it has crossed.33 million views in 3.5 days which is a record for Hindi film trailers.

  9. Last 10 saal ka a sabse bahetarin gana hai , ispe sabkuch best hai like lyrics, music, salman ki khubsurti mashaallah, dance.... Awesome yaar dil khus hogaya




  11. Parshya aunty race3 verdict and lifetime domestic collection

    Verdict: blockbuster

    TOH lifetime and verdict

    Verdict: super hit

    1. @dean Uncle

      TOH =515CR.....ATBB/ATHG(Exclude bb2)

      TOH WW=3*Race3 ww

      TOH WW-2000CR ww


      1. @Parshya Not sure about TOH crossing 500 cr but it will definitely cross 400 cr no matter what. Dean Ambrose is a dumb clown who acts like imbecile. Ha ha ha. He is predicting 260 cr despite the fact that a non commercial movie like dangal easily crossed 380 cr when he didn't even predict more than 200 cr for dangal. These dumbass Salman fans will never learn anything from their past stupidity.

  12. Parshya aunty tera prediction tha ki Hindi medium China me 100% BB ka record Tod dega,,,,kya hua tujhe pata h aunty,,,,, ab is song ka review tu hi de de aunty

  13. Bollywood se music gayab ho chuka h ab na ache singers h na ache music director aur Jo h unhe mauka nhi milta h.... From 2009 Bollywood ka music crap ho chuka h sirf kuch geene chune hi ache gaane aye h ,,,,

  14. This one is a Smash hit...bigger than the trailer

    blast those speakers and groove to "heeriye"

  15. Heeriye rocks...addiction song

    video songs r the place were remo can excel
    more to come...yes,the race title track

  16. Bhaijaan Salman sir!
    Kasamse ab to iss film ko officially #JaiHo2 hi batana chaiye
    Pls note, my reiew of Race-3 will be 8 minutes long and full of dhasu comedy

  17. only copy, remake and masala
    without this 3 things Sallu is big big big Zero


  18. har gane mein salman ka same dance hota hai..
    sallu fans khud hi dekhlo sab gane


  19. Agree with U @sms hamid
    first time ok,2nd time good then fabulous
    u have to listen it multiple times

  20. This is one is better than "ishq bina kuch nahi kuch nahi ishq se badkar kuch nahi "
    listen to heeriye multiple times in speakers overall(lyrics,music,singing etc) its a better work than swag

  21. Thanks to this song got to hear the original version “Naina Da Nasha” and what a rocking song the original one is.

    Heeriye is good too but I am hooked to “Naina Da Nasha” right now.

    Coming to Race 3, Heeriye should be a hit song and help dispel the negativity that has been around the movie since trailer launch.

  22. Poor chirography - Salman looks fat so unable to make movement.

    Salman unable to control is weight .....He should have not never increased weight for Sultan.

    Everybody cant be Amir khan....Just like vidya balan , sallu also finding difficult to reduce weight -

    Foody people should never take chance to increase weight for any particular protect.
    Salman - increased for sultan
    Vidya - increased weight for Dirty pictures.

    Both r foodies. Vidya has finished her carrier because of excess weight - sallu has to do somethink -- ASAP or else he will be like chiranjeev

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