Hawayein Video Song – Jab Harry Met Sejal

Can you feel the love in the air ? Hawayein, the magical love song from the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal is here and it makes us all experience love like never before!


Lyrics- Irshad Kamil

Singer- Arijit Singh

102 comments on “Hawayein Video Song – Jab Harry Met Sejal”

      1. sorry, i have to disagree,
        The only disappointment for me was ''BUTTERFLY''
        Beech Beech mein is a really catchy song,and i love it so much. without mentioning that the full version is 10x times better !
        Same goes for Radha, you know what ? if you want to enjoy radha more, listen to the full version as well.
        Safar, Hawayein, these two are my favorites, still that's your opinion, also, i'm from morocco, as we don't have good movie in our country, me and my friends, we decided to watch bollywood, to be honest with you, we don't know why indian ppl care so much about collections ? just enjoy the movies :/

        1. abe kab tak ek jaisi movie dekhte rahoga.....ring kho gayi pyar ho gaya vapas india chalo..same story....yahi sab 25saal se dekh rahe ho.....wahi buddhe hero ka pecchay bhage ja rahe ho....

            1. @Sara, How do you know he is disregarding your comment or actually praising and adding some more legit facts to your write up? why calling someone brainless if you aint an indian nor do you understand the language?

              1. i've said i'm not an indian, but he still talk to me using indian language , what means he's brainless :)

          1. fan or jagaa jasoos .. alag thi na film.. kuch new tha dono movie mai ... per vo box office per chli nhi to fir jab tum vahi movie ni chlaaoge to ye bhi to kuch na kuch puraana bnaayenge hi jab tum kuch new chahte hi nhi ho ???

  1. logo ko song nhi , movie dekhni h .

    herry ko sejal se pyar hota h , kyo hota h , ese kisi ko koi mtlb nhi h.

    esi larki se shadi ka b kya mtlb h , jise Raah chalte kisi b aadmi se pyar ho jaye ??

    or Larki b pagal h , jise Dulhe se jyada Ring se pyar h.

    thoda bhot "Dil h ki manta nhi" se copy kiya h.....

    pr uske mukable 10 times gatiya story or acting h.

    LT - 96 crore


  2. Now this is the Missing Desi Chartbuster you were talking about!! Rock on Hawayein!!!

  3. with secret superstar aamir be able to enter 400m in OS. NOW 378m$ . Srk be able to enter in 300m with JHMS NOW 275m sallu be able to enter in 200m NOW 183m

      1. Canadian has for successful movies than SRK. Coalmine has more successful movies than Salman. Anything else?

        1. Canadian is much bigger actor than lallu the flop actor 4500 screens 3 days holiday 2 open weeks pe 115 Cr agar Tushar Kapoor KO ye sab milta to vo bhi 120+ karta disaster actor of all time??

  4. Finally the chartbuster song.. well this song is amazing why they are releasing this one now?
    And a song with diplo left..
    But was better to release tRailer first and than Hawaein and than Radha..
    Never the Less the song is amazing

  5. 90s Crowds pullers

    Sunny Deol
    Shah Rukh
    Ajay D
    Sanjay Dutt
    Anil kapoor
    Suniel Shetty
    Akshay kumar/Saif Ali khan
    Bobby Deol

    Record opener for the decade Hindustan k kasam Ajay Devgn.

    2000s Crowd puller


    Record opener for the decade 3 idiots Aamir Khan.

    2010- crowd pullers

    Shah Rukh

    Record opener for the decade so far HNY Shah Rukh Khan.

    SRK most consistent top 3 in 3 decades!!!!

    1. You forgot to put
      Ajay miya 1994 Vijaypath opening 4*times more than Madhuri HAHK opening??

      1. Ajay and Akshay is bigger croud puller than Salman in 90s
        Hhb opening day collection >>>Salman whole movie in 1992
        Mohra opening>>>Salman whole movie in 1994
        KKK>>>Salman whole movie in 1996
        And many mores
        And Saif is doesn't a crowd puller in his entire career in 90s his all hits are multistarrer
        In 20s except three hits Salman namastey,hum tum and cocktail all are multistarrer
        In this decade he has not given any hits

    2. konse gole pr rhte ho @imran bhai

      1) qsqt
      2) Dil ..................(ATG)
      3) hm h rahi pyar k
      4) jo jeeta vhi sikandar
      5) RANGEELA.........blockbuster
      6) Raja Hindostani.....ATBB
      7) Gulam
      8) sarfarosh
      9) Mann
      10) Ishq......blockbuster

      ye sab ☝☝☝movie kisne bnayi thi....Govinda ne???....

      Fake record oppner???

      1. @Mahaveer
        Wo opening ke basis par diya hai usne, Mann flop tha. Gulam above average. HHRPK semi hit.

        1. @sayar

          HHRPK...semi hit h...tuje boi ne btaya ???
          @jabra fan....

          Ishq me sabko...Aamir ka roll jyada pasand aaya...

          1) chahe hmko tumse pyar song ho...

          2) Ya fir Ajay k baap ka roll

          3) Ya fir comedy....ajay sirf side roll me tha??

          @imran gochu k analysis par kya bevkufo ki tarah discuss kr rhe ho......

          Bazigar or Darr me Mayamemsab srk ko kon dekhne gya tha???.....log to silsile maker YRF ki movie dekhne gye the????

          1. @mahaveer
            Silsila maker ko hi dekna tha to aamir ki parampara dekhne koi kyun nai gaya

            And baazigar mai kaunsa aamir tha??

              1. Abey bhojpuri, Which hit did Kajol and Shilpa have before Baazigar? There is a limit to stupidity. Was Baazigar a lovestory..?? It had record opening. Your bhikhari aamir was a nobody before 2008, that's fact..!!

                  1. Abey bhojpuri, SRK had Deewana and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Baazigar was Kajol's first hit and she didn't have a central role, Shilpa was Debutant.

      2. Abhe oye Mahaveer Dummo!!
        Stop decieving yourself calling Ishq an Aamir movie. Aamir was the side hero Fact but bitter the filk focuses on Poor Girl and Rich boy love story being Opposed by Ajay father. Even the ending suggest easily whose movie it was.
        ? 2.46.35 again 2.46.35 which typical bollywood movies matters seriously!!


        Iam not Ajay fan but if he can be the main lead back in 1994 in a Akshay movie Suhaag then who was Aamir 97 after Only Karishma RH 1996 that too after series of flops after Dil 1991 whom evem Akshay was a much bigger star than Aamir. Among the Khans only SRK was the biggest star after Sunny Deol. Accept it graciously no hard feelings.

        1. For a second can we forget whose movie was this or whose it was not. Fact is both the male lead are fantastic actors best method superstars.
          I watched the last part but from 2hrs 40 mins but had to start all over now i am going to watch the movie because i jjave never watched it. Last scene was emotional but seems like Aamir and Ajay were friends but misunderstanding.
          People can argue till tomorrow but for me both Aamir and Ajay are special gems keep supporting each other fans and be proud we have Bollywood industry. The best ever.
          From a SRK fan.

        2. No doubt it was Ajay Sir in mainlead Aamir name appeared in opening credit due to seniority in the industry but its also a fact Aamir SRK ajay were bigger than Salman in 90s proof is watch HAHK and look at opening credit its Madhuri name accepted she was in the industry before Salman but Srk Aamir and ajay came after Madhuri yet in DTPH Dil YHHPK SRK Aamir Ajay name in opening credit came 1st before Madhuri simply meaning they were recognized as bigger Heroes. South remake really helped Salman career back on track also Eid.

    3. @Imran beautiful analysis but i think Akshay is above Hrithik currently in terms of opening.

    4. @Imran
      I think u are keeping Govinda ahead of SRK due to BMCM-KKHH openings.Bro, Salman lost 10 clashes in 90s, doesnt mean that Nana Patekar was a bigger crowdpuller than him.

      Have a look at Trimurti/Koyla/Dil se/DTPH opening days. See Darr and le BOI update deewana and baazigar

      In 90s it was Sunny>SRK>Govinda>Ajay>Akki #FACT

      1. I think i get your point @@Sayar but that means automatically Ajay should be after Shah Rukh while Govinda be before Akki because even at box office forum they ranked it
        Shah Rukh
        Based on most succesful actors in 90s
        But coming to stardom and opening

        Shah Rukh
        They were rage at that time.

        1. Ajay had a bigger pull than Salman/Aamir no doubt. But he was behind SRK, sunny and Govinda.

          And yeah, Sunny and SRK were kings of 90s. If I take both opening+lifetime SRK may overtake Sunny also. But it is safe to say Sunny>SRK>Govinda

          @Bollyarena I had made a mistake in prev comment. Publish this one please....

          1. Sayar you seem too be quite sound dont worry i too am a Srk fan but hey lets take away Govinda and Sunny because they were already @their peak. This is an interesting articles for all fans of the 5 superstars of 90s to date.
            @Bollyarena you guys have been so excellent interms of allowing we fans too broaden our know knowledge unlike @Indicine who dont even let us publish other facts from other websites. Thank you for being so hospitable. Love this site.
            @Sayar bro let me share this to you and all good going fans here. Found it veryy interesting.


            1. @ Imran : Great article bro. As the article says you can 'never say no' in showbiz but it will be extremely difficult to replicate what this Dynamic Five (Khans/Akshay/Ajay) have achieved.

              It was a pleasure to be a kid of 1990s and see these guys in the initial phase of their career and they are still present and doing great.

              I am a SRKian but just few days back I was watching random movie parts on youtube and after many days I got to watch this "Saathiya Tune Kia Kia" song of Salman's movie "Love" and it was a pleasure watching it. The innocence on Salman's face striked me and I wondered how far these guys have come ahead. That song reminded me of the songs which I loved while growing up. Songs/ movies; there are so many such pleasant memories associated with these 5 guys especially.

              I don't know what fans gain by belittling any of these guys just to prove that their star is the best.

              Each of these five has its own pluses and minuses. But what they have achieved is truly remarkable.
              All five should be cherished and respected for what they have achieved.

          2. @Sayar in todays terms 50lakhs in 90s aprxmtly = 10 cr above opening 90s

            Govinda above 50-70 lakhs opening 8
            Ajay above 50-70 lakhs opening 15
            SRK above 50-70lakhs opening 8

            Govinda above 80 lakhs -1cr openg 3
            Ajay above 80 lakhs -1 cr openg 3
            SRK above 80--1cr opening 4

            Govinda 1cr above opening 0
            Ajay 1cr above opening 2
            SRK 1cr above opening 3

            50lakhs -1.5 crs opening in 90s

            Govinda 11 movies
            Ajay 20 movies
            SRK 15 movies

            So mind who you call a bigger crowd puller in 90s. Govinda was way behind SRK and Ajay talking about opening days in 90s.

            1. Sunny Deol 90s
              Above 1cr 1 movie
              80lkhs -1 cr 8 movies
              50-79 lkhs 7 movies

              50-1cr above movies = 16 movies?
              Sorry i dont want to put down Akki and Salman movies down. People will run away. One thing is for sure had Hrithik been existing in that era all records back then would have been ???

              1. Aamir 90s opening

                50-79 laks 3 movies
                80-1cr 3 movies( Ishq and Dil chahta hai?? inclusive,his movies??)
                1cr above 1 movie Mann.

                50-1 cr above laks Aamir = 7 movies in 90s ...subtracting Ishq and DCH 4 movies!!! But lets have mercy on him.

                So Alltime opening day records of 90s from Pivotal bench mark of 50lks minimum standard to 1cr and above. Here are the list based on Seniority the ranking is done.

                50 lks - 1.5 crs in 90 s crowd pull according to BOI....opening day

                1. Sunny Deol ...16 movies
                2. Govinda ......11 movies
                3. Aamir .......7 movies
                4. Salman Khan ...12 movies
                5. Ajay D ....... 20 movies
                6. Akshay .....16 movies
                7. SRK ........15 movies but Solid above 4 1cr movies as opening day 90s!! No one has that.

                (Source BOI) 1st day opening days of successful 90s stars.

              1. HAHK ka footfalls to sabse jyada tha na.

                srk 20 saal tk movie chala kr b , equal nhi kr paya

          3. Disagree @Sayar. Govinda was never a bigger star than Ajay.
            Dont forget Ajay had lots of shortcomings on him esp his looks tho dashing personality. Govinda was doing movies with Priyadarshan David Dhawan Inder kumar and other high profile directors in 90s. What about Ajay? Milan luthia 1st movie with this unconventional look actor was Super hit and 1.3 cr opening day in 90s. Kuku kohli rookie director 1st movie with Ajay first movie PAK result? 2nd HGOTY. Veeru devgn 1st ever movie with his son also in 90s was all time highest record opener. For me nothing can change my perception Ajay was much bigger than Govinda in 90s. Dont know why you SRk fans dont like to hear anything good about him while we are opposite towards Srk.

            1. @Gangs of Ajay Devgn. Agree with you,apart from Debut directors like Kuku Kohli(PAK 2nd HGOTY) Milan Luthia(Kaache D, bumper opening) Veeru Devgn(HKK record bumper opening) dont forget Anees Baba? do also add Anees Baba 1st movie as a director too starred Ajay Sir, PTHHT and it became 2nd HGOTY behind KKHH.

        2. @imran whatever all r knows that srl destroyed sunny's career in 1991 with his killing acting skill ,n govinda is a superstar in 90's i agree bt he has only done comedy movies,n srk's stardum was building up with darr n bazigar n with ddlj he did increase the bollywood scope all over the world even all over the india he has which is most low scope areas like tamilnadu n ap ,ddlj was yrf production i agree bt how much yrf did this before ddlj? n whatever srk's consistency is far bettr than sunny n govinda ,my point of view srk=sunny in 90's

  6. @ mahaveer, 1st tell your tingu to give a 100 crore movie on non holiday.And i don't want to see u here if JHMS crosses 100 crore .have u guts to face the challenge ?

    1. @prashant abhishek

      bhai vo jyada movie bnata nhi , so vo kyo Non holiday pr movie relese krega ??

      or bhai srk b to apni sari movie Holiday pr release krta h...

      JHMS b 100 crore indian festival RAKHI pr release ho rhi h????

      jbki Xmas only 3crore indian ka festival h....Or es Decade me b srk ki jyada holiday release h....

      Vese bich bich song me.....Srk , anushka se Tingu dikh rha tha?

      100 crore ka EXTRA PROMOTION krke 100 crore kma k b ....konsa Mount Avrest 2000 crore par kr liya Hkle ne????????

      1. @bhojpuri mahaveer-Bauna's Success ratio not even 50% and hit ratio not even 30% after doing so less films and here Bauna fan talks about stardom..!

        1. @prashant abhishek

          muje pta h , tu hi @nn h

          tbi tuje lgi???

          gochu hkla 3crore hny....or aamir Dangal 1250 crore....india 388 crore

          or stardom...country nhi dekhta???....

          500crore jo WW nhi de ska.....vo stardom ki baat krte h.......

          Srk ka flop show...uske chehre se dikhta h

          Bhed ki haha kar (promotion) k badle....

          Aamir ki ek Dahaad h pyare......Aamir Aamir???

          1. @bhojpuri Mahaveer- Abey gawar, bauna aamir doesn't even have 20 small hits in 28 years career, what stardom does he have? If China biz shows stardom then Mermaid stars will be the biggest stars in the world. 28 years in the business still Hit ration below 30%, yuck..!! And why did bauna took 14 years to cross DDLJ overseas and 13 years domestic..?? Bauna is 2008 born, accept it..!!

            1. @nn nt 28 years almost 32 years for aamir ,he is slowest actor bro n he has many stupid fans like mahaveer lets him do pagalpan ,kabhi mental hospital se aaenge use lekar jane ko

            2. @NN

              bhai , Srk ko 100crore me kitna time lga ?

              srk ko 300 crore me kitna Time lgega ??

              500 crore WW me kitna Time lgega ??

              Or @sayar bhai.....

              aap hi to bol rhe the....ki Oppning day se stardom nhi hota h....

              to fir ....90's me srk ne flop b bhot di thi...or Oppning b kai movie ki km thi...

              To tb konsa stardom Aa gya, oppning se.

              Or Bazigar or Darr k time... SrK star b nhi tha????

              1. Abey bhojpuri mahaveer, Baazigar had record opening weekend. SRK was no. 1 Superstar since Baazigar. And what Sayar told about opening is about this decades' films' opening. You make me sick by your gawar bhojpuri comments...!!

              2. Abey bhojpuri mahaveer, SRK didn't take 13 years to cross 100 crores. Baazigar had record opening weekend. SRK was no.1 Superstar since Baazigar. WHat Sayar told about opening is about this decade. First learn to read and understand and then blabber. Your bhojpuri comments make me sick..!!

  7. Well this song is enough for me ..Now if movie is flop also i hv no regrets ..this song made my day :)

  8. Ha ha , Ishq is blockbuster .in which planet ? Tomorrow Talaash will become All time blockbuster ! Ishq is super hit as per BOI.

    1. @BOI to

      DDLJ ka 53crore LT bta rha h , maan lega kya?

      BOI=Bhai office india

      vese srk ne BOI ko pese dene band kr diye....so 58 se sidhe 53 crore...

      Or Aamir ki greatness k lemeo figures ki koi jrurat nhi....

      kyoki Raees k 5% promotion , Not bandi , no big heroine , no big directer , no chart buster song....

      fir b 375 crore Hindi????????????????

  9. What a refreshing song !! Loved this one.

    Both SRK & Anushka looking superb.

  10. i feel safe to say that this song saved JHMS :) really a great song ! RIP ZAALIMA

  11. Listening it on loop on Saavn and loving it.

    This song should be a good boost for the movie few days before its release.

  12. @bollyarena, sorry I posted wrong info. please post this.
    Abey bhojpuri mahaveer, Bauna's success ratio not even 50% and hit ratio not even 30% after doing small number of films and bauna fan talks about stardom. WHy are you so annoying? Has anyone here bashed Bauna to start with? Jobless, educationless gawar fan of tingu, barks about SRK all day long. If you think SRK is so important for a gawar like you to bark about all day long, then it proves enough of his Super stardom far ahead of bhikhari Aamir.

  13. Srk show to world... why called him king of romance

    51 years old how he do romsnce like 20year ....

    Setul my king ...

  14. This one is Beautiful!!
    I can't stop listening!!
    SRK's charms made the whole song look more beautiful
    Nd credit to Arijit Singh


    1. watch the movie then judge if it's story is bullshit or NOT, you can't judge by reading a imdb article about the story of this film, there's a 2 hours movie waiting for you, ENJOY YOURSELF :)

      1. Dont fool the public....this is the story of the movie..... SRKians always persist... but we are not fool.... this movie will be flopped or average

        1. What if the girl not in love with her fiancé or she got engaged in haste? Any answer for that hater.

          1. dont try to save srtar ...above all we know his movies well.....
            Things to Learn From SRK Shahrukh Movies:

            -Kuch Kuch hota hai: DOST SE PYAAR –

            Mohabattein: PRINCIPAL KI BETI SE PYAAR..

            -Kal ho na ho: PADOSI KI BETI SE PYAAR

            -Kabhi khushi Kabhi gum: NAUKAR KI BETI SE PYAAR

            -Kabhi Alvida na Kehna: DUSARO KI BIWI SE PYAAR

            -Baazigar: DUSHMAN KI BETI SE PYAAR

            -Pardes: DOST KI MANGETAR SE PYAAR

            -Dil se: TERRORIST SE PYAAR

            -Main Hoon na: TEACHER SE PYAAR

            Veer Zaara: Hindu hoke Muslim ladki se pyar, woh bhi Pakistani.

            -Chennai Express: DON KI BETI SE PYAAR..

            Note- SRK teaches us how to manage risky love affairs..!!! . . . .

            Arre haa, risky se yaad aaya, The most risky love is…

            -Rab ne bana di jodi: KHUD KI biwi se pyaar..!!

            And Now
            JHMS-Dusare ke Mangetar se Pyar… yehi SRK ki acting hain hamesha love story issi track pe hain.....

  16. Although song is nice song by arijit still film will not cater to all set of audiences that's why it is not going to work and srk is looking like father of anushka jhms 120 -125 crores that too due to Rakhi and all those things

    1. You must be the biggest fool on earth.
      So that means Bhumika was looking like Akki paji grand daughter!!

  17. Hey idiot stay in your limit that's my opinion ok don't force me to say anything mind your own business I don't like srk but I don't use defamatory language I are a typical idiot srkian

  18. @ mahaveer, abe idiot how many times i have to tell u that i am not NN .he is also a SRK fan .thats why he comes between our conversation.tomorrow u will tell i am also Sayar.
    @ NN , bro if u are reading this pls clear this man's doubt.Tell him we both are different.

    1. Yeah Prashant bro, we are different people. I can't tell you how much I get annoyed reading that bhojpuri gawar's comment.

  19. @Analyst

    1992-SRK solo RBGG opening>>All Salman films
    1993-Baazigar/darr opening>>>All Salman films openings
    1994-Anjaam opening>>All Salman
    1995-Raamjane/Trimurti>>>All Salman............
    1996-chahat>>>All Salman films (SOLO)
    1997-Koyla>>All Salman
    1998-Dil Se>>All Salman films

    Only 1999 salman was ahead of srk.

    So SRK was 10 times bigger puller than SALMAN that time.

  20. @Analyst
    So what do you want me to declare. Salman>>>SRK in 90s in opening?? That cant happen.

    See every year data. salman was ahead in 1999 only

    1. Nope i was disregarding the fact you called Govinda bigger crowd puller than Ajay. Seems you dont like him or dont know the craze he had supeisingly even among young girls back then(i find it odd but that was very true) i think people judge his colour and non chocolate face more than his fame if not come on massive difference in terms of their opening days in 90s not even an arguemantal issue at all. His my 3rd favourite after Hrithik SRK but my informatins was strictly on BOI opening days from 94-99 but they included a 1993 movie of Srk dont know why it should have been neutral...Daar.

      1. They are yet to update full 90s

        Baazigar and bedardi of ajay released on same day
        Deewana also had a huge weekend

  21. well srk enjoyed many chartbusters in his career ,in 90's tujhe dekha too ye jana sanam :jo abhi bhi lovers ka famous song h
    kuch kuch hota h : jo sab romance song me no.1 h
    k3g title song :family no.1 song ,
    har ghadi badal rahi from khnh : peaceful n har sad people ko fresh krnewali me no.1 songh
    ye jo desh h mera veer-zara : desh k pyar aur hmari mitti k khushboo feel krnewali md no.1 song
    chak de india: india k proud feel karnewali ms no.1 h aur sab sports me sportsmans ko energy denewali song h
    lungi dance :all parties favt dsnce song
    vese bht love songs h srk k jo aajkl bhi koi itna acchi chartbuster nhi de sakte h bt still i belive tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam is no.1 song forever

  22. Akki & Salman opening day 90s

    Akki 50 lks - 79 cr 14 movies
    Salman 50 lks -79lks 3 movies??

    Akki 80 lks - 1cr 2 movies
    Salman 80lks -1cr 6 movie (Karan Arjun Jeet Hddcs incl??)

    Akki 1 cr above 0 movies
    Salman 1cr above movies 3

    Akki ... 50lks- 1 above crs ..opening day in 90s =16 movies!!

    Salman 50lks -1.5 crs... 12 movies (kkhh Biwi no1 Hddcs Karan arjun Jeet included).

    Akki 16 ??
    Salman 12

  23. And that people is a blockbuster song. The visuals, the chemistry, the lyrics and rest of everything is top notch. I did notice at about the end when Anushka is massaging Sharukh, wonder If there is a Kal Ho Na Ho or Devdas angle to the movie. I really liked the song. I guess they thought to do the promotion in reverse as the good stuff is coming near to release.

  24. Guys tube light bit the dust..srk all movies struggling to reach 150 jhms max 150 crores..akshay only 100 crore movie..Hritik all flops..seeing all this..it's not rocket science to know who is actually ruling Bollywood ....it's only aamir..everyone knows this but still Sallu and srk fans cannot accept this..wait for secret superstar...I strongly believe SS the content is going to be king here too

    1. Not indian, i almost don't know anything about bollywood ''3 khans only lul'' but isn't it already obvious that Aamir is ruling bollywood the last 10 years ? since the release of 3 idiots ? :D don't get me wrong, SRK is the best in my point of view, but it's a fact, Aamir sir is ruling right now :)

  25. @Gangs of Devgn and @Analyst

    No I like Ajay

    He defeated Salman 2 times in clash in 90s

    1 Aaa vs suhaag
    2 ek hi raasta vs dil tera aashiq+chandramukhi.

    Vijaypath 6 times more opening than hahk

    In small centres he had a huge crowd pull

    But Govinda was also a rage.

      1. Yes and MATK was Saif movie not Akki
        Golmaal series are all Arshad Warsi movies and yes KHNK is also Saif movie like Anjaam being Vivek Mushrm movie?

  26. @Imran 10.27 wow what a bomb! I just love that sentence DYNAMIC 5!! They shall leave bollywood as Legends!! Even the new talented stars cant match SASAA!!! Every single word is true Khan Trinity and then A & A.

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