Happy Birthday Megastar Aamir Khan

Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan has turned 52 today. He is often called Mr. Perfectionist for his insane dedication towards films.

He was recently seen in Dangal. Before the release, some of the trade analysts were suspicious about the film's box office perspective as it was not looking like a commercial film. On the top, it did not have any big director, heroine or chartbuster songs. Yet the film broke all box office records and almost did 400 crore business. In overseas, it did more than $30 million despite not being a full on commercial film.

Some of the analysts still underestimate Aamir Khan saying that his films run on content. But almost all his films have extraordinary content so this is not an excuse. Who is stopping others from doing content rich films?

While as far the audience is concerned, they expect Aamir Khan to surprise them which he does each time in his new film. He has set such a high standard that audience do not expect less than a masterpiece from an Aamir Khan film.

He will be seen now in Thugs of Hindustan which is releasing on Diwali 2018. Many have already speculated that if any will film break Dangal record, it will be Thugs of Hindustan.

We wish Aamir Khan a very happy and successful year ahead.

On his birthday, we are listing five best films of Aamir Khan. Though it would be a very tough task to pick just five films as he has done many classics. Here goes our list.

  1. Rang De Basanti
  2. Lagaan
  3. Taare Zameen Par
  4. 3 Idiots
  5. Dangal

Do tell us your favourite five films of Aamir Khan in the comments section.

34 comments on “Happy Birthday Megastar Aamir Khan”

  1. Happy birthday Mr. Perfectionist amir khan the emperor of bollywood and Congo to all a amir fans long live the emperor

    1. Happy Birthday Day Aamir...but sorry to say TOH will be an ALL TIME DISASTER ever coz it's a commercial film so it doesn't suit him..
      You can do only content oriented movie as we had seen what happened with TALASH

  2. Thug of Hindustan avatar ka record tod dega.salman sharukh uske samne bhikhari hai .aamir Khan 10 dilip kumar ke barabar hai .dilip Kumar highest grosser 7 crore .aamir highest grosser 386 crore .53 times jyada collection hai dilip kumar SE .thug of Hindustan collection 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 crore.pakka

  3. ya stardom hai….mai Kiran or meri tanhayee aksar ye batein kartein hai SRK na hota tu aisa hota Salman na hota waisa hota but dono ne mujhe aisi jagah pe mara ke 400cr karne se bhi sharam aa rahi hai….MAi or meri tanhayi….

    ….mega stardom….LOL

    yaar mai hanso ke kya karo….Dangal 386cr….parshya rani kaha hu tum…

    1. Most shameless creature i have ever seen is jahangir it's u man lungi fan bloody stupid shut
      First say your lungi king to give a clean 200 crore grosser then talk or comment here
      Forget 200 just give 150 crore grosser without manipulation lol
      Forget about 300 350 385 crore lol hahaha lol on u lungi fan

  4. nenxt movie 1000cr pakka....mega bhai....LOL....mai or meri tanhayai aksar ye batein kartein hai...SRK na hota tu mujhe na dhota or mai chain se sota...SRK na hota tu DDLJ na hota....mujhe Award 95 me milta...SRk na hota tu Darr na hota....or mai mannat me sota....

  5. xmas king...Bil se bahar niklo...dekho shero ka zamana hai...jab dil kare aajaow...kisi se na daro...sikho kuch ...

    Amir to Hrithik roshan free adivse as 3 idiots..

    Amir : arrey hithik kaabil kya hua
    Hrithik : wahi jo aapki akele hum akele tum ka hua...disaster...
    Amir : maine bola kaabil bano tune kaabil movie banyi oh teri....ayla..
    Hrithik : ye advise pehle dena tha na
    Amir : oh teri deta magar tu andhe ke sath sath papa roshan ne behra bhi bana diya tha....usne bola tha hai koi mai ka laal....but tre papa roshan ne nahi sona..
    hrithik: thanks Amir..
    Amir : ok no prob dude..kabhi bhi SRK se panga na lena...maine liya 95 me ab tak bhogat rah hu...ek award ki liye taras raha hu...

  6. am damn confident thugs of Hindustan will be Indian avtar...1000000cr pakka...
    like 3IDIOT calculator made 200 cr...HAHAHAHAH

  7. Happy b,day Aamir sir you always give us great movie and am sure you continue this??????

  8. on his birhtday i will watch only his masterpiece..

    Jawani zindabad.
    Awwal number
    love love love
    tum mere hu disaster of millennium...
    daulat ki jung..disaster of planet earth
    mela..disaster of century

    yar mere hath thak gaye master piece likhte likhte...

    very hard to pick one.

  9. Mahatma Gandhi said
    "First they Ignore you, then they Laugh at you, then they Fight you & then you WIN."
    I am Quoting this becoz
    This is very Relevant to AAMIR.
    But What separates Aamir Khan from Others is He took tough Steps
    Aamir Stopped giving Interviews and Never Promoted
    His Movies in 90s.
    When Awards were considered as Appraisals for Bollywood Actor,Aamir took the Biggest Step to Boycott Bollywood Awards.
    He decided to do 1 movie at a time to Enhance the Quality of Films & After all these Bold Decisions
    Everyone was laughing at Him,Faced Criticism that
    He is not Serious,
    Few said He won’t be in films(Bollywood) for a long time
    Media & Trade Wrote him Off.
    No Big Directors wanted to Work with him becoz
    He wanted to Change the Scripts,Wanted to Involve In Film Making so They called him 'Arrogant'
    And Today
    SS Rajamouli saying
    'Aamir is .y Idol'
    Aamir Rejected the Offers from 2 Biggest Directors Shankar & Raju Hirani.
    Every Other Actor is following him & Working on 1 film at a time Policy (except Akki)
    Now No one takes these Bollywood Awards Seriously
    Even Youngsters.
    Such is his efforts that Changed the thinking of Entire Industry
    Before 2007 Christmas was Useless for Bollywood.
    Now Aamir has made Christmas the most

  10. happy birthday aamir khan sir ,bt do a film atleast every year ,ab 52 hogaya 54 ko TOH aaega 56 ko ek aur 58 ko ek bas 60 tak pata nahj aap hero ho skte h ki nahi kyu ki indian film history bas rajnikant hi buddhe tk hero role kiya h kr bhi rhe h ,sayd dangal jaise papa log k role krte honge aap ab

  11. A megastar is one who can give THREE 200cr+ grossers in a span of 12 months.Now don't say Aamir Khan doesn't do three movies in 12 months.Who has stopped Aamir Khan to do three movies in a span of 12 months?!

    1. Wish you a very happy birthday sir !!
      You are a superstar.
      3 idiots is by far my favourite movie of you.

  12. EPIC WORDS BOLLYWOODARENA "Some of the analysts still underestimate Aamir Khan saying that his films run on content. But almost all his films have extraordinary content so this is not an excuse. Who is stopping others from doing content rich films?"


  13. Happy birthday sir, i remember the day i was young and watched Lagaan, u r truly a megastar ..happy birthday again ?

  14. @BollyArena
    What an Article!!!!!!!
    Kudos to You
    It is very Diffecult to Choose Top5 from Aamirs Filmography
    But My Top5
    2.3 IDIOTS



  16. My fav aamir movies 5.andaz apna apna 4. Baazi(even though film flopped at bo I never get bored of commander amar daamji) 3.ghulam 2.3idiots 1.lagaan best film of 2001 Hollywood or Bollywood

  17. @bollyarena
    Thanks for this nice article.
    Doctor aaj ke din kam se kam accha bolta..par tere jaise fans ke karan hi srk ko sharminda hona padta hein.
    Nach na aye aangan taida.
    Happy birthday Mr.perfectionists
    Megastar of bollywood

    1. i hate him bottom of my heart....mai jitni shidat se SRK ka fan nahi usse jada mai Amir ko hate karta hu..
      bcz before SRK i was fan of Amir..believe me....but in 90's when he surrender to SRK and started crying for awards i promised myself i never saw a coward like this...and cannot be a fan of coward...again he called SRk as DOG common if u wont be able to compete so you will call your contemporary animal...even aam admi will not do this and star have some responsibilities even am shocked when he said that i never except this from atleast atleast Amir khan.....

      simply Amir is jealous of SRK deep down everybody knows......

  18. Happy birthday sir love you and loved your movies though I am Akkian but I love him and respect him haters troll him because they know that their favorite actor can't gives films like laggan, rdb,rangella ,dangal, gajni, dangal and many mores and best of luck for ToH hope it will be first 400 cr movie

  19. My favourite
    3.Rang de basanti
    4.Tare jamin par
    6.Andaz apna apna
    8.jo jeeta wo hi sikandar
    10.Dil chahta hein

  20. Happy birthday to the Megastar the record maker ace Khan. There might be Baazigar Sultans but there is one and only Sikander of Bollywood Aamir Khan.

  21. Compounder Khan tere srk to aamir oscar function keya geya jalke khak ho Gaya. Uska aukat nehi waha jane ke liye sochna

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