Hans Mat Pagli Video Song | Toilet Ek Prem Katha

The first video song from Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha is out. Watch the song and tell us if you like it in the comments section.

Song - Hans Mat Pagli
Singer - Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Director - Vickey Prasad
Lyrics - Siddharth - Garima

76 comments on “Hans Mat Pagli Video Song | Toilet Ek Prem Katha”

  1. I love this song... sweet lyrics with Sonu Paji di sweet voice with Akshay Paji di most adorable smile... These all things together in a single music video = awesome.

  2. hansi aayegi to hasenge na.akki will never touch 150cr club even his extremly positive reviews can take him in to 125cr club.

      1. Beta koi ek film bata Akki Ka Jo 5 Cr kamai hai overseas me
        Rustom ~6.11mil(41cr)
        Jolly~5.20mil(36cr) kuch pata nahi aa jata hai

          1. @bhaijaan class ki baat krt hai , teri apni class kya hai . Budget ko baat krta hai . Humare Akki ne kam budget wali movie bhi 130 cr tak pahuncha di . Apne sallu bhai ki taraf dekh , usne 100cr plus budget movie release kr k kya ukhaad liya . Tubelight ki collection bhi 130 cr k around hi hogi . Ab bolo baap kon hai jo 40cr laga k 130cr kama hai k vo jo 150 cr laga k 130 cr kama hai .
            @bhaijaan nalayak agar baap ki aulad hai to reply jarur kariyo.

            1. Speak English Gawar akkian always local bhojpuri language like your B grade low budget bollywood version Bhojpuri King of Budget akki kumar. Sala aukat m rhe. Expect replies from Hrithik or Ajay fans not Khans fans!! Especially Megastar Fans..

              1. @Bhaijaan tune sab kuch bol diya par mere sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya . Nd thanks for that . This has shown that u know ki sallu ne big budget movie de k kuch nahi ukhada. Ab pata chala ki baap kon hai . Aur tu to kisi baap ki nahi balki paap ki aulad hai . Poor bhaijaan.

              2. Language me kya rkha hai bhai shaab....

                wo jo bol raha hai uski meaning ko samjho

                language doesn't matters

      1. @ Utsav Rajpoot . Well said ! Let these dogs bark . We know that our Akki is the best nd no one can deny it . Akki is very intelligent as his movies always show great economics.

      2. @utsav rajput I am takinggn a screen shot of this comment and remember ek rajput kabhi apne baat se nahin mukarta! Haha stick to you words about the 150cr can't wait wait for TEPK just to see if you still come here!

        The movie should be good but 150cr is pushing it, Akshay Kumar doesn't have the star power to do so much, I'm not saying anything bad about the movie, let time decide! :)

        1. Bhai agar content mein dum ho to kuch bhi ho skta hai . Tum log 150cr ko baat krte ho . Yrr future kis ne dekha hai. 2009 mein jab 70 cr bhi badhi baat hoti thi tab kisi ne socha tha ki 3 idiots aaye gi aur 200 cr kr jaaegi . Pehle kuch mat kaho TEPK dumdaar movie lag rahi hai . Tum log 150cr ko roh rahe ho kya pata vo 200 cr kr jaae.

          1. @housefull if it does 200cr in India, it will be the biggest blockbuster of the year no mater what JHMS or TZH earn! Because TEPK being such a small movie in budget and star cast making 200cr would be the same if TZH collects 500cr in Christmas, which is highly unlikely next to impossible!

        2. Rajpoot apna vachan kabhi nahi todta agar tepk 150 Cr nahi Kia to Mai is site pe nahi aauga aur star power Ka baat mat Karo
          13 months 4 hundred crore movie a record that no one can break
          Jab airlift aur rustom jaisi movie 130 Cr Kar leti hai vo bhi clash aur sirf 2200 screens pe to tepk definitely 150 karega sirf 3000screens chahiye aur vo mil hi jayega

          1. Hum sab idhar hi hai . Aur mai khud kehta hu ki TEPK 150cr plus business kregi . Nd Utsav Rajpoot u don't care bro TEPK storm le kar aayegi. Mujhe poora yakeen hai Akki pe bhi aur is movie k content pe bhi . Ek baar TEPK aane de phir haters ka namo nishaan bhi nazar nahi aayega .

    1. But only 125 cr will make tepk superhit then think what would happen if it touches 150 cr....

      1. Main akshay ki baat kar raha tha ki uski movie ka collection 125cr k aaspaas hi rehta hai.akshay ki saal main 4 film aati jisme main se 3 bahut hi achhi hoti hai main sirf akshay ki aur salman ki movie hi theatre main dekhta hu.baby,holiday,jolly llb2 ye sab meri one of the favorite movie hai whenever i am bored i just open my laptop and watching akki's movies.but still collection always lower side of his film

  3. Beautiful song . Can give huge boost to movie . Best of luck TEPK. Eagerly waiting for 11 Aug . Blockbuster on the way .

  4. shahrukh b+ actors 1year 1time hokar 135crore he kama skta hai
    n A+ actors akshay 1yr3tyms=360crore
    aamir2yrs= 385crore
    salman 1yr1time=300crore

      1. Akki and srk both will have good collections for their movies because both of the film's seems good

  5. If you listen it more and more you will live it in Sonu Nigam Voice and wait for the female version of the song in Shreya ghoshal voice.

  6. Won't say anything bad about this song, because sonu nigams in the song and shreya goshal wow! Master stroke by music directors and beautiful song! Forget the collection for a second and enjoy the second this is a rare moment today when sonu nigam and shreya goshal come together for a duet song! Reminds you of the 2000's!

  7. Srk fans worry about jhms ok tepk will destroy it what a song maza a gaya nowadays rom coms aren't working so jhms will not work much
    My predictions jhms -120 to 130 crores
    Tepk -160 crores could be more also

  8. 10 domestic blockbusters(BOI), 2 ATBB, 16 overseas HGOTY, 23 overseas blockbusters, 5 Opening Records, highest Overseas opening records, Highest Success Ratio, Highest Hit Ratio, Blockbuster ratio higher than sallu( according to bOI), whereas akki is yet to cross K3G's overseas collection. Don't compare small local star with World's Biggest moviestar...!! He is just going through his worst phase which is better than other star's best phase.

  9. im srkian bt i want to see these two movies tepk n jhms ,srk did gud move for the industry n fans n movie lovers ,nw i can watch both of these movies ,n koi srkian akki ko bura mat khiyega kyu ki akki is selfmade star ,and akki this time can collect over 150 just support gud films it is request to all star' fans nd bloody haters u people dnt deserve anything

  10. 45 successful movies highest by any actor
    25 hits highest by any actor
    7 hundred crore movies 2nd highest by any actor
    20 hundred crore movies ww highest by any actor
    11 Superhit/bb 3rd highest by any actor
    3 hundred crore movies in one year only actor to achieve this
    4 hundred crore movies in 13 months record that no one can break
    4 biggest superstar of Bollywood current
    I know srk is a great actor but Akki is not a bad actor

  11. @NN now we are in 2017 and both SRK and Akshay are pretty much equal on domestic box office.
    3-100 crore movies
    4 hits in one single year
    Domestic box office collection of all movies is more than 3000 crore
    And non holiday king opener
    3 100 crore movies always better than 1 200 crore movie in one year
    I am fan of both akki and srk
    Domestic akki > srk
    Overseas srk > akki
    According to 2017 let's wait for the openings of both movies and both are coming after around 6months
    And @vishal don't give your idiotic logic every time against any actor
    Bro it's time to get out from dangal sadma
    This shows how insecure are you
    if anyone is against srk then you should give answer to them
    @ustav bro nice reply to vishal your comments were awesome

    1. In your pathetic Siesta comparism with Srk is a celebration for you. Heard what indicine said? Srk is way way ahead of akki considering his scale of movies. You argue till tomorrow am not joining you people just calm down and stop getting excited unnecessarily. Ok akki is the Best the legend okay??

      1. I'm the one who challenges him haha but this is not to show that Akshay Kumar is a bad actor or not a star, it's just that I don't think he can do that much, maybe if you give him Eid he can can do 160cr!

        But yeah bro challenge accepted, if it does 150cr I'll go from here, and if it doesn't @utsav rajpoot will leave this website as he has said I've took a screen shot!

        Maza ane wala hai! Hahahahaha ?

  12. Special treat mostly for SS audiences..they will love it. Akki Boy looking fit composed and jolly! All the best Sir?

  13. @Karan--Akki in this decade on National Holiday 17 crore opening, SRK 40 crore opening. Then how come in domestic akki>SRK..?? Akki is yet to give a 20 crore opening ,SRK gives 20 crore in clash. Don't make stupid comparisons. There is no comparison between SRK and Akki. SRK is miles ahead. JHMS and TEPK opening will prove that again. Not to mention Akki is the record holder of highest number of flops. Not to mention you are comparing Akki's best phase with SRK's worst. Even in his worst phase SRK is the biggest crowd puller among the rest.

    1. 40 Cr opening srk Ka koi movie nahi diya hai
      Hny 36 Cr highest of srk careear
      Aur sib 3500 screens negative review by critics still 17 Cr dekh liya na negative review ke karan salman Ka tubelight 4500 screens me bhi Eid ke din sirf 18.75 Cr Kia according to boi

  14. main Akki ka bada fan hoon lakin mujhy nahi lagta ke TEPK 100+ karegi kyunki ye koi masala film nahi hai... ek social issue hai ab logon ko iss tarah ke film kaise lgati hai vaqt hee batayega... Phir bhi best of luck akki loye you...

    1. He is always a comedian no one ever takes him serious.
      @Ustv rajpoot Comparing akki with Srk is like comparing India army strength with Bangladesh army. So get that. Compare akki with Ajay and Hrithik i have no problem because of current form He is having edge over them even though i take both of them much more serious with right script and huge scale over low budget king. Srk is in the league of the Khans. Know the difference because in india there is the Khans(srk aamir salman) and then the rest. Fact

      1. Oye Chaamya, Its better to take the risk do many films of different genre and get Hit status then claiming to be a global superstar and your fans are getting disappointed every single year with so called Big budget your hero is still choosing pathetic scripts. Accept it Akki has been the 3rd most consistent actor the past few years.

      2. Khans Ka aukat pata hai mujhe bas festival tak dam dikhta hai srk itna bara actor hai to nonholiday me 100 Cr kab dega comparing Akki with srk is like comparing sachin tendulkar with ashok dinda

        1. Yeah here Sachin is SRK and Asok is akki with the highest number of flops and lowest number of blockbusters in the history of Indian cinema

        2. Abe lallu utsav you bark again Salman gave ready blockbuster 121 Cr in non holiday and even rejected jai ho make 115 Cr in non holiday

          So don't bark Khan ki aukat and all

          1. Abe lallu fan jaiho nonholiday nahi republic day weekend me release hua tha solo 3600 screens aur 109 Cr Kia tha boi figure aur ready 116 Kia tha na ki 121

            1. Abe lallu is your akki got blockbuster tag in non holiday likesalman got in ready

              Ans is no so go to hell and bark thrre

  15. Chal mana ki akki films ka budget kam hota hai. To srk jitna hutiya to nahi hai akki ki film hi karane ki aukat nhi bus bade budget ki movie bana ke sabki mar do. Recovery chod badhiya sa loss kara dete hai. Akki kam se kam loss to nhi kara rha. Vo apni limit janta hai. Saal me char bar aa ke har bar 200cr to kisi ka bap nhi de sakta. Vo to phir bhi 125 de rha hai. Isliye buget kam rakhta hai. Srk saal me 1-2 movie kar ke utna hi kamate hai aur bada budget le ke movie flop kara dete hai.

    1. @Prakhar are tera baap producer ya distributor ke tujhe inty mirchi lag rahi hai!

      Just agree to what is true!
      Shah Rukh Khan is a much more successful actor, businessman and superstar!
      Akshay Kumar is the best A list actor comedian the industry has today!
      Akshay Kumar is giving more hits every year than any other actor!
      Shah Rukh Khan never gives a flop overseas!

      TEPK: India: 115-120cr overseas: 15-20cr
      JHMS: India: 170+cr overseas: 150cr+

      TEPK: WW: 180-200cr
      JHMS: WW: 400+cr

      Raees + JHMS: 700+cr this year, this is still below expectation for SRK who was once at the top of box office charts! Overseas and India!

      BUT, in the end the best movie will make more money, best of luck to TEPK and JHMS!

  16. rajpoot tera challange savikar agar TEPK 150cr cross nhi kiya to dar se phir Akbar ko jodhabai nhi dena kai ke vachan ke pake h.pattu h rajpoot

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