Half Girlfriend Reviews by Critics

Half Girlfriend Reviews by Critics

The latest Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer has received mostly negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 2.0 which is poor.

  • Good: 2
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 9
  • Avg Rating: 2.0/5

Half Girlfriend Review by Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 2/5

The dialogues written by Ishita Moitra are extremely dramatic and too filmy even for Bollywood. The editing by Devendra Murdeshwar too could have been a lot crisper considering that there were many scenes that could have been done away with it. Cinematographer Vishnu Rao doesn’t do anything to improvise the situation either. On the whole, HALF GIRLFRIEND comes across as an overtly dramatic piece of cinematic work that fails to create the desired impact. At the box office, it will struggle to survive post the opening weekend.

Half Girlfriend Review by Koimoi

Rating: 1/5

I would recommend going to a restaurant or café, chatting with friends, reading a good book, getting a spa done or whatever, just whatever that makes you happy and keeps you occupied during the weekend rather than watching this boring, silly tale. If you are indeed planning to watch Half Girlfriend, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you before! I couldn’t rate it more than a single star.

Half Girlfriend Review by Indian Express

Rating: 2.5/5

I enjoyed the first half. Suri knows how to create drama, and sweeps us up in places, enough for us to ignore the constructed-ness of the characters and the plot. In the second, which is doused in melodrama and swelling `gaana’, I was left with that looming question: is half better than none?

Half Girlfriend Review by Times of India

Rating: 3/5

The first half breezes through, but post interval proceedings hang; in tandem with the hangdog expression worn by the hero. Arjun is sincere, but seems too urban for an ideal `Bihari’ fit. And Shraddha, who looks her loveliest here, lacks gravitas.  Finally, half girlfriend or boyfriend is that person many of us have encountered on campus. However, do we really want to relive those memories? It depends entirely on the mood.

Half Girlfriend Review by Firstpost

Rating: 2/5

A great deal of effort has gone into making the basketball scenes authentic. If only some of that had gone into improving the dialogue, especially the incredibly awkward English lines, and Arjun Kapoor’s Bihari accent. Half Girlfriend is strictly for fans of the book or the two leads, because at best it’s quarter tolerable.

Half Girlfriend Review by Mid-day

Rating: 1/5

The film lacks two essentials. First, there is no visible chemistry between the leading actors. Their journey of falling in love is cut rather abruptly. Second, the love story isn't palpable enough. It's no wonder then that the convoluted mess, which goes on for over two hours, fails to tug at one's heart. The leading actors fail to lift the tempo of this snail-paced film, although Vikrant Massey, as Madhav's friend Shailesh, shines. 'Half Girlfriend' is full of loopholes. Now, let's talk about the good parts in 'Half Girlfriend'. The thing is... forget it, let's leave it half way.

Half Girlfriend Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 2/5

In the end, it remains the story of a friend-zoned Arjun Kapoor who doesn’t know how to wriggle out of a destructive relationship. I can ignore his accent, but how can I not see his unwillingness to do justice to his role?

Half Girlfriend is confused, forced and takes the audience for granted. In one word: disappointing.

Half Girlfriend Review by DNA

Rating: 3/5

Mohit Suri is in fine form at what he does best – the combination of melancholy and music. The angst and longing in the screenplay amp up the emotional quotient effectively. Half Girlfriend is a classic love story; the conflicts in it are simple to comprehend and therefore easier to relate to - signature Chetan Bhagat. Go for it and savour the romance. Experience the cracking chemistry of Arjun-Shraddha.

Half Girlfriend Review by Pinkvilla

Rating: 1/5

The major problem here is that Arjun and Shraddha have absolutely no chemistry. It’s quite unlike a Mohit Suri film that rides on chemistry, if you take into account all his recent works. Well, there are no half ways in life. And thus, this audaciously dumb film must be rated. We settle for a generous 20%. Arjun-Shraddha, you have scarred us. Hope redemption is around the corner.

Half Girlfriend Review by Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 1/5

On the whole, ‘Half Girlfriend’ is too bad a film for human eyes. Unless, of course, you still like to watch love that is not only mushy, but also cringe-worthy, all at once. The film is definitely not worth your ticket price.

Half Girlfriend Review by NDTV

Rating: 1/5

Based on a book by Chetan Bhagat, Mohit Suri's new film is a preposterously dimwitted romance, irresponsible enough to lead on many a stalker-to-be. (The only good thing about this film is that it'll win you a round of charades, its full title being 'Half Girlfriend - Dost Se Zyada Girlfriend Se Kam'.)

Half Girlfriend Review by Spotboye

Rating: 1/5

A technically polished film from Balaji Movie Productions, sure, lekin it’s the kahani and the uninspired way it is narrated, that set off  your sar mein splitting dard. Especially, note a weirdo apperance of Bill Gates through techno-jugglery. LOL. So, sawaal yeh hai ki yeh Bollywood ki ek aur dil vil pyaar vaar ki kushti recommend ki jaaye ya nahin? Obvious jawaab: nahin, kabhi nahin, kisi aur picture ka intezaar kijiye, please. Speaking for myself, I’m kicking myself for not catching up belatedly on Bahubali 2.

Half Girlfriend Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 3/5

Half Girlfriend primarily works because of its lead pair and the conviction they bring to their characters. Half Girlfriend has full drama and works primarily due to Arjun Kapoor’s stellar performance and his crackling chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor.

5 comments on “Half Girlfriend Reviews by Critics”

  1. Taran adarsh rarely gives a negative review. He has said that this film won't survive beyond weekend means yai sachme bakwaas/crap hogi.

  2. Going for bahubali for the second time this sunday with family. Earlier watched it with friends. Its better than this headache "Half Girlfriend"

  3. Direction me kami hai

    Shraddha- Acting is So Powerful

    Story was unique For those who not read novel
    #Half Girlfriend

    I think 2.75--3 /5 Must be Deserveble

    Love u Aarohiiiiiiii.......

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