Haathi Mere Saathi remake on Diwali 2018

Rana Daggubati is all set to star in the remake of classic 1971 film Haathi Mere Saathi. Directed by Tamil filmmaker Prabhu Solomon, the film will be shot simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and expected to release on Diwali 2018. 

Mumbai Mirror quotes Daggubati as saying, "There’s a very exciting physical language to the character I’m playing in Haathi Mere Saathi and is completely different from what I’ve done in the past. I’ve always wanted to be a part of content that can travel across the country. It is a rare story about the relevance of nature in our lives, narrated through a wonderful relationship between a man and an elephant. Prabhu Solomon’s passion for nature and elephants makes him the finest craftsman in the country who can handle a story like this." 

The same report also quoted the director saying"They are intelligent and magnificent creatures that humans can take a cue from when it comes to living, thinking and love. It will be quite exciting for me to shoot the film simultaneously in multiple languages for the first time." 

The original film which featured Rajesh Khanna in the lead role was directed by Tamil filmmaker, MA Thirumugam. The film became the biggest box-office hit of the year, and was one of the most talked about films of the 17 consecutive hits Rajesh Khanna gave between 1969 and 1971. 

The remake which will have high doses of VFX and will be produced by Eros International's Trinity Pictures. It will go on floors in Thailand in January.

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      1. All the haters who r saying that Akki range is of 130 cr only
        Then Rowdy Rathore released way back in 2012 at 132 cr (boi)
        Then for 2017
        Rowdy Rathore - 186 cr(adjusted to today's period)
        Go n check it....
        Reason is Akki not doing such kind of movies now (fully commercial) if he does movies like that it will easily cross 200cr......
        But he is doing more niche, less appeal n only multiplex oriented movies ...
        That's it....

        1. All the haters who r saying Akki success is due to Deshbhakti then in the past many stars(i won't mention names so that there is no fan war) did many Patriotic movies most of them flops n Disasters.....
          Then Deshbhakti is Akki fault no it's an asset for him....
          To b Frank Audience is connecting n Identifying with the Patriotic characters with Akki n not others......
          It is just that simple.......
          Others r good at negative or villain portrayals coz they look like one.....
          It's that simple.....
          It's all over now....

          1. Abe hum SB ne movie me deshbhakti ka nahi bola jo real life me deshbhakti ka drama kar rha uske liye bola .. deshbhakti ka drama Kia or ab repsect krte hai SB deshbhakt ka title de diye or fan ban Gaye

  1. Those who troll for Akki for not having 150 crore collection ,why don't they troll amitabh sir who has still to touch 70 crore mark
    leave it
    I request to all Akkian especially 2.0 to stop trolling but if anyone trolls us then target his hero

    1. Do u even have any sense?? @roric big b was in the times of 70s and 80s and how can u expect him to touch it ?? All hail lord roric


    2. ..Amitabh Apne jamane me record collection krta tha ..or 1st 100cr 2008 me aaya jab Amitabh 65saal ka tha ..ab kya 65saal ka koi actor main lead me rehga to kya chalega utna ? Is generation me Amitabh ka stardom kaha se aaega itna sal ho Gaya Amitabh

      Akshay to is generation ka star hai fir v 150cr nahi .aukaat hi nahi hai

    3. Amitabh Bachchan was the hero of 80s and he has given so many blockbusters in his time. That time 5 crore earning was considered a huge amount. Now talk about Akki how many blockbusters he has given in his career....

    1. @Zuber
      Tuze lagta hai ye movie diwali pe release hogi hindi me..

      sallu me dum nahi Aamir se panga lene ke liye aur ye filme toh chillar hai..

      1. Ye to tum ap ne samjhqne kelye keh rahe h toh se clash jo ho raha h amir low content ko sirf hit to n kar sakta h phir salman se cladh kaise kareha tzh se 3 film clash kar rahi h pk solo dangal solo dhoom3 solo 4 ideoy solo 3 4 open week high ticket price phir ja kar amir film ko hit karwa sakta h w bhi best story ke sath yad n vinod chopra ne kia kaha tha amir ka koi kamal n story ka kamal hhhhhh

  2. It will be Saroook Khan who will say Flop Mere Saathi.......after his Katrina mere jaan aka Dawrf film

  3. @Sallu fans
    agar troling se bachna hai toh manlo
    Aamir is the Global Megastar


    agar nahi manoge toh hamara fan war chalta rahega..

  4. Agar TZH ko firse tubelight hone se bachana chahte hot toh manlo

    varna TZH ka bhi wo hi hal hoga jo tubelight ka hua tha..
    best luck

  5. Sallu aur Aamir dost the,hai aur rahenge...
    par par condition hai

    Aamir>Salman or Aamir=Salman

    1. @parshaya any update Secret Chillar star collection in China....LOL reach 1000cr or not yet???

      1. I want to make movie Bander mere Saathi with myself in lead & @drjhangir playing role of my saathi. Potential national award winning performance by dr saheb

        1. Dr will agree to do the role if 2 conditions fulfill:

          1. Bander should not get involve in extramarital affair

          2. Movie should not be based on historical event

          If above 2 conditions fulfilled, I don’t think he will reject the role ideal for him

      2. @componder
        Taiwan ka collection dekh le dangal se sirf 5 lakh kam hai 3 din me aur wo bhi cameo

  6. Non Existing Fan base (aamir fans) are now threating Salman fans, who are fighting with Srk fans (which is 2nd largest fan base in India after Salman fans) from a decade now, and even they are failed to harm Salman and his fans......And here Aamir fans whom we can count on figure are threating us.....LOL

    Bhai hum to darr gaye Aamir fan se, yaar Parshya aunty aise darraya na karo please.....HaHaHaHa

  7. 1st "Total Dhamal" and now this movie.....Thugs ki toh Lag Gayi Watt......

    Aamir fans no one clash with Aamir and next day clash news came out.....LOL

    1. Tu kiya pehele se burbak hain ya abhi hua. Thugs of Hindustan ke samne Salman ko rakhde to bhi pit jayega aur tu aaya Ajay Devgan ko leke. Sehi hain bhai tera logic.

  8. Now there is No Christmas Holidays, No New Year Holidays, No 3-4 Weeks of Free Run.......Now Aamir fans understand how difficult it is to cross 300cr mark with just 1 day holiday (like EID) and with no free run (like Sultan and BB).....Still Diwali has more holidays then EID......but still without free run TOH will not be able to cross 300cr mark......

    1. Diwali has more holiday dan eid then
      What about prem bartan dhoke jao..

      ? ?

      TOH will destroy sallus all films in just 10 days

      ? ?

      Baad me chillana Diwali is d biggest festval for bollywood films

      Note: TOH with 2.5-3*
      Aamir with masala means GAJINI D3
      Both r ATHG and now TOH

      History will repeat again next diwali

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