Golmaal Again Monday Box Office Collection Udpate

Golmaal Again Monday Box Office Collection Update: The early trend suggests that Ajay Devgn's Golmaal Again has passed the Monday test with flying colours. The film had a terrific hold as the drop is very much reasonable. As per the estimates, Golmaal Again 4th collection is targetting for 15 crores.

The film has a good start in the morning shows as it recorded 35-40% occupancy in the morning shows. The hold was better in single screens and masses as compared to single screens and multiplexes. The film again showed very good growth in the later half of the day. The occupancy in the evening shows went as high as 60%.

Golmaal Again Monday Box Office Collection Udpate

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Golmaal Again collection are very good on Monday considering that it was coming after a holiday period. This has ensured that it will be the biggest hit of 2017. But it is yet to be known if it can become a huge grosser and that will depend on second Friday.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
87.60 cr


Also, tell us what are your views about Golmaal Again Monday box office collection (4th day) update.

44 comments on “Golmaal Again Monday Box Office Collection Udpate”

  1. Great news !!

    Before release I would have been happy with 150 cr. Now the expectations are higher. Anything above 150 cr shall be awesome but I hope it crosses the 175 cr mark now.

      1. Jaa bhai nasha kr k aaya h ganjediii bc likh 140 cr week 175 by Sunday 215 cr sure

      2. Woh GA crash nahin tha ... tum raat mein sotai huay bistar sai gir gaye hogaye .... laga hoga GA crash horaha hai .... jao wapas ja kar so jayo

      3. bro akal pe patthar pade hain kya??... 4th day pe 15crores which makes it 102cr already in 4 days.. tera 134 toh woh 1 hafte mein bana lega

        1. Is ka 134 bhi ab hua hai. Pehlay 95-99 Tha jo 99.99 hua. Ab 134 ki bet laga raha hai. Phir 150 ki lagayega. Jaane dai

    1. secre superstar aamir ki stardum 4.5cr first day woh bhi diwali mein....diwali mein kaun flop deta hai...aamir khan kyu ki ya china mein diwali manata hai

  2. I think tiger zinda hai should top the year due to solo and Christmas and new year festive release. My prediction
    Tiger zinda hai - 250 crore
    Golmaal again - 215 crore
    Padmavati - 170 crore

      1. Comment:a bina story ka hi 250cr bataya agar story badiya hua to tiger ko rokna mushkil hi Nahi namumkin hojayega samjha

      2. But if content fails, solo and festive season will make tzh h big grosser. Rembered dilwale fails with content and despite clash with bajirao mastani film collect 140 crore

      1. yes 170 pe average hi hogi...kyunki festival release nahin hai....baaki content acha raha toh jyda ja sakti hai....lets see

  3. Ajay devgn is one of the biggest star of india. He has the potential to give big grosser. But before golmaal again his films like shivaay and baadshaho are no upto the mark. Still if shivaay released solo on diwali it should earn around 135 crore . if happy new year or prem ratan dhan paayo was clashed with any film they will not succeed at the box office as they did.

  4. The biggest plus for the golmaal again is that it has positive wom. So film will sustain well in the coming weeks. And considering it's a universal film it will sustain better than any content movie

  5. I had few complaints with the site. First give the movie and music review of atleast Main hindi movies.
    Second you only give the trailer review of very few films. Atleast give the trailer review of Main movies... These are the things that make people more enthusiastic about your site....

  6. On a side note, some were waiting for a long time (in fact for a VERY long time) for Aamir to disappoint at box office so that they can get some over due revenge (of their star’s bashings).

    If I were a Aamirian, whatever happens at this Diwali at box office, would make absolutely no difference at all. I would look back and see ATHG like Dangal, PK, Dhoom 3, 3 Idiots and if I look ahead then there is a huge release TOH coming up. He is WAY ahead of any other star and frankly SS was never a movie in which he had a lead role. Every one knows it even those trolling him.

    And also the trolling comments about China. We all know how much movies of other stars have earned in China. What his movies have achieved in China or elsewhere deserves only awe and praise.

    There is a saying which goes like this:

    Hasad na kar, Mehnat kar

    meaning Don’t act jealous, Try harder.

    1. Yes bt i think its not his failure...it was a cameo appearance..just like failure of billu was not added to srk's profile..and aamir haters themselves know that aamir is now way ahead if the rest..he never had te crazy fans like srk ir salman bt it is his movies where audience trust and go to watch in such huge numbers.people who complains about his 1 movie in two years..how can he gain and lose 30 kgs and shoot in 3 months?? And he is involved with almost every sector of the film right from pre production..nobody like aamir khan will come ever to bollywood

      1. Haha Billu me srk 5min tha last me ..secret superstar me aamir 25-30 min tak hai ..dhobi ghaat ne aamir 10-15 min ne hai ..exuse Mt do smjhaa

    2. Yes bro... U are absolutely right.. Such is the state now that the fans of other stars are comparing their respective star's lead-role film with Aamir's extended cameo film & that too is a niche film clashing with a BIG franchise film.. So please Aamir-haters, get something to engage urself other than bashing Aamir who is certainly WAY AHEAD than his contemporaries!

  7. Thank you Ajay sir or the best Diwali gift.
    Hope there's no fanwar anymore.Best of luck to Akshay for his future movies.I am leaving Bollywood Arena forever.No more hatred and negativity for anyone anymore
    Any comment made under this name is a fake one henceforth.

    1. Thank u very much even I am also leaving Bollyarena but not forever no more hatred no more fan war
      I hope this is original n not fake one
      No more negativity towards any actor
      Just enjoy don't degrade any actor
      Don't take 4 me a bad guy it was just 4 fun
      Now enjoy...

  8. The world is tired with serious stories. Put your news channel on all you see is negative images. People just want to be entertain. That's why Secret Superstar fail. It is too hard hitting. Love you aamir but w the world is tired of heavy reality. Enough and entertain us

    1. @Elba
      Right.. If the Indian audience wants masala then there is no need of such niche genre movies.

      Muthi bhar logo ke liye movie bana ne se accha hai 1000 logo ke liye movie banaye.

      Aamir plz stop d social msg oriented films and from now only do masala films.

      No cameo no msg only larger dan life role.

      Haters ko stardom chahiye na wait for TOH stardom kise kahte hai pata chalega.

  9. It means akshay film first day collection almost equal or little higher than GA 4th day collection after huge weekend.

  10. Where is so called 40 minutes small cameo secret suvar fans?? ???? diwali may be 4cr opening.... lol

    Anyway,Mark my words his next thooks of hindustan is also flop along with criminal zinda hai.

    1. @haar
      Abey tere bahubali2 ka firse band bajega next diwali.

      Aamir fans Aamir ko 2nd pe dekhna pasand nahi karte.

      Still Aamir is at no.1 position with Dangal WW

  11. Secret superstar is still looking at a 45-50cr first week film budget and recovery for hit status is 50cr so how is it a disappointment the only reason I felt it would do 100cr plus was because I thought to hit wouldn’t be able to top golmaal 3 but hats off to rohit golmaal 4 is probably the best of the franchise according to me and will have a good 4 week run

  12. China ke collection ka mazak udate hai haters par unko pata nahi unke actor ki toh aukat bhi nahi china me release karke 10cr kama ne ki.

    Aamir ki film china me business karti hai toh haters ko bahot jalan hoti hai
    Fir inko khali india ka business dikhta hai.chalo india ka sahi..

    Muze batao 100,200,300,350cr clube india mein kisne start kiya?
    Sab actors kisko follow kar rahe hai?

    Inka rona Bahubali2!
    Mein bahubali2 ke against nahi par koi batayega bahubali 1 ne Pk ka record kyun nahi toda?

    Chalo bahubali2 fans khush huye the Dangal ko beat karne par ham Aamir fan bhi khushi mana rahe the.

    Sab logone Dangal ka mazak udaya
    Amir fan expect kar rahe the ki china me Dangal 200cr ka business kar sakti hai aur Dangal ww 900cr kar sakti hai
    Par china ne sath diya aur bahubali2 ka band baja diya.

    Fir haters bolne lage china ka business koi mayne nahi rakhta khali india ka business dekhlo toh muze batao tumhara actor overseas me apni picture kyun release karta hai time pass ke liye ya buisness ke liye.

    Aamir top pe hai isliye haters ko bahot jalan ho rahi hai lekin ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna jab tak Aamir film banayega full fledge role mein tak Aamir ko beat karna namumkin hai re..

    South industry walo Dangal WW kab todoge?

    Hindi industry walo PK WW Kab todoge?

  13. It is original.I was little annoyed when some Akshay Kumar fans created negativity for Baadshaho and I wrongly believed that it was one of the reason why it failed.
    But I have moved on and realised after GA's performance that a movie's fate depends on its content and not on Twitter fights.BTW I have watched Akshay's last 5 hits in theatre.I like him for his humble nature and brilliant comic timing.Was a wonderful sight seeing him with AD sir on his show.
    Sorry to everyone whom I have hurt.If anybody uses this ID in future he's just a fake person trying to create negativity for Ajay sir.I can give my email ID and FB name also.
    Wish everybody all the best in life and hope Bollywood continue to entertain us.

  14. If thts the case why did he snatched 50% of screens knowing his budget and literally owning the wrath of distributors sign of over confidence cos he promoted like there is no tomm going to the extent of saying the best actress if he said one of the best actress it wud be made some sense public chuu*** nahi hai he got his answer in a perfect way he deserves to get the same treatment for his next big release mind u which goes around it comes around...and lastly after so many years i understood what is a standing ovation film...

  15. My favorite actor is akshay Sir. My love is Akshay Sir.
    But I like Ajay sir also. Because He is one of the best actor in bollywood after akshay sir.
    Golmaal Team Congratulation for your lovely movie. Enjoyable moment for them wining over SS.
    Amir rules when he is not in clash. Ajay Rules in Diwali. He big hero of Diwali nobody win clash with ajay in diwali Ajay rules in Diwali.Love u Akshay Sir.

  16. Bhai pluto me rehne walo fans ab tumlogo ko kya kehna hai
    Akshay ke life ki biggest grosser ka record ajay 1 week me todega
    Ab to haar manko manta hu akshay bhi acha actor per uski capabikity nahi h k wo badi grosser de sakhe jaise apne superstars dete hai like Salman Amir Srk and ajay

    1. Sab sudhar gaye magar tu Sandy chutiya hi rahega .
      Even ki devgun ne bhi fan war khatam kr di hai.
      Par tu nahi sudherega. Tu Pluto se aaya hua hai.
      Jaa apne planet wapis chala ja. Hume aur humare planet k superstars ko tang mat kr.

  17. Akshay kumar superstar nahi hain. Wo toh superstar se bhi uppar hote hain woh star hain.
    Akshay Sir Jaisa kohi nahi, Koi nahi and koi nahi. Love u Akshay Sir.

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