Golmaal Again 1st Day Business Update

According to the official figures, Golmaal Again has collected a monstrous 30.14 crores on its opening day. The numbers are simply phenomenal and much higher than the earlier expectations.

The occupancy of the film on day 1 is the highest recorded in a long time as it has easily beaten the likes of Bahubali 2 and Sultan. In fact, if the film got a proper screen count, it would have recorded the highest opening day of all time.

The shows of Golmaal Again will be increased from tomorrow as Secret Superstar will be replaced. Aamir starrer is not faring that well if we consider the screen count. On the other hand, Golmaal Again is in huge demand and recording much better occupancy.

Day 1: 30.14 cr

58 comments on “Golmaal Again 1st Day Business Update”

  1. What a smashing first day !!!!

    Golmaal Again superseded all my expectations BIG WAY. All biases/fan fights apart, this one is a superb and a thorough entertainer. Keeps you entertained from start to finish. Don’t remember when I last watched such an entertaining mix of comedy and horror. The movie has a story line which keeps you intrigued which I frankly never expected. A pleasant surprise. Don’t miss this one at any cost.

    Performances wise all have done great job. Special mention for Ajay who is outstanding as a ghost fearing macho man. Underlines his versatility yet again with this awesome performance. But most special was Nana Patekar’s contribution (even without being physically present) which was just too hilarious. Definitely will watch this movie one another time.

    Having watched the movie, I feel now this one should have a huge weekend and sustain well on weekdays after the first weekend too. Should be and deserves to be a big grosser. Anything below a superhit status will be disappointing for me. Ideally it deserves a blockbuster status and it can even take the Chennai Express (CE) route blowing away the opposition because I found this one as entertaining as I found CE to be. Don’t believe in lavish and unreasonable predictions but this movie gave that feeling so said it. Right now just fingers crossed ...

    1. aamir ki superstar ki openning 4.5 cr...aamir ki to lag gayi....kal jisko golmal ki ticket naee mili unhone majburi mein ss ki ticket li....kahan gaye bewquif jo china ka dum pa ss ko 1000 cr kah rahe tha

      1. @Mink
        Arey bhai SS has Aamir cameo
        Kitni bar bole. .

        Chinese audience have different taste not like indians.

        Indians likes masala films.
        Wait for its china release definitely it will have chance to cross 1000cr after china even if it collects 100cr ww.

        So shut ur mouth. meet here after china release.

        1. Ha ha haa than he should have release his movie in China not in India.......rahne de Bhai excuse mat de.....kuch din pahale tu alag tangent pe tha

        2. SS is an excellent movie.....toh iska haal ye hai......
          Agar average hoti ....toh ye sureshot disaster hoti......

          But it will collect around 60 cr in its lifetime.....Not due to Aamir but because of film's merit......

        3. China ka taste alag hai wo mujhe ussi din pta chal gya tha jab all over world me 1 Star Review wali Transformer Series ki latest movie china me hit ho gyi

        4. bhai parshay...tu ek baat bata
          tu Indian hai ya Chinese??

          Golmal again aur Secret Superstar aur Bahubali aur Dangal aut etc..
          ye sab Indian films hai

          Insab filmo ka Collection bhale hi Overseas(including china) me jitni bhi ho...but Since ye sab Filme Indian audience ke liye hoti hai..isliye in sab filmo Ka Indian collection hi mayne rakhta hai

          Bahut sari Hollywood ki aise filme hai jo worldwide to hit hai..but USA me flop hai..isliye un filmo ko flop hi kaha jata hai

          SS ka overseas me bhale hi kitna bhi collection ho..but Uski Indian collection hi uska fate decide kregi..kuki ye Indian film hai

          aur haa bhai...tu masala ki baat kar raha hai na...ti itns jaan le ki Indian duniabhar me apne Masale(species) k liye hi famous hai.
          India ko uske spices k liye hi jana jata tha..aur hai

          ab jab hamare khoon me hi masala hai to hamari filmo me masala ku na ho.
          bhai ham Indians ko to masala filme hi pasand hai...bhale hi uske overseas collection '0' ku na ho.

          hame overseas collection se 1% bhi matlab nahi hai...hamare liye bas Indian collection hi mayne rakhti hai

          Agar SS aur Golmaal Again ka Clash nahi hota to kal Golmal again Bollywood ki sabsi bari film ban jati.

          Note : I m a fan of aamir sir too and SS is a very good film

    2. Aamir should've released SS solo, he should stay away from clashes! Plus with a smal movie like SS against a monstrous Golmaal brand and Rohit shetty!

      SS could still work but it would hurt Aamir Khans image of always working!

      I personally dislike him ?

    3. I'm not surprised about Indian collections, that was always expected maybe not this bad but come on you can't clash against such a huge movie!

      If Golmaal makes more overseas than SS, that won't be good because no matter good bad small or big movie you just don't go against Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan at the overseas box office!

  2. Without franchise and holiday Ajay is yet to cross 12 crore on opening.so his opening pull is certainly not 33 crore.otherwise Baadshaho would have also taken atleast 20 crore opening.

    1. Franchise baap ne banayi thi? ? Ajay has only created the franchise. He deserves full credit for the huge opening. BOI reports that without poor distribution, and without this ugly fight, it would have at least gained 5-6 Crores which means 40 Crore opening even with clash. All Time Opening Records were guaranteed if it was a solo release maybe 48-50 Crores with proper distribution.

      1. 48-50cr is a bit too much haha, I mean without clash your looking at about 36-38cr!

        But I hope it crossed 200cr it deserves it!

        But I hope it does at least 10million overseas! Let's see of it beats Raees worldwide!

        I personally like Ajay Devgn ?

  3. Superb collections.... Diwali belongs to Ajay sir right from his first movie....

    1. A shame that there is a clash next year. Let all enjoy this movie during the festival season instead of making war!

  4. Saw golmaal yesterday 5:15pm show absolutely superb film total laugh riot both secret superstar and Golmaal Again are 4/5 films so the massy film will win out if this film was solo release it would have beaten bahubali 2 opening day collections

  5. Monstrous start and a big salute to Ajay, Shetty and the team for delivering such an entertainer. Perfect stuff for Diwali.

    Let the celebrations begin ?

  6. Great opening...SS has taken its screen which was not required for movie like SS it has dent almost 13-15cr from GA first day...still its insane collection for GA. This could have been highest opener of all time but this dirty game is always played by khans every festival now days...except salman. Great..best wishes to GA from true Akki fan...

  7. 2017: Ajay year
    Golmaal will do
    34 crore 1st day
    30-31 2nd day
    37rd day
    Opening weekend: arround 100-102
    If in weekdays can add 50 crore more week 1 will finish arround 150-160
    Lifetime 200-220 ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER

    1. Abe din me sapne dekh RHA h kya JAS......ajay ki film uski puri life me b 200 nhi ho sakti......WO to diwali air rohit ki wajh se itna collection ho gya nhi to last diwali had hair na lallu.....160 b kr le to b bhut h beta.......bs 2din aur collection dekh le fir Ghana hilana...

    1. @mink
      Tu next diwali idhar hi milna tab tuze dekhenge.

      Aamir ki masala film aur full fledge roll kya dhamal karta hai tab tuze pata chalega.

      1. @Parshya in with you on this, but do you understand what I'm saying now, this movie is just a Aamir Khan backed up movie and when another movie in clash has got more eye balls it doesn't mean that Ajay Devgn has become a bigger star than Aamir Khan!

        People only run after who has success, nevertheless congratulations to Golmaal team for such a huge 1st day!!

        A Khan will always be a Khan! That's what people forget!!

  8. dilwai weeking ta is liye karlia monday se dekh na kya hal hota hai hahahaha

    ajay devgan back to back flop dai chuka hai badshaho shivday ab yeh bi bus 125 ya 130 tak jay gi ahahahah

    golmal or singam bus yahi hit hai baki phir se back to back flops hahaha

  9. Secret Super Star Today 6 cr (HIKE Ticket)
    Golmaal Again 26 cr(Low Ticket)

  10. Sad ReactioN For Canadian Actor Fans (Akkian) ?
    Jab Dekhe Tab Ajay Ko Troll Karte Rahte The ab Kaha ChHhupe Ho Bahar Aao ?
    Akshay 1st Day Aaj Tak 20Cr Ni Kar Paya Chuuu Canadian ? Aaj K Baad Tumhari Aucad Ajay Tak B Na Rahi ??

    Btw #SS Isn't Aamir Sir Movie So Zyada Haso Mat Aur Rahi Baat SS Ki Wo 101% 70Cr To Karhi Legi Q K Wo B Best Movie Hai
    #Special_Appereance Role Hai Aamir Sir Ka So Use Kuch bola na #Kaliyo To Gaad Dunga ?

    Only #Aamir_Rules ?

    1. Hahahaha Amir ki nahi toh tere abbu amir ki thi kya..amir production house and acted 40min which can be counted as full fledged act he promoted movie like he is the main lead. I dont know what amir fans talks...bulls..t..

  11. AJAY sir crushed fake stardom of MAKKI. Kaha Raja bhoj kaha gangu teli. Yaha aakar mujhe pta chala ki akki k bhi fans h lol like roric abhijeet etc

  12. Are Bhai ye Akshay ke fan kaha chale gaye .....bada troll karte the Devgann ko
    WO bahut chotaa star h yaar...
    Compare him with susant/sidharth/Tiger
    Ar ha akki ko Ranvir/Varun/Ranveer she naa karna they are much batter than him....
    WO apni movie ko hit karane me liye Deshbhakti ka natak nahi karte

    1. Sheety ko baap bana ke 30 cr opening Diwali me de diya to babul bara star ho gaya Ajay without sheety 11 cr cross nahi hua hai Ajay se without sheety stardom kaha chala jata hai???

  13. Good collection congratulations golmaal again team and Ajay fans best of luck but secret superstar also good movie once again congratulations Ajay fans

  14. I have seen secret superstar,it was a good film.I will rate it 4 out of 5.After watching the movie I have realised that secret superstar could have come on any month/period still it would have collected as much as those type of film does if appreciated.Maybe 40-50 crs is good for that movie,Because of Aamir 20% more can be added or maximum 80 crs.More than that it cannot do if it would have released solo also.It is a case of commercial movie with limited appeal (Hindi medium,Dear zindagi).

    On the other hand Golmaal again,yet to see that movie but whatever I have heard about it,it is proper holiday movie,it deserve maximum screens.It could have done 300 crs lifetime if released solo.But still hoping 200 cr is achievable.
    If Golmaal again was pathetic movie than it could have not collected on day 1 that much & fall would be huge (same like Harry meet Sejal) & GA struggle to collect 80-90 crs also,so DIWALI is a period which can accommodate 2 movies.

    Hope both movies does whatever they would have done solo.Audiences are loving both the movies.

  15. TEPK released on more screen than GOLMAAL AGAIN could collect only 20 crores on holiday where as GA collected humongous This is real stardom not like makki. Now it's clear Ajay sir >>>>>>>> makki kaha gye sab makkians Utsav rajput abhijeet Roric dekho apne gangu tell ki aukat

    1. Tepk 2900 screens golmal 3500 screens
      Tepk non universal niche genre movie
      Golmal franchise movie Diwali big holiday
      Aur kalwa fans gold aur 2.0 aane de kaun kiska baap hai pata chal jayega without sheety 11 cross bhi cross nahi hoga kalwa se???

  16. Wow. Golmaal again was underestimated by everyone due to two reason. 1. Rohit shetty last two movies didn't fare well after weekend SR & Dilwaale 2. Ajay unsuccessful films like Shivaay & Baadshaho
    But if SR could collected 32cr on opening day despite it not been catering to female audience than Golmaal should have been a bigger film because it caters to family audience that too on Diwali. Had it be a normal release than collection would be 45cr+. This is insane.

    Moreover the movie is awesome. I don't know when was the last time I laughed so much in a cinema hall in first half before GA. I just was thinking that Aamir had released SS on wrong time because how can someone pick a dramatic/sad/inspiring/tear jerker story over a complete enjoyable clean family entertainer like GA. The best part of GA that it is clean family comedy,no vulger jokes,no women objectification, horror element and fantastic screenplay.

    Its time to give credit to a director like Rohit Shetty. He is second most underrated director of bollywood after David Dhawan. Continues success,making entertaining films those always been huge success. Still he was not lauded by many. Kudos to you rohit.
    I am a big fan of Aamir but even i didn't went to SS just because i want to entertain out and out on this season and GA is always the first choice. Team SS went wrong to judge secret superstar reach when they were asking huge screens, what happen now that exhibitors are force to cut their screen to give it to Golmaal. At the end deserving will get what they supposed too. Big lesson to learnt.
    I am happy that Golmaal now getting what they deserve. huge screens,public appreciation and all. Congrats all the Ajay fans and Team Golmaal.

    1. Abe makkian Robot 2 Rajni sir ki movie h makki ki nhi makki tou bas mauka dekhkar ghus gya movie m.GA>>>>>>>2.0 yaad rakhna in Hindi collections makki ki movies ek week m 100 crore nhi kar pati yaha 3 din m hoga samjha aur Tere friends kaha gye abhijeet Roric etc

  17. Party tym for Adians. Don't abuse any khans or Akkians. Best part is that aftr long tym a proper btown movie has given a smashing opening. Every body shud be happy. This industry has lot of people involved. If movie fared well then the employees will get good salary. Distributors will regain faith. Producers will get their worth n it will inspire them to make more kind of quality movies. My turn will be on Monday. Avoid piracy n book ur tickets now.

  18. Its been a terrific last two days when i check reaction of various fan bases on twitter about SS opening and first day collection. I enjoyed all these bashing on them regarding Aamir. Pata lag gaya ki Aamir ne kitno ki kis had tak jala rakhi thi. Kuch log to Dangal me aamir k role ko secret superstar se compare kar rahe the. Wow Aamir, you have proved that right now there is only two comparison.
    1. Aamir vs Aamir
    2. Aamir cameo vs rest.

    Akshay fans comparing SS opening with naam shabana etc but forget ib terms of opening SS stand at 17.5 while TEPK on 22.5% while jolly at 27.5%.
    Salman fans goes berserk, they are comparing SS with sultan,tubelight hahaa.
    SRK fans enjoying with alia led Dear zindagi which itself had 4 mini trails as trailer all featuring only srk & alia.
    Only ajay fans anger justify as GA was suffering pre release due to screen allocation.

    Though i don't want any fan war here but still i though ek point to de hi diya jaye. Anyways i wish all these person whose ass burned by Aamir earlier will be alive when TOH release on next diwali. Last but not least SS is anyways going to be a hit as it continue to score ahead. Stay safe and enjoy.

      1. Haha, bollyarena always use the BOI opening report. It clearly mentioned 22% in their opening report. For any doubt just visit bollyarena article of ss opening. You will see what was opening of TEPK. Lol.

  19. Shetty finally saved sinking career of ajay.without shetty ajay is yet to give 12 CR's opening.some fools are trying to compare content oriented non holiday release like tepk with big national holiday big franchise entertainer like golmaal again.salute to those duffers!!single question to Ajay's fans:what is Ajay's aukaat without shetty n holiday period??remember action Jackson,drishtam,shivay,badshao.what happened to all those.maha flops..

  20. How shetty saved ajay career?
    More than 50% people don't know who is the director of movie
    if ajay sir will give 10 back to back flops again and again then still he will got movie offers
    AJ, shivaay badshaho flopped but still he has bigger movies like taanaji plus Diwali. Even srk is struggling to get big release date

  21. All akshay fan dreaming for 2.0 way kya baat hai Rajnikant ki film ko Akshay ki film bolke promote karre.
    2.0 hindi version never cross golmal again.
    Akshay is way behind even with varun in initial crowed pulling.
    Akshay fan started jealous.

    1. Up aacha gold me to rajni nahi hai Na itna hi stardom hai Ajay ka to without sheety 11 cr opening kyu nahi diya he is lower than varun

      1. Kia Gold Gold laga rakhi hai. Release to honay dai. Abhi teaser tak aya nahin aur itni bari baatein. Jab release hogi aur bumper opening hogi to maanein gai. Abhi to sirf babaji ka thullu hai

  22. Superb collection, it proves that when it comes to opening and stardom Ajay is still ahead of Akki.....So Akki fans fight with Varun, Ranbir, Ranveer and Srk fans.......

  23. Akshay 13+ opening on non holiday
    Ajay 11 cr opening without sheety aukat se baat

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