Golmaal Again enters into Top 50 Highest Overseas Grossers of All Time

Golmaal Again has entered into the top 50 highest grossers of all time. The film has grossed $7.25 million so far and stands at 40th position.

This is not a big achievement, however, the track record of Ajay Devgn is very poor and Golmaal Again is an exception. It is his first film to get into the top 50 overseas grossers of all time. 2017 was a poor year for Bollywood in overseas markets as only four films (Raees, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Golmaal Again, Tubelight) were able to enter into this list.

Overall Shahrukh Khan still remains the king of overseas while Salman managed to go ahead of Aamir. Though top 3 films still belong to Aamir Khan with Dangal grossing a massive $232 million. Both films of Saif Ali Khan are now out of top 50 and Akshay's Airlift was also replaced.

FilmCollectionRelease Actor
Dhoom 3$31.082013Aamir
Bajrangi Bhaijaan$28.752015Salman
3 Idiots$26.02009Aamir
My Name is Khan$23.782010SRK
Chennai Express$19.472013SRK
Happy New Year$17.072014SRK
Bajirao Mastani$15.102015Ranveer
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo$14.782015Salman
Jab Tak Hai Jaan$13.232012SRK
Bang Bang $12.752014Hrithik
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil$12.272016Ranbir
The Lunchbox$11.712013Irrfan
Don 2$11.432011SRK
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna$10.802006SRK
FAN $10.462016SRK
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani$10.422013Ranbir
Om Shani Om$10.352007SRK
Ra One$10.312011SRK
Jab Harry Met Sejal$10.202017SRK
Ek Tha Tiger$10.132012Salman
Krrish 3$8.762013Hrithik
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham$8.602001SRK, Hrithik
Rab Ne Bana De Jodi$8.502008SRK
Dabangg 2$8.472012Salman
Dhoom 2$8.422006Hrithik
Veer Zara$8.222004SRK
Ram Leela$7.872013Ranveer
Jodha Akbar$7.532008Hrithik
Golmaal Again$7.252017Ajay
Tanu Weds Manu Returns$7.212015Kangana
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara$7.162011Hrithik
Singh Is King$7.102008Akshay
Kapoor and Sons$7.102016Sid, Fawad
Dil Dhadakne Do$6.932015Ranveer
Dear Zindagi$6.852017SRK
Housefull 2$6.762012Akshay
Housefull 3$6.602016Akshay
Secret Superstar$6.482017Aamir
Race 2$6.422013Saif
Love Aaj Kal$6.372009Saif
  • Shahrukh Khan – 17
  • Salman Khan – 8
  • Aamir Khan – 7
  • Hrithik Roshan – 6
  • Akshay Kumar - 3
  • Ranveer Singh – 3
  • Ranbir Kapoor – 2
  • Ajay Devgn - 1

81 comments on “Golmaal Again enters into Top 50 Highest Overseas Grossers of All Time”

  1. I am too happy to see SRK topping the list in the overseas!!! 17!!! My name is Khan after nearly 8 years of its release still manage to remain in the 9th spot!!! Today I was very upset about Srk for not giving any major hit since 3 years.. But seeing this list it give me some boost something to cheer about.. The king will be back in 2018 for sure!!!!

    1. Bollywood arena itself said Srk remain overseas king
      Srk ka maha ghatiya movie jhms bhi $11M kar Lia ..agar Christmas me aata to $20M

      Non frindle overseas movie Raees bhi $14M Kia

      Even Srk ka 10 15 saal pehle ka movie bhi list me itna top pe hai ..Srk hi Bollywood Ko popular Kia overseas me

        1. @SHETTY & SON ???

          Can you see? Dont you feel ashamed of yourself? As @Sambha said previous article you just keep dragging Akshay into mud due to your stupidity!! Today everyone was trolling Akki(i dont blame them) but for once i did not mention Akki name despite you as asual coming under my comment posting trash about SRK and Ajay sir? Even your fans are trashing you...later you will come up and say "i dont care i am saying the truth"...which truth? You know more than all the users here?
          Apart from @Abhijeet all the Akkians never challenged nor bash me for trolling Akshay which they use to before...you know why? Because they know i have deep respect for Akki sir and understand that i troll him when you overstep your boundry...if not any article you do not appear ,i and your fellow Akki fans understand ourselves,joke ,remember some past movies of his...thats maturity but you come and spoil my relationship with them any time you come and comment your jealous envious craps!! Today Ajay tomorrow Salman,then SRK for what? Even 0.111% of what they have established and contributed to us the audience is something beyond your fantasy dreams!!

          İ know why you started trolling SRK...its simple its because of my comment yesterday no? Cos i said Global Megastar? You fool what you failed to understand is...everyone has an opinion, an Aamir or Salman fan can also call their İdols Global megastar...i wont even argue because they have earned it!! Tomorrow i can call Salman or Aamir Global megastar they is no shame of giving others their merit ...!! Cant you just say no SRK is not ,Aamir or Salman are...simple!! The 3 of them deserve that tag..so me calling one of them Global star does not mean the 2 other Khans are not its just my personal opinion as simple as that!!

          My only request to all the Fans here as long as its @SHETTY & SON ???
          Making Jealous remarks on Ajay Salman, or Srk fans and not the REAL AKki fans no need to drag Akki sir. İf we continue doing so...it will be like He is the one winning cos his mission is accomplished by putting Akki at stake but then it will be very unfair to most Akkians who have even stopped commenting here because of the disgrace this boy is bringing to them.

          Lets take every comment of his as time pass and that from a frustrated fan,trash him a bit if necessary but but Vulgar Abusing of Akshay because of him is like making us stoop so low because of him.

          Just an opinion....

          1. @Devgun last comment before he left...
            "İ always respected Akshay and wishing him the very best for his upcoming movies next yeae"

            @SHETTY & SON ???...people complained about @Devgun ,i even bashed him like "@Devgun you are the biggest fool i have seen to compare Akki non successful movies" ...

            But that last farewell message of Akki by @Devgun not only displayed Class but deserved a clapping oviation which for me cancelled out all the trollings he did to Akki..if not again he wouldv kept quite and left quitely or Bash Akki before leaving @arena....so despite @Devgun nasty comments he proved he is a Man not a kid with his final wishes to Akki...

            No more from me...said what i wanted to say so you can continue where you stopped!!

    2. Did you know ?
      Till 2009 top 10 overseas collection ke list me PURA 10 movie Srk ka tha ..fir 3 idiots aaya
      yakeen na ho to khud check Kro ..thank god Srk ke alawa bhi koi overseas superstar aaya Aamir ..nahi to Salman se kya ummid kar skte hai. Local star .even hritik is far ahead than Lallu khan ..

      1. Rohit proved he is a Godfather of Ajay…..
        Rohit relied on Ajay as he was a newcomer for movies Zameen n Sunday but Ajay disappointed big time n Rohit realized Ajay doesn’t have any stardom n Ajay career ended after 1998 then he changed the gears n showed his calibre n talent n brought 2 Big Franchises n became Biggest Mass Director of Bollywood ever n Biggest Bollywood Brand….

        In the same manner Rohit relied on srk for Dilwale n his so-called Jodi with Kajol (DDLJ , KKHH) n again they disappointed him big time n Dilwale ran only due to Rohit Brand. Then he realized that srk doesn’t have any stardom n his success was only due to Big Banners Yash n Karan……..

        Now Rohit is a Brand n he can make a Blockbuster with Tushar or Shreyas or anyone……Just like South Brand Rajamouli
        Rohit ZINDABAD ?????

        1. @SHETTY & SON ???

          You know the difference between you and İ? People here that know i respect all the Big 6 superstars...some think i am Ajay or SrK or both or a free lancer just out there to give you fist to fist answer....thats why i have developed a cordial relationship from fans of Aamir all the way to Hrithik...thats me!

          Regarding our difference...though always you will remain a kid front of me talking about Film line with honesty attached,but if its been Ajay devgn been trolled by almost every fan today like how they did to Akki...i bet my life you wouldv joined them And use the oppurtunity to ridicule Ajay sir. But look at me who have every chance to join the party and bash Akki to....but i am not instead trying to see minimal negative comments of Akki despite all the abuses you and some of your fans had been doing to Ajay sir or Srk (kalwa blacksmith haklu,Dog etc) still i have Concious and not happy seeing Akki trolled unlike you!

          İf you say pretence or Hypocrite like @Abhijeet said somedays back...then listen , if really i was envious of Akki i would not come here and comment i will either keep quite or join the bandwagon.

          Pretence and İ dont come in one sentence.....i say out my mind and move on thinking i will see a change in people like you but unfortunatley i dont even expect that from you.. Take it or leave it!
          İ know when to answer Ajay related comment said by other Akki fans and also reply...but for now ...apart from you, not relevant. Overstep your boundry thats a different case again entirely from other Akkians but for you...nah you still a mental kid.

          Make sure you drink your glass of milk before sleeping and if possible dont watch too much late night cartoons...have time for your school books too.

      2. your counting is wrong bollywood. Currect it.
        Dhoom2, Ghajini, jodha akbar, black, singh is king are in top 10 with srk movies(top 4 SRK)

        1. Hahaha 2009 ka tum khud dekh lo ..top 10 overseas collection 2009 tak PURA 10 movie Srk ka tha ..bol to rha hoon much check kr lo ..

          1. @bollywood
            Dhoom2, Ghajini, jodha akbar, black, singh is king 2009 Se pehle hi ayi thi.
            SRK has more movies in top 10, Not all 10 Movies in top 10 Before 2009 in overseas,

    3. Chennai express khaas $0.5M or kama leta to $20M ho Jata

      1st $10M in overseas ..Srk kabhi Alvida Na kehna in 2006
      1st $20M in overseas ..Srk my name is Khan in 2010 ..socho my name is Khan February jaise month me non holiday me $22M kar Lia 2010 me ..agar aaj ke date me Christmas me aata to $45M + krta ..china Ko hata ke bhi ...agar dwarf movie achaa hua to china me release Hoga or china me dwarf bhi achaa kamaega just like aamir 3 idiots ..3 idiots 1st Bollywood movie tha china me or epic movie tha to zyada kamaya or Aamir ka stardom 1st movie se ban Gaya ..but Srk fan jaisa movie release Kia apna pehla movie china me or nahi chala..dwarf achaa hua to release Hoga or.srk ka china me bhi movie kamane lgega

          1. Aamir ka bas china me movie kama rha kyuki 1st movie Aamir 3 idiots release Kia china me or bhut kamaya ..3 idiots se pehle kaha tha Aamir China me ? Ab achanak se stardom to ban nahi jaega...dwarf achaa hua to china me release Hoga or kamaega achaa ...yrf kya kar rha ? Just because Srk yrf banner me kaam Kia to yrf Ko credit ...yrf ka baki movie ka kya haal hota hai ..excuse Thora kam do ..

            Even ab thugs of Hindustan kitna bhi achaa ho vo dangal jaisa nahi kama paega china me .kyuki dangal jaisa movie china me bhut chalta hai .jisne training Ko tournament ke liye or NRI sirf Srk ka hi movie dekhega ? ..Srk ka popularity SB Ko PTA hai kitna hai

    4. Mai Aamir fans se yahi keh rha tha ki ek do movie zyada kama le to king nahi ban Jata ..just like Prabhas 500cr kar Lia uska mtlb ye nahi ki vo khans se bara star ho Gaya
      Or PK dangal to china me utna zyada kamaya ..china ka collection hata do or barabri ka mukabla karo fir dekho ..3 idiots $16M in Christmas 2009 ..my name is Khan $22M in non holiday February 2010 ...dwarf agar achi movie hui to Srk release krega china me or uska bhi fir movie kamane lgega same vaise hi jaise Aamir apna 1st movie china me release Kia (3 idiots )or 1st movie hi itna kama Kia ..NO OFFENCE TO AAMIR ..HE IS 2ND ..AND SALLU FANS DOOR HI RHO OVERSEAS RECORDS SE HAHAHAH POOR SALLU FANS

      1. I saying barabari ke mukabla karo you yourself dont think they are in the same level. Srk was once the biggest overseas star now its Aamir accept the truth

    5. Just see ..PK dangal Bajrangi bhaijaan sbko extremely positive review Mila or solo release tha fir v
      Dangal $30M
      PK $26M ..china ka collection add nahi Kia kyuki barabri ka mukbala hona chahiye ..dwarf achaa hua to china me release Hoga or kamaega
      Bajrangi bhaikaan $28M

      And then dilwale average reviews clash with bajirao Mastani and star wars fir v $26M ..solo aata to $35M average reviews me bhi .or 3rd place me rehta ..isko kehte hai stardom ..even films like jhms $11M kar Kia overseas me non holiday me v ..

      1. Same again sagar by saying barabari ka mukabla karo you yourself dont think srk is in the same lev as aamir in overseas . And even after the barabari ka mukabla you are finding excuses that this film was good and this film was bad . All this hopless logic by you just shows that you are a coward who cant accept the truth. Grow up man

        1. Dangal ka 80%overseas collection to china se hi hai ..isse saaf hai ki Aamir ek china star hai ...china ka hi sirf.collection hata do or dekho PK $26M dangal $30M ..tiger Zinda hai average reviews me $30M krega

          1. First of all calm down all srk fans. I can feel your jealousy and pain. Because srk' s biggest Grosser in overseas is less than $30 million while aamir's highest Grosser is $232 millions which is combined of 12 or 13 films of srk. So just calm down. Accept the fact that aamir is biggest star in overseas and that fact will not change. Past is past and present is present. Live in the present. And very funny to see a local fanless unknown star's fans are barking here for overseas grossers. I mean tingu is nothing out side india and masala movies. Poor tingu bigg boss host's aukaat is only to host flop celebrities on bigg boss. So tingu fans stay within your limit. Yes i am talking about that 5'6 Inch tingu who is son of famous writer Mr. SALIM KHAN who wrote classics like sholay, trishul and don. And so his tingu son is a product of nepotism and cashing only due to his famous writer father.

  2. We want such type of articles from u bollyarena

    Thank u

    Now srk is past..
    Only Aamir rules!!:-D

    1. Hmmm

      Looks like Parshya didn’t enjoy the following sentence of article

      “Overall Shahrukh Khan still remains the king of overseas while Salman managed to go ahead of Aamir.”

      Don’t act jealous @parshya. Leave that for 2.0s and drjhangirs

      Aamir is ahead today no doubt but u can’t change the overall historical stats right ?

    2. Agar dekha jae to Aamir bas china star hai ..china ka collection hata do for dekho overseas collection..dangal $30M PK $26M 3 idiots $16M ... Bajrangi bhujaan eid me $27M Kia tha

      And the fact is agar Salman bhai ya Srk ek epic movie kar le to china me release Hoga hi or aamir ki movie ki tarah kamaega ..just like 3 idiots 1st movie tha china me fir v kamaya ab achanak se to stardom aa nahi jaega

      Is liye Aamir China star hai ..equally mukabla karo .baki ka movie china me release nahi hota

        1. Amir fan sharam karo 7 film w bhi 2 year m 1 film w bhi best story wali kia faida. Srk salman both amur se ajey h amir sab good story wali karta h

    1. Dilwlae average reviews me clash Bajirao Mastani or star wars ke Baad bhi $26M ..isko kehte hai stardom ..
      Socho agar dwarf extremely positive review movie hua just like dangal Bajrangi bhaijaan ok etc or solo aata to overseas me kitna karega ? $40M -$45M ..and then china me bhi release Hoga agar movie achaa hua to or vaha bhi kamaega bhut

      1. History upar bollyarena ne provide karayi hai Mene nhi, Mene toh keval calculation ki hai

  3. Well @bollyarena hasn’t the movie done great business considering the night before release you had posted an article:

    “Secret Superstar crushes Golmaal Again”

    I know it is an article about overseas but wasn’t SS (lead by the overseas maestro Aamir Khan) was expected by all to trounce Golmaal Again. Isn’t it outstanding performance by the movie considering especially the clash?

    Like Indicine you also enjoy finding ways of demeaning Ajay.

  4. @bollyarena get ur fact THE LUNCH BOX did 15m$ in overseas. U didnt include some asian markets. And pk 48m and d3 32m

    1. Akshay Kumar farzi deshbhakt .. deshbhakti ka drama karta hai tak Canada nationality vale baat pe Sawaal na kare

      He is such a flop actor ..should kicked out of Bollywood immediately
      No 20 cr opening no 150 lifetime no HGOTY no ATBB no 300cr worldwide no $10M in overseas only 2 blockbuster ..no 3cr footfalls ....
      And ye log aaj kal Salman bhai Ko troll kr rhe an jagah ..sun lo SB toilet Kumar fans ..we Salman fans always support Ajay ..

    1. If I you are the real SRK Warrior of twitter, then let me tell you I found you to be extremely irritating when I was on twitter few months back. Saw you continuously trolling other actors and creating immense negativity for SRK on twitter.

      Mein bhi SRKian you and a hard core one. But just be factual and realize he longer deserves to be called the King of box office. I love him no matter what; it doesn’t mean that we stop facing the facts.

    1. You mean to say SRK doesn’t need content like Aamir. Then why did JHMS and Fan flopped badly? If SRK movie needs only SRK to work then shouldn’t all his movies be hits? If some are flop then why? Can you elaborate ?

      And before trolling Salman for masala movies also remember last SRK’s big hit was Chennai Express which is as masala a movie can get.

      1. @Sambha without Content its very hard for a Superstar to carry a movie along.
        Keep everything aside....Globally SRK has created an İdentity(king of romance or his light shades negative roles of early 90s were his 1st signature abroad,when bolluwood was gradually transforming from the Amitabh Sunny Deol era to the SRK Aamir Salman Aj Ak era) for himself be it even 15-20 years back...that time just his presence in a movie will spur fans abroad even Jhms which is one of his worst film did excellent business.
        On current form yeah Aamir and Salman are ahead of SRK but take nothing away from those 2 but lets not underestimate SRK still.

  5. Overall overseas ranking
    1 Srk
    2 aamir
    3 hritik (till 2014 )
    4 Salman ( currently 3rd )
    And then Ranbir Ranveer Varun
    Then Akshay
    Then Ajay

  6. Bollywood arena bro tum sb baki overseas stats daalo na page me PLZZ

    Srk 23 blockbuster in overseas
    Srk 16 HGOTY in overseas ...

  7. Aaj AGR foreign me Bollywood ki ijjat h to sirf aur sirf akele SRk ki vajah se,,, nhi to koi Bollywood ko puchta b nhi,,,, foreign me India ko recognise krne k liye akela Srk hi kafi h,,,

  8. Salman rule in India and srk rule in overseas..both rule worldwide..but Parshya ka tingu.. without hirani, without biopic, without brand nothing...hahha .. Parshya ro mut ...koma me mut jaaa...q

  9. @Bollyarena
    Ur Star ranking is based on box office performance of last 3 films means
    Aamir is d new king of India,overseas and World Wide

    I like ur Star ranking and it is perfect for present status of actor
    and not on d basis of past achievment.

    1. Bhai result aapke saamne hai
      Dilwale average reviews me clash me $26.5M Kia ..dangal PK extremely positive review me $30M and $26M Kia ..excluding china collection ..barabri ka mukabla karo .. Christmas me movie bhut kamata hai ..jhms non holiday me $11M Kia ..agar Christmas me aata to ghatiya movie ke Baad bhi $20M krta ...
      According to your logic .Prabhas is king right ?...

  10. Hillarious the king do not have a single movie in top 3. Let him remain the king Ace Khan is the best anyway.

    1. Dilwlae clash and average reviews me $26.5M ..solo bhi agar aata to socho kitna kamata ..or agar positive review solo rehta the soch lo kitna kamata

      My na me is Khan 2010 February jaise month me $23M ..aaj ke date me Christmas me aata TB kitna kamata vo socho

  11. I did a mistake.but no one noticed.Oldest film in this list is not Devdas. its K3G released in 2001.

  12. But iss list ko top 10 me convert karde to
    amir - 4 movies
    In current form amir is the best for producer and distributors

  13. bumper initials of this century( 2010-17)[ comparison between salman, srk, hritik and aamir)

    what is called a bumper opener. bumper opener means a film which has either set a new opening day record or it is the second highest opener of all time with collections of first day very close to the record opener. for example ett, bodyguard, agneepath, hny , dhoom3 are record openers so they are obviously bumper openers but films like ce, singham returns, sultan are not record openers but they are called bumper openers because they registered the second highest opening and their first day collections are also very close to the record opening day. so let's have a comparison between salman, srk, hr and aamir and see how many bumper openers they have given this century.
    (all datas are taken from boi.com)( only solo starrers are considered )
    1. dulhan hum le jaayenge
    2. dabangg
    3. ready
    4. bodyguard
    5. ett
    6. prdp
    7. sultan

    1. devdas
    2. main hoon naa
    3. veer zaara
    4. kank
    5. ce
    6. hny

    1. mela
    2. fanaa
    3. mangal pandey
    4. ghajini
    5. 3 idiots
    6. dhoom3

    1. mission kashmir
    2. yaadein
    3. k3g
    4. koi mil gaya
    5. krishh
    6. dhoom2
    7. agneepath
    ( k3g is only considerd as hr film because he has way bigger initial pull than srk when k3g released)

    this statistics show that in this century in terms of bumper initial salman, aamir hritik and srk is almost neck to neck with salman and hritik just edging past the other 2 khans. this shows in terms of bumper initial hr is as good as the khans. till his debut in 2000 he has more bumper initials than aamir and srk and is equal to salman, though we can say aamir does lesser films but hr also does few films.

  14. Ha ha K3G opening is due to hrithik ? Then what happened to him after K3G .lets have a look post K3G performance
    Hrithik : Aap mujhe ache lagne lage - 1.09 crore
    Mujhse dosti karoge - 1.16 crore
    Na tum jano na hum - 81 lacs
    SRK : hum tumhare hain sanam - 1.42 crore
    Devdas - 2.09 crore
    A man who can't give 1.20 crore opening , how he can responsible for K3G record opening of 2.38 crore ? Stardom don't finished after giving a record opening.so main point is K3G record opening credit goes to SRK as devdas opening is closed to k3G opening.

  15. Srk's 2017 masala film jhms- $10M, Sallu's Tubelight- $7M lol.., #Aamir's 2012 nonholiday non-masala off beat movie Talaash is about $9.08M..,, Aamir overseas king.., also there is no movie in $30M club.., where Aamir has 3 back to back $30M,, & Dangal($235M)???..,, it's unbreakable for for minimum 10 years by any bolly little star...

    1. Hahaha or Thora brha do .talaash $8.6M tha ...
      And Srk ka 2007 se koi bhi $10M se neeche nahi Kia hai overseas me

      1. Tiger fake I'd Srk fan meri identity use krna band karo .. Bollywood arena PLZZ take action on him ..Srk fans bas yahi skte hai
        And suno SB SRK and Aamir fans tiger Zinda hai $35M +krega overseas me ...srk Aamir 60cr vala actor haha

  16. @prashant abhishek the year k3g was released hr was way ahead. yaadein opened 1.59 crore which finished as the second highest opener of all time, and the highest opener at that time was mission kashmir which also belonged to him, just see the dominance of hr. and on the other hand your srk gave 77 lack opening with 1 2 ka 4( yes it was not even 1 crore). asoka was raped by indian both in initial and lifetime. and the most important thing is that when srk and hr clashed in 2000 hr's film opened much better which itself proves who was the first choice of audience at that time. srk got help of yrf, amitabh, aishwariya, he got a much more universal film still he failed to beat hr in initial who was standing alone with no help.

    and why are you only talking about 2002, what about 2003 when srk's all film opened below hr's koi mil gaya.

  17. Honest man, Ra.one should also in SRK's list.It was 2nd highest opener then behind bodyguard.you yourself mention in bumper opening definition that film which is 2nd highest opener also is called bumper opening .
    So why u not included Ra.one ? If u read then please reply.

  18. @prashant abhishek i have said it has to be the second highest opener of all time and also the collections has to be very close to the opening day record. bodyguard was 21 crore plus and ra one was not even 15 crore, then how it was close. in that way kites was also a bumper opener as it was the second highest opener after three idiots, but the collections was not very close to three idiots.

  19. Bollyarena , again shown double standard.why not published my comment . How much I have to pay

    1. Shi kaha @prasant abhishek,,,Bollyarena totally paid site,,,
      Ye log khali paid comments hi show krte h,,,,same on u bollyarena,,,,,,,double standard site,,,,,

  20. Mahaveer, MNIk and Swades were quality films.doesn't matter how much they collected at box office.both are best films of SRK acting wise.

  21. akshay ke fans bura math lagana kyu kii akshay ki movie robot 2 top par jayeggi
    akshay overseas ka king ban jayega.

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