Golmaal Again enters into 200 Crore Club

Ajay Devgn's Golmaal Again has finally entered into the 200 crore club today. The film took 24 days to complete the task and is the first film of 2017 to do so.

It is Ajay Devgn's first film in the 200 crore club and is also the first non-Khan film to breach 200 crore mark. Golmaal Again will beat 3 Idiots too however Chennai Express can be out of reach which is the highest grosser of Rohit Shetty.

FilmReleaseCollection (Cr)
3 Idiots2009202
Chennai Express2013207
Dhoom 32013276
Bajrangi Bhaijaan2015321
Golmaal Again2017205
Tiger Zinda Hai2017338

60 comments on “Golmaal Again enters into 200 Crore Club”

    1. The industry is cery much biased towards kapoor and roshan.bhatts .the khans deserve it..they have wrked hard..bt even if roshan and ranbir failed they were backed eiter by yrf dharma or other superstars..cause they are the darlings of industry..bt akki and ajay recieved very much bashing even when ajay and akki did good films..with one flop they were written off..i am happy tht directors lile neeraj shankar and rohit are working with them..hope both smash record with taanaji and kesari

        1. @arena Thanx 4 the acknowledgement n mentioning CE is the highest Grosser of ROHIT SHETTY

        2. Ajay Devgn’s Golmaal Again has finally entered into the 200 crore club today. The film took 24 days to complete the task and is the first film of 2017 to do so.

          It is Ajay Devgn’s first film in the 200 crore club and is also the first non-Khan film to breach 200 crore mark.
          (Thank you arena for those 2 1st paragraphs)

          Good news! Ajay Devgn's Golmaal Again crosses Rs 200 crore worldwide ...
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          28 Oct 2017

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          22 Oct 2017

          taran adarsh
          #GolmaalAgain is Ajay’s first ₹ 200 cr grosser and director Rohit’s second..

          Golmaal Again box office collection day 24: Ajay Devgn starrer to step into Rs ...
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          21 hours ago

          Thank you all leading Trade portrals?

      1. Congrats Ajay to enter to 200 cr club???
        My gift to Ajay n his fans for this

        Now let us c Ajay performance in 2000s
        Decade 2000 - 2009
        Acc to BOI

        1. Deewane - Flop
        2. Raju chacha - Disaster

        2001 ?
        1. YRPHK - Flop
        2. Lajja - Flop
        3. TMSR - Disaster

        2002 ?
        1.company - Average
        2. HKKN - Flop
        3. Bhagat singh - Disaster
        4. Deewangee - Below Average

        1. Bhoot -. Hit
        2. Qayamat - Avg
        3.chori chori - Disaster
        4. Gangajal - Avg
        5.parwana - Flop
        6. Zameen - below avg (Rohit debut)
        7.LOC - Flop

        1. Khakee - Avg
        2. Masti - Hit
        3. Yuva - below avg
        4. Raincoat - Disaster

        1. Insan - Disaster
        2. Blackmail - Disaster
        3.Zameer - Disaster
        4. Tango Charlie - Disaster
        5. Kaal - Avg
        6. MAHH - Disaster
        7. Apaharan - semihit
        8. Shikhar - Disaster

        1. Golmaal - Hit (Rohit)
        2. Omkara - Flop

        1. Cash - Flop
        2. RGV ki Aag - Disaster

        1. Halla bol - Flop
        2. Sunday - Flop
        3. U me hum - Flop
        4. Mehbooba - Disaster
        5. Golmaal 2 - Hit (Rohit)

        1. All the best - Avg (Rohit)
        2. London dreams - Flop

        Total - 39 movies
        Hits - 4
        Flops - 12
        Disasters - 13
        Avg - 10

        Removing Golmaal series n extended role Masti
        Ajay 1 hit - Bhoot (urmila lead)

        2000s decade
        Ajay has 0 zero hits of 39 movies which can be attributed to him alone

        6 Disasters (All Time Record)

        Wow what a Glorious performance of Ajay this decade
        Absolutely mind blowing.....

          1. Someone said Ajay made Rohit ....
            What was Ajay during the phase that Rohit made Debut with Zameen
            Nobody was ready to work with Rohit n Ajay obliged to work with Rohit
            Such a Superstar Ajay n was giving hits during Rohit debut
            Some people r Shameless making fake statements....
            Ajay had last hit PTHT 1998 n much before that....

            1. Who was the big star who you didn’t take in Jaanwar?

              That’s an actor for whom I have so much respect and admiration. All the films that I produced were distributed by his company. At that time there was only one actor who was into distribution and that actor was Ajay Devgn. I explained to Ajay that I was signing Akshay and he was extremely supportive about it. Even after that the films that I have produced have been distributed by his office in Mumbai which was helmed by Mr Kumar Mangat.

              Thank you Suniel Darshan for telling us who Ajay was at that era??

    2. Congrats to all addians

      SB superstar ke pass 200cr nahi hai.
      ajay is only 4th to enter in this club. And akshay kumar will also make it soon. He has eight 100 cr club movies And once he enters this club he will make it habit like that in 100 cr club.

      1. Surely @rudra. Ajay & Akshay were the two most deserving to join this elite club. It is just a matter of time for Akshay now. A good content movie on the right release date and he should be entering that 200 cr club.

        If not for few fans like @2.0, it will be as much fun watching and celebrating Akshay entering this list as some of us are here enjoying for Ajay too.

        Anyways better to ignore these odd fans like @2.0. Best wishes for 2.0 and other Akshay movies.

          1. Rudra you a real Man and a Exposed Akshay fan ....Upbring plays key factors in life. Its something you dont have to see someone face to face...from his thoughts , manners and composure you can tell between a Polished Fan and a Tapori Fan. Keep it uo love your comments?

  1. @2.0 ga is multistarrer ok..and all of his hit movies are directed by rohit except sos..bt when the top ten grossers will be listed beside golmaal it wont ve written directed by rohit shetty..when box office figures will show sr collections..qre more than akki it wont say directed by shetty..akki defied his stardom in 2000s..bt what now???he cant even give a 20 crore opening..ok ga is multistarrer then sr??he gave 2 30 crores openers..that is one criteria to judge a superstar...bt akki falls short there..small budget,less popular heroines are no excuse for openings..akki is one of my fav..bt his openings are dissapointing..i hope it changes after 2.0 

    1. Akki movies opens low due to non-commercial genres he is doing right now
      Mind u Akki is just one big commercial movie like Rowdy Rathore away to claim big opening n Big Grosser
      But no problem with his non commercial path coz he has much bigger impact on Audience compared to big Grossers ..
      Big Grossers r just entertaining that's all..
      Coming to SR Ajay solo 30 cr opening ....
      Ok then
      Movies following sr
      AJ - 10 cr
      Drishyam - 5.8 cr
      Shivaay - 9 cr
      Baadshaho - 10 cr
      Now where is Ajay Stardom???
      Coz no Rohit factor..

      1. Wasn't sib, gabbar, brothers houseful 3 commercial movie.?? Even though non commercial at least they should opn at 15 crore or more..sib was benefitted by gandhi jayanti..otherwise it would also be on 15 crore range

    2. Becahre Akshay Ko doob marina chahiye ..hritik khans Ajay SB ne 20cr de Dia or yaha hamara Canadian deshbhakt 150cr bhi bhai kar paaya

      1. Definitely... Wishing Aamir Salman both 300 cr movies they already set the standard..SRK obviously can also get a 300 cr with his stardom and his acting,scripts been bad but he has the potential...Anyday! Best of luck Khans , Will be excited for Krishh3 once i hear its arrival...Taanaji is what am looking forward for. The Ranveers Varun and Ranbir are still climbing the ladders them too best of luck and the other actors too in the industry..!!

        Wow!!! 200 mQUIDS!!!! Respect Sir as alwats n all the loyal casts too that made it happen , 1 tree cant make a forest!! Rohit you guys should be preparing for Singham 3!!!!

  2. Golmal Again is special in the sense that it is the only movie in the 200 cr list which didn’t get a solo release. CE also got just one week open but GA didn’t even get that.

    Second special thing that it is the only Diwali release in that list. Rest all belong to Eid or Christmas.

    Solid response by Ajay to all those doubting his stardom ?

    1. Yes, Krishh 3 has done over 200cr business. Therefore GA ia noe a first non-khan film which has enter 200 club, Hritihk Roshan is also a part of 200 club.

  3. Kia zabardast din thaa aaj ka

    In morning I watched Nagma beating Akki to a pulp (credit to @2.0 for asking me to watch Suhaag). Buht mazaa aya

    In night this great news of Golmaal 4 crossing 200 cr

    What a dayyyyyyyyyy

    1. My fav is Khakee
      I enjoy it like nobody else
      1. Old man Amitji beats Vimal 2 times
      2. Akki beats him once
      3. Most memorable one is this one
      Where Tusharrrrrr makes a fool out of Vimal n shoots him down....

    2. Loved the entry of the Hero of the movie when His mother Aruna irani was been teased by Road side Tapories....
      What an entry?...nice film.

      1. My fav. Scene in Suhaag is
        When Akki punches??? Ajay repeatedly in Stomach n last punch ?WOW!!!! What a punch??Ajay flies in Air n Falls at a miles distance....
        Epic scene ......
        No insult for Ajay sir
        Coz he got it by Biggest Action star of Indian cinema ever n regarded as INDIAN JACKIE CHAN (Akki)..

        1. @Rudra and all Sensible fans...

          How do you guys feel when someone who claims to be a so called Akshay Fan does not even know (proving why Frustration and Madness is all over him)
          Comes out here , makes himself a laughing stock because He lacks knowledgeable completely!!

          Thats why i kept ignoring him but yeah finally am not replying to him so my perception is intact rather just want to get clarification from you real Akkians!

          AS COMMENT ? 09.21 HRS Stated that....???

          Finish thats it!! No such scene like that in Suhaag rather, its only where Ajay was abusing his mother that Akshay as a true friend who did not like that statement slapped Ajay which is very normal and understanding regarding the climax of that scene!!

          Pity n shame... So called akki fan does not even know what he is saying.

          1. Someone who does not even know his Idol properly ,comes out here and post senseless comments of someone He hates...?? So as i said....does he need reply always?? ???

  4. 1st 200 crore grossers :
    Eid - Chennai express - SRK
    Diwali - Golmaal Again - Ajay
    Christmas - 3 Idiots- Aamir

    1. Yup. 1st 200 cr grosser of Eid belongs to SRK. CE had solid trending and should have touched 250 cr had it got 2 open weeks like other 200 cr movies. Hopefully he will achieve that and even more with the dwarf movie.

      Fingers crossed .....

    2. @prasant
      kamaal karte ho yaar apna srkay ko include karne keliye bakwass list bana rahe ho

      1st 200cr with deepika-srkay
      1st 200cr with rohit-srkay
      1st 100cr with PC-srkay
      1st 100cr with kajol-srkay

  5. Congo all Adians for this success and soon akki will also join this club with 2.0 it's good for industry after a long time we have witnessed a much needed blockbuster and credit goes to ajay rohit and all cast of g4 great now ajay and akki getting much deserved respect along with khans great now eagerly waiting for havoc of 2.0 akki will rock big time in Hindi versions with humongous collections

  6. so ajay becomes the 4th member of 200 crore club. let's have a look at all the 200 crore plus films
    1. three idiots- aamir
    2. chennai express- deepika
    3. dhoom 3 - aamir
    4. kick- salman
    5. bajrangi bhaijaan- salman
    6. sultan- salman
    7. pk- aamir
    8. dangal- aamir
    9. golmaal again- ajay


  7. Fans talking abt 200+ movies
    megastar fans-sultan,pk,dangl,kick

    superstar Aj fans-golmaal 4

    deepika fans-chennai xprss

    toilet kumar fans-mere sapnon ka rajnikath kab ayegi tu

  8. Congrats superstar AJ
    Rohit,kunal khemu,shreyas,johnny lever and others


  9. After megastars salman and aamir... Ajay joined 100cr club with SINGHAM not toilet soldier kumar

    now superstar ajay joind 200cr club after aamir khan,deepika khan and salman khan

    now who is next to join the 300cr club after Sultan and Pk?

  10. Golmaal 24 days 200

    Tiger 7 days 200

    will destroy everything this xmas like wat they hav shown in the trailer(last sequence)

  11. @ ultron , dishonest joker abe gawar if there was any other actress in CE then it would have also did 200 crore.

  12. Look at those gawar Salman fans and their IQ.how many 100 crores Kajol have without SRK ? Ans is zero. But SRK have 6 100 crore without Kajol.

  13. 1st 200 crore grossers :
    Eid – Chennai express – SRK
    Diwali – Golmaal Again – Ajay
    Christmas – 3 Idiots- Aamir
    Is anyone missing ? Ya its our gangu teli cum criminal megastar Salman Khan

  14. Aj ke paas stardom??? mental hospital se kab aya?? 2 min. silence for those who
    thinks GA crossed 200cr. for
    Ajay.,, lol..

  15. @Bollywood Arena..Can you please change your information..Krish 3 Alreay crossed 200 cr.it s 244 cr.Pease chek info and Edit your details..Its second NON Khan FIlm..not First.

  16. Krish3 is first Non Khan Film.lol and wous time highest groser thi>..DHomm3 ne record Break Kiya tha :D Lagta bollywood arena bhi Info Kum rakhta hain.

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