Golmaal Again Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

Golmaal Again Day 2 Box Office Collection Update: The early trends are suggesting that Ajay Devgn starrer has a terrific start on Thursday. The film has maintained a steady pace and the drop is minimal from yesterday. Updates for Golmaal Again 2nd day collection are below.

Morning Shows Report:

The morning shows have started with a bang as the occupancy is 60%. The film is on par with yesterday and at places, it is even better. Again it has the best start in Mumbai and Gujarat which were at very high levels yesterday. Not only single screens but multiplexes have also maintained a steady pace.

Golmaal Again Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

The film is coming after a big national holiday so a drop on next day would be normal. But the shows for Golmaal Again have been increased and it is going to help the film. The advance for the evening shows is terrific again so the film will record another huge day.






Golmaal Again has collected 31 crore on its opening day. The film has comfortably recorded the highest opening day of the year and also the highest ever in the career of Ajay Devgn.

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55 comments on “Golmaal Again Day 2 Box Office Collection Update”

    1. china ka saman aamir khan..china aur aamir ki movie ki koi gurantee naee....4.50cr opening

      1. Mink lagta hai tu doodh bhi China ka peeta hai. Tabhi bacha hai aur grow nahin kar raha

          1. @ mink Aamir bilkul china ka saman hai. Tu bhi china ka doodh pi kar Aamir sai bhi chota tingu banaiga

        As an Ajay Fan I am lifelong Indebted to you 4 making Golmaal n giving credit to Ajay
        Hats off 2 u Rohit Sir..

    2. Being die hard fan of ajay I know after gud opening it will flat like baadshaho
      Too sad for Ajay sir

      1. Rohit Shetty Stardom vs Ajay Stardom

        Rohit Shetty Opening day

        Chennai Express 2013 33.45cr
        Golmaal Again 2017 33.00 Cr
        Singham Returns 2014 32.00 Cr

        Ajay Devgun Stardom opening day

        Baadshaho 2017 12.03 Cr
        Himmatwala 2013 12.00 Cr
        Satyagraha. 11.00 cr
        Shivaay. 2016 10.46 cr

        Without Rohit Ajay Highest opening day
        12 cr hahahaha

    3. Watch Aamir Khans interview with faridoon, I'm starting to like this guy, he's honest!!

      Aamir Khan: I have not made dangal famous, dangal has made me famous!

      Aamir Khan: my stardom is only their for the first weekend after that it's not me it's the movie.

      Aamir Khan: God forbid if I make a bad movie, then we'll see what the movie collects because that will be my stardom power and not the movie!

      "Measure the stardom of a star by his flops not his successes"

      Wow he amazes me!

      1. Wah! That's why AAMIR sir is so unique & different from other stars of Bollywood... Hats off Mr. Perfectionist a.k.a Passionist!

      1. Sajid khan statistics

        1 Akshay kumar- Hey baby , house full 1 & 2 – Super hits
        2. Ajay Devgun – Himmatwala -Disaster
        3. Saif – Humshakals – Flop
        Akshay sir made Sajid successful

        2 5
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 10:06 PM
        Prabhu deva statistics
        1. Salman Khan – Wanted – hit
        2. Akshay Kumar – RR – Blockbuster
        3. Ajay – Action Jackson – Disaster

  1. Akshay or uske fans abhi bhi kuch sharam baki hai ? ..akshay 20cr ka opening nahi de paa rha or yaha ajay ke pass 2 30cr ka movie ho gaya

      1. ohit Shetty ki Jai ho ?????
        From all Ajay fans
        You again saved Ajay intense actor sinking career with comedy movie with big comedy stars Arshad, Tushar n Shreyas

        3 10
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 8:30 PM
        Aaj Vimal Calculator chaalu
        GOLMAAL opening day trade figures
        – 19cr
        Vimal Calculator figures – 23 cr
        4 crore manipulation on day 1 ???

        3 7
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 8:35 PM
        Saara Indians Diwali ke mauke par Bhagwan ki pooja karte hain lekin
        Ajay fans Rohit Shetty ki Pooja karte hai
        Jai ho Rohit Shetty ki???

    1. Why the same shit again and again?? Enjoy the success of ga why are yiu dragging akki here? ?? No need for comparison. .akshay is the only actor after aamir to gain the trust of multiplex audience...akshay Is churning out 3 to 4 films every year with good content and also delivering hits even with offbeat subjects and no popular heroine...and akshay is not above the khans...its true
      If you are an ajay fan trying to troll akki..fir stupids like @roric and @2.0 they are not real akki fans...similarly for @devgun..I am aamir khan fan bt still I admire all of theur works. ..and I am also hoping to watch ga second time...ss is very good bt for this time ga is perfect...everybody did very well and I am very happy for ajay..its also his best performance in golmaal series..
      I would advice morons like you to grow up

    2. Sharam par hum to magar nahin ati ?

      Rajni jab 2.0 ko hit karwayega. Us waqt bhi hume usse Akki film kehtay huay sharam nahin ayegi

        1. Bhai rajni sir ke baare mein faaltu mat bolna he is living legend. Itne fans hai jam k dho saaley ge theek hai naa.rabot yaa 2.0 dono thakavat ki movie hai kisi aur ki aukaat nhi h theek hai rajni sir k baare me faaltu mat bol tu.unke fans woh haal krenge tu doobara dus baar sochega sir k baare mein kuch bolne se pehle.tu bhai hadd mat paar kr aamir ne komal bahta ko interview me bola ki rajni sir kaa bahut bada fan hai woh .Jo role 2.0 me rajni sir kaa hai koi maai kaa laal unke aage kucch nhi h akki is not mai lead bhai kyuki aamir ko jab komal bahta ne poocha ki kya aapko jo role thaa uski baat hai he said nhi no body can be as good as legendary thakavat rajni sir bhai etc bollywood ka interview hai jab aamir bhi rajni sir ko itna respect krta hai toh tum yaa doosra kaun hota h to say this.any way 2.0 faad dalegi box-office pe rajni sir ka craze.the legend

          1. Read thakavat as thalaivaa galti se jaldi me edit nhi huaa anyways love u rajni sir.the legenddddd

  2. Bhai akshay superstar ke naam pe kalank hai ..1st day 11 12cr dene tak ka hi aukaat hai ..akshay ka movie achaa reviews pe chalti hai is liye 2nd day growth hota hai .....

    Deshbhakti ka naatak kar ke film hit kara rha ..isse bara dogla ghatiya insaan maine aaj tak nahi dekha farzi deshbhakt

    1. 1st day 33cr
      2nd day 32cr
      3rd day 32cr
      Weekend 97cr
      1st week 130cr
      Lifetime 175cr ..superhit

      1st day 4.5cr
      2nd day 9cr
      3rd day 8cr
      4th day 8cr
      1st week 40-45cr
      Lifetime 65cr ..hit

    2. Super fool 30 is better name for you . Can u tell us any remembering movie of Khan except Amir . Fools follow backwas movie of superstars . Ur post prove ur level.

  3. Secret suoerstat ka aukaat dikh gaya hahahaha ...aaamir ka movie bas extra ordinarry review pe chalta hai

    1. yah kuch log akki fan bankar dusre stars ko troll kr rahe hai taki akki ko troll kiya jay gud going on.....
      bollyarena plz aise bando ko block mardo turant........

  4. Oo 2rs actor ke fan ..tera actor ka haal dekh ..kangana ko harrase krta hai
    Or salman fans tum sb to bhoko mt ..crimnal actor worst actoe and worst human

    Tubelight biggest disaster

    1. Dash baghti ka natal karne vala bi crimal hota hai aby tu kangna karta hai usi kangna ne tery akshay ki path ghili ki houi hai kangna 150+ TWNR or tery akshay Abi tak 145 per hi hai Salman ki movie ki negative review ke bahd vi 120 Kiya hai or tery akshay ne positive review ke bahd bi 134+ ahahahah worst actor ever 4 ever. Salman and akshay sono ache dost hai per tum fans ki waja se in ke fan ek dusrey se war Kar rahy hai respect other take respect.live alone are both in ke dosti mat kharab karo

  5. Great going...
    It will be biggest grosser for Ajay.
    It can cross 200cr if it sustained well on monday.

        1. Ahista ahista upar ja raha hai predictions mein @ustav. Pehlay 125. Phir 150. Ab 160 pai bhi agaya. Aur bhi ayega. Acha hai acha hai

  6. Logonko yaad dilana padta hai

    Back to back 3 ATBB and ATHG

    Dangal=2100cr ?
    PK=792cr ?
    D3=558cr ?

    Talaash-hit/semi hit

    Back to back 2 ATBB /ATHG


    1. I've been saying this for ages Parshya but no one understands! It's pointless what matter is today not yesterday!

    2. sharam kar dangal 1785 crore kia dekho koimoi ki web aur dosri web per 2 year m 1 film w bhi best story good content everything good Christmas per 2 holidays day w bhi all world m dhoom blockbuster h budget 175 crore agy samajh jao aur yad n vinod chopra ne kia kaha tha dangal ke time per y amir ka kamal n story ka kamal q bhool jate h

    3. blockbusters khan ke agy amir kuch n sirf stroy good hone ki waja se film kamyab hoti h amir salman low story ko all time blockbuster aur blockbusters banata 1 year m 2 film w bhi low content ke phir bhi blockbusters dabang2 eak thiger prdp bajrangi bhaijan sultan bodyguard dabang in m se 1 film ki story good thi eid 1 holiday w bhi muslim elaqa m

    4. usi superstar ki opening 4.5 cr....tabhi to china ka saman aamir khan...koi gurantee naee

  7. Hindi version of 2.0 not even touch 150cr .
    Challenge .
    Don’t see dream akshay can give 3 movie with 100cr.
    But he cannot give single movie with 150cr.
    2.0 akshay have extended cameo like amir in SS sharuk in DZG.
    Intention of every rajni film director to show as much as possible to rajnikant in a film.
    Akshay doing this film only to get some popularity in south india.
    Akshay doing this extended cameo movie to only part of big budget movie akshay knows no one take akshay in Bollywood for big budget film.

  8. Only some akshay fan worrying about golmal again collection other than Akshay fan everyone enjoying success of opening day.
    Akshay is less crowed puller than other big actor in opening day is the only reason akshay fan started jealous for golmal.
    Akshay fan hoping with gold but gold movies is about biopic not much entertainment film no chance to open big.

    1. Lallu bahubali you are trolling akshay for opening last decade 25% of excellent opening belongs to akshay kumar movies this decade akshay has not done more universal appeal movie still RR is the highest nonholiday opener of that time shows are houseful in single screens and multiplex recorded 65+ % occupancy ???

  9. @bahubali great I know that you do not want that robot 2 break bahubali 2 record but don't worry It should break it by a big margin robot 2 500cr in Hindi version only

  10. Real aukat of bahubali 2
    Raees budget 125 cr overseas collection 14mill
    Bahubali 2 budget 280 cr overseas collection 13 mill aa thuu

  11. ab patha chala aamir ki multi stardom.. lol..
    His movie is crawling... haha.
    heard he has 40 mins role in the film.. sirf reviews pe hi chalta hai uski film..
    bad year for the khans..
    Raees, Tubelight, Jhms aur ab ye...
    Hope TZH brings some light..

  12. There are fools, there are Idiots and then there are master of them who compares Aamirs cameo with G4. Anyway the truth will remain Aamir is the undisputed king of Indian box office.

  13. 2.0 collection 500cr only ur dream Sajad.
    Take screen shot if it did 180 to 200cr I will change my id to 2.0 great.
    @utsav tu lallu tera akshay lallu mind your language mujhew b ata hai tujhe lallu bolne.
    Rajni ki film k sahare jire kitni sharam ki baat hai 25 year hue ek 150cr ki film nahi.
    Aur ek challenge Gold,padman,moghul in me se ek b film 150cr ka business kiya to mai mera id 2.0 great likhunga.

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