Golmaal Again 4th Monday Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again 4th Monday Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again is still maintaining a decent hold in its 4th week. The film has collected approx 0.41 crores on its 25th day.

The total collection of the film now stands at 201.84 crores. The film is likely to finish at 205 crores in its lifetime run.

Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40
Total203.13 cr

16 comments on “Golmaal Again 4th Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Chillar Super Star ka kya hua....

    some moron say change the verdict of Secret disaster star...he is correct please put in All time disaster...Amir khan overacting ki dukaan...since Andaz apnana he try same repeated dialogue formula for comedy....like...in SS
    tum baneogi super star tum banogi super star....arey" koi bat nah,i koi bat nahi"....and few say he is megastar ...LOL..comedy atti nahi mega satar banega....

    worst acting of Amir regardless box office collection and verdict.
    Andaz apna apna...
    Rangeela same....Overacting ki dukan..
    Raja Hindustani..
    Dil chata hai...

    i liked him in
    Lagaan...RDB QSQT...thts it..

    1. Mental petaint chk karlo SS hit hai. ok
      budha to gaya sejal meet buddhe me.
      now ur fan of sallu... Girgit
      Thik hai is baar bhi destributor road par aa jamge... tiger billi hai se only avrg moovi.....

    2. @Compounder
      Tu SRK ki soch bhai Aamir ki chinta mat kar

      waiting for another ATHG ............TOH

    3. My prediction seems to be correct bollyarena ,,,I predicted that it will collect around 205cr,,,,very happy for G4 team and especially for Ajay sir.....

  2. Total dhamal s TOH Diwali 2018.
    Total dhamal new entry ajay replace of sanjay.

    Anil kapur and rest team retain.
    Now dhamal team also clashing with amir khan TOH.
    An kya bologe....

      1. @Faaltu Salman local star Salman doesn't have even half as many fans as aamir. Ab kya bolu? In that cass Salman hardly has 1 fan on this planet. Aukaat me reh. Aamir is baap of Salman in stardom and fan following. Poor local star aur uske gawaar ekke dukke fans.

  3. Haters and Salman fans are really gawars.They give CE credit to Deepika but Full credit of GA to Ajay.A man who not given single 100 crore film without Rohit how he can give 200 crore film on his own ?
    SRK was the 2nd to join 200 crore club , Salman was 3rd and Ajay is 4th.

    1. From day 1 you were never happy with Ajays Golmaal. If not this is a project started by him as the mainlead repeatedly till GA.
      Only obstacle here is that am also a SRK lover and talking about the most insecured SRK towards Ajay Sir is something not new for all of us! Control that hatred for him,its obvious... You always enjoy bringing an off topic point just to bash Ajay sir...esp last cheap comment of yours saying GA will be evicted out due to Tzh(thats the anger in you) but foolishly you forgot to read the content properly that GA is @ the verge of evicting 2 movies ahead of it prior to TZH release. Cry till tomorrow @Prashant hating Ajay sir using Salman fans and Haters as excuse are stuffs even a toddler can deduce from that statement! Dont tarnish SRK image with your inbuilt hatred...simple as that...
      That 200 cr you are bragging about mind you that Director was approached by SRK for CE after gaining such immense strata guided and nurtured by Ajay sir...if not nobody wdve known him. Stopping here

  4. Guys total dhamaal is clashing with TOH next diwali..hahahahahha..is baar bhi aamir ki maari ajay sir ne....

    1. Bhai aamir ne maar di ajay ki . .....

      Cameo movie....simpal story...no heroism...

      Fir hit....or GA ka collection 50crore km kr diya???

      TOH me 10% b screens nhi milegi......total Dhamal ko???

  5. If any film I repeat xyz any actor film clasehes with TOH they will be washed out. Come have a bet if you have guts.

  6. This clash news are to increase the buzz of the movie (total dhamaal) which actually have little interest from veiwers . And if there is a clash with TOH than bring it on , why just one movie bring three or four of your biggest movies

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