Golmaal Again 3rd Week Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again 3rd Week Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again collected 15.02 crores in the third week. It is a good hold from the second week as the drop is around 65%. For the first time, the film faced the competition from Thor Ragnarok and Ittefaq.

Golmaal Again box office collection stands at 197.96 crores after three weeks. The film will cross 200 crores in the 4th weekend and will be first Diwali release to do so. It has also become the highest non-Khan starrer.

Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40
Total203.13 cr

24 comments on “Golmaal Again 3rd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. @Dr.Jahangir isn't the job of an actor is to do good movies??or he should do movies like tubelight or jhms??and why doesn't other superstars do good movies?? And aamir is already now nmb one in box office..and pk and dangal succeeded for controversy and good content..any actor could do that..then why did hirani and nitesh first went to aamir for them??after all directors know best which actors are eligible for their movies??srk and salman are more popular than him..bt aamir is nmb one in box office pull..he is indo china star..and srk is a global star..bt being an indo Chinese star he has beat srk for 3 consecutive years..doing good films is the best an actor can do.and the dedication for dangal...bt shitty people like you wont understand.

    1. Avoid the loosers mate. Fact is India doesn't have a true global star yet. We can say SRK is the most known superstar from India outside but that's doesn't mean a Global superstar. Similarly Aamir isn't Global star yet as some Aamir fans claims too. Though in the real term only One movie has done really big business in overseas territory that is Dangal. Collecting 230m$ isn't a joke but that doesn't make some one global star. Though i agree for 15 years srk has been true big star among NRIs which expanded by aamir from NRIs to Chinese market.

      1. So we can conclude that Aamir is biggest star fir ovetseas collection pull due to his big giants in china/other asian market while he competes with Srk in other markets where even Salman is not much behind.

      2. Thanks Rohit Shetty ....
        Movies in 200 cr club
        1. Dhoom 3 - Aamir Khan
        2. Kick - Salman Khan
        3. Chennai Express - Rohit + SRK
        4 Golmaal Again - Rohit + Franchise + Biggest Multistarrer ever...

        1. GA is the 1st Biggest Multistarrer movie to enter 200 cr club Helmed by Mighty Rohit...
          To be more precise with
          1. Ajay - Main Lead (in comedy?????)
          2.Parineeti - Female Lead
          3. Arshad. - 2nd Lead
          4. Tushar. - 3rd lead
          5. Shreyas -. 4th lead
          6. Kunal - 5th lead
          7th - Tabu n 8th - Neil
          Request to Rohit Shetty
          Make Golmaal 5 even bigger n add few more actors...???

    2. @ceiling khan Have you seen the recent tv ratings of srk movies , do you know whats really going on. Aamir and salman popularity is in diff lev. And akshay is really gaining both popularity and confidence of the odiance . This is for india in overseas srk is still second after aamir

      1. Srk overseas me hamesha se 1st pe rha hai or aaj bhi 1st pe hai
        Dwarf Christmas 2018 fir se prove krega ..jhms jaisa outright rejected movie $11M kar lia .. Christmas me aata to jhms $20M krta

    1. @Rhythm exactly looking at the star cast
      But u forgot it's Rohit Shetty Franchise ???

  2. Salman fans kaha Gaye ? Jab se ka dwarf Sushant ke Kedarnath se clash ho rha tha TB to bol rhe the ki Srk se koi v clash kar rha ..or ab Rajkumar Rao anil kapoor Salman ke race 3 se clash ho rha ab bolo ? Kam se kam Sushant ye SB se bara star hai or Kedarnath big budget movie hai or fanny khan small budget fir v salman se clash hahahahaha

    1. Or Kedarnath ab clash nahi Hoga dwarf se ..2019 me release Hoga Kedarnath dekh Lena .. Wikipedia me v 2019 bata rha ..

      Mtlb Salman ka aukaat dekho chota budget ka movie chota stars bhi clash kar rha jab ki Salman ka sequel movie hai fir v ..Salman ka best phase hai fir v SB clash kar rha hahahaha

      Dwarf solo hai dekh Lena

  3. And why did nobody said in srk's best era that he is a star because of his movies..he does not have stardom..kal ho na ho,ddlj,baazigar,chak de,rnbdj,om shanti,kank,kuch kuch,don???these were good movies that made him a star...now he is not doing good movies so his openings are good bt lifetime is not..same for salman..he gave 2 atbb in 90s..bt faded away in 200s due to bad movies...and though dabaang,ready,kick,bb,prdp and sultan were bashed by critics they were entertaining movies(except bb and sultan which also got good review)

  4. Hahaha

    Fanny Khan will clash with Race3 on Eid 2018 :)
    sallu fans bol rahe the sallu se koi clash nahi karta


    maza agaya.

    TOH ke sath koi clash nahi karega.

    Aamir The global megastar > Salman The local star

      1. How Chinese star man, Aamir has 5 ATGs in Indian boxoffice too. 4 ATGs in overseas market without China too.Is hisab se to salman to star hi nahi h. Lol.

        1. Salman has 2 hgotd which no1 has in the history of Bollywood! This single record signifies how big a star he is!
          So Mr sky, if u actually consider urself intellectual, then there's no need to indulge into these senseless arguments!
          And it's quite evident that parshya is the only reasonwhy Salman fans and Amir fans fight over here. So ignore this vacuum filled personality and spread unity among khans atleast! What if we combine, then every khan movie will collect more than what bahubali 2 did :)

          1. i never denied that Salman has two HGOTD. But even Aamir is close to two HGOTD with 3I and Dangal so far though at the end will decide which film remain biggest grosser.
            I agree Parshya invokes other Salman fans to bash Aamir but i think you not aware what Salman fans did here before Dangal release. Anyways i am not here to defend any fan base. Everyone have their point of view. At the end these fan wars doesn't make anyone better or inferior. Everyone scores one another in some departments.

    1. Calm down Parshya, TOH may also have a clash. Kisko pata h ki kaun marne aa raha h. Anyways solo or clash TOH will roar at the box office. Expecting the biggest Juggernaut at the boxoffice from bollywood.

  5. Congrats Ajay Sir to enter into 200cr club. Today indicine would be happiest when as both movies collected almost their expected LBP. GA 200 and SS 60cr. Anyways first time in diwali we have 200cr grosser and combine collection will cross 265cr.

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