Golmaal Again 3rd Saturday Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again 3rd Saturday Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again has collected 3.69 crores on third Saturday. As expected the film showed good growth of 80%.

This has taken the total to 188 crores in 16 days. The film is on its way to cross 200 crores which it might achieve in the fourth week. It will also become the highest Diwali grosser beating Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Krrish 3.

Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40
Total203.13 cr

33 comments on “Golmaal Again 3rd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. dishonest joker, how much double standard u are ? In case of SRK you are talking his last film JHMS opening .and in case of Sushant you are talking about his previous year film MS Dhoni opening .if Sushant have 20 crore opening pull why Disaster Raabta opening is 4.63 crore ? How long will you make fool to everyone ? gawar ,SRK gave 4.6 crore opening to DON in 2006.atleast do some meaningful comparison.MS Dhoni take 20 crore opening due to legend Dhoni himself.but you only know how to manipulate the facts.

    1. Lifetime collection will be 205cr+ and verdict blockbuster.... Very happy for Ajay sir and golmaal team....ek baar phir proof mil gya agar film audience KO achi lagi to zarur hit hogi....

    1. @Aman..lets put it better

      Diwali 1st 100 cr movie.....

      Diwali 1st 100 cr movie with clash....

      Diwali 1st 200 cr movie....

      Diwali 1st 200 cr movie with clash.

      1. Bhai hakle ki....happy new year...aa chuki h...200 crore k sath...jo actualy 180crore h...

        But diwali ki 400 crore ki movie agle saal h...TOH...

        Dam h to clash karalo...screens hi nhi milegi????

        Jab cameo or halki-fulki movie me , samne wali movie screen nhi milti.........to TOH me "0" screen milegi ....samne wali movie ko?????????????????

  2. Ajay always ahead of akshay in terms of giving collection
    Ajay gaves 100 crores before akshay
    Now ajay already given 150 crores on course of giving 200 crores and akshay yet to deliver 150 crores forget about 200 crores for 2-3 years and plz dont mention robot 2.0.....

    1. Yea ajay ha given 100,150,200 crore vefore akki bt akki was ahead of him in 200s and even now he regularly delivers 100+ grossers while ajay fails to give a hit film after each rohit shetty movie..not hating ajay..ajay has the fan following bt he tends to do an offbeat or niche or a very bad massy film after each rohit film..he should improve his choices

      1. @Ceiling, Agree with you Ajay has been inconsistent and he really has to now carefully select his scripts. The masses are there, fan followers are there, 3 days back another big trade site called him the 2nd biggest mass superstar only behind Salman,we saw it in critic bashed Himmatwalla Baadshaho Sos, Aj, Shivay talking about SS occupancy. Its high time he wins back audiences from Multiplex class as Akshay does regurlary, but with GA i think he has some edge now to choose good scripts that can be appreciated by both mass and class.

      2. Off [email protected] are you the one who kept questioning a Trade site(name withleld) why They said Ajay was bigger than Akki?? Must say you were so into them though not suprised ever since i have been here(as Hameed) you always talk less of Aamir and always like preventing little praise towards ajay sir and later say you dont hate him. Anys as a Khan fan,you dont have to be involving yourselves in these arguements forcing a trade site to change their perception. They are more experienced than us and use parameters which might favour us or not so try and Chill with Ajay,give him his dues and be a proud Khan fans who ideally suppose to be neutral not one sided always regards to particular actor.

        Personally yes,Ajay 2000s campaign was not that good but dont forget as you said his personal decision to switch to an omkara,tlobs,raincoat apaharan gangajal etc...Akki was much smarter and always had the charm to attract anybody and even this decade i still give it to Akki due to his consistency but as i always say both are a very big superstars and are the only 2 bets that can give the Khans a run for their money with a calculated period of release,strong genre and a brilliant performance. Thats it...

    2. Bro no need for all these Ajay Akki comparism pls...both are massive and loved superstars in the country. Everyone has his time,yes congrats for Ajay sir entering the Elite leagues with the Khans must say not an easy task at all ..he broke the jinx so yeah but Akshay too has had a very consistent 3 years with Hits after Hits.. He deserves some respect too!!

  3. Watch ittefaq which is a brilliant movie
    Such suspense movie comes in a decade
    My list of best suspense movie
    1) gutthi short movie which sud be given Oscar directly
    2) kahaani
    3) itrefaq

  4. @S.G
    Who is duffer? Let me show you
    You said, at the time of Karan Arjun salman had 2 atbb. Bro doesn't matter who came in industry earlier. At time time, srk opening pull was more than your gangu telli sallu. Before karan Arjun your local star had 5-6 and same no. of flops after it.
    And even sunny deol will say that darr was srk movie. Sunny cheated by yrf but people still watch darr because of srk.
    And now how many blockbusters kajol have without srk? Please tell me you rickshawale fans?
    Let's assume DTPH was madhuri movie but still srk had many blockbusters and record openers
    But sallu had without madhuri and suraj bharjatiya??

    1. Bhai baat sun srk bhi hit nd salman bhi..according to me 90s mein srk hit thaa aur ab aamir nd salman so apni comparison or research apne pass hi rakh aur srk ki old 90s ki movie dekh darr dtph nd btw if salman sooraj k bina kuch nahi hai toh srk yash raj k bina kya hai..comparison soch samajh k kiya kro..@Karan Singh

    2. @SG...this was your comment? at first,later you said why am bringing stats before 1994 when Boi has no data of 90-93..

      "We finally have the analysis of the most successful actors between 1990 – 1999. It’s a decade that marked the rise of the three Khans, while Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar were growing their fanbase and delivering quite a few hits in between”….

      Relax dude…☝ your comment started with the nodes…”we have analysis of successful actors btwn..(.90-99)

      90-99….analysis was given by you!!
      If there is no imformation before 94…then why starting your comment with 1990-1999.
      Had you left it with 94-99 i wouldnt have jumped in.

      Piece of advice bro…re-read your commwnts before posting them so that you dont contradict yourself and others too.

      Cheers and calm down…my transfer of aggression was actually towards @Tiger Zind hai,when he was using phrases like “Srk Multistarrers”. and mocking SRK which i cant take!! I have no issues with Salman currently SRK is playing catch up with Salman and Aamir and esp this decade i cant demerit their achievements! Simple as that but 90s clearly SRK was the Show stopper which you know…next time start your points with (Boi based on 1994 and not 90-99). Enjoy your day.

    3. @karan singh

      Bina kajol k Srk ne kitni ATBB di h?????...

      Lallu 1989 me hi...ATBB de chuka h...with madhuri???...dusri b Madhuri k sath...


      Raja H...ATBB......non holiday

      Great movie...

      Dil h ki manta nhi
      Andaj apna apna
      Jo jita wahi sikandar
      Hm h rahi pyar k...

      Or haklu ko log....DDlj k bad se jante h...

      Uske pahle...bazigar or darrr me to bhikhari tha????....tb koi nhi janta tha...MayaMemSaab jesi b-grade movie krta tha...

      Aamir or salman or sunny.....90's k true Super-star h

      1. LMAO funny guy, Shah Rukh Khan was the fastest growing star in the 90s and by the end of the 90s he was the biggest superstar in the industry!

      2. @bhojpuri gawar
        Srk has 8 blockbusters in his career and kajol has 2 both with srk
        And tell me 1 single blockbuster kajol has with salman,ajay or with others?
        And the topic was who is bigger in 90s salman vs srk
        To tu kyo aamir Ka naam khraab krne aaa gya
        And now listen you gawar
        Aamir was not even in top 5 crowd pullers in 90s

        1. @Karan bhai tu dusro ko gawar bol raha hai pehle khudko dekh jab pata bhi hai srk nahi chal raha tab bhi faltu mein ussey defend kar raha hai woh bhi kis bases pe 90s ki movies pe so thoda language pe control rakh bhai

        2. @karan johar

          Croud puller nhi tha to....to blockbuster ATG (ghayal) or ATBB (ghatak )clash k sath kese dedi...vo b sunny paji k sath.....

          Bhai Aamir ne 6 ATBB di h....or tu blockbuster ki baat kr rha h...???.....agle saal ek or ready h ATBB....

          90's me log uski shakal b nhi dekhna chahte the.....bda ganda dikhta tha....kisi b angal se Hero nhi lgta tha....

          Ha 2000-2005 tak usne jarur Raj kiya....grow kiya....image-making ki.....

          Kyoki en dino aamir active nhi tha.....aamir ko pta tha...ki vo kbhi bhi Srk ki bja skta h...

  5. this is srk's career in short
    1992-94- chased maine pyaar kiya
    1994-2007- chased hum aapke hain kaun
    2010-213- chased dabangg, ready and bodyguard
    2014 -17- chasing kick , bajrangi bhaijaan and sultan

    so out of 25 years in his career srk has been chasing salman for 22 years. only 3 years are their in srk's career where he was not chasing any salman's film ( 2008,09 and 13). and srk may continue to chase salman's films many years more. srk fans will go in their grave with this truth.

      1. @TEMPERATURE yes that was me..and no yes i dont hate ajay..its just i feel akki is currently ahead of him..i also said that ajay was bugger than him in this decade till2015..i do not supprt any hatred against ajay neither the khans..its just that i became an akki fan after the way he gained back audience trust..the whole perception of akki being repetetive changed in last 3 4 years..

  6. Opening defines stardom –
    1. Salman chased Darr opening till 1995 and Anjaam opening till 1995 again
    2.Salman chased Trimurti/ Koyla opening till 1999 (4 years)
    3.chased K3G opening till 2005 /06 (5 years)
    4.chased Main hoon na opening till 2007(3years)
    I am sure Deewana would have opened more than Saajan ,let’s wait for BOI update
    Whole life gangu teli Salman is chasing SRK and his stupid fans tell him biggest crowd puller
    Megastar ! My foot

  7. in 90’s opening
    1992—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1993—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1994—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1995—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1996—-SRK> sallu (Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli’s film)
    1997—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1998—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1999—- sallu>KING KHAN
    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992

  8. @prashant...

    Oppning ki baat chod....oppning weekend ki baat kar...

    Abhi srk zero h esliye hmesha past ki jugali krta rhta h .

    Buffelow h kya ??

    90's ka bhut gus gya h tujme....jb dekho tb oppning or 90's ki baat krega...

    Kal to tum ye b bologe....ki srk k 90's me blood cell jyada the....?????

  9. Y do idiots compare Akshay and Ajay....

    Akshay is a bigger star, he gives 4 hit in an year and ajay gives a hit in 4 years

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