Golmaal Again 2nd Tuesday Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again 2nd Tuesday Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again has collected a solid 4.02 crores on its 12th day. The film has maintained its rock steady pace as the drop is minimal.

Golmaal Again box office collection in 12 days is 175 crores. The way it is trending, 200 crores seems within reach as it needs to collect 15 crores plus pos the second week. However for that, a hold on third Friday will be important. The competition is not that strong especially in single screens so it should not be a tough task.

In overseas, the film has grossed $5.93 million (38.39 cr INR) so far. It is a decent number considering the star cast.

Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40
Total203.13 cr

23 comments on “Golmaal Again 2nd Tuesday Box Office Collection”

  1. Tommorow we will know the people who was missing at the time of jhms ,those people will be present in front of mannat so whose family members were lost can find
    them there??????

  2. Prabhas ek movie 500cr kama lia to vo kya khans se bara star ho Gaya ? Same Aamir agar 1 movie zyada kama lia overseas me vo bhi sirf China ki vajah se to vo overseas king nahi ho Gaya ..aao Christmas release ka compare kre

    Pk extremely positive review tha clash bhi nahi tha 1200 screens tha overseas collection - $26.4M
    Dangal extremely positive review tha clash bhi nahi tha 1400 screens tha overseas collection - $30M
    Dilwale average reviews tha clash hua Bajirao Mastani se jab ki Bajirao bhi $15M Kia tha fir v dilwale $26.6M kamaya 1000 screens me .. higher than Pk ..mtlb Srk ka average reviews vala movie clash vala movie Aamir ke extremely positive review vale movie or Bina clash vale movie se zyada kama rha vo bhi kam screens me

    NOTE : Dangal ka Maine China collection add nahi Kia .(dilwale china ne nahi hua release ).ab kyu nahi Kia Maine add ye next comment me prho neeche

    1. China ne 3 idiots se pehle Bollywood market nahi tha ..to Aamir 3 idiots release Kia china me itna achaa movie se start Kia release to uska stardom ban Gaya 1st movie se hi ..or SRK happy new year fan jaisa ghatiya movie release Kia china me is liye Naa collection hua or Naa hi srk ka stardom Bana ..agar Srk bhut achaa movie release krta china me to uska movie v china me kamata ...ab Aamir ka achanak se 3 idiots itna kaise kama lega agar uska 3 idiots se pehle china me stardom rehta to uska 3 idiots se pehle koi movie kyu nahi kamata tha ?...agar dwarf movie bhut achaa Nikla to china me Srk ka bhi stardom ban jaega

      Is liye Dangal ka Maine China collection add nahi Kia kyuki Srk ka movie release nahi hua china me

    2. Who said srk to clash with ranveer?? And everyone expected dilwale to smash bm....and one thing I dont get is that who are stopping srk hr and others from doing good films?? Did aamir told him to reject robot or 3 idiots?? Or hr for rdb or dch?? Aur ek film nahi...aamir is becoming stronger with each new film he is releasing. .he has established a fanbase in china...and lol people call him china made star..china recognised bollywood for aamir khan...and he is nothing without content??? So kick bb sultan ek tha tiger ce chak de ga content was bad??? It is judged by the audience whether they like the film..the brainless critics reviews does not matter to them. .srk and salman have crazy fan following. .aamir does not have that...bt he chooses good scripts which is his credit..and gives good films with high profits...lol and people only talk about ss..while aamir has given films like lagaan dch rangeela rdb tzp ghajini 3 idiots dangal pk..

      1. Maine aisa to baat nahi kia bhai ..dilwale bajirao mastani se clash kar ke average reviews me $26.6M kamaya ..highest than pk

  3. 3 idiots jo ek epic movie hai Bollywood ka sbse achaa movie Maana jaata hai world me popular hai uska overseas collection - $16M (2009 Christmas me aaya )
    3 idiots ke 2 month Baad my name is Khan aaya February jaise dull month me 2010 me uska overseas collection - $23M ..ab batao ?..even Bollywood arena ne bhi kaha hai ki Srk ne hi Bollywood market open Kia hai overseas me jaake check kr lo

    Bollywood arena aaj bata hi do overall kon hai overseas king ?

  4. gayi bhes pani me….according to some eka duka Amir fans….SS will be classic record breaker….100cr will be cake walk and it crush Crap Golmaal Rohit…in first weekend itself..golmal 60 cr SS 110/115 cr…..ab AMir fans please 50cr+ kaha se aayege?
    distributor ki tu lasshe bich gayi…Bombay circuit me….even in north…

  5. Amir will say about SS ….am happy with BO of SS and give good lectures in media…i know this guy double face…
    and he will declare the Budget 20/25 cr to show this is HIT….likh ke le lo…..

    am following him since 1995 he is big jelous of SRK……

    now Amir will declare …HIt…likh ke le lo

  6. Overseas records comparison :
    $10M above :
    Srk - 12
    Aamir - 4 only ..1st $10M Aamir ka 2009 me aaya Srk ka 2001 me hi ..Srk back to back 10 movie Dia $10M overseas me ..even jhms fan jaisa movie bhi $10M Kia non holiday me ..talaash only $7M in 2012 lol

    100cr in overseas
    Srk 5 movie
    Aamir 3 movie

    Overseas blockbuster :
    Srk 23
    Aamir 5

    Overseas HGOTY (highest grosser of the year )
    Srk 16
    Aamir 4

    1. Well the truth is the truth, if any other star gives a shit movie in Bollywood today he won't collect much overseas, but Shah rukh Khan has this fixed amount he gets from overseas which no one else is capable of getting! Maybe only Aamir Khan!

      But the thing is that Aamir Khan script sense is really good, he know what he's doing!

  7. 3 idiots overseas collection - $16M (Christmas 2009
    My name is Khan - $23M (February 2010 )
    3 idiots jo ek epic movie hai bhut popular hai usse $7M zyada to my name is Khan kamaya jab ki my name is Khan 2 month Baad Saaya tha February jaise dull month me or 3 idiots Christmas me...even Bollywood arena ne keh Chuka ki Srk hi Bollywood market SB jagah overseas me open Kia hai ...

    Bollywood arena PLZZ bata do overall overseas king Kon hai SB factors consider kar ke

  8. Are SRK ka overseas ka 10 film ka collection Dangal se kam hain. Aa jate hain mu uthake kehi se bhi.

    1. Arijit kis duniya mein jee raha hai bhai..aamir ki last 3 movie kya hit ho gyi overseas mein toh matlab srk se aage nikal gya..srk 1993 se rule kr raha hai overseas mein chahe india mein movie flop ho jaaye but overseas mein humesha hit hoti hai nd aamir ki 3 idiots se pehle kaunsi movie overseas mein hit huyi thi waise?yaad hai?nahi naa bcoz koi huyi hi nahi thi so keep ur ugly mouth shut nd do something wealthy..nd last thing main srk kaa fan nahi hun but jo sach hai woh sach hai srk overseas mein humesha 1st pe rahega...

      1. No you idiot @Arjun aamir is baap of everyone in overseas. He is undisputed no.1 in overseas and india like it or not. Srk cam never come close to aamir in overseas. Look at the collection of dangal. It is more than srk' s half number of movies in overseas. Get a life. Aamir is light years ahead of srk in overseas.

  9. Guys, I would suggest all not to fight over stars and their power. Instead enjoy all good movies done by stars. At end of day we are spending money from pocket to watch movies, so we should thank stars who are giving us good entertainment and not those who just take people for granted and make nonsense movies.

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