Golmaal Again 1st Day Box Office Collection

Golmaal Again 1st Day Box Office Collection: The big Diwali release has hit the right chords at the box office. There were some reservations that it might not get the big start due to advance issues. It also had a clash with Aamir Khan's Secret Superstar. However, Ajay Devgn starrer has got a huge opening. Take a look at the Golmaal Again collection report for the opening day.

As per the trade estimates, it seems that Golmaal Again 1st day collection will be in the range of 29-30 crores. The film has maintained a phenomenal hold in the night shows too. The late-night shows have ended at 2:30 AM.

The film started the day with a bang as the overall occupancy in the morning shows was 65% plus. It got the best start of the year beating all Bollywood releases. The circuits like Mumbai, Gujarat and Rajasthan opened best with occupancy touching 75%. It was also dominating in mass areas with housefull boards in most places. Even in North India, the occupancy was 55% which was exceptional considering that last films in the franchises have not worked here.

Golmaal Again 1st Day Box Office Collection

With the passage of the day, the film continued to show improvement. As expected the box office was on fire in later half of the day. Noon and evening shows went very well as there was good growth in all over India. The film was running with a record number of shows in few places as the screens are fewer.

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Diwali holiday has given a huge boost to Golmaal Again collection. The clash with Secret Superstar also became irrelevant on the opening day. That was always on the cards as Golmaal Again was a perfect Diwali film. On the other hand, Secret Superstar had some dark angle which had fewer chances to work against a commercial film on Diwali, at least in the opening weekend

Golmaal Again 1st day collection will be the highest opening day of 2017 from Bollywood. It is also 2nd highest for any Ajay Devgn starrer. His best is still Singham Returns which released on Independence Day. The film has also recorded the highest single day of 2017 beating Raees which collected 26.30 cr crore on day 2.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Golmaal Again 1st day box office collection in the comments section.

69 comments on “Golmaal Again 1st Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Ajay blacksmith ki asli aukat monday se dekhegi
      Flopshao ke time bhi yahi hua tha par lifetime kya hua 100 bhi nahi
      Same will here
      I am shifting my lifetime prediction of g4 from 99 to 99.99

        1. @devgun asylum kahaan ho bhai jawaan do
          one big Question???????
          Aap ke Ajay Sir Solo Hit kab denge????????
          (Without Rohit n No multi cast)
          Bollywood me debut karke 25 saal ho gaye..
          20 saal ek bhi solo hit nahi yeh to Actor ke naam par dhabba hai aise actor ko Nanga karke maarna chahiye
          Last solo hit in 1998
          20th year running??????
          Ajay fans r Ashamed of it..

      1. Rohit Shetty ki Jai ho ?????
        From all Ajay fans
        You again saved Ajay intense actor sinking career with comedy movie with big comedy stars Arshad, Tushar n Shreyas

        3 10
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 8:30 PM
        Aaj Vimal Calculator chaalu
        GOLMAAL opening day trade figures
        – 19cr
        Vimal Calculator figures – 23 cr
        4 crore manipulation on day 1 ???

        3 7
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 8:35 PM
        Saara Indians Diwali ke mauke par Bhagwan ki pooja karte hain lekin
        Ajay fans Rohit Shetty ki Pooja karte hai
        Jai ho Rohit Shetty ki???

        2 6
        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/20/2017 at 8:39 PM
        Thank you very much Rohit Shetty from all GOLMAAL stars
        Arshad Warsi, Shreyas, Tushar n lastly Ajay coz he can’t do comedy

        2 6

        1. Agreed but ….ROHIT SHETTY WORSHIPS AJAY ADMIT AJAY SAVING HIS DIRECTORIAL CAREER AND CALLS AJAY HIS BAAP!! and all Ajay Srk Salman Aamir hrithik fans know that.

          Jealousy at its peak!!

          Sajid helping Akki from Hoiseful flops flops then H2.

          Suniel Darshan interview posting ? very soon here….who after 7 years of no hit relightend it with Andaaz….and you know Who Suniel Darshan worshipped that time??

          One question? Dont you feel ashamed that Even AAMIR FANS are supersupporting GA despite controversies?
          Then whats you Akki fan problem??
          Is it fair allowing people to give you befitting answers to Akki this tyoe of ways? If you donr feel ashamed think of other neutral Akshay fans or burn to ashes Jealous boy!! You cant do anything nothing? Because even Rohit last movie was not successful… So it deoends with his star power Superstar and hardwork from team GA!!...

          Didnt see this comment before signing off....now am ok.

          Sinking career saved Interview post of someone coming out soon...be alerted if you still dont want to be a good boy!!
          You can see what you are causing? Expenses of Akki fans you are disgracing both them and your Fan!!

          1. Rohit was never a Hirani Yash raj Kjo Suniel darshan kind of successful director who continued with sucesses like they had several years with other actors.

            Rohit,Kabir Khan are people that owe their career to those big superstars!! They were nothing before!!

            Rohit was never a Hirani Yash raj Kjo Suniel darshan kind of successful director who continued with sucesses like they had several years with other actors.

            Rohit,Kabir Khan are people that owe their career to those big superstars!! They were nothing before!!
            SRK Salman Ajay Hrithik franchises continued to be grossing higher and higher,even tomorrow let any of their franchise be released Guaranteed they will not be 1.disqualified, 2. They will be able to carry on any other actors previous franchise(Big budget franchise not 30cr franchise) just like how Hrithik and Aamir did not let other big budget franchise done by another actor being trashed! 3. Finally the collection of their last big budget franchise records domestically will be BROKEN!!

            End of Discussion!!! Gooood Nyt India again Happy Happy Diwali... Stay happy with family,friends and enjoy both movies.

          2. Great opening i hope it does more then 175cr..from true akki fan plz ingnore this 2.0 he can not be akki fan.bolly arena plz do not post a comment that talks racism.

            Love the golmaal again watched it today at Feltham cineworld in london...great great great..

            1. @akki
              The more Fans of Akki we have who thinks like you,the more respect Superstar Akshay will always get!! Just a pity unnecessarily soon as any Ajay update is posted some fans of Akki come to first comment abuse and then Bash him. This was never like this.
              @Devgun before joining bollyarena, was never the reason other Akkians bash Ajay. Very pathetic,i know lots of Ajay core fans @Sani @aisha @nishant @shri who every single day either came to bollyarena or Adda site and kept on wishing Akshay very best during Tepk some even picked fight with others for supporting Akki but then Why his fans alwats behave like this. One @Devgun bashes Akki but compare ratio of Ajay fans in general abusing Akshay is not upto 5% ,i feel bad even as a Srkian seeing it.

              1. If i tell you i feel happy bashing Akshay am lying ,if i tell you i dont regret bashing Akshay courtsey of his 3-4 fans here am also lying but i just cant stand seeing hatred irrelevant comments just because he is Ajay??
                @JD...kudos bro...

                Will still try and control my cool regarding Akshay pending when those boys dont show jealousy and envy.

                  1. Forgot to add about performance.
                    Yes as all trade sites are giving collection i agree with them Ajay role is Mindblowing ,the rest are supercool!!
                    Old days are back!!

                1. Had it come solo it wouldv trashed Bahubaali2 as occupancy were recorded even higher than Bahubaali 2.
                  Fingers crossed today!!

      2. Yaar tumhe aisa nhi
        Bolna chahiye woh itne samaya se kaam kar rahe both of you roric and hameed

      3. It should be called as Rohit Shetty again
        Coz he made a super hit out of No Big Star, No face value...
        Kudos to Arshad warsi, Shreyas , Tusharrr, n Kunal for such scintillating performance..????
        These guys made this franchise watchable...
        Hatsoff to Rohit Shetty ???

    2. @ jeet : Everyone knows it is a Aamir cameo. Let TOH release solo next diwali. The opening day collections of that movie will give a fair picture of Aamir’s stardom; not this one.

        1. It is easier to understand if you keep away with the jealousy part.

          Raees can never be equal to Dear Zindagi (though SRK was present in both)

          Naam Shabana can never be equal to TEPK (though Akshay was present in both)

          Same way SS can never be equal to PK or Dhoom 3.

          It is all about having the lead role in a big commercial movie as against a support role in a sort of niche movie. The result will obviously not be the same. I might not be around next year Diwali when TOH releases but when it will release you will see the difference I am talking about.

          Anyways since your target apparently is to belittle Aamir (probably as a revenge to the trolling received for Tubelight performance) then obviously there is no point in discussing further. No further comments on this one.

    3. Meaning what??? Please no joke time here. Ss is also getting very good news around the corner!!

    4. I guess it's been enough content now, Masala movie times!

      TZH if a good movie with the right amount of Masala, it'll beat BB!

      Padmavati doesn't stand a chance on being the highest grosser of the year!!!!

      Golmaal first day: 32-33cr prediction

    5. Golmaal again gas collected 33cr+ on its opening day ,,,excellent collection,,, really happy for Ajay sir,,,,

      1st weekend - 90cr+
      1st week - 130cr+
      Overall collection in India- 170cr+
      Verdict-- blockbuster

      Haters ki fatti padi hai,,parshya tera SS to gya Bhai,,, ab tu bahane bnayega ki amir sir ka cameo tha aur screens kam tha,,,sharm kar tu,,,,,hahahaha,,,,,

    1. Request to all Fans ,ignore comments from 3-4 regular bad ? mouther who will come here soon for excuses. Take them as kids and no need to reply. If they cant come here and say "wow good,our idols next movie also have bigger chance. The biggest today's testimony shows Audiences are still ready to come out once the film enters their soul."
      Anything apart that and giving kudos to Ss and Ga a clash looking very profitable for both movies... Dont answer,just smile and tell them to get well soon!!

      Happy Diwali.....all and Cheers take care Good Nyt for those staying in India!

      1. Yes Happy Diwali to all users here and everyone @bollyarena.

        I hope they ‘get well soon’ as otherwise jealousy is pretty harmful for health and soul both.

  1. Hamare lord canadian akshay ka kab aisa din aaega hahaha highest 1st day 16cr hai akshay ka hahahahahaha ..

    Ajay hritik both have 3 20cr opening but akki a big ghanta

    1. Beta yeh bhi bata ki tere lallu Ajay ne 20cr openings national days pe di hai . Normal Friday pe to Ajay ka 10cr bhi mushkil hota hai.
      Waise bhi next year Gold is releasing on national holiday. Then see how it will cross 30cr .

    1. Sorry Aamirian its already accepted by all Akkians they follow Boi. When they were criticising other actors opening day where were you??

      1. Do they agree Raees crossed Tepk? If they dont okay good Sib opened 20 crs.
        Shivaay ,satyagraha,prdp Sos hny all crossed their boi numbers...if not just stick with Boi because they everyday use boi(which i never trusted) to condemn others...simple logic

        1. U don't trust BOI
          Coz you only trust Vimal Calculator...
          You can produce own figures????

  2. Awesome!!!

    Bobby Bhai : " Rajesh Khanna Amitabh Bachchan Ke Baad Koi Actor Aesa Record Banaya H GAETY GALAXY Me To Wo @ajaydevgn Hai " #GolmaalAgain

    #GolmaalAgain ??

    Gaiety Galaxy Me Bahubali K Baad 1st Time Itna Crowd Dekha.. Ajay Devgn Dhamaka Hai Ye -

    Proud moment for real movie lover fans, exhibitors and real love coming from Non Ajay fans too?

    Incredible.... Hatss off Ajay Sir soul of the brand and this Movie(superb natural aura as always)

    Same time wishing SS the very very best cos of Aamir Sir!!

    Franchises are not always a must bankers!!
    Like northern part of India Last golmaal 3 didnt do well at all but this time love for massy masala mainstream entertainment shows , Pvr can immediately change their decision just by day 1 response.

    Finally,on franchises again dont forget...

    Some franchises...
    1. Mainlead of franchise 1 was not given another role for franchise 2.
    2. Some actors Ruin classic cult franchise even on Diwali /National day period.
    3. Some part 3 huge big budget franchises could not even collect more than the previous domestically.

    So ignore all those using that as an excuse,if a movie is good it will gets it due no matter what.

    1. No that is the power of Golmaal franchise. If you want to see ajay' s power than take a look at baadshaho, shivaay, action Jackson and many more.

    1. Kaha laalu lal Ajay kaha Superstar Akki.
      Ajay only 3 100cr grosser . So called star.
      Akki 8 100cr grossers . Self made Superstar

      @devgan samajh jaa ki Akki tera baap hai vrna khoob pitega.

      1. Singham,singham returns,son of sardaar,bol bachchan,shivaay,golmaal 3 all are 100 crore.plus

  3. ok.. enough of thrashing stars and their movies...
    i love aamir and one must admit his movies are always high on content and entertainment.. SS has got amazing reviews.. lets not bash a good film and go watch it to see it ourselves!!..
    Golmaal has done well too..
    Parshyaaa.. for the first time.. i am wth asmir.. only coz it deserves a hit status.. :)

  4. No need for pessimism for Amir fans. SS will soon cross 1000 Cr after its release in China, Hong Kong,Turkey, Romania and Russia even though India total will be <100 Cr as Amir is a Global star.

  5. Wow.. I have exam on Sunday. So I will be in the Monday audience. Hope theatre will be pack so that movie can be enjoyed with whistles and hooting. Here u go.. Congratulations in advance. Biggest hindi opener of 2017 goes to Ajay Devgan. So congratulations Adians..

  6. Abe humne sab dekha hua h samjha ye opening nai baat tere liye hai samjha humne 90 - 100% opening bahut baar dekhi h baar dekhi h...mera vushwas tu karna hi mat google tera muh band kardega samjha....
    insecure fan....ajay has given a record opener while Akki did.
    baat us din karna jab ajay ki movie 2cr+ footfals cross karle
    anyway I like him but not you.

  7. Y fans are fighting against each other. Common all our 90s heroes are surviving in the industry despite new commers. Appreciate them. Proud fan of all

  8. Aamirians need just a hit status for ss

    No need to argue with other fans becouse its not aamirs mainstream movie its on the catagry of
    Taare zameen par

    Yeh filmain aamir sirf samaj ke liye karta hai aamir khan ko bhi pata hai aur fans ko bhi ke yeh film 100cr nahi karegi
    Aur nahi opening legi

    Agar ss me aamir ke badle koi bhi hota ajay ashay srk salman to bhi opening 3 crore se jyada nahi hote

    Ab is baat ki compare bhi nahi ho sekta kyunke aur kisine bhi aamir jaisi film bhi nahi ki

    So we know ss hit hogi aur main predict karrahahu aaj ss ki collection jo as a fan main sochta hu

    Day 1 4.8cr
    Day 2 10-12cr
    Day 3 7-8cr
    Day 4 10-11cr
    Weekend 30-35cr
    After 1st weekend cost recovered

    Aami fan

    1. Absolutely ryt.But one cannot ignore the fact that ajay devgn has done a no. of offbeat movies like zakhm omkara yuva company takshak legend of bhagat singh .Though aamir is considered to be the big star but no one in the industry can be as versatile as mr.devgn is most underrated star having explored each and every genre with ease and comfort.2 national awards.kaunsa khan le aaya bhai. Though they are considered the superstars but ajay devgn in his 26yr career has given many hits and one cannot rule him out .Aaj bhi sultaan mirza singham kyaa baat jo bhi koi kucch bhi khet but every one respects ajay devgn when it comes to acting. Chopra johar etc in banners ke bina ajay 26 saal se lath gaad k baithaa hai.jabki sabhi stars khans akki hritik even ranveer ranbir ne chopra camp yaa johar camp me 1 se 3 movies ki hai.yeh to sab maanenge ajay ne 1 bhi movie nhi ki but he is still there kyaa proof dena hai bhai .

    1. And that are 2 two classes of 90's Bollywood!

      Class A: The Khans
      Class B: Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn
      Class C: Rest of Bollywood

  9. Full bakwas movie.... Rohit cheated people..... Over acted comedy.... Story nhi thi to movie kyo bnaaya......!!

  10. Hahahaha Akkian Dekho Dekho Ajay Sir Ki Opening ??????

    Mar Jao Canadain Fans Doob K ???
    1st Half - Peyt Pakar K Hasoge ???
    2nd Half- Everage

    MOvie Achi Hai But #Secret_SuperStra K Level Se Kam Hai ???

    My Reviews
    Secret Superstar - 4.5 ??
    Golmaal -3.5

  11. Ppl like entertainment over rona-dhona .... whatever anyone says GA going to rock box office. Don’t be a fan of any stybe fan of good movie and GA is far better entertainer in recent time !!

  12. Hope it would've get little more screens... 30-32 cr. is my prediction... Huge opening... But looking at the film it's the worst of Golmaal series for me... So lifetime won't be huge... But it's a sure shot hit after this kind of opening... My today's prediction is 23-25 cr. as today is also a holiday at many places... Hoping 110 cr. from its week 1... And yes I'm a true Akkian... But also like Aamir, Hrithik and Ajay... No hatred for Ajay he's a very powerful actor...

  13. Only some akshay fan worrying about golmal again collection other than Akshay fan everyone enjoying success of opening day.
    Akshay is less crowed puller than other big actor in opening day is the only reason akshay fan started jealous for golmal.
    Akshay fan hoping with gold but gold movies is about biopic not much entertainment film no chance to open big.

  14. AJAY sir crushed fake stardom of MAKKI. Kaha Raja bhoj kaha gangu teli. Yaha aakar mujhe pta chala ki akki k bhi fans h lol like roric abhijeet etc


    AKKII HF 3 ....15 CR
    SIB 16 CR
    RR 14CR

    DRISHYAM 6 CR ???






    AKKII HF 3 ....15 CR
    SIB 16 CR
    RR 14CR

    DRISHYAM 6 CR ???






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