Gold Trailer - Akshay Kumar

A historical sports drama inspired by India’s first Olympic gold medal. The film traces the golden era of Indian hockey through the journey of Tapan Das, a young assistant manager in 1936, who dreams of playing for an independent nation.

The film starring Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Kunal Kapoor and Amit Sadh will release in theatres on 15th August, 2018.


55 comments on “Gold Trailer - Akshay Kumar”

  1. Awesome trailer..looks like Another promising and good content movie of this year after Raid,Raazi, Parmanu.. waiting for this one......

      1. Akshay Kumar's career : ATBB *Error*, All time grosser *Error*, Highest grosser *Error*, Highest grosser (Decade) *Error*, 20cr Opener *Error*, 60cr Weekend *Error*, 100cr week *Error*, 140cr net *Error*, 2.20cr FFs *Error*, Adhar card *Error*, 80 Flops *Available*

        1. For all those who say that Akshay Kumar has not given 200 Crore movie, MOHARA (1994) had achieved this milestone with 206 crores (Adjusted net gross in today's value).

    1. Brilliant trailer!!!!

      But Akshay Kumar get out of this zone now, its too many!!

      Rowdy Akshay is much better, because salman is destroying the masala genre, Akshay was too good at it!!

  2. Gold is clashing with 2 more films.it it had released solo then it will surely beat Race 3 collections .still it has outside chance of both films receives negative response.

  3. Toilet ho gyi flop China mai….not even cross100 crore...business end 97 crore…distributer in big loss now such a big release movie almost 20000 screens need 18 million minimum….but films do only 14 million there….flop

    Bollywoodarena plz post it

    1. Jahil gawar tepk collect 14.9mill (100cr too now)
      Inverstment is just 40 cr its a hit in China
      Jao Rickshaw chalao???

      1. @arsh nalayak Toilet is Super Hit in China .
        What's do u think 100cr in single 9verseas country is easy . Answer us no . U need very strong content . And TEPK had very strong content .

  4. It will be 1000 better then these decade disaster and worst film race3,,, hope it will be akshay's sir highest grosser

    1. Ha ha ha
      He is saying race 3 is debacle....
      Fir tere error kumar ki highest grosser ko 8 days me beat kar diya.....kitne zahil hote h isske fan.....dislike krna h karo par jo sach h wo sach h

  5. These year's most awaited films

    All these films will be sure shot blockbuster

  6. Amir khan is the biggest star in India from 2009 and TOH will destroy all the records set by bahubali2 and it will surpass race3 in just 4-5 days,,, mark my words guys..

    TOH in India lifetime 510crs
    Verdict: ATBB

  7. Amir khan never promotes his fims like duffer salman bcuz he knows that after weekend only contents work not stardom...... Amir is living legend...

  8. Race3 has everything to be called worst movie of these decade..

    Worst actress
    Worst songs
    Worst lyrics
    Worst director
    Worst story
    Worst first half
    Biggest crap of these decade...

    Amir's TOH will destroy race3 in 4-5 days..

  9. come on jealous persons or so called fans of none.... burai karo yar....everyone is liking the trailer....but you so called bhakts also like but cannot accept...aisi bhi kya bhakti...

  10. superb trailer!

    sallu fans sallu ko bolo remake sequel karna band kardo kuch naya karo!
    only sultan and bb acchi thi..

    Note:Bharat is also remake!

    1. Sultan bhi bakwas hai! 3 months ka training kar ke Olympic gold jit jana ye sirf bakwas baat hai!!!!! Anyway, BB was a classic.. To me, Tubelight bhi utna bhi bura nahi tha, I liked Tubelight & Sallu at least tried to do something different.. Masala genre mein Wanted, Ek Tha Tiger achha tha

  11. Sureshot blockbuster just hope it doesnt clash even if it does it will be a superhit at bate minimum

  12. Jahil gawar tepk collect 14.9mill (100cr too now)
    Inverstment is just 40 cr its a hit in China
    Jao Rickshaw chalao???

    1. 100 cr in nonfestival with clash is still better than 114 cr on eid with solo release ????

  13. outstanding performance from akki and Gold looks like another masterpiece from him after such films as Baby, Airlift, Jolly llb2, TEPK, & Padman

  14. Outstanding trailer.lots of praise to makers of GOLD as well as leading man akshay.Hoping movie will be engaging,inspiring & most importantly entertaining.looks like Highest grossing movie of akshay’s Career till that time.Early prediction 150-175 crores.If it is universally accepted 200 crs plus also possible.

  15. Trailer is Good - will open with 15 cr...and life time 115 to 130 cr.. Hit.

    Directors track record is poor so movie probably will not be entertaining ....

  16. Interesting to see how Akhshay will play the role of a Bong guy.. & The Bengali dialogues "Khub valo swapna.. Soro ekhan theke" by Mouni Roy... Feel very nice to listen those! Any Bong here in BollyArena??

  17. Nice trailer with powerful performances
    I don’t think YPDPS coming on ID.
    So, it’s gold vs satyamev jayte
    Rustom opened with 14 crore on non holiday with Hrithik Mohenjodaro.
    Gold is coming on holiday so it should opened between 18-20 cr after clashing with satyamev jayte. If it opens around 20 crore then it could be akki highest grosser.

  18. Ppl saying this film blockbuster lol.
    Hit or super hit....
    Max business 90cr to 100cr.
    Open challenge Max 90cr...take screenshot........
    Akshay don't have credibility to
    Cross. 150cr with good content holiday etc etc.....
    This FIL 100cr doubt why first clashing with two more film ...
    Film is not universal content.
    Not much entertainment
    Another patriotic type film to fool ppl...
    Resemble of chak de india.

  19. Ha ha ha
    He is saying race 3 is debacle....
    Fir tere error kumar ki highest grosser ko 8 days me beat kar diya.....kitne zahil hote h isske fan.....dislike krna h karo par jo sach h wo sach h

  20. Akshay nailed it! Akshay is growing as an actor day by day, he's always been an entertainer but these past 2 years he's leaving his marks as one of the finest actors of our time, something has gotten into him and he's acting better than ever. The standout thing about this trailer is the production values, I mean from small to big props used in the movie makes it a perfect period drama. Akshay's getup, their suits, hairstyles of every actor is very much 60's, that Bengali language is near perfect, nobody is dressed like a hero(that's how it should be), they all look simple and close to real players of that era. That scene with Akshay breaking the pencil, that scene is so intense and good. I really hope that they show us some good game stretgies and don't overshadow it with too much drama, it shud be well balanced. Keep it simple and focus should be on winning game, minimum no. of songs(only if it fits the situation), don't merge it with Akshay's love story angle. Movie looks promising and a long run is guaranteed. Really hope that Akshat achieves new heights in his career with this powerful performance because seeing his last few performances he rightfully deserves it!

  21. 100 cr in nonfestival with clash is still better than 114 cr on eid with solo release ????

  22. I do not know about business but this movie will be a Cinematic Classic at the end that is all that matters. After 20 Years no one will remember a HNY, Race 3, Tubelight but a movie like TZP, BB,Dangal,Chak De India or Gold will always be remembered.

    1 Dangal (2016) 1943cr
    2 Baahubali 2 (2017) 1791cr
    3 Mughal-E-Azam (1960) 1769cr
    4 Sholay (1975) 1678cr
    5 Disco Dancer (1982) 1558cr
    6 Awaara (1951) 1506cr
    7 Mother India (1957) 1344cr
    8 Hum Aapke Hain Koun(1994) 1305cr
    9 Bobby (1973) 1189cr
    10 Gunga Jumna (1961) 1123cr
    11 Shree 420 (1955 1101cr
    12 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) 1024cr
    13 Kismet (1943) 1002cr
    14 Ratan (1944) 990cr
    15 Naya Daur (1957) 986cr
    16 Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) 976cr
    17 Aradhana (1969) 951cr
    18 Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978) 949cr
    19 PK (2014) 929cr
    20 Seeta Aur Geeta (1972) 848cr

  24. Lol it will not cross 120cr....any body challenging me take screenshot...
    This film will get everything like gd trailer also get good review still it will fail to collect 120cr.
    Reason Akshay less fan following and his credibility ....plus clash.....and Chek de india concept ....
    150cr just dream for Akshay...
    Start barking no problem start dislikes no problem truth is akshay don't have ability to collect 150cr

  25. Trailer is awsm. Movie is sureshot blockbuster.
    Only Gold this independence Day .
    200cr for Akki Sir

  26. 150cr us not possible .
    @ housfull predict 200cr......
    I will be akshay fan if it gross 150cr forget 200cr....take screenshot

  27. Can anybody guess where am I visiting right now? Just guess. And I will tell you the answer later.

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