Future of Indian cinema rests on films like Baahubali: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has said that future of Indian cinema rests on film like Baahubali. He was talking to the Telugu news channel for the promotion of Raees.

He said, “Baahubali is one of the finest cinematic experiences in the recent times. The future of Indian cinema will rest on films like it. These films are eventful and big with great visual effects and enactments and it attracts everyone irrespective of language it was made in."

Talking about acting in Telugu films, SRK said he is busy with many projects in Hindi film industry that he hasn’t been able to make into films. He says he loves that he has many fans down in the south too.

Baahubali was released in 2015 and turned out to be a blockbuster. Shahrukh Khan has shown in interest in making in super hero and a warrior film..

24 comments on “Future of Indian cinema rests on films like Baahubali: Shahrukh Khan”

    1. Ye fir se asoka to nhi banane ja rha. First he understand that amir is amir and salman is salman so dont compare with them. After sometime srk does ranbir's father role.

    2. Raess ka naye song ke lyrics kya sandar h par srk aur mahira ne apni overacting se barbad kr diya song ko.

  1. bhai ye wahi banda hai Jo robot ko copy karne k koshish kiya tha or crap b grade superhero low vfx film raone banaya tha

    south film industry increases their film quality and Bollywood directors are busy in making same old shit ROM com film
    really shame on kjo aditya
    ranbir ranveer aditya kapoor
    srk who only love to do ROM com
    tharki insane karan johar

    last year
    more than 25 ROM com film released
    and also this year
    Bollywood films are starting with bgrade OK jaanu
    same old live in relation type movie

  2. Rehne srk tujhse na ho paayega Aamir Salman Bina Koi Superhero and warrior movies ke tujhse kayi aage hai kyu parshya bhai sahi kaha na if they will do it it becomes impossible for you to reach there yaad hai na ra. One muskhil se budget tak pauncha tha #BestVideoGameEverRa.One

  3. Bollywood industry is very big
    see the box office collection of aamir and salman films
    but Bollywood director are not experimenting or making good big films
    except slb no one have capability to make epic film like bahubali
    only 4 directors have capability to make Hollywood type film
    and they are
    victor director of dhoom 3
    kabir khan
    raju hirani

    and others are just copy cat

  4. What he does and what all he says is just Non Sense always.....
    Self boasting actor with zero IQ.
    he is indirectly taking dig at DANGAL 's success....
    post debacle of Ra.One he has went Mad...

    1. He was talking with a telgu News channel, Nd bahubali iz indeed one of the finest cinematic experience from SOUTH. that's Y he mention that name. Where Dangal iz coming here?
      IQ level tera Zero hai. to show ur hatred, u r talking nonsense .. SRK kuch bhi bole, e saale bloody haters issue bana dete hai.. grow up, kisiki burai karnese, tumahari respect bar nahi jayegi.

  5. @geeny
    By appreciating Bahubali (which was of 2015). He don't want to appreciate Dangal , instead he appreciated Bahubali.
    what superhero he is talking about ... Dangal is never less than a superhero flick. We need good films to well at BO not superhero films always. He knows the fate of Ra.one...

    1. @Anil Akki ,neil already gave u the answer.But I think ur IQ is too low that u won't understand.He gave the interview to a Telugu channel and spoke about one of the finest movies from that industry.What's wrong in that.

  6. You are forgotting that Ok Jaanu is the official remake of malayalam Dulqur Salman's film Ok Kanmani.I watched the original and it is good,and director of ok jaanu choosed Adidto and Sraddha bcz their face is like the faces of hero and heroine of the original film.

  7. Srk only for awards and awards show.. salman famous for his great fan following.. aamir for making his film all time blockbuster ..

  8. @Anil Akki, he is not even talking about super hero movies.U can't comprehend what's written.Please check ur IQ first before making commnets about others.

  9. @gavan ka launda, who is comparing who? What do u smoke? Don't worry SRK's future.Because many like u came and gone and he is still here. So worry about urself.

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