Fukrey Returns 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Fukrey Returns 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Fukrey Returns has shown excellent trending at the start of its second week. The film has collected 3.31 crore on its second Friday.

The drop is only 15% from yesterday despite the releases of multiple films. However, none of the new releases was able to leave a mark at the box office. Now there will be huge growth on second Saturday. Fukrey Returns is now set for a huge run and can top 80 crores in its lifetime.

Day 18.10
Day 211.30
Day 312.80
Day 45.10
Day 55.05
Day 64.30
Day 73.90
Day 83.31
Day 95.15
Day 107.10
Day 112.25
Total68.36 cr

36 comments on “Fukrey Returns 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

  1. Fukrey Returns is one of the best trending movies of 2017 . It will cross big films like JHMS , SS , Baadshao in best few day . After that To Do medium is target . Fukrey Returns will end up after getting a good position in top 10 list .
    Lifetime = 75 - 80cr
    Really Happy .

      1. Eventhough 2.0 @ 2000 cr stopped trolling others completely still some Idiot fans hate him to the core n says negative things about him ..

        For what??? He spoke fact in critical manner n exposed some so-called top star...
        Yeah it's hard to digest the truth about our star still so much hatred for sticking to Truth

        Shame on such Jealous souls...

        1. @ Housefull right bro it will crush so called top star jhms n Big Multistarrer Baadshaho soon...

          1. @padman 200cr bro I totally agree with u . I also never found 2.0 @2000 comments bad . He always told truth . And we should respect him.

            1. @Rustom thanks bro.... I know true Akkians will never find fault with me... Except for Haters...

              1. @Padman 200cr I am also with u . Bro don't care about these stupid haters . These will always cry as they are jealous from Akshay's consistency. Bro only True Akkians know the real value of superstar Akshay . Let them bark .
                Bro ur username will come true and Padman will definitely collect 200cr . My best wishes are with Padman team and Akshay .

                1. @Housefull and @Rustom if for this past 3 weeks I have not even commented any inch negativity towards Akki, rather most my comments have been on his good run, achievement and more... But still thinking am his hater or envy(last thing to happen to me) then I wonder if I now start being more aggressive in replying like you guys I wonder what new adjectives you would associate with me... Both of you I repeat know very well of recent I talking about Akki has been 95% positive oriented from my comments yet because am an Admirer of Ajay whatever padman says you concur?
                  Rest my case.... No day one of you don't call Ajay name... No article of Furkey someone will not include Ajays name. In return what do you guys get? Either some honest praises and support coming from @Devgun of all people or my own way of describing Akshays positivity when due... Is that jealousness? Still we are haters? Have you seen the difference?
                  Ok you won, you want to see changes? I bet you boys.. You will now see changes.... One free tip now... Start attackimg Ajay sir more now on....we see where it ends

                  1. @temperature I have never said that u are hater . I know you have been neutral from past few days . Thats good of you .
                    But the dhamki u used in ur commment is very bad . U keep on being neutral and don't try to mess with Akki fans .
                    I again thank u for praising Akki sometimes . Keep it up .

                    1. @Rustom bro that's what wrong with this kid ,always misunderstands n misinterprets others(specially Akkians) n he thinks we hate Ajay n bash him unnecessarily whereas we only troll other stars when they speak.bad about AkkI
                      To be Frank , as long as I know this guy forced @2.0 2000 cr to troll Ajay
                      That's it....

                      This guy hates AKKIANS...

                    2. @Rustom....

                      No no noo.. Don't get me wrong.
                      First and foremost the last perception I will have is too give room for people to for a second believe.... The word "don't mess" is of any relevance to me. Its out of my thinking faculty. Previously even when I reply on Akki comments that does not go well with his fans, for once I never thought of "don't mess"
                      Am very transparent before if 20 Of Akki sir fans addresses negative comments to me, I without thinking twice straight go and answer and get back at them comfortably, everyone here can testify. It all depends on "situations" and "zeal" to do so.. So don't consider that as "Dhamki"
                      am very okay with whatever comment anyone feels like posting regarding my views and perspective but same time I also respect some of their digging back comments.

                    3. But let me be honest with you... I normally feel kind of disappointed with myself when I reply Anti Akki comments. Just that some fans actually push you and compel you to do so leaving you with no options, when you ignore they still continue, am not a saint but realistically had people like @2.0(Padman) and Houseful not been in this scene, from my comments people would find it hard to guess if am actually an Akshay fan cos I do really like him alot. People like @Roric I don't take him serious cos from the way you read someone comment you will easily know of he is just trolling(@Roric case) or actually have that Hatred for another actor, its either one of the two. The rest of the Akki fans here troll Ajay based on the situation maybe from an annoying Ajay fan probably or me cos I replied negativity to other Akki fans but at the same time have immense respect for him, I don't have to name them but you are one of them I know.
                      This shall be my last comment on this matter, I have clarified myself nothn personal.
                      Sorry @Rustom I would've specified @Houseful n #Padman200/2.0.2000cr... Its actually @Houseful I wanted asking which haters was he talking about with (Conman, ID specialist) @Padman and based on which of my comment...? And not you.

                    4. How did I miss this comment? Padman you still saying 2.0 is a different user? I made you troll Ajay? Come on, ever since I knew you here even before @devgun, it was your daily meal. I still want to believe you were the same person always commenting against Ajay @indicine yeah it's you.
                      I don't hate anyone here,even you off don't hate you rather it's your comments that rattles everywhere not only on my behalf but almost everyone have highlighted your nuisances.
                      Coming to Akshay, I can never hate him. If I hated him you wouldve seen me immediately pouncing on Aamir Mahabharat article, I purposely chose to ignore you guys comment as I said I don't find it anylonger relevant trying to force people mindset to change plus I would have to mention Akki name there which for now won't change anyone perception simple. So no I don't hate Akshay I like him alot...just be vary with your comments..dont take my conscience for granted.. Cool.
                      U Too...End of discussion

              1. Yes Rajkumar Hirani is a top director but Aamir is a Megastar n proved it....

                Coming to Akshay, everyone knows what he achieved.....

                Even top stars would fail with the kind of movies Akki did n succeeded....Akki has a connect with Audience......

        2. TALK TO ME DIRECTLY not going to every article and crying that I bla bla 2.0 cr because Padman and 2.0 both ids are yours so stop this drama.
          Jealous of what n who?

          Am so proud of what I have, who I love and who is are my role models... I don't need your theory here, keep it to yourself.. Even your so called supporters can tell number of times I have hailed Akki.. You how many times both of you have? Not even once!! When TEPK hit screens everyevening I made sure I praise Akki and the movie here at arena... GA time... We saw the true colours of jealousy.

          Only women cry on pathetic issues, real men move on and keep no grudges. Real Men talk to "Men Directly" not beating round the bush every single article!!

          Finally next time edit your name properly before posting comments after changing Id. Your 9.44 comment already revealed your true identity,(thanking your mate for saying he respects you... Gosh!! With still @Padman id) be smarter next time.

          1. Aur sun, Running away and I never ever ce in one sentence... ignoring does... Know the difference ?. Repeatedly posting 6 comments on every article for the day does not worth your ansa. Which decade? Post it again, I post mine easy as that(and trust me you won't want to come across my INFERENCES).
            Let the chase begin... Or you maturely just ignore me rather than tagging me in every article out of frustration!!
            This is an article on Furkey Returns.. Talk about it, its second weekend in total is about to cross GA 2 days collection , lifetime seems 9-10 crs less than GA day 3 collection which is excellent so concentrate here not remembering only
            " @Temperature every single comment " Bye ? ?

            1. Have milk? everyday 3 times so that u will be stronger n face the truth n digest it...

              1. I feel u r not still happy with ur stars whole career Achievements that 2.0 @ 2000 cr provided u still want him to dig deeper....

                @Temp Pathetic kid...

                1. Eventhough 2.0 @ 2000 cr stopped trolling others completely still some Idiot fans hate him to the core n says negative things about him.
                  (PADMAN COMMENT)

                  @padman 200cr bro I totally agree with u . I also never found 2.0 @2000 comments bad . He always told truth . And we should respect him.
                  (RUSTOM ANSWER TO PADMAN)
                  … Except for Haters…
                  (PADMAN REPLY TO RUSTOM)

                  @Rustom thanks bro…. I know true Akkians will never find fault with me.

                  @PADBOY..☝ who is who now? You are both padman and 2.0? If you are not @2.0... Why thanking Rustom for believing in you when the main subject is @2.0 cr??

                  Wipe this rubbish drama comedy play here all of you... Before asking me any question.

                  Don't worry my strength, the job I do are meant for physically and mentally strong strengths... Only regret, I don't have a fit curve body like ?. You need the milk put it in your lunch box against tomorrow and try and stick to 1 ?

                  1. Hehehe @Temp Revealed a Top secret about @2.0 n me
                    I was thanking Rustom for supporting my comments n not 2.0....
                    For dumb fellows like u let me say it.....
                    Akkians won't find fault with me n @2.0 except for Haters...
                    Get that in ur tiny brain......

                    Don't forget to have ? as much as u can everyone so that u digest Truth about ur star.....

                    1. ? Lol not only me noticed it check another person who also mentioned it. Its only a blind man or a 5 year old child that will purposely want to just believe what you said.
                      What am just gonna tell you is that based on your reply and the excuse you just gave...
                      "Shocking and Disgraceful act. "

                    2. The truth about my star is that he is one of the leading and durable Male personality we have in Hindi Cinema, he is a married man and a Hindu. He has the 3rd most successful movies in his kitty in the last 25 years and a National award winner. His name is
                      AJAY DEVGN SIR the one who night and day you keep doing self inflicted research upon, choosing your own statistics and parameters to add on top. The man that you mention his name 100 times more than Akki sir name, the man that made 90% of Bollywood arena users(THE REAL MATURED MINDS) believe you are totally mental, obsessed and care more about trying to criticize Him without even caring that you represent a respected Fan group that have much knowledgeable reasoning than you do. The man that makes you think you are the only one saying the truth and 90% of arena users (from your dislikes you can guess) know nothing only you know the truth?. That's the Truth I know. Passerby like you add no relevance to him in any manner except changing IDs to start creating confusion and chaos on this professional platform called Bollyarena.

              2. Hey that ? belongs to only one kid here and everyone knows who that kid is ? don’t snatch it away from him

                1. @Temp Every neutral fan knows the truth about ur star that 2.0 2000 cr provided....
                  If u don't get it go thru them once again to get that into ur tiny brain....

                  Every Akkian Respects n acknowledges 2.0 2000 cr n me for what I am....
                  No need of ur mental person nod for this...

                2. Huhahaha well said TEMPERATURE & Sambha sabhi dekh rahe hai kon cry kid hai yahan article FR ka or baat Blockbuster GA ki
                  Ajay sir ke chahcne wale un ka peecha nhi chorhh rahe lage raho haters good for ajay sir free publicity !!!!!!! next Raid will be another blockbuster !!!!!

    1. @tiger sabse zyada dranebaaz tu hai no idhaar faaltu mein yeh drame kr raha hai .
      Yrr tum Salman fans ko aur koi kaam nahi hai. Pagal ho tum sab. Idhar time waste krne we acha jaa k Tiger Zinda Hai ki ticket book krwao . Warna tiger ka haal bhi fusslight jaisa ho jaaega.

      1. I think you/many are.....Biggest Idiots/jealousy at max......

        Worst Actor......What??.....He had atleast a personality which is followed up by millions.....

        Who are you??Dumbo......

        Neither am I........

      2. Thanks for opinion all my friends,,,, and its clear salman is a worst actor than abhishek bacchan.....

    2. • Akshay teaches us hardwork , optimum utilisation of resources , regularity , puntuality , Socail work , helping other .
      • Salman teaches crimes , tantrums , dominance , wasting time.
      Then also some stupids support salman.

      Like For Harworking Akshay and dislike for Criminal Salman.

      1. What??Seriously......Have you watched boss...khiladi 786....many others.......

        Is desh ki soch kahaan jaa rahi hai?.....I am highly dissapointed......

        Yeh faltu ke troll........Also he had cases which is 15 years old and also not proven.......Don't say judiciary is corrupted always......

        If you guys love towards SK then We will respect AK also.....Tit for tat.....

  2. Next week tzh. It will reduce collection of fukre r. If it holds well than can effact tzh collection? If cant hold on third week it will end 70cr+…

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