Force 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection: Revised Figures

Force 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Force 2 has shown decent growth on Sunday.  As per the estimates, Force 2 3rd day box office collection will be 7.50 crore.

Force 2 box office collection in 3 days will be over 20 crore. The film has not fared well in multiplexes. Even it has not performed to its full potential in the single screens and mass centers which were the target audience of the film. This could be due to the currency note issues but even without that the opening would be average at its best. Force 2 1st weekend collection are better than other action films Rocky Handsome and Akira

As reported earlier Monday is crucial as it has to sustain very well. It still has some chance if the drop is less than 30%.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
20.05 Cr


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