For 22 years, I've heard that my career is over: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest superstar in India. Though his recent films have underperformed at the box office and many feel that he is now behind his contemporary actors. But the actor seems to be indifferent about the whole scenario.

In a recent interview to DNA, SRK opened up and said, "I have never been an insecure person. I have been in this business for long as an actor and personally as well. I feel actors and films are like water, they will find their level. I have never made a film in 25 years, except perhaps one, for any other reason than to just entertain people and make them happy.

To me, the bottomline is, there’s no point doing a film if people don’t like it. The biggest goal is, can I change your mood for two-and-a-half hours when you are in the theatre and you come out walking saying that it enveloped me for these two hours in whichever way — happy, sad, intense or thinking! Besides that, there have been no other insecurities. And I have never had reasons to be insecure. There will be a film which will do badly, but there are so many of them which have done so well, too. So when you look at it, yes you hear smatterings of conversations. But I have been hearing it for 22 years that my career is over. Everyone keeps saying it, but people don’t understand the business, the intensity that most actors and actresses use to entertain people. I am just very happy releasing my films. If they like it, they will do well. If they don’t, then I feel sad that I wasn’t able to deliver my prime goal which is to touch your life for two-and-a-half hours.

When asked how does he deal with a movie’s failure, he said, "There’s an automatic shut-off system. You release the film and you know this is it. On Friday, you get to know the outcome and you can do nothing about it. I have done all that I can and that’s the best part. Did I put my best foot forward making this film? If I know that, then the hurt is a little less. It’s not for want of trying. You try. It’s like you wear a suit and you go out and not everybody will like it. Nobody’s come out wearing it for it not to work. Some are wearing it to look pretty, handsome and some are wearing it to shock you with the newness of it all. Movies are exactly like that. Sometimes, they don’t work. There’s nothing more to it than that. But if it doesn’t work personally, I get very disturbed and sad. I wish somehow I knew which story to tell. I am also not prone to doing the right thing, to try and make a safe film. It may seem so because people keep on picking up my safest thing and giving that as an example.

My whole career, from when it started, whether it was with Ketan Mehta to Gauri Shinde or Rahul Dholakia, it’s never been a stayed step into films thinking ki I will make a regular film. The first film I produced was Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani which was a black comedy on news and communication. Those are not subjects people touch upon in commercial cinema. You can touch on it in a small film. Another example would be RA.One and everybody told me that science fiction doesn’t work in this country. But I spent so much money, created a VFX studio to do it. I don’t want to make a safe film. I have always said this — I’d rather go wrong doing something new than go wrong or right doing something which has been done.

He also talked about his comparison with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. "Bottomline is, my intention is not important, your entertainment is. If I was to keep on saying, ‘Please understand the intention behind my cinema and respect it for that, it won’t happen. Just because my intention is X, I don’t believe that 20-crore people will have the same intention and respect it. They should just be entertained. The best challenge is when your intention and the entertainment matches. I don’t think I can really go up to people and ask them to respect my intentions over their entertainment. My intention is for me to know, for me to do, for me to believe in. It’s supposed to entertain you; if it did, good, if it didn’t, too bad. I will try and make the combinations work together. For people who keep talking so much about what I say, what I do, what business I should have, they have not been here for 51 years and I don’t want to question their intention either. But they don’t know what they say. How can I take it seriously? I am not going to get swayed, wavered, disturbed, worried, angsty or threatened by somebody who doesn’t even know what it is.

When I’m on social media, everyone seems to know the numbers and which theatres the movie should release, which holiday period is best, which film will work and which won’t. Come work with me, do it for another 25 years with me and tell me whether your points-of-view work? Does it have any basis or reasonable thought behind it? Or is it just what you are reading and saying it. It doesn’t make a difference, what people say, how they say. ‘Oh, Shah Rukh’s doing this because of this and that.’ No, it’s nothing like that. I’d never be able to walk in to this house, travel in a good plane or wear good suits and feel so proud and happy about it if I didn’t know my intentions were good, to bring about change, newness or modernity within the given parameters of Indian cinema. I know why I do what I do and if I start questioning that myself, I would never be able to enjoy the trappings of stardom. I would be guilty, but I am not. It goes wrong often and it goes right sometimes. I sometimes gloat over it and I don’t get completely disturbed by it.

SRK will be seen in Imtiaz Ali's untitled film next which will hit screens on 11 August 2017.


37 comments on “For 22 years, I've heard that my career is over: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. sharukh -

    you are the best actor Indian cinema has ever produced...we respect u lot and love u...

    today also u r giving good movies...if leave 1 or 2 which r not bad but not the best.

    we loved u in Raees , Faan , Dear zindagi ...u r rocking so don't worry... in happy new year u were avg...that's all .

    don't worry still u r the best...

  2. Best possible answer. He's such a brilliant man... I hope Rehnuma will be a huge hit for him !

  3. That's why I hate him because bahut ghamand hai khud par
    Koi isko dikhao iske box offlice collection then he willnt say something
    Pata nahi kis zamane mai jee raha hai srk

    1. It's not ur fault .Unfortunately u don't have the intelligence to understand what he is talking. So keep on hating it won't affect him anyway.

  4. He is all saying this to cover up is failing career. Everybody has come to know that he does movie for his own sake to work the movie commercially to make money and say I am the richest actor. What is the use of such money when u can't use it for others welfare like other celebrities

  5. Honestly I don't agree with him . I have read many interviews of SRK where he has told that he wants to contribute to Indian Cinema by making best films but this is not happening . Let's keep box office aside . In this decade he has done movies such as Ra.One, JTHJ, CE, HNY, Dilwale, Fan and Raees . All these are produced under his banner except JTHJ and Fan . Maybe his intention​ is right but execution is horribly wrong . I feel peoplewho have spent their money watching films in theatres have the right to criticize if they don't like the film . Although nobody should abuse as it sounds disrespectful . No hard feelings towards SRK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. akshay has won national award for rustom
    srk is the only actor who dont awarded any prestigious national award
    salman bhai ne toh national award film chillar party produce kiya tha
    aamir 4 times
    srk 0
    lol apne aap ko bada actor samjtha hai
    akshay in rustom >>>>> srk in fan

    1. Then according to ur logic SRK also won the national award for best vfx (Raone) as the owner of red chillies.

  7. Just because my intention is X, I don’t believe that 20-crore people will have the same intention and respect it.
    bhai ye Pakistaniyon ko refer kar rahe kya

  8. Well said by srk. Jalne wale jalte rahen king akhir king hota hai. Srk fans are = srk haters, so he dont need to worry........

  9. well.. the problem is SRK's intention is good.. but has poor execution ending up being Mediocre.. his last many films were extremely poor eventually losing confidence of neautral cinemal goers..

  10. Still in this situation.
    Actors in leading role.
    Stardom of leading actors.

    Note ÷ amit ji is not included coz he is a superstar of millenium so nobody can beat him in any ways.......???

  11. phir bhi dil hain hindustani was a black comedy, ra one was an experimental film, keep on giving excuses , that will not change the reality. phir bhi dil hain hindustani was nothing more than a hardcore masala film. ra one was an action film with dhamakedar actions and item song chammak challo. you never has taken any risk in your career. you work with a national award winner director rahul djholakiya and even with him you make a safe film with dhamakedar action and item song by sunny leone . your fans say fan is an offbeat film but in what kind of offbeat film we see action scene and chase scene on par with kick and dhoom3. on what kind of offbeat film we see the lead actor dance like a gorilla( zebra fan) with dhinchak music. and what is safe for you, dilwale ? hny? then why even these films did not worked, any explanation. why in hny despite of showing 6 pack or 8 pack abs and deepika dancing lovely lovely you can not get support of the masses. you and your fans are nothing but attention seeking looser. you are no superstar but a jobless star who was picked up by a big banner like yrf from the road who made you their adopted son.
    and again i will like to say it's just a myth that srk films is failing due to content and in initial he is biggest. look at this comparison between salman and srk in terms of opening this decade.
    ( source- boi.com)
    1. record breaking opening day
    salman-4( dabangg, boduguard, ett and prdp)
    srk-1( hny)
    2. record breaking opening weekend
    salman-6( dabangg, bg, ett, dabangg2, bb and sultan)
    srk-1( chennai express)
    3. record breaking single day
    salman-7( dabangg day1, dabangg day2, dabangg day3, ett day1, bg day1, bb day3 and prdp day1)
    srk-2( ra one day2 and hny day 1)

    so it’s 4-1, 6-1 and 7-2 in salman’s favour

    now look at few facts
    1. srk is the only khan this decade who missed opening day record on national holiday with ce. ce came 1 year after ett with more screens and hiked ticket prices and despite of having deepika, lungi dance , rajnikanth it remained recordless due to salman’s megastardom. even hr did not missed opening day record this decade with agneepath, so even hr is ahead of srk in terms of opening.
    2. srk had missed opening weekend record 2 times this decade despite of having holiday festivals in the weekend . the films are happy new year and ra one. while salman created opening weekend record despite of having no holidays in the weekend. his film dabangg 2 which had an all time weekend record had no holidays in the weekend.
    3. the only 1 time srk created opening day record this decade with hny was also because he was chasing the opening day record of a non holiday release dhoom 3 and so it became easy. while salman’s all four films which created opening day record was chasing holiday releases and then even he smahed opening day record by a margin of 50%. if dhoom 3 was a holiday release then hny would have also missed opening record.

  12. Sallu fans hi kahte the,kahte hein aur kahte rahenge..srk is over..
    Srk eid pe aya to sallu ka ek bhi record nahi bachega..

  13. Those who are telling your career is over are stupid and illiterate persons.Don't take him seriously, Sir.

  14. What i like most abt srk is that he is well spoken ...some says he is arrogant ....but i'll say he is determined and self-confident.....he can charm u when he is on stage.....

  15. No matter how the elephant walks still some dogs will find mistakes and start barking to get noticed
    We fans live and love u sir not just because of great actor or star but as a great father good human being and ofcourse the great charismatic energy

  16. srk is very well spoken and has brilliant sense of humour. he never hesitate to give interview and speech on any topic
    . but some people can never understand him. This is one of the best answer for haters.
    haters you should remember
    haar kar jitne wale ko hi baazigar kehte hain

  17. these srk fans are genius in lying. raees 70% opening? raees opening was 55-60% in 3400 screens according to boi.com .
    these srk fans always cries about srk's bad phase. let's see how he was humiliated by hritik in his best phase( 2000-09)( both in opening and lifetime)
    2000- hr> srk
    2001-hr > srk
    2002-srk> hr
    2003- hr> srk
    2004- srk> hr
    2005- hr absent
    2006- hr> srk
    2007- hr absent
    2008- srk> hr
    2009- hr absent
    so it's 4-3 in favour of hritik. so srk ruled 2000-09 decade is a false claim. it was hr> aamir> srk. hr was the biggest and srk was third biggest last decade.

  18. The biggest clash lost ever is between Salmans Yeh Majdhar(31lakhs, disaster) and Nana's Agni Sakshi(Blockbuster,25cr) in 1996
    Rakhi Sawants BMG opened double of Salman's Marigold
    Did you know Akshay kumar won Salman 4 times in a clash
    1. Sangdil sanam vs Hum hai bemishaal in 1994
    2. Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    3. Kyun ki vs garam masala
    4. MAMK vs Blue
    In 2006 Salmans Shaadi karke phas gaya yaar opened 3 times LESS than Arshad warshis anthony kaun hai

    Today we will try to prove how Salman is a 2010 born star
    First of all to those who follow fan made Lallucine!!! That site include KKHH in Salmans film but nischay, Jaagruti, Sangdil sanam, Chandramukhi type disasters are absent
    Now moving on
    Box office Comparison between SRK and Salman (1992-1999)
    No. Of Atbbs in 90s
    Salman-1(Hum Madhurike bina hai kaun)
    Note: Hahk opening was 9 lakhs and DDlj opened to 55 lakhs

    No. Of superhits/blockbusters
    SRK-Darr, DTPH, Pardesh, Karan Arjun=5
    Salman=KA, Sanam Bewafa,BN1 =3(Only after 1992)

    No. Of record openers(multi/solo)
    SRK-3(KA, Trimurti, Koyla)
    Salman-2(KA, Biwi no. 1)

    No. of clashes won /lost
    SRK=3 Raam jaane vs AHAT(against aamir), Baazigar vs Bedardi(against Ajay devgn) DDLj vs Yaarana (Against Rishi kapoor) DTPH vs Bhai(Sunil shetty) Yes boss vs Daava(akki)
    Had lost KKHH vs BMCM on Day 1
    Salman Khan-Won HAHK vs Vijaypath but Vijaypath opened 5 times more than HAHK
    Lost Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag

    SRK-In romantic and -ve roles
    Salman-Action roles

    Famous dialogues(FROM 90s only)
    SRK-har ke jitne waloko……….., Senorita bade bade desho mein……., naam to suna hoga
    Salman-Baye haat jeb me rakhlo saahib.

    Net Collection
    Acc to Indicine Salman has 375 cr but that is by including KKHH> And thing to note is that KKHH collected over 45 crore, plus Salman had free run in 1990 and 1991(Srk made debut only in 1992)

    So SRK ruled the 90s be it BO or hearts
    1992, 1993, 1995, 1997,1998=SRK ahead of Salman(in movies that year)
    In overseas SRK ruled each and every time. KING!!!
    ATBBs in OS-SRK had ddlj, kkhh, dtph etc

    In opening(i.e. Day 1) Salman vs srk
    1994, 1995,, 1997 1998=All srk
    I am sure even 1992 and 1993. Let boi update!!

    Salman Veergati did 55lakhs opening solo!!
    Same year SRK’s RJ did 60lakhs opening pitted against AHAT.

    SRK gave solo opening in 1997. Salman gave in 2010(As per sb’s logic if Trimurti is Anil Kapoor;s film, So is Biwi no.1)

    Note: Only comparing 1992-199
    To see how HAHK is a MAdhuri film
    How bg Madhuri was in 90s?
    See her BBs.

    In 90s fact is SRK>Madhuri>Sunny>Salman

    Poor Salman didnt get even 40 screens then

    His best opening till 1999 was Judwaa-70 lakhs LOL SRK gave three 1cr+ opener till then. 4th one with baadshah

    Madhuri paid more tha Salman in HAHK.

    SRK had won chamatkar-jaagruti clash

  19. He is the best actor indeed but that's true last decade many of his movies were flop or just average .

    That because he chose rubbish role which he can't do properly...
    Look at Salman, he was also giving flop movies but since he chose action movie and started from movie wanted.. he is ruling now...

    So SRK is good at romantic movies, like he did at the past... honestly his recent releases Raees wasn't good.. he is not good at action but romance... and I bet if he continue doing acting movie so for next 2-3 years he is finished

  20. boxoffice opening comparison 90's decade
    salman vs srk
    ( 75 lack and 1 crore plus openers were considered excellent and bumper opening last decade)
    1 crore plus openers
    salman-3( solo-3)
    srk-3( solo-2)
    75 lack plus openers
    salman-10( solo-8)
    srk-7( solo-5)

    so when it comes to give excellent and bumper opening in 90's decade salman was way ahead of srk.

    let these srk fans cry about the fake stardom of srk in 90's or in overall career , if you go by true statistics and number you will always find salman ahead.

  21. Do you guys know that Gangu Teli Sallu had 8 back to back flops in the 90's?
    (Love, Suryavanshi, Ek Ladka Ek Ladki, Nishchay, Jaagruti, Dil Tera Aashiq, Chandra Mukhi and Sangdil Sanam)?Let's not even talk about the 2000's. Let's have a look at that too.
    2000-2004—-9 back to back flops
    2004-2007—-8 back to back flops
    2007-2009—-4 back to back flops
    2009-2010—-3 back to back flops)
    He is undoubtedly the greatest Gangu Teli of All Time. And their fans question SRK's supremacy and consistency. Some morons even compare SRK with Hrithik who had 7 back to back flops before and after Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham until his papa came to rescue him in 2003. Sallu has the record of Highest Defeat in Clashes, that too with Hollywood projects, 20 crore budget against Rakhi Sawant, let's not forget the 20 other clashes that he lost. So that's why Sallu the Gangu Teli is a 2010 born star.

  22. Not to mention Gangu Teli Sallu has never done any niche, offbeat, thriller or experimental film in his lifetime.

  23. Now Salman fans are ceying over 1 cr opener Lol
    Salman got 1cr opener in 1999 only and 70cr opener from 98 only. In 1999 srk had 1 film abd that went above 1cr. Dtph did 99 lakhs i.e. almost 1 cr
    Hahaha 75 lakhs???Srk gave 65lakhs in 95 clashing with aamir.

  24. look at the excuse of these srk fans. if you have to compare between salman and srk's overall career you can not include datas from 2010 because srk died after that. all datas end at 2009 for them. now if you want to compare salman and srk in 90's you can not talk about 1999 all datas end at 1998. they know few words till, untill , before etc etc.
    now let's come to the point. 1 crore opening first was achieved in 1995 by trimurti and 75 lacks opening was first acheived by ka both in 1995. till the decade ended in 1999 the highest opening was hkk with 1 crore 45 lacks . so achieving 1 crore was a big task for whole decade and salman was ahead of everybody in 1 crore plus openers. salman was ahead of everybody even in most number of 75 lacks plus openers just like today he is ahead of everybody in most number of 20 crore and 30 crore plus openers.

    and what is this pathetic excuse of clash. clashes at that time did not matter. clashing with srk's magnam opus yrf projects govinda and hritik gave record openers, aur kya bolu me. but still salman gave his first 75 lacks plus opener clashing with nana patekar's yeshwant with judwaa. clashing with the same aamir salman gave 1 crore plus opening in 1999.

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