First song from Toilet Ek Prem Katha out soon

The first song from Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha titled as ‘Has Mat Pagli’ will be out soon. The first look from the song is out now.

Akshay announced the same on his Twitter page and shared the first look of the song. He wrote, “Ek baar palat ke dekh le to din ban jaega, #HasMatPagli pyaar ho jaega. Song coming soon. @ToiletTheFilm @psbhumi”.

Toilet Ek Prem, which also stars Bhumi Pednekar will release on 11 August 2017.

74 comments on “First song from Toilet Ek Prem Katha out soon”

  1. Akshay ka bhi mast hai
    every film --
    bughet - 25 to 30 crores
    clash kar deta hai big film se
    collections domestic - 70 to 80 crores {max}{ superhit}
    overseas-5 crores {hit as per akshay standard}
    akshay have given back to back 7 hits constent .
    kuch to standard rako akshay sahib

    1. fan niche film with solo release and 3500 screen lifetime 84cr
      rustom niche film with clach and only 2300 screen lifetime 128cr
      and don't woory TEPK will earn more collection then JHMS and this my word to you remember it

      1. srk under performer dilwale ---150 crores
        akshay best film collections till date- Rowdy Rathore- 135 crores --
        Don vs Jaaneman{akshay+ salman }-- result sab ko pata hain--
        main hoo na directed by farah kahn -- superhit
        tees maar khan directed by farah khan-- flop{chritsmas release}
        happy new year directed by farah kahn {---1st day--44 crores {history created}
        happy new tear--202+ crores}
        chhenia express vs OUIM2---
        ATBB flop

        ab dobara na boilio -- tere TEPK bhi flush hogeee

        1. @vishal you are article is damn funny its now you are comparing r.r to dilwale hahah kitne neeche girgaya srk ka fans R.r ka time mein 100 crores banana hi mushkil hai time has changed bro abhi screens zyada hua moviegoers zyada hogaya tkt rates zyada hogaya use some brains and more over dilwale edm ki time aya hai aur r.r june kuch bhi holidays nai hai dull releasing period mein aya tha agar woh time mein r.r holiday pe release hua tho it would have easily goess till 170 and btw dilwale underperforming movie ka budget kya hai srk ko hit tho nahin mila tum logo ko hi yaad nahin hai srk ka last hit kitne saal.pehle dia fan nonholiday budget is high collection 85 cr lol now i dont compare this with akshay 100 cr movie take gabbar its 88 cr and hit whos collection is better sochlo thodo

        2. Abe lol pehle ye bata CE atbb kaha pe hua tha dilwale 150 kaha Kia tha are you adding Pluto collection
          Aur srk fans Ka iq dekho 2012 release RR Ka compare 2015 Christmas release dilwale se karta hai
          RR footfall>>>flop wale
          Aur tmk semihit tha Jake boi pe check Kar pata kuch hota nahi hai aa jata hai muh uta ke

  2. I dont know if Akki is a bigger star than SRK, perhaps he is today as SRK is doing flop scripts. But Akki is always a bigger star than Salman since 90s atleast in opening and clash.
    In 90s Akki defeated Salman 2 times in a clash.
    Sangdil Sanam vs Hum Hai Bemishaal
    Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag

    Akki's Mohra opening in 1994>>>All Salman Khans film opening as the lead hero(Note lead hero; Akki was the lead of Mohra, SRK was the lead of Karan Arjun and Sunny Deol of Jeet in terms of previous films OPENING and screen presence in the film)

    Akki's Khiladiyo ka Khiladi=Bumper Opening. 2-3 times the lifetime of Yeh Majhdar

    Last decade, Salman lost 2 other clashes with Akki and a semi clash

    Kyun Ki vs Garam Masala
    Main aur Mrs. Khanna vs Blue

    Semi clash
    GTGH vs Singh is King

    Akki was in top-4 last decade with Hritik, SRK and Aamir.

    In all 4/5 clashes in 90s and 2000s Akki won in both opening+Lifetime

    Akki official Baap of Salman from 1992 to 2010
    In 1992, Khiladi>>All Salman films, In 1993 HHB, WHH>>All Salman films

    In 1994 Akki's Hum hai bemishaal opened 55% more than Salman's film Andaaz apna apna

    So from 1992 to 2010 Akki>>Salman
    From this year Akki may overtake SRK, I fear.

    1. Sunny Deol Ajay Devgn had bigger openings than Akki in 90s and featured in record 99% as lead actors but agree that Akki films were doing better than Salman but that was just purely due to action to be honest. Never was he a solid actor like he has started showing post 2015.

      1. True but even Salman was top star.
        Sunny Deol Shah Rukh Ajay Anil kapoor Sanjay Dutt Govinda Salman khan Aamir Khan Suniel Shetty Akshay Kumar Saif ali khan. Yes Suniel in mid 90s hotel rooms were much more executive then single room deluxe of Akshay kumar. Anyone needs a source?

    2. Akki is a bigger star than SRK today? don't crack silly jokes. 12-13 crore opening wala Toilet Kumar is no competition for SRK. You are always too harsh on SRK. You said sallu is doing good movies. Now enjoy the disaster of Tube light. At least SRK never gave disasters on festivals

      1. Nah he is just joking. Even Billicine said Toilet no where near SRK. He does low budget too much so nothing special with the hits. 20cr 30 40 cr opening impossible unless Rajnikant movies is considered though regional movie.

          1. LOL, 12-13 crore opening wala Toilet Kumar who has 0 HGOTY, 0 ATBB, Only 2 blockbusters, the highest number of flops, the local star who is still struggling to cross K3G's overseas collection, who gives 17 crore on National Holiday is a biggers star than SRK who gives 40 crore on National holiday, who has 10 blockbusters(according to BOI) the highest success ratio, the highest Hit Ratio, the highest overseas blockbusters and overseas HGOTY etc. And the list can go on and on. Don't compare a small Local star with the biggest moviestar in the world....!!

    3. Idiot SRK lead actor for Karan Arjun? You must be stupid! Salman was the lead actor any day bro. As for Mohra serious akki lead actor? Now you will tell me Suhaag Ajay sir was 2nd lead Blue Sanjay was 2nd lead Msk Salman was 2nd lead. Khakee Amitabh Ajay were 2nd 3rd lead Insaan Ajay was 2nd lead Janemaan Salman was 2nd lead and now 2.0 Rajnikant will be 2nd lead.???.
      These Akki fans wont change and be honest sometimes at least most readers here are not kids. The above mentioned movies has been watched by almost wveryone here so becareful when dashing out movies to your favourite star.

        1. Thats why i posted the movie up.
          Read again ..pause at 58second and 1.38.11 tell us who was the boss.

          1. Now go and see HAHK
            And pause as much as times you want. And tell me who was the main lead; Madhuri, Manisgh Bahl or Tuffi?

          2. Nice one Thank you. I was inconclusive but now no one will tell me ofcourse its AD movoe!

        2. Morons? Mind your language. Suhaag was an out and out Ajay Devgn movie. Watch it if you havnt or read Jd thakur comment on where to pause i dont have too i already know who the main hero was so why not you stop ridiculing yourself.

  3. DJ thakur
    Agr 2015 se pehle akki solid actor nhi tha to tera kon sa solid actor ,hera pheri,singh is kingg,bhoolbhulaiya,housefull Movie me akkhi ka role kr pata bta....
    I guess no one

  4. TEPK nd JHMS dono ne super hit hona hai .
    160 cr plus for both is sure . Bes of luck Akki nd Srk.

  5. DJ Thakur
    2015 se pehle akki solid actor nhi tha to tera kon sa solid actor herapheri,bhoolbhulaiya,singh is kingg,housefull movies me akki ka role kr pata..btana zara

    1. Herapheri too much beating by Suniel Shetty.
      BhoolB how many actors in that film?
      Sik How many Actors there again?
      Housefull How many actors?
      His 2007 era hey baby bb bhgm sik even welcome and most movies back then alwats multicasts. Mohra the same, Thank you Ajnabee housefull khakee herapheri Dhp erc etc King of Multicasts and low budget.

      1. That's why without Akki welcome back becomes flop
        h3 opening day collection 15 Cr

        Bankchor total collection (ritesh deshmukh) 10 Cr

        If ritesh deshmukh is lead actor in Houseful franchise then abhishek bacchan is lead hero in hny
        Varun is lead actor in dilwale
        Arjun is lead actor in raone
        Abhishek is lead actor in kank
        Saif is lead actor in khnh
        Salman is lead actor in karan arjun
        Sunny deol is lead actor in Dakar

        And many more

        1. hahahaha
          Tune salman ka comparison abhisekh bacchan, Saif, varun se kiya
          Too much fun
          Sallu ko aukaat dikhadi

          And Arjun rampal too ROFL

          Salman humesha side role hi karta hai karan arjun ho ya mujhse shaadi karogi

  6. Who the f**k is this Sayar? Stop making expensive jokes over here okay. Salman was much a bigger star than Akshay. Yes he lost some clashes which is normal but dont forget Suhaag had Ajay devgan who at that period was a rage among female fans and an idol for action loving star. Mohra opening was huge due to other factors. Everyone started loving Suniel Shetty after Anth ,Chartbuster songs pre release. Naseer character and multiple heroe action movie.
    Vijay path opened Bigger than Hahk does it mean Ajay was bigger than Salman? Nobody was bigger than each other but definitely Salman was way bigger than Akshay. Even Govinda and Anil kapoor were bigger than Akshay forget Teesra khan that was his decade accepted.

    1. @suri tu kon hai be nalayak . Akki is best tu jo marzi justification de par tu bhi jaanta hai ki 2001 se 2009 tak akki sab ka baap tha . Aur 2016 se phir Akki ka time shuru ho gaya hai . Tu apni aur apne fake stars ki ulti ginti gin ni shuru kr de .

      1. Idiot. 2001 and 2002 despite huge chunk of movies no single hit for akki so how can you say 2001-2009??
        2003 1 hit
        2004 1 hit because of Salman
        2005 1 hit John abraham(huge hit among girls) helping out without multicast makki is....
        2006 another multicast Paresh Suniel phir hera pheri. 2hit 2006.
        Bhagam bhag multicast.
        2007 3 clean hits 1.Hey baby multicast
        2. Welcome Super duper Multicast! 3. BhoolB ?.
        2008. 1 hit Multiple starcasts again even Tushaar with those starcast would have given at least a semi hit.
        2009 .. No single hit!
        So how can he be baap 2001-2009 lol?
        Akkians will alwats remain akkians. Small actor fan who lack basic staristics of their legend.
        Most no Flops among any superstar is still the title he holds. Who again wants to add something?

        1. According to boi John has only two hits in his whole careear H2 and garam massala both are Akki starrer but according to rickshawwalafans John is lead actor in garam massala aur koi joke mar MST tha????

    2. Even boi said
      "If u are talking about khans its SRK, Salman and Aamir in 90s, but decade belongs to Sunny deol"

      So dont joke here!!

  7. @SAK fan
    U bhaitards are born hypocrites
    If film flops Akki is the lead-Jaaneman
    If film is a blockbuster Lallu is the lead-Karan Arjun-where Munsi had more role than Salman

  8. Those disliking comments come out and defend our points? Scary cats they know Akki aukat in 90s. Dont even try and say something you dont know during period you was even boen or a baby. We have uncles and aunties that tells us who was Big star a rage a charm among fans. They dont lie because they dont belong to the bollywood insecurities era!

    1. Dont mind them. Typical Bhaitaads they dont know that we Akki fans have no pronlem with Ajay Sir. Yes Suhaag had Ajay as lead but Akshay did a very good job in his role. Comedy timing as an action hero should be appreciated. Now let me see what any bhaitaad has to say.
      1994 Ajay - Akki star power sent Aamir-Salman(side actor) AAA into the gutter 55times!!!

  9. Stop fighting akkians and srkians-both selfmade superstars specially @Utsav Rajput
    And rickshawala bhaitards-tumlogo ka to kya kehna? Gawars: Karan arjun Salman film, Dhoom3 uday chopra film, aur kya kya bakwaas karoge?

      1. He was a bigger star than Salman from 1992 to 2010. Its 18 damn years. Is there any other requirement to be a superstar?

        1. May be in India. I haven't seen a single akki film from the 90's and I am not an Indian. But I have seen HAHK, HSSH, Saajan when I was very young. So although Gangu Teli sallu had no contribution in them, he got the coverage for a big star. Even BOI says after Sunny Deol and SRK, sallu was there in the 90's. In the 2000's definitely akki was ahead of sallu and came after SRK, Aamir, Hrithik etc.

  10. Akshay sir is the most versatile actor he can do any types of roles whether comedy,action,romance,thriller,negative etc none of the khans has got the quality to do all kind of roles.Akshay sir can so he is the hit machine of this era.BTW SRK'S DAYS ARE OVER! ONLY AKKI ND AMIR WILL RULE BOLLYWOOD.

  11. Abe bablo tees maar khan ki opening historic thi ab star weekend me hi to public attract kr sakta h..dekha nhi srk or sallu dono ka haal.
    pta toh kuch h nhi faltu bakwaas kralo bus. kitni bhi low IQ peoples.

  12. haha!! JD thakur ko to dekho ajay is bigger than Akki. lol what a joke man. bahut hasi aayi.
    bhai ajay ki sirf ek to do bumper hi h pure career me..

    1. HKK 1999 record all time opener.
      Golmaal3 2010 Qayamat 2006 SR. 2014.
      Never said he was bigger but if you say so then for yes do an opening of 32 crs solo with or without holiday. With or without franchise, win another national award and get some couple of filmfare awards too and finally win a clash with him not a carton a real Aj movie. Thats not my cup of tea though Deal with King khan now!! If you have balls or Ouatimd will repeat itself!

    1. Brothers 14 cr SR 32 cr
      Brothers 3600 screens SR 3600screens.
      Brothers multiple cast SR solo.
      Record Akki has to chase but let him chase Ranbir opening day record 1st. Srk 45cr IMPOSSIBLE!!

    2. I thought you use to like Ajay Devgn? You changed? Good luck!. You dont have right to say who is bigger because of these moronic fans here out here to cause fan wars.

    1. Better in what way? Everybody has his likes and dislikes. Both are superstars and very versatile Akshay has more hits but that dies not mean you decide who is greater? Many film analyst might choose their acting or awards as yardsticks others might choose social networking or more public friendly. I cant pick who is better or greater rather i can say current form Akshay has an edge but Akkians no need of Bashing any actor because of fakers here just jealous unnecessarily.

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