Film industry to hold a 15 minute blackout protest in support of Padmavati

Amid protests against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavati, the Indian Films and TV Directors’ Association (IFTDA), along with 20 other bodies of the film and television industry, is planning a 15-minute blackout in support of the film and “to protect the right to freedom of expression of creative individuals”.

Confirming the plan, Ashoke Pandit of IFTDA told IANS: “We will keep showing our support for ‘Padmavati’ and SLB (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) because it is the basic right of a creative person to tell a story in his own way.

“Sanjay is a responsible filmmaker, and making a film on history is not something easy for him but a big responsibility. To express our solidarity (with the film), we are gathering on Sunday for a 15-minute blackout where all shooting units in Mumbai will put off lights and no shootings will take place.”

Pandit said: “We strongly protest against the non-institutional bodies who every now and then protest against movies and threaten actors and makers of films. We will keep condemning their actions in a democratic manner. We have faith in our Prime Minister…for justice to ‘Padmavati’,” added Pandit.

“We as film industry feel hurt every time such groups target our films and try to control our freedom of expression. Unfortunately, we do not get support from any other industry, not even from the government as if we are orphans as a community.”


“We are living in a democracy and I have faith in the government and its judiciary. These protesters have not watched the film, and Sanjay has already made it very clear by releasing a video that it is a tribute to Padmavati and no obscene scenes are there,” Pandit added.

The members of film and television industry will be joining the blackout protest, titled “Main Azaad Hoon”, on November 26 at the Film City main entrance starting 3.30 p.m.

13 comments on “Film industry to hold a 15 minute blackout protest in support of Padmavati”

  1. Its very frustating for the industry...this is not only a huge huge loss..bt also young filmmakers who are intending to make historical films will be discouraged...its a negative effect. .and when it releases on nxt year..it may also hamper any other film..I am shocked
    Ranveer could get his first breakthrough in 300 crore which would take him a giant leap over others..yes I may have not like to watch bhansali films..vt I feel sorry for him

  2. Wow that's great
    So this bullshits are going for protest.
    Did anybody care
    Democratic country n freedom of expression does it mean anyone has complete rights to play against some society emotions. A negative shade khilji who killed many innocent ppl n we are making a movie on them n padmavati who was queen showing in a dancer role n when ppl demand movie screening with tht society director denied

    It's a big time mist of bhansali career

    He don't have courage to play with emotion of other religion after all Hindu r easy target n many paid media n opportunist r ready to praise other religion b degrade hinduism for money

      1. Yeah but no naxal leftist. Where is kanhaiya kumar?shaila rashide? Rubbish kumar ? Kahan hai ye joker?

    1. True...Why only support for bhansali..where were all during dilwale ... All pakistani actor/actress got visa approved by government.. Then why loss should be born by producers of india during dlwale??

  3. Proud Indian khilji was a Muslim and an antagonist of the story and poem you do know these incidents may not have actually occurred as a lot of historians differ on the very existence of rani padmavati the poem was to show the tyranny of khilji

    1. Bro then y filmmaker r not showing it to society for a clear certificate.

      Bhansali played mind game n show it to his buddy journalist without getting it approved from film board
      If tht was right then what's wrong in showing to some Rajput society leader whose emotions attached here

    2. My fav is Rohit Sardana.. I just love the way he present all the facts. Recently many illiterates katuwas are getting burned by his comments n I loved it.. Long live Rohit

  4. Again new marketing strategy Hollywood should learn from bhansali how to publicize the movie great tactics why wasting crores marketing and result is not guaranteed . So give money to karni sena is the best strategy

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