Film industry is open for the world's talent: Saif Ali Khan on MNS threats

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has backed Pakistani actors working in India saying that film industry is open for world's talent. Khan said that it is for the government to decide who should be allowed to work or not.

"The film industry is open for the world's talent, especially across borders. The government has to decide these things. We are artists, so we will talk about love and peace but the government should make laws and decide who is allowed to work and who isn't."

Saif Ali Khan

Earlier MNS had issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Pakistani actors and artistes to leave India by or else they would be pushed out.

On the other side Anupam Kher has urged for condemnation from the side of Pakistani actors and said that it is important for them to castigate the Uri attack. "None of the Pakistani actors, who've got so much of money,glory, news coverage coz of Bollywood, have condemned the Uri attack."

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  1. Third world country patriotism is through d mouth and shouting at each other not through their doings. First stop litering ur streets and rivers then people will start taking ur patriot banter seriously. Jokers!

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