Fast and Furious 8 India and Worldwide Business Update

Fate of the Furious has crossed the one billion mark at the global box office. It has become the studio's fourth film to achieve this feat in its original run after Jurassic World' ($1.67 billion), Furious 7 ($1.52 billion), Minions ($1.16 billion) and Jurassic Park,' which crossed $1 billion after its re-release.

The film has grossed over $192.7 million at the US box office and $867.6 million in international markets. The best performing market was China where it has collected $360 million. It is now the second highest grosser of 2017 only behind Beauty and The Beast. Earlier the film recorded the highest opening weekend of all time in worldwide beating Star Wars The Force Awakens.

It has grossed 86.85 crores in India in its lifetime run and has emerged super hit at the box office.

6 comments on “Fast and Furious 8 India and Worldwide Business Update”

  1. Teh taste of Chinese people is degrading day by day.... They are watching hollywood movies which are not good in their own country such as fast and furious8, even kung fu yoga was hit in China due to Jackie chan presence but was disaster in USA and India.....

    1. Will watch it after exams .....
      Now only bahubali time
      Will watch bahubali as many time as I can ...

  2. just a question and i hope to find a suitable answer ! this movie passed 110 cr grossely according to boxoffice mojo & it's budget is 250 m$ so collections /budget ratio is 0.44 while xxx made 52 grossely & it's budget is 85 m$ so the ratio is 0.61 how come this is a super hit while xxx is flop according to bollywood arena !!!!!!!!! don't include distributers share in your answer cause i don't care about them!!!

    1. Regional hit status is based on how much money that hollywood film spend in that country on marketing. Both f8 and xxx 2 spend 30 crore in india. WW it's a whole different story. F8 budget is 1500 crore and it has earned 6700 crore. Xxx2 budget is 580 crore and it's WW total is 2100 crore.

      1. mmmm but who said xxx spend 30 cr and if so & it collected 38 cr being second highest this year isn't this at least average! not a flop!!

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