Fan to fall short of Jai Ho Lifetime Collection

Fan Vs Jai Ho Box Office Collection Comparison

Shahrukh Khan’s latest release Fan has opened to a decent response at the box office. But the film has not lived up to the expectations which were attached with the film.

Fan has collected 34.40 crore so far in two days. The weekend is expected to be in the range of 52 crore. Now most probably the film will fall short of 150 crores. It was SRK's first non-holiday release since My Name Is Khan. The film is performing just like Salman's Jai Ho which was released in 2014. Jai Ho released on Republic Day weekend collected 116 crores in its lifetime run.

Jai Ho Vs Fan Box Office Collection Comparison

Fan has a slight edge over Jai Ho on its first two days. But Salman starrer had big growth on Republic Day while Fan will not be able to show that growth on Sunday. Though Jai Ho had big falls on weekdays.

It will be interesting to see whether Fan will be able to beat Jai Ho lifetime collection. We will compare box office collection of both films daily.

Update 18 April:

Fan has failed to beat Jai Ho first weekend collection. Though it will be unfair to compare opening weekend of both films as Jai Ho has the huge advantage of Republic Day holiday on its third day and so it went on to collect 26 crore.

Update 20 April:

Fan has witnessed heavy drops on weekdays. Now the film is likely to fall short of Jai Ho lifetime collection.

NoFanJai Ho
Day 119.2017.75
Day 215.4016.68
Day 317.7526.25
Day 46.059.50
Day 55.757.30
5 Days Total64.15 Cr77.48 Cr
Day 65.80
Day 75.50
1st Week88.78 Cr
Day 83.40
Day 94.50
Day 105.90
Day 112.25
Day 122.40
Day 131.80
Day 141.65
2nd Week21.85 Cr
Remaining Weeks5.37 Cr
TotalPending116 Cr


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43 comments on “Fan to fall short of Jai Ho Lifetime Collection”

  1. please compare it with Airlift. I feel like Fan nd Airlift desrve same rating but Airlift is a little bit better in story. But in Fan Srk is at his best in Fan. (honestly i like Akshay but i think Airlift is a bit over rated movie bcz of the patriotism)

    1. i am from egypt - million yes , airlift is ordinary movie , just liked 2 scenes in it while rest of the movie is average but yes bcz of the patriotism it made big numbers and i think neerja (haven't watched yet) is the same

  2. Bollywood Arena in Jai Ho case Republic day falls on Sunday so how can you say that Jai Ho had advantage of Holiday.
    Another thing FAN 1st day was a Partial Holiday while Jai Ho release in Non Holiday
    FAN ticket price is at least 30% more than Jai Ho (which also release 2.4 years ago)
    Jai Ho release in Jan month which is known as dark period for Bollywood Films

    Jai so had big disadvantages compare to FAN...

    1. He is right.Why r u silent man.Please don't fake these things.Jai ho is a non holiday release Fan is not still FAN will not cross 110cr.

      1. What he is right.....how can you say jai ho was non holiday.... Sir kya aapko republic day me din chutti nhi millti kya... Lagta aap 1950 se pehle jee rhe ho isliye nhi multi hogi.... Ha hahahah ha ha

        1. Sir ji. Republic Day Sunday ko padaa tha tab. Toh haan.. Koi extra advantage nahi tha Jai Ho ko.

    2. No man you are wrong.... In the world everyone is saying jai ho was released at holiday period and get the biggest holiday of the year but didn't get any holiday.... Republic day was national holiday not ramnavi.... It has holiday in only few places of the country.....and jai ho has hot 4000+ screens while faan only 3500 so consider it too.

  3. Some people till yesterday said that the word of mouth of the film is mixed nd some even said its negative. But same people now saying that "Fan word of mouth is very positive nd Srk 's boxoffice power is decreased thats why its only collected 15.40cr. "Shame on this people.... I am saying that Fan is Srk'. Best movie of the last 5 years nd you will never disappoint with this one.

  4. i know this movie trend same even in weekdays too....it will go past 150/175 cr.likh ke le lo...

    1. Bhaiyo Fan 500 crore aa gaya..kahan gaayab tha tu. 10 days to go..5 days to go...booked all tickets on first day. Abey there jaise fans k wajah se SRK jyaada gaali khaa raha hai

      1. i never said 10 days,5 days...i know this movie only for higher class ppl..not like masala crap...rickshwala type...if u really want crap movie with numbers in box office wait for EID SUltana Aapa....is coming...

        this movie i can watch 1000 times in my lifetime

  5. if you ppl really want good cinema to grow encourage makers of FAN to make more FAN,BB,PK kind of movies if you ppl call it crap and all than next maneesh will be directing 5 songs, 15 fights sequences...and many crap things then dont complaint. now ball in your court..

    as neutral cinelover FAN is most memorable film ever.

  6. lol super stars!! Telugu film Bahubali collected 500 cr (India net) don't brag fake overseas collections.... anyway Fan Max 90cr.

    1. jeet...bet is on 90cr? really...are u in ur sense or lost it due FAN is getting positive WOM....and trending way better than other non holiday release in last 5 years.

      1. Bhai higher class people prefer watching Jangle book...
        Because jangle book is family movie. ...
        And fan is one time movie...
        Fan never beat collection of Airlift and jai ho.

  7. how come ppl comparing masaa crap Jail Hu with Classic FAN without heroine, without song, riskiest gener, almost new director.....

    1. Chal challenge hai be 90cr se kam hoga Pankha.2 days total 34cr hua hai gandu.SRK ke last 3 films semi hit,HIt and now Pankha flop sarm nahi ata kya be 500cr likh ke ghum raha hai.LOL.

  8. even if u go logic of four weeks run of any movie...Fan have collectef 50cr.in 3 days...rest 27 days if u divide 100cr it need 3.7 cr per day....which is very much possible....but u ppl dont have brain to make this simple maths....

  9. Class and Quality wise Fan is way better than Jai Ho. Yes Jai ho was more masala movie. Fan is a very different movie without any song. Jai ho was made for boxoffice but Fan is made for fans and still it will be hit atleast.

  10. Yr kya hai fan is made for fans. Bhai theatre mei release toh paisa kamane ke liye hi ki hai. Fans ke liye thi toh seedha tv mei dikha dete. No excuses yaar. accept it .Acting achi ki h srk ne. but movie achi ni h.

    kisi ka baap bhi puri kaenaat tk SRK ki power ko kum nai kr sakta ,,,, remember masala film srk ka ₹44.97 cr kama sakta hai ek din me and #Raees is coming so wait n watch ,,,

    And #Fan film is for #Fan rather srk k fan ho ya kisi aur k its a classy and higher crisp film #Lower class walo k dimag k upar se jaegi ,,, thats y collection is low in sense of SRK stardom that,,,

  12. Salman khan has got the legacy of his father as he was a great writer and director.... Salman has the support of his father... But srk he didn't have any such support from his father as he was dead before srk become a superstar and that too with his own ability not by legacy from father.... Ye to whi baat hui baithe baithe paisa mila salman ko aur bola main amir hu... The real winner in life is shahrukh. Srk srk srk srk

    1. Bhai Srk Apne chamcha Aziz Mirza ki aur Yrf ki badolat star bana agar asli star koi he to WO he Akshay Kumar jiska na koi chamcha na mama film industry me tha

  13. BollyArena what is lifetime collection prediction from your side?
    Plz reply for God sake and Honest one...

  14. Fan a flop saga. compare wit jai ho, foolish on part of bollywood areana. Ek movie 2014 mein aayee second one in 2016. How u do this silly things? FAN a total wastage? Agar non commercial movie hi karni thi toh toh small budget movie karni thi

  15. You fools talking of beating fan has beaten life overseas of jai ho in 3 days
    Wait and see

  16. I want to give u some suggestions Bollywood Arena..
    1) plz don't run a site bcz u don't have much knowledge on bollywood....

    2) if jai ho had holiday of 26th jan then Fan had two holiday in the first weekend (Friday n Sunday) (actually for ur knowledge 26th jan was on sunday so many people around our country said that Jai Ho was unlucky to get 26th jan on sunday as it didn't get much profit of Sunday n Republic holiday n u r the first one to say that it got advantage of rep day lol).

    3) I know u luv srk that's not mean that u will blindly support him and write whatever u want to write if u want to support him like indicine then u should also change ur name from bollyarena to srk fan arena.

    4) don't be so bias towards any actor and that too blindly...

  17. abey andhe amit tu kaunse duniya mein rehta hai rey.... Republi day sunday ko tha ye pata nahi hai kya ? aur sunday ko bhi to chhutti hi hota hai to phirr Republic day aur sunday mein kya farq hua... fool fans of srk

  18. fan flop hui bcoz uske pankhe jo yaha ladte rhte h vo bhi usse dekhne nhi jate kyoki unhe bhi pata h bakwas movi h kyo paisa waste kare. verna movi lagat to nikal hi leti.

  19. Bollyarena would you clarify whether republic day for Jai ho fell on sunday or not? If yes than how had that film big advantage? Why media is always trying to cover up for Shahrukh Khan.

  20. Arrey bahudo dekha nahi dilwale prdp ghayal rocky handsome yeh sab masala movie thi jai ho Bhi Aur wo na chali bb pk bm airlift neerja Are content rich movies and every body knows how much they worked Indians are now prefer good movies and leave masala movies and if fan didn't worked don't blame Others may be fan is not good content simply talaash had also not good content but better than masala movies but It didn't worked very well so thats your mistake srk fans you didn't watched your idol's movies

  21. Captain America Civil War Tumhe Sunday Or Republic Day Same Lgta he??? Chheeeee Shame on U...Republic day Sunday me hua to same baat he...Arey Republic Day ka Meaning b Pata he kya tumhe???? Bohot Ghatia Baat kardi Tumne...Cheeeee

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