Fan Tuesday Box Office Collection Update

Fan Tuesday Box Office Collection (5th Day) Update

The early trends suggest that Fan has a fair start on Tuesday but the damage has already been done.

NOTE: We do not post box office updates when samples are low but we have received so many requests from fans for posting Fan Tuesday collection updates. So here we go.

Morning Shows Report:

Shahrukh Khan starrer Fan has a minimal drop in the morning shows. The overall occupancy was in the range of 20% which is almost same as yesterday. Mumbai continues to sustain even on Tuesday while there was some growth in South India where Theri has slowed down a bit. It is only these circuits who are holding the film well. Otherwise, it could have crashed on Monday itself.

The film has already a big drop on Monday. So it is expected that it will sustain well today. But the hold will become irrelevant as it is very unlikely that film will survive from here. Its competitor The Jungle Book has started to match Fan at many places. The shows of Fan has also been replaced by the Hollywood release. If Fan drops further today, then it will be the end of the story for Shahrukh Khan starrer as it will not reach even 85 crores then. If Fan manages to sustain in coming days, then it has a chance to take the advantage of next open week.





Fan 5th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the recent trends, Fan 5th day collection is expected to be around 5-6 crore. The final numbers can vary as a lot of data is still not available.

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Fan has collected over 58 crores in the first four days. The film has the first big drop on Monday when it collected 6.05 crore. The first week is now looking to finish in the range of 70 crores. Tell us what are your views about Fan Tuesday box office collection (5th day) update in the comments section.

19 comments on “Fan Tuesday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Bollyarena Team today is a holiday of mahaveer jaynte..... So there could be any growth as compared to monday

  2. Despite being a Salman Khan fan,I sincerely wished Fan would turn out to be another feather in the cap for Baadshah n SRK,s fans...Alas,How I was wrong about predicting Fan...Acting wise,thumbs up for SRK in a dual role,few people would be able to match his spectacular performance in Fan...Bussiness it flopped n this is where it hurts most...Another movie called Jungle book simply ate into Fan,s collections...The 1st of SRK,s latest movie was simply enthralling,but unfortunately the 2nd half of his movie did not back it up...Overall,I would say SRK still got in Bollywood to be righteously called the Baadshah of Bollywood...Pinning my hopes on Raess...It will be a blockbuster...Dnt write off performers like SRK,Salman n Aamir...They r that good in Bollywood...Besides content n word of mouth playing a big hand in the success or failure of movies,I think timing is essential for a big ticket movie to run it,s course successfully...This is where festivals like Eid,Diwali n Christmas comes into play...All is not lost for SRK n his fans...Good times r round the corner...Raess will be the start of good times...Fully confident n positive about it...Wishing the legendary SRK all the best for Raess,s success ? ?

  3. I guessed 90C but it ended at 80C... Next Big Flop Raees 70C Max :P Self boasted world's biggest superstar :P

    1. Jeet : Nice to hear that u r also a die hard Salman Khan fan like me...The one point I would like to disagree with u is that Raess will be a blockbuster movie joining another blockbuster movie Sultan this year...One piece of advice is I would like to give it to u is that dnt write off anybody in life...Salman Khan,SRK n Aamir Khan r the 3 cornerstones of Bollywood...It,s quite clear SRK is going through a rough patch...I love Salman Khan as a person n his movies in Bollywood...Simply the best entertainer seen in recent times...But I do respect n admire SRK for his contribution in Bollywood movies...Hope u got my point bro ?

        1. Jeet : Ur msgs smell to me arrogance...How can u predict Khans r finished at the age of 51 ? Still say whatever the Khans r doing at present is still a big enough draw in attracting thier fans...Khans simply ruled bollywood for the last 25 years or so...It all depends on the choice of projects,timing,buzz,appeal,teaser,screenplay,cinematography,direction n above all story for a big ticket movie in bollywood to be a blockbuster movie...Quality is also another thing...Sultan,Raess n Dangal will be blockbusters...Mark my words...This is the probably the year for 3 legendary Khans to enhance thier reputation n cement thier legacy in bollywood...Hope u got my point bro ?

          1. Mark my words''They are finish''... No movies after 2017 except father or 2nd hero characters. :D

            It is highly connected world, Indian youth are not fooled anymore without content.

  4. Hey bollyarena... I think u follow addatoday box office updates.. Am I Right???

      1. Addatoday is also a bolly site.... Ur's post & their post are always similar...

        1. Addatoday copied Bollywood area post...
          Bollywood arena is best site for box office collection news updates and prediction is to Gd of Bollywood arena. ..
          I love this site...

  5. The box office Analysis and update of Bollywood arena is really excellent. Prediction is working with 80%

  6. Below part of above article says everything about FAN. No need to discuss further.

    The Jungle Book has started to match Fan at many places. The shows of Fan has also been replaced by the Hollywood release. If Fan drops further today, then it will be the end of the story for Shahrukh Khan starrer as it will not reach even 85 crores then.

  7. i am from Somalia... most of Somalis support SRK and they try to act like him in their real lives..... however i have a questions for SRK fans in INDIA .. my question is why srk's latest movies are making good at boxoffice like other khans particularly his latest FIlM Fan.... i watched the trailer on Youtube and the comments were fascinating ..i wonder why its not making even to 100cr club ????? whr are SRK fans in India? whr r u? whr the hell r u ? ..stop working and go to the theaters!!!! watch it and let the King be back!!! i say that b/c these days stardom is all abt boxoffice...

  8. I m saying this since long that FAN will be finished in its second week and it's going in the same line.... As a whole movie is not up to the mark except some portion of shaheukh as an actor..

  9. I like FAN, as I am hard fan of SRK. But the people of India very fond of Songs, Romance & some emotional scene & popular Hiroin. So this film didn't have all above this so that affect film otherwise nice work of SRK no other Khan able to do this type of ACT

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