Fan Movie Review

Fan Movie Review: Fan is a thriller film directed by Maneesh Sharma. The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Waluscha de Sous in the lead roles. It has been produced by Yash Raj Films. Fan is releasing on 15 April 2016.

The names of Shahrukh Khan and YRF are enough to raise our expectations. But the trailer of the film has received immense love from the audience and they are hoping that this will bring back the old charm of SRK which he may have lost while doing masala films. Let's move on to Fan review to find out if it lives up to the expectations.

Fan movie review

Fan Movie Review - Shahrukh Khan

As most of you already knew that Fan tells the story of a fan and a movie star. Gaurav is a young boy from Delhi. His world revolves around his god Aryan Khanna, a big movie star. Gaurav's journey begins when he plans to wish Aryan on his birthday in Mumbai. But slowly things gets ugly between Gaurav and Aryan and Gaurav's love turns into a dangerous obsession. This leads to an edge of the seat thriller

Fan Review: Screenplay, Direction, Editing

The writer builds a good engaging tale with its nitty-gritty in place. The only problem here is that it fails at keeping up the gripping pace in the later half which was quite necessary. A patchy, unremarkable approach to a brilliant script at places, this film leaves you with a feeling of how much more it could have been. But director Maneesh Sharma’s edge of the seat treatment holds your attention most in most parts of the film.

The scenes are crisp to make the story tighter. Background score works wonders. The only problem is that in order to keep the film shorter, certain scenes end abruptly.  In handling stellar material, Maneesh has fared as average at best. Andrea Guerra has managed a convincing, melancholic score.

Fan Review: Star Performances

Shahrukh Khan as Gaurav is intense, controlled & emotional in the right doses. But he overacts in some of the sequences. As Aryan he does a good job.

What's Good:

♦ Excellent 1st Half
♦ SRK in both roles
♦ Engaging
♦ Well executed action scenes


What's Bad:

♦ Undirectional Treatment, Ordinary Direction
♦ Weak 2nd Half
♦ Loopholes at places


Fan Movie Review: Last Word

For an engaging battle of wits, watch this film. You will definitely enjoy it but don't have too many expectations.





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62 comments on “Fan Movie Review”

  1. So we cant call it what all were saying this is his best ever. He has over-acted. In the trailer also it was very much visible that as the fan he is going over board which he has a habit while playing younger roles.

    Not much mass appeal-Not a must-watch-Only a die hard SRK fan will like it. Hence skipping seems the best option.

    1. If our body skips the brain then bro I am with you. At this point skipping is definitely the best option ever. And the rest Those who have brain should think and decide what their mind say and I know intelligent people will never prefer and wants anybody's opinion.

  2. overacting film by srk.he is a 3rd class act. Anthor flop aftr dilwale,HNY,R.ONE. HE IS FINISH.?????

    1. u r just a bloody hater. u didn't even see the film, spreading negativity here... Get a life.. who the hell r u to decide SRK's fate... We, fans will decide that. Buzz off... Fan iz going to be blockbuster.. put some more burnol...

    2. F*ck you n your opinion bitch.....you r jst hater who can't see any positivity in anyone. You are a world class A**hole

    1. Just keeping your name aamir khan will not make u legend. First learn how to respect someone's hard work then call yourself a legend. Get it in your ass u self proclaimed aamir khan

  3. sorry we don't belive your website and reviews bcazzzz FAN has really got superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb talk and POSITIVE review

  4. Only Chamcha will See..I m Searching the People Who Said he is Actor...! Monkey Called Actor...?? He was Running Coz of Banner Now He Will Quit Through Banner...If some Feel jealous on this Comment "Burnol" is Free Available...!!

  5. How can you say that! Response from audi. is ext. Positive in uas Bollyarena mark my my word it will be a sure shot blockbuster!

  6. 3* Jada hi hogaya par no prblm krk ne to gatiya bakwass thardclass jitna gali thi second half ke liye sab gali director ko de diya ha ha means movie ki 12 bajagai aur jungle book to hai hi.... par kohi bat nahi best of luck

  7. In these 2 days bollyarena has given 2 movie reviews.
    They themselves proved that haw bad reviewer they are.

    My review to bollyarena team

    What's Good - Nothing

    What's Bad - Bollyarena Team.

    Now you all can comment below.

    1. We have cleared this many times that Bollywood reviews and South films reviews and rating are completely different from each other. So don't compare them. Anyway thanks for your feedback as it will help us to improve as we are still learning.

  8. Who say he is ACTOR'..????...Proudy never be an actor..!!..Truth is..>>....He is COZ...Of Banner...Monkey always Remain MONKEY....He is Real pakistani If Some Chamcha feel jealous...Burnol is free Available.

  9. Bollyarena team doesn't like that I have given my review for the whole team.. They deleted my review.. So they don't have any right to review on others work if they can't take the same. Kehte hena Mazak Karo to use sehna bhi seekha lekin bollyarena team tumme bilkul bhi dum nahi this shows that you can't go any further from here. Going downward is the only way left for you now.

  10. Idk why but it seems luck is not with SRK after Chennai express , critics says good but sites say bad . I think It will end up like Dilwale or maybe Chennai express . I feel bad though because he works hard as a actor and honestly thought it sites would give the movie good review .

  11. Hey Haters Just Bark....U all r good in Barking....So keep it up and Watch The Storm of Fan Tomorrow... Fan Going to Rock From Tomorrow onwards....Haters Ye lo Biscuits khalo or

  12. Bollywood Arena Team plz don't feel bad after all they are Srk fans we can't expect nice behavior from them. So now again I say Srk should learn acting first, I hope he will take my advice this time before wasting any more money of public in future...another crap movie from Srk, and Srk fans dreaming for Oscar...LOL

    1. @ salman fan, tere se sikhne ki jaroorat nai hai srk ko.tum kabhi nai sudhar sakte.kal to bahut bol rahe the ki mere senior hai unki respect karte hai.aur aaj phir se vahi harkat karne lage.

  13. vuys please dont let this site make you fool
    ye site views ki bhooki h so
    srk fans dont comment on it
    ignore ...these guys deserve a ignorance

  14. I think it's one of his best acting and at the end it will make u feel sorry for GUARVE and you will miss him.
    The strange thing is that it will do business around 180 crore still many people will not be happy. So most awards will go to shahrukhan this year

  15. Just ignore this review. If watch move believe me u will fall in love with srk....
    Just awesome...

  16. oscar for fan...super excited for fan..........1 days to go for fan...

  17. No the review is right , Many sites suggest it's only for die hard fans nothing else . Critics said good maybe but still let's see what public responses tomorrow . I'm expecting this movie will be fair enough .

  18. I think Bollywood arena your review is doesn't matter how you say srk overacting ... IMDb get 9.4 star after 1600 voting....

  19. Say f*ck off to hatters...
    Don't care about them...
    Fan got tremendous response from FAN
    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan

    What a terrific n Zabardast film #FAN and what a great acting of @iamsrk! It's Full of human emotions. My 4* to first half.
    Ronak ‏@ronak9412

    Just watched #FAN ... OMGGG OMGGGGGG... Shah rukh khan u rocks.. Luv U GAURAV... The best story... The best direction... The best actor .. Shah RUKH KHAN is truly GOD gifted...his acting ,his voice as GAURAV... Luv u @iamsrk sir.. Everything is perfect about #FAN.. Sorry it's not just #FAN ,Its #FantasticFan .. Luv VVVVVVVV U GAURAV @iamsrk ..

    Indiawala Romeo ! ‏@TheRoMeoo_

    #FAN is the best movie of SRK i've ever seen... Gaurav is a historic symbol...about..cant mark n cant review..its beyond me

    Saif ‏@saifazmi383

    Just watched #fan after watch I realize srk is god of Indian cinema #fan is milestone for Indian cinema it will take bollywood at next level

  20. Bollyarena i am a srk fan. But have to say that its not the movie I expected. Your review is absolutely perfect as the first half was really really good. U are doing a great job don't worry about other idiots

  21. Hey listen all of you and bollywoodarena..... Taran adarsh has given 4.5/5 to fan.... If you are saying it 3/5 then the most powerful critic of the country has given 4.5/5.... Why can you tell me the reason bollyarena.... Plzz tell me plzz

  22. Only one thing to say
    Hathi(King) bazar pahunch gya dekh lo kutte kitna bhokne lage hain...keep barking kutte(haters)

  23. Only overacting ...that's why movie review was very bad....
    Other wise 4 or 4.5 star deserve....
    Let's see life time collection of Fan..????

  24. All the viewers and critics exceptbollyarena and krk is saying that second half is bad but honestly even taran afarsh has said that second half is outstanding and better than first half

  25. Taran adarsh to sabhi movie ko 4.5* hi deta h.
    Taran adarsh ne to PRDP ko bhi 4.5 * diya tha..

    Just ignore taran adarsh review ...

    Bollyarena team your review is correct

  26. Well the critics said the movie is good and some say the movie is average but as per UAE responses the move seems watchable and a good one . Some even say excellent but still I will only say let public judge it , Let's wait for public response .

  27. If you want to watch FAN go and watch it..Dont lisen what other people tell you wich is good or bad.
    so sorry Bollywood Arena but i dont lisen your rubbish review...
    SRK is amazing actor and I'm sure FAN Is more than GOOD !
    p.s SRK hatters please if you have left brain please dont be idiotic and ignore ...Nobody can tell you watch Fan or not..You are rubbish SRK hatters so I understand why you cant understand and like movie !

  28. taran adarsh ka review kahan dekha Bhai bata mujhe vi dekhna hai ....
    gulf ---- 3 *
    masala---- 2.5*
    24-------- 3*
    krk------ 2*
    avitak to ahi review show hua

  29. and dilwale review ...
    gulf---- 3.5*
    masala--- 3*
    24----- 3*
    krk---- 3*
    means fan se kiya dilwale better tha ??? ha ha to fan kaisa hai aakhir abhi sare review aane to do band bajjayega

  30. what??SRK? Overreacting??? Really???
    Say something new please :D. He does it always..
    But he should do more of such kinda films and stop doing salman khan kind of films.


  32. ato gaya ....
    1st day -- 19cr
    2nd day -- 16cr
    3rd day---- 20cr..
    weekend - 55cr
    4th day ----- 9cr
    5th day ----- 8cr
    6th day ----- 8cr
    7th day ----- 7cr.
    first week -- 85-87cr .
    second weekend - 16-18cr & week 28-30cr.
    2nd week - 110-115cr ..
    lifetime - 115-125cr flop ..
    fan --- 200cr
    fan --- 300cr
    fan---- 400cr
    fan --- 500cr .
    pankha me sayad Jada hawa nahi hai ha ha

  33. o hello yaha jo salman khan kay fan hai wo mujsay baat karay mai unko btao ga kay wo kitnay bakwas actor kay fan hai .wo aj tak too filmfare jeet nai saka aj usko 30 saal ho gy hai bollywood may aur baat kartay ho fan kay flop ke....aur agar atnay he fan ho na salman khan kay too net par salman aur king khan kay movies clash ka result daikho hairaan ho jao gay aj tak tmhara body actor king khan say agay nai gaya haha

  34. salman kay fanzz ke atni aukaaat kaha kay woo king khan kay baray may kuch kahay haha salman khan kay fans are illitrate .bakwas.and king khan kay fanzz are educated same too king khan

  35. agar kise nay b salman aur king khan ka track record daikha hota to wo king khan kay baray may aisa na kahta
    30 saal baad salman nay apni popularity banai hai aur king khan nay apni pahli pahli film deewana .darr.baazighar.ddlj say he bana li thi haha baat kartay hai fan kay flop ke

  36. Salman khan 2 flimfare and 2 national award jeete h

    Ager srk itni hi achi acting karta h to aajtak koi national award kyu nhi jeeta....
    Wo sayad isliye nhi jeeta kyuli waha paise se award nhi bikta h

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