Fan 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures

Fan 3rd Day Box Office Collection

SRK’s film may have dominated the box office on the opening day of its release, but a decline in the collections was witnessed on the second day of the film’s release. The Monday collections of the film will play an important role in determining the lifetime collection.

Fan has done good business on Sunday. According to the official figures Fan 3rd day box office collection is 17.75 crore. Today Shahrukh Khan starrer was running in full swing but only in multiplexes. The morning shows were better than yesterday but slightly low than Friday. West Bengal and Mumbai performed very well.

As far as down South is concerned there was some improvement but still it was below the mark. The Jungle Book continues to affect Fan 3rd day collection big time as Hollywood release will put up huge numbers. The performance in mass centers remained dull. There was some growth as compared to Saturday but it was nowhere close to Friday numbers.

Fan box office collection in 3 days will be slightly over 52 crores. Fan 1st weekend collection is the highest of 2016 as it has beaten Akhsay Kumar's Airlift.

Highest Opening Weekend 2016

  1. Fan - 52.35 Cr
  2. Airlift – 44.30 Cr
  3. Kapoor and Sons – 26.35 Cr
  4. Ki and Ka - 25.23 Cr
  5. Ghayal Once Again – 23.23 Cr


Fan Sunday collection has turned out to be the second best over the weekend. This is definitely not a good sign as multiplex oriented films that are excepted shows an upward trend over the weekend which has not been the case with Fan. The film has better trends at metros and has more potential to perform here. But the competition from The Jungle Book is the another hurdle. After doing good business in the first weekend, Monday will be very critical for Fan. Because now word of mouth will come into play in metros also.

Day 119.2
Day 215.40
Day 317.75
Day 46.05
Day 55.75
Day 64.20
Day 73.20
Day 81.70
Day 92.65
Day 103.40
Day 111.10
Day 121.0
Day 130.85
Day 140.75
3rd Week1.15
Total84.10 Cr

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55 comments on “Fan 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures”

  1. With approximately 3600 screens in India first weekend of 51 + Crs only you can guess how energetic is this for an actor of Shahrukh status.

  2. Well well...
    Now monday to thursday FAN need collection in the range of 9-11 and have a 1st week arround 90 so than next friday need at least 6-8 to have a weekend of 25.

  3. I saw Fan again today. I enjoyed it more. So definitely it has the repeat value. Everyone was loving it so word of mouth is also good. I m hoping for 9 or 10 crore monday bt even 8 crore will be good enough. Fan and srk's acting has taken bollywood to another level quality wise. Again don't meaure fan with numbers its beyond numbers.

    1. bhai tu 50baar dekh humse to ek baar na dekhi gayi. raha acting ka sawal wahi dar wali acting ki ha

  4. SRK ke fan phle keh rage the ki FAN 200cr+ ka collection karega aur an unko pta h ki 130cr bhi mushkil h to Bahana bna rahe h ki collection mayne nhi rakhta film achi honi chahiye,ye to girgit ki tarah rang badal h,SULTAN akele FAN aur RAEES ki band Baja dega. Dono se zyada collection karega mark my word. I LUV salman

    1. Salman tujhe pay karega kya? Fan iz very good movie.. will b remembered in many years to come.. whatever SRK did after MNIK, also craps... except Bajrangi Bhajan, Salman's all recent films r crap... do not judge movie on the base of its collection... nobody will remember that.. Fan iz well made movie, nd SRK did a fab job. that's only matters.

  5. I am a SRK fan and liked Fan as well and it's his best film in the last 5 years. But with all due respect this is a really bad sign in terms of box office and star power for SRK. Agreed this is not a commercial film but still 51-52 crores weekend without a clash and for a critically acclaimed film is too less. This is even less than Dilwale which was by all standards an average film. Can't see the multiplexes of metros stretching this film too much. Will end much below Dilwale. Maybe just beat Airlift. Sorry state of affairs for SRK. His star power is finishing off and now there's no excuse of clash or intolerance incidents. Just pure rejection from the general public of India. Fan is a multiplex film for metros and will not score more going further.

    1. He is a star no problem from any comments of his. The movie itself is not up to the mark. Getting its deserving worst output. India biz overall will finish up to 110 - 115 Crs at maximum.

  6. Well guys Idk If I'm wrong but like firstly it's IPL , The jungle book and Theri and you can't expect the film to gain profits with going these situations ? . I mean come on IPL is enough to slow down the film's collection.
    Anyway SRK already had mentioned '' It's not ment to be a blockbuster '' so chill .

    1. As I said earlier there are no excuses this time around. Do you know when did Tanu weds Manu returns release last year. During the final week of IPL. Still it collected 152 crores in India. And saying that Theri & Jungle book are a competition is actually undermining the star power of SRK. infact mocking his stardom. This is a film only for his Fan's. Yes I am a fan and yes he has come back as an actor. But we all have to accept that he's not a crowd puller anymore and a Hollywood film doing well in its second weekend is just a bad sign for an Indian superstar. If Raees clashes with Sultan then it will be doomed and won't collect even half of Sultan.

      1. True , He lost his stardom after dilwale , remember before Dilwale Happ new year was released and it still has crowd pulling record on first day with highest opening . That was the time and after Dilwale he lost the crowd pulling factor . Because Chennai Express was Super hit people came to see Happy new year but after that Dilwale was same as Happy new year . I'm not saying fan is bad , Fan is good movie but not as that was expected . Raees might suffer same as only content will save it .

      2. A movie (without any songs and top actress which is need to get more collections from single screen)which is solely depending on its lead actor collected this much in its weekend.Still u guys are questioning his stardom?I know its a fashion now a days to criticize SRK for whatever he does.

  7. I thing resent time only AMIR KHAN films liked by all people in India or overceice. All records will definitely break when DANGAL relese. AMIR is a game changer. His name a brand.so all wait a masterpiece DANGAL.

  8. Dissappointing collections...if it do not hold well on monday then its tough to beat airlifts collections of 128 cr...

  9. big lollllllll only 51cr weekend ha ha jai ho 60cr weekend..... abhi 100cr hone me vi 49cr baki hai aur 110cr hone me 59cr jovi muskil lagraha ha ha big flop....
    Bhai fan 500cr ha ha ha nacho a naam bahut comedy wala tha

  10. U fools the film is doing good business of 16+ crore for a weekend that's good
    The film was not made for business it's a very unique story
    U haters watch and wait

  11. I respect srk sir but the way his fans change ideas is strange. When akki's good movies didn't perform well as baby and gabbar they made fun of him and now when srk's good movie did not perform well they say collections don't matter. Why ?

  12. Airlift had a 26th January on Tuesday...Fan does not have that Advantage...Speaking genuinely and unbiased...Fan is a really Good Movie...but I guess some movies have their Destiny written..don't know fingers crossed..

  13. Don't abuse please , Ik you guys won't like it but think about it , I mean really the collections are not as that was expected from the trailer . Even I thought movie would be awesome and collect atleast 180 crore but it failed , Ik SRK said it's not ment to be blockbuster but did he mention it is ment to be a flop or decent grosser ? No atleast hit right ?

  14. haters chutyo salo kuch pata nhe bus bhonkty ho...jis film me songs nhe herion nhe dance nhe koi item nhe indian public k lye movie me ye sab zarori hota hai...es k bawajood agar wekend pr 52 crore collection hota hai tu ye big collection hai...himmat hai tu salman amir akshy ko kaho k without song aur heroin k movie banae agar 50 crore se bhe zyada nhe jay ga...fan movie is awsome .....tu nhe samjhe ga..

  15. with out song heroin dance wekend 52 big collection 140 life time super hit..fan is awsome movie

  16. Intolerance ke naam pe srk aur aamir ko target karke salman ko no.1 banao kya cheap harkat hai
    Bhai agar aaj aamir aur srk no.1 nahi hai to yeh un dono ka nahi desh ka nuksan hai

    They r top class actors
    Baki wo criminal ko no.1 banake bollywood mein faltu crap movies ko badava dene ke baraabar hai
    Aaj srk bollywood ko overseas mein popular kar raha hai fan jaisi movie deke jo salman se kabhi nahi hoga
    Think people.....

    1. Bro aj kal sir achhI story k movie chalati...
      Bakvas movie ni....
      tanu weds manu return
      Kapoor and sons
      Ye sabi movie achhe content k thi esliye chali...
      R sabi movie 1600-2200 screen pe release hui h...
      The story of fan very confusing....
      Thriller movie k name bakvas pakda dia....
      Baby jaisi movie ko thriller kahte h fan jaisi movie ko...

      No doubt SRK ne achhi acting h but now SRK lost his stardum. .....
      Now a days only Salman rule ....
      SRK never give a 100 cr collection movie without holiday.
      R fan k life time collection 90-100 cr rahega...
      Main movie release hone pahle keha tha ye movie 90-120 cr k bich me collection karegi..
      But ab kehta hu ye 100 cr b ni kr payegi. ..
      This is flop movie of year....

  17. R.I.P bollywod
    People dont deserve good films
    Srk era ended today...
    He is and will be the last superstar of india
    25 yrs dream career ended by hatered, jealeosy and politics
    Its a loss of india

  18. Hey hey heyhey listen bros...... Srk is a good person..... He hasn't done anything wrong to you then don't tell anything bad for him...... He is the only superstar(men) who has larger fan following in overseas.... If dilwale can do such a good collection overseas then think what fan will do bro..... Waiting do overseas collection of fan.... I think srk is a good person.... Let him to come with good directors such as Imtiaz Ali and Anand l rai then he will again gain his stardom........ Even srk and salman are good friends then stop fighting you all plz because they don't fight

  19. In collections ka matlab hai ek tha tiger kick prdp chennai express happy new year r the best movies of the decade....
    Jitni ghatiya movie utna jyada collection....

    1. Bhai achhi movie kabi flop ni hoti h..
      R aj achhe screept k movie chalati h..
      Example bajirao mastani, airlift, neeraja, kapoor and sons

  20. Well Mr Bharat let me remind u that we Muslim are only 17cr in n.o. according to latest census. If u want to say that it is only due to to Muslim that they watch Salman movie on eid then I think u r certainly wrong. Don't b jealous of Salman stardom rather appreciate him and if u do this u will feel nice and surely b fully entertained. What is lacking in shahrukh is the macho appearance as he's getting old and sadly to say he's having a worn out look. Lastly he's baadshah or king ? khan by name only. On the other hand Salman is the real hero of the nation proudly known as BHARAT .

    1. Um No it's about script , If macho appearance only matters then all male actors who has gained muscles their movie would be blockbuster . The only thing that matters is script so chill .

  21. Salman khan ka eid aur diwalI ke bina kuch nahi ho sakta.
    Ab yeh mat kehna jai ho non holiday release thi.
    He is killer.killed dear.drink and drive case.
    Bloody criminal

  22. salmaan khan mostly do films which are remakes of south such as kick, wanted, dabang, bodyguard, ect. and his upcoming movies are also remakes of south such kick 2, and one which is going to release in 2017. at least srk is hardly doing any remakes. Remakes are already having the script and story so only star cast and screenply is required.

    1. Salman take copy write dear...
      But SRK stole the screept of Hollywood movie..
      If u not believe watch...
      The Fan srk copied and make fan.
      The A Team SRK copied and make Don 2.
      Alots of movie here that copy by hollywood movies...
      Happy new year etc

      1. The fan has an completely different story and i know salman is taking copy write but the content of the movie is same and its not fresh so a superhit script is used to make another superhit picture with different casting and language and thats why they are taking copy write. Taking some parts of a movie from hollywood and its a ok but taking entire script is not called a good director. Bro i am not a srk fan and a salman fan, i m just sharing some common things that happening now a days in bollywood

  23. People are preferring The Jungle Book more than Fan and that is also denting the box office collections of Fan. Since Children love such kind of movies, a lot of family Audience is giving first preference to The Jungle Book instead of Fan !!!

  24. But yes SRK did good decision by moving out of his comfort zone and by not doing more mindless movies like Happy new year and Dilwale . Bad luck for for fan now let's wait and see what raees holds and that movie will be the fate of SRK . Fan nearly took stardom and If raees Wins heart of audience then He will have a good return and If it ends up like fan then SRK will face tough time .

  25. Waiting for Mohinjo Daro Hrithik Roshan is an awesome actor to watch It will be master piece never the less

  26. Bhai bollyarana Monday ka update to do yaar kaafi der hogai, according to addatoday Monday ko srk ka pankha band ho gaya 8cr, morning show 20% ha ha ha lolllll aur ticket price vi Monday ko low hai ,, kitna Bada dabba is saal ka ka ka ka sabse bada

  27. These bollyarena people have now made a habit of posting wrong figures. Im talking about THE JUNGLE BOOK WEEKEND FIGURES. And when I give a comment telling their mistake they don't post it. It seems they don't want to correct or admit their mistakes. But remember only those people grow in life who take appreciations and criticisms equally. We should learn from our mistakes and try to correct it. Thats how the life grows. Its so miserable to see the careless attitude of bollyarena as if they don't want to heed anyone's suggestion or advice.

  28. Fan hit ho ya flop SRK ko kuch farak nahi padne wala.
    Woh toh apni fees lega.
    BTW SRK is second richest actor in the world and richest actor in India.

    @bollyarena please make a page (SRK's fans vs Salman's fans vs Aamir's fans vs other actor's fans) for debate

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