Dutt Biopic is shaping very well, looking better than 3 Idiots: Claim Makers

Unarguably the best director in Bollywood film industry, Rajkumar Hirani is busy in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanjay Dutt biopic. The film which went on floors two months back has been making headlines for all the right reasons.

The makers of Dutt biopic including Ranbir Kapoor, Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijit Joshi held a press conference yesterday at Bhopal where they were shooting. During the press conference, the whole team looked extremely confident about the product

Talking about the film, writer Abhijit Joshi said that the film is shaping very well. Even it's rough cut is looking better than 3 Idiots. This is our most entertaining film till date and is highly family oriented. It will have tremendous repeat value.

He also said that this is Rajkumar Hirani's best direction till date but still everyone will only talk about Ranbir Kapoor's terrific performance.

Rajkumar Hirani confirmed that Munnabhai 3 will go on floors right after the release of Dutt Biopic. "Right after PK, we had started working on Munnabhai 3 and at that time, Sanjay Dutt came out on payroll and narrated me his story which was very engaging and entertaining. It has several relationships like father-son and friendship, which excited the director in me. But I promise that after Dutt Biopic, my next film would be Munnabhai 3. Abhijat is writing the script of Munnabhai currently."

Talking about Ranbir Kapoor, Vinod Chopra said, "To praise Ranbir Kapoor is like to hold a candle to the sun. His performance in Dutt is the best you have ever seen."

Ranbir Kapoor is not playing Sanjay Dutt, he is actually living it. He even spent some days at a jail, pushing the limits of method acting. Ranbir talked, walked and looked exactly like Sanjay at the press conference. A journalist even asked Ranbir that he is behaving like Sanjay. The actor also said that he would have worked for 10 years for Dutt if needed.

The film has been announced to release on Christmas this year. Dutt team is now building up the hype and it looks like that they are preparing for the clash with Tiger Zinda Hai.

If the clash happens, it would be a very interesting battle between Bollywood's biggest superstar and biggest director. Rajkumar Hirani has never disappointed so far and the content of all his films is excellent. Dutt is also carrying terrific reports. On the other hand, we have Salman Khan who is on a dream run and can even overshadow the content.



35 comments on “Dutt Biopic is shaping very well, looking better than 3 Idiots: Claim Makers”

  1. Tiger mar jaayega if he dares to clash with raju sahab
    It will be a milestone in ranveer career

    1. Lol.Tiger is already there.It's upto biopic's makers that if they want clash or not amd I'm pretty sure they DON'T.

    2. All hatred apart but this looks tough! Rajkumar Hirani who made Aamir Khan into the biggest box office machine in India and Overseas, his movies are the best made in India today no one can deny that!
      On the other hand Salman Khan has immense stardom and after Bhajrangi Bhaijaan his overseas box office has increased by more than double so this will be an epic and prob the most messed up clash in years!

  2. I'm going to watch both films I hope both do well. Really hope this film take ranbir to the next level.

  3. SIrf publicty kelye keh rahe h aur kuch n q 3 ideot ki story good the but bio pick acchi n ho sakti

  4. Biggest fact is every cine lover will be interested in watching this biopic. Start director and themse is perfect combination to engage single screen and multiplex audience... more than anything entire industry and media will support sanju baba... a sure shot blockbuster

  5. Beware Tiger, because BM proved that content is bigger than superstars in a clash. I think it would be a huge mistake to underestimate the star power of Rajkumar Hirani, this guy is a genius.

  6. Shii h..raji hirani eek director nhi eek brand h..aur clash h beta better movie hi chalega..aur sabko malum h kaun better h raju ya ali abbas jafar..??

  7. DuttBiopic Movie will be Blockbuster
    With or Without CLASH.
    But Better than 3Idiots ??
    I dont think,
    They r Increasing the Hype
    Raju Hirani is a Genius but then Only Aamir makes the movies Great with his involvement.
    Without Aamirs Involvement
    SARFAROSH,DCH wouldnt have been Possible.

  8. movie will be hit or superhit because of content... but lifetime collection is 50% less thanx tzh definitely..such as tzh=300 then dutt=150. because now a days salman also choose positive content movie & his stardome is biggest problem for dutt..

      1. Abey lallu tera bhai 4 din ka mehman hein bad mein bori bister bandhke chala jayega.clash hua to ranbir bhi kuch kam nahi sallu ko ek bar pita hein.sallu hamesha akela holiday pe aake pedha khata hein aab uska time khatm.ranbir usko buri tarah se harayega.
        Buss inta chahta hoon ki clash hojaye.mein 100% sure hoon raju hirani n ranbir milke sallu ka aisa band bajayenge ki god tussi great ho ki yaad dilayenge.
        Pls raju hirani clash kardo hamein sallu ki asli power dekhni hein.
        Vaise sallu abhi tak ek bhi clash nahi jeeta hein aur usse history nahi badalne wali.

  9. Comment:aamir ko naya image too raju hirani ne diya nahi too pehle jaise hi ek hit aur 5 flops deta ab ,koi samjhta too pk aamir se hi hit hua too unke jaise bda murkh duniya me aur khin nhi hote h

  10. Aab sallu ka hal srk jaisa hoga..
    Come on ranbir..u will beat any one except Aamir.sallu ko to ek bar beat kar diya hein aur wo bhi start mein abhi to ranbir superstar hein.
    Aur sath mein raju hirani hein aur raju ko harana mushkil hein.sallu tu to gaya
    Ali re ali sallu tuzi baari ali.

  11. :D all these chillar.. ranbhirs, SRKs and those who pretend to be aamir's fans are jumping like pop corns..
    everybody knows Tiger is gona run away with all the accolades and crush raju s arrogance.. clash very much on and eagerly awaited!!!!!

  12. It's a biopic. I hope director lives upto his expectations.
    No forced comedy. REALISTIC.Authentic.Let's see.

  13. This is nothing but a gimmick, which many are falling to it. They know the best way to create curiosity for Dutt biopic is to clash with a superstar movie to have relevance and they achieved that with people noticing and following the progress of Dutt biopic keeping in mind the biggest clash this christmas, but it is just a marketing trick by them to promote their movie.

    Simple logic, when did you see last time the makers organizing a press conference when the shooting is half way mark and the producer already going on to say it is best performance of the actor. It is a no-brainer that they won't get the best single screen against Salman and YRF know how to deal when it comes to clashes. Still, if they go ahead with the clash, they are going to burn their fingers badly. Also to note, there is a big difference between a biopic film like Dangal on sports which inspires and tells the struggles of real life heroes as against a biopic against a criminal like Sanju who is nothing but a spoiled brat. Even if the story and screenplay is outstanding, it needs good word of mouth and without good opening numbers, collections will be comparatively less when it is on a clash.

  14. If it is better than 3 Idiots it will surpass 200 Crore. Anyway with or without clash TZH a one week movie.

  15. @bollyarena
    Plz say "one of the biggest superstar "not biggest superstar.
    Biggest megastar is one n only Aamir.
    I agree with u for raju is biggest director.

  16. lol @max both are criminals bt sanju baba better than sallu he just did mistake frnzship with dahood otherwise he is gud and yrf k movies bhi flop hui h and salman v agr kisi ko jada respecr deta too bollywood me wo bas sanju baba ko deta h darta h bhi aur raju hirani subject contenr kabhi low class ka nhi hota h high cls hi hota h jst wait n watch the cllash

  17. Tiger tiger hota hai.tum log jal rahe ho .aur khush bhi ho rahe ho .yaad rakhna tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger .tum gadho ke liye tiger tiger tiger kutto ke liye tiger tiger tiger .tiger zinda hai tum jase Sade hue kutto ka muh band karne ke liye .parshaya tera baap aamir ko ko raju NE hi banaya hai .bina raju ke tera tingu baap star nahi banta kutta sala

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