Dunkirk receives extraordinary reviews from Critics

Christopher Nolan's latest release Dunkirk has received extraordinary reviews from critics so far. The film enjoys a 94% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is rated 9.3 on IMDB. Many have called it Nolan's best film till date. The director has earlier delivered masterpieces like Inception, The Dark Knight, Interstellar etc.

Dunkirk will be released in India in approx 700 screens though the number of shows is limited. The film will have an excellent opening in urban centres and day 1 can be in the range of 3-4 crores.

Below are some of the Indian reviews of Dunkirk.

Bollywood Life

Rating: 5/5

Someone asked me if Dunkirk is better than Nolan’s The Dark Knight or Memento. I fairly had no clue how to answer him, and I really don’t want to. For Dunkirk is not a movie that begs for comparison, it is a flick immerses you into its proceedings and leaves you enthralled at the end of it. It is a gritty, rivetting revisiting of one of the darkest chapters of modern history, that will leave you gasping at times. Dunkirk may or may not be the best war movie ever made, but it is definitely the best blockbuster of the year. Highly recommended, that too in IMAX.

Hindustan Times

Rating: 5/5

Dunkirk is one of the greatest war movies ever made – it’s certainly the tightest, most unwaveringly propulsive film of Christopher Nolan’s career. But it’s also as meditative as The Thin Red Line, as brutal as Saving Private Ryan, and sometimes, even as surreal as Apocalypse Now. It deserves to be seen big and loud.

Times of India

Rating: 4.5/5

While it is not for the average moviegoer – if you’re looking for a fun and mindless action flick there are other options around – it is the first real contender for ‘Best Picture', and a number of other technical awards. If nothing else, it is yet another landmark achievement by one of the most important and skilled storytellers in the present generation of filmmaking.


Rating: 4/5

One might argue that this is the first time Nolan delivered a film that didn’t show us a world we are not already familiar with, but even within the genre the action beats are original and eye poppingly effective, despite no visuals of gore or severed limbs like in Saving Private Ryan. If you’re watching this film – and you should – make sure you carry a pair of ear plugs to cushion the impact.

17 comments on “Dunkirk receives extraordinary reviews from Critics”

  1. But INDIA me only Munna michel chalegi. Dunkirk jaise films se hume kya? Inception & Interstellar chutzpa tha. over-rated director. usse accha film karan johar bana leta hai.

    1. Tum logo ko movie samjh hai nahi isliye tu munna Michel hi dekh
      Nolan sir is rajmouli of hollywood

      1. Bhai rajamouli nhi rajkumar hirani ha Hollywood kA............. India kA best rajkumar hirani ha bhai......

        1. bilkul shi bhai @adity

          rajmouli ne mar kaat ko high vfx se kya dikha diya???

          n to BB2 k acters me koi expression tha...

          puri film me only 4-5 logo pr camera tha?

          koi Hath se diwaar tod deta h , koi pero se( bhallal dev)....?

          log keval WAR dekhne gye the...

          poor-aadivasi-local movie...

          story me , or acting me koi Dam nhi tha...

          One man army movie...

          ydi dhyan se dekhe to BB2 kachra movie thi....

          esse to ROBOT better movie thi

          1. makkhi movie ko dekha h ? aur rajamouli k record janta h ? he is unbeatable director in indian cinema he has still no flop movies ,n whatever here comparision is nt fare rajamouli is rajmouli ,hirani is hirani n nolan is nolan all r have their own status

      2. You are saying Nolan is rajamouli of hollywood. Then what about Hirani sir?
        Please Nolan is a legendary director of our times. Dont compare to our directors. Every movie lover is a fan of his work not hollywood or bollywood.

  2. Shot a few kilometers from where i live. URK THE NETHERLANDS. Saw chris NOLAN @Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. Definately gonna catch up on sunday @Pathé cinema. Never missed a Nolan's work

    1. Indian Express hired an amazing critics named Subhra Gupta whose average movie rating 1.5 out of 5. I asked few times in Indian Express comment section - please madam you make one movie to show Bollywood how quality movie should be made.

  3. @bollyarena :Prestige and Memento were also masterpiece. In fact Ghajni was super simplified version of Memento...and I think Indian directors should not be compared to Nolan. the types of movies which Nolan makes have very limited audience in India and the screenplay demands very high budget of the movies... Which cannot be possible in India.. So if anyone to blame about this then we should blame us as Indian audience that we are still stuck and like to watch same rom com masala pictures which doesn't give that much boost and courage to Indian directors to try making these kind of movies

  4. Biggest fan of Nolan so this movie is on the top of my list. Like all his movies but absolutely love Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight. This guy is simply brilliant.

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