Do not compare me with Shahrukh Khan: Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh and Shahrukh Khan

Ranveer Singh is over the moon and rightly so. Bajirao Mastani has hit the bull’s eye and making the victory sweeter is the fact that they have stolen a march over Goliath Dilwale at the box-office.

Ranveer Singh although not oblivious to comparisons being drawn with SRK is not too fond of talks that say he has beaten King Khan and Dilwale. While audience reviews conducted by us saw many remarking how Ranveer had outshone SRK’s performance.

In a recent interview to Indian Express Ranveer Singh has said that he doesn’t think he comes closer to SRK in terms of acting. “SRK has got too much depth and range in acting. Whatever we have seen till now is just the tip of the iceberg. I said this about Kareena Kapoor recently and it got misconstrued completely. Why are they stars? It is because they are actors first. They are able to portray various emotions on screen and connect to people’s hearts. And it is unfortunate both films came on the same day. There is no comparison at all between me and SRK. His contribution to Hindi cinema is unparalleled and unmatched. There has never been anyone like him. I was hanging out with him yesterday at Stardust awards. We hung out for a while and he is so humble and grounded. The way he used to meet me when I was a newcomer, he meets me the same way even today. There is equal warmth and love. We don’t discuss films or performances. We talk random rubbish. I can’t tell you what we spoke but I can say that Srk is a riot to be with. I have worked for five years and he has worked for 25 years. That is five times the number of years I have worked. So there is no comparison.”

For the moment, Ranveer Singh just wants to soak and feel the success of Bajirao Mastani and enjoy the New Year. Will he spend it with Deepika, he won’t say. And neither does he want to talk about anyone else for the moment. “I am not giving you any headlines about anyone else other than me, ” said a smiling Ranveer before signing off.

5 comments on “Do not compare me with Shahrukh Khan: Ranveer Singh”

  1. Well said. Srk is a living legend. Srk can only be compared with Dalip kumar and Big B. His achievements r unparalleled. Love u srk. Proud to be srk fan.

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