Dilwale Wednesday Box Office Collection Update


Dilwale Wednesday Collection (6th Day) Update:

The early trends suggest that Dilwale has a similar start on Wednesday. The film did not drop as compared to yesterday.

Morning Shows Report:

Shahrukh Khan starrer Dilwale has a good occupancy in the morning shows. The multiplexes and single screens both were same as yesterday. The overall occupancy was ranging from 20-25% which is good. Some big film released this year could not manage this occupancy even on their opening day.

Though multiplexes are low but they have sustained well after Monday. The same is the case with North where it almost crashed on Monday but recovered well after that. It is doing very good business in interiors. And if the reports from interiors are also as good as yesterday, then Dilwale Wednesday collection can be close to yesterday.

The film has a very good hold on Tuesday also. Though ideally it should have been higher than 10 crore. But a big drop on Monday makes it impossible. Now holiday season is approaching which will give a boost to its collection. Box office is very much unpredictable so anything can happen in coming days. We hope that both films will do well.

Noon Shows Report:

Dilwale has picked up well in the noon shows. The occupancy was almost the same as yesterday. The hold at single screens is excellent. It is a pretty good news for the team of Dilwale. If the trend continues, then it can take benefit of holiday period.

Evening Shows Report:

The evening shows have shown good growth as per the coming reports. Single screens are doing extremely well as the occupancy even reached to 60%. But multiplexes are low as compared to Bajirao Mastani. There is also good advance booking for Thursday evening and Friday. The film is all set for a decent Wednesday.

End of Updates

Dilwale 6th day box office collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check in the following link.

Dilwale 6th Day Box Office Collection


Dilwale has collected 84 crore in the first five days. It is unstoppable in overseas where it is setting new records in many territories.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Dilwale Wednesday box office collection (6th day) update in the comments section.

38 comments on “Dilwale Wednesday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Going to watch it second time with family members today.movie is not that good but is watchable as srk has done some great acting . Movie me abhi box office ka hisab se kafi dum bacha hai

  2. Now 100 crore 1st week is Very simple.
    93+ and need ONLY 7 crore on day 7 is Very possibile, now the movie have many chance to growth on the 2nd weekend They can collect more than 35 crore on 2nd weekend, the 200 crore Mark is still possibile, because they have the 31 and 1st januray holiday.
    BAJIRAO cant win the battle because dilwale will do more business on XMAS holiday, Srk is promoting the movie city by city so still chance to be a super hit

  3. Dilwale first week will be around 100-105cr. 2nd week will be around 55-60cr(bcoz of Xmas holidays). Third week will be around 20-25 cr. Remaining weeks15-20cr. Total 190-210 cr. Blockbuster!!!

    1. It will not cross 160 crore wait and see..lifetime collection will be 145 to 155 range....

    2. your imagenation is stranger than viction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 210cr?????????? 110cr and thats al.

      1. Its not prdp bhai ...
        Single release 4200 screens
        No protests
        Mushkil se bhi 200cr nhi hua

  4. BM : first week: 84-85+
    2nd week : 145+
    3rd week: 169+
    4th week: 182+
    Budget 120 cr blockbuster ;)

  5. Comment:bhai ranveer fan all who want to watch bm will shift towards star wars read star wars reviews ... so multiplex me dhamaka kar degi star wars and SS belongs to dilwale so plz ap predict na kare to hi acha hoga

  6. 4th week had hoti h tb tak log wazir dekh rahe honge and SS sny paji ki teyari kar rahi hogi ghayal once again fekane ki limit hoti h

    1. BOI ( Box office India report) : BM tue: 9.50 Dilwale 8.25
      Bollyarena , box office capsule , girish johar , box office eye , bollywood business ets .. said bm tues. collection > Dilwale collection but stupid Taran : BM 9.40 and Dilwale 9.42 hahahaha :) Taran sir , how many money paid SRK ???

  7. Comment:hahaha bhai indian ni ye hindi language fr apne bm kha dekhi n konsi language me dekhi ....alien detected ???

    1. Nooo !!! Baby, badlapur , piku, TWMR, DDD , masan, Bajirangi bhaijaan , Bajirao mastani is the best movie of 2015 !!!! Sorry SRK sir we are waitin your FAN Movie ;)

  8. suru hogaya ghapla red chls & srk ka .....
    boi said - dilwale Tuesday - 8.25cr & bajirao - 9.40cr ....
    but red & srk said - dilwale- 9.42cr Abe pura 10cr hi bata deta to kiya ho jata ..
    but bhansali said - bajirao- 9.40cr ...

  9. bollyarana plss psll plsss ans me .... according 2 u , addatoday, boi, indicine ke dilwale Monday - Tuesday 10-15% drop.... to drop kahan gaya collection me ... plss ans me

  10. only boi ke collection me fark aaya 8.25cr ..means 10-15% drop .... aur red & srk figure me.... he he lolllll ato hona hi tha red & srk ki jodi means fake collection ... like hny first day 35 ko 45 karna kohi inse sikhe .,, ha ha ha lollll

  11. I knw only one thng about dilwale ....if dilwale collects 145-150cr till 27dec...thn its unstoppable to became blockbuster..

  12. DILWALE will cross 100 crore both in INDIA & OVERSEAS in its week one.
    Unstoppable in UK, crosses 1 million GBP on Tuesday, 1 million MYR in Malaysia in 4 days & UAE/GCC week one should cross be around 5 million dollars.

  13. Bhailog dilwale is the best movie of 2015 if you want to sleep than watch bajirao mastani

  14. Rohit Shetty's Dilwale is a great family entertainment, and its target audience probably is family with people of all ranges from kids to elderly. So, if you feel you are the target I recommend you to watch it in this great festive season. It's got lot of dramas, hyper action and some uncontrollable comedy. I think, the only honest feedback of mine will be it is little fast paced story telling that makes story seem incoherent. However, this definitely doesn't fail the movie, and so don't get misled by baseless (or even biased) comments (though I completely respect their personal opinion). Enjoy the excellent performances and hard work of all casts including SRK, Kajol, Varun and Kriti. ????

  15. Now srk and red chilies prduction are showing true colours bcz bajirao mastani is doing more business than dilwale and srks ego is hearted boi india give the same verdict what bollywood arena gave both website said yesterday was 15% droped than monday but there is no drop in collection whyeven krk said that only in west bengal dilwale did little big good than bajirao mastani otherwise all of d places bajirao mastani over shadowed dilwale but collection is 2lakhs than bm bcz on monday srk thought dilwale will somehow lead bm collection wise but Iit didnt happend and become ego problem and I m sure we r going to see more manimanipulation in collection and ppl who wants true collection go to boxofficeindia I used to love this site bollywood arena but I doubt now bcz their prediction and collection is a lot different so I m not going any more trust

  16. Dilwale box office collection : 1st week :- 101-102 cr 2nd week:- 52-56 cr 3rd week:- 27-32 cr Remaining weeks :- 15-20 cr Total:- 195-210 cr (Blockbuster ) BM box office collection : 1st week :- 81-83 cr 2nd week :- 45-50 cr 3rd week :- 22-27 cr Remaining weeks :- 12-15 cr Total :- 160-175 cr ( Superhit )

    1. What kind of prediction...boss it will be u r dream only. Wait and see collection will be around 145- 155 cr.lifetime business.

  17. bm is actingwise a great movie but it has also a painfull ending,on the other hand dilwale is an entertaining movie....so guys if u want to watch drama then go for bm but if u want to enjoy then go for dilwale....,bm is a slow movie and its music is also not very good....on the other hand u know about the music of dilwale....main attraction of dilwale is srk and kajol as well as its action and romance part....its no bias review about any of these two becoz I am not ranveer and srk fan...

  18. @ferdbouk goodevening mrs.bollyarena,Dilwale movie will be blockbuster in box office through days will jumped,i believe in movie for families,value families ,which successed in many countries like UAE,UK,US.for sure in India also,because king SRK proud to be Indian,workharder to give pleasure and smile on faces,i wish Dilwale movie released in my country ,because in Lebanon most of people know king SRK and they loved his movie,there is a lot of our sisters and brothers from India,so for sure Dilwale movie will successed,thank you to give us space to write comments journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon tribute to king SRK and beautiful arts and great civilization of India

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