Dilwale Verdict: Hit or Flop


Dilwale Verdict (Hit or Flop):

Shahrukh Khan's Dilwale which was released on 18 December, has underperformed at the box office.

It was facing competition from Bajirao Mastani. Despite Dilwale having strong initials, Ranveer Singh starrer took the lead on weekdays which affected Dilwale badly.

But still, the film that was made on the budget of 145 crore has successfully recovered all the costs. Though there will not be huge profits for distributors.

Let’s also take a look at Dilwale hit or flop business economics.

Production Cost
90 Cr
P & A
25 Cr
SRK's Fee*
30 Cr
145 Cr
Satellite Rights
60 Cr
17 Cr
8 Cr
Distributor Share
70 Cr
155 Cr


Dilwale Verdict:

Semi Hit

The verdict has been given at the collection of 140+ crore. The film is still running so the verdict can change if it collects huge amount in coming days. Though it is very unlikely to happen.

Overseas Economics

40 Cr
112 Cr
72 Cr

Dilwale Overseas Verdict:



The film has underperformed in India due to many reasons. But in overseas, there is a complete different scenario as Dilwale is setting some huge records there.

Dilwale was distributed by Red Chillies it self. The film was sold in India at the price of 130 crore. So some regional distributors may suffer from loses especially in Rajasthan and Central India.

As for Red Chiilies is concerned, they have generated huge profits. Since Shah Rukh Khan was the producer of Dilwale, the makers of the film had already recovered a huge chunk of their investment.

Shahrukh Khan's last two films have crossed 200 crore. This will be a setback for the actor. He is now gearing up for Fan and Raees, both will hit the screens in 2016.

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Tell us what are your views about Dilwale verdict hit or flop in the comments section.

24 comments on “Dilwale Verdict: Hit or Flop”

    1. So what bollywood arena it was produced by shahrukh khan the budget will be 105 cr and other sites are showing this only only ur site is saying 145 cr budget

  1. Prdp 5 days - 140 cr budget -110 cr
    Bajirao 2 weeks 140 cr budget - 125 cr
    Dilwale 2 weeks 135cr budget -105 cr

    I mean WOW....
    Clash factor affects big time on a movie's collection.bcoz of clash factor one of the Best trending muvi (bm) released on a clash will endup collecting around 30 cr less than the worst trending muvi ( prdp)
    For me the winners are all of the three actors..where salman got a 200cr movie by prdp ,srk still managed to make some profits for a really bad movie (blockbuster in overseas) .and bm recovered its high budget and will also make some decent profits.
    WRITE AN ARTICLE SUGGESTING HOW RELEASE DATES COULD HV AFFECTED THESE MOVIES.....n others also please reply with ur thoughts on my comment..thanks.

  2. Your way of calculation is wrong. You should take cost of movie and than add recovery from all sources. Like selling prices to india distributor plus overseas distributor plus satalite rights plus music rights plus endorsement . this will give profit for Red chillies. For distributots the profit or loss will distributor share minus the prices at which they have bought the movies from Red chillies. I believe it will be big loss venture for Regional distributor but big plus for Red chillies.

  3. crap site it is ... who told you srk fees 30 cr hahaha he is producer and got already all money
    ehy are you creating negativity his production house tgen why he need money ...crap site 145 cr ??? kidding 90 cr budget and 20 cr pa final
    and its hit
    see people this bollyarena giving bajirao hit status while everone saying it wins clash but still it is box office faliure
    actually bollyarena we hate you
    ya we are srk fans
    and we will be forever
    your crap site is giving even bajirao hit while it collects only half of dilwlae in overseas with more screens for hour knowledge see bocapsule indicine etc. 2 that bajirao is failure while dilwale recover all
    even my diatributor friend told me ... you crap site hou know nothing

  4. dilwale verdict, clear that Dilwale is a flop and not at all a profitable venture. It has been a nightmare for Distributors and theater owners in the year end. Shah Rukh Khan starer has failed to recover money and thus it is a big flop and disappointment in the end of the year. Hereare the approximate loss that incur in each territory.
    Territory Loss
    Nizam Andhra-7cr
    These are the near accurate prediction of losses that incur due to disastrous performance of
    Shah Rukh Khan Starer Dilwale.

  5. @bollyarena

    How can u say that Diwale is under performer? Many cities/towns didnt get release of dilwale bcoz of ban/boycott.


  6. #huhh if u r not satisfied with the details of what bollyarena has given u can check the same at boi...there bm is leading with a huge margin as that is trade figure and here srk has done manipulation

  7. Idiots....why add srk fees.....he is taking fee in his home production....what nonsense news....

  8. Semi hit in india, haters ka mooh kaala , kaali ka mooh gora, hahahahahahahahah too much fun

  9. bollyarena ko jb kch mila ni to srk ki fees add kr li what abt bhansali fees in bajirao ...usne bhi fees ni liya produce kiya ...block karo bhai logo is site ko ...n twitter pr support mat karo is bekar site ko ...matlb kvh bhi srk ki fees kha se agai ab bhai?
    jb usne 120cr kama liye to ab fees bhi lega ?
    dilwale hit h boss
    and bajirao ka 125 cr budget h fr 20 cr p&a h ullu banata h pehle khud likhta h 105 than sidha 145 hahahah bejar site h bhai logo ... srk full profit me hai n rajasthan n 2 3 state ko chod k profit m hai full aisa har movie me hota h ...is site ko ignore maro bhau logo bocapsule taran adarsh koimoi indicine jesi badi sites ko follow karo ...agar ye apka comment publish na kare to iske account ki report karo full bhai logo
    bad company tumhare sath hai
    srk ki chalti hai logo ki jalti h
    n sallu fans lapke ni karna yha hum fight ni karenge hmare group ne decide kar liya h taki is site ko badhava na mile ...

  10. Music 19cr
    SRK's fees? O.o He is Producer
    Its verdict will be HIT if collects 140+

  11. Srk is producer.. othe site gives HIT At 140+ ... Budget is 105 lifetime will be arround 150 is Hit, Salman jai ho budget arround 90-100 and collection 110 was a HIT or semi hit

  12. Wrong information about Satellite Rights and Music Rights. Music Right is sold for 15 crs Only and there is no real information about Satellite Right.

  13. So both SRK and Salman fans are criticizing us. Some are quoting other websites wrong.
    BOI: Dilwale Verdict Semi Hit
    KOIMOI : Dilwale should collect 200 crore to be hit
    Indicine: Dilwale should collect 160 Cr+ to be hit

    Now its up to you to decide

  14. Bollywood arena SRK's Dilwale is Flop as it had to collect 170-180 crores for HIT and 205 crores for SUPER HIT and 250-260 for BLOCKBUSTER.
    Now according to all trade, It is biggest Flop. According BOI it is only 126 crores.
    It had to collect more than 50 crores for HIT. Please update as FLOP.

  15. Bollywood Arean Team, there are two flaws in your analysis.
    1. Satellite price was linked to boxoffice collection. If Dilwale would have made 200 crores in India, it wld have fetched 60 crores. Since the movie has collected less, satellite price will also come down.
    2. Overseas profit cannot be 72 cr. The movie grossed 112 cr so the distributor share will be approx 40 percent which is 45 cr. So the profit is 5 cr only.

  16. The budget of Dilwale is 60cr + p&p 15cr = 75cr... Red Chilies sale d indian distribution right 130cr n overseas distribution right to 40cr... Satellite n TV right 45cr, music 15cr

    130+40+45+15 = 230 - 75 = 155.

    155cr is a red chilies shares.

    But Indian Distributors will loss big chunks... With 125cr collections currently d DS will not reach even 100cr forget 130cr for recovery.

    In overseas d film is already in profit zone... Is a Blockbuster!

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