Dilwale shows cancelled again today

Shahrukh Khan starrer may have done reasonably well on its opening day but there are more troubles for the film.

As per the coming reports, Dilwale shows has been cancelled in different parts of the country. A distributor from Rajasthan has confirmed the news saying that all the shows of the film were cancelled at some cinemas. Same is the case in Chhattisgarh where intense protests were held by Bajrang Dal, Shivsena and Hindu Yuva Manch. Some shows of Dilwale were also cancelled on Friday.

SRK had recently said at a press conference that "religious intolerance and not being secular is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot." Though he had apologized at a news channel days before his movie was supposed to release.

A major boycott complain was launched against Dilwale with messages on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter were spread.

The film has got lesser screens as it is competing against Bajirao Mastani. And cancellation of shows will mean further dent in collections. Interestingly Bajirao Mastani shows are going smoothly today which was under many controversies before the release.

It seems that it is tough time for SRK and Dilwale team. Tell us what are your views in the comments section.

9 comments on “Dilwale shows cancelled again today”

  1. show cancel to ek bhana h ....SRK ko Darr h kahin ranveer se harne ka Kuch to wajh sochna padega ...

  2. bollyarena or kitna chaatogay srk ka bhai movie pehlay hi flop hai protest mai 50 laakh ka farq hoga 50 crore ka nahi u are just bias

  3. haters will hate forever because they can never be as amazing as you *laughs*

  4. it is very good time of shrukhan and Dilwale team and all the state are going well for us mean the movie is going to be flop
    very good...
    They hope this movie is going to break Pk records but they dont what are the movies which are done by Aamir khan.

    BM is giving full competition to hakle Dilwale. Bm will be clean HIT. Good SRK should taste the failure of Dilwale.

  6. Comment:Haters.....used bournol and then bark as dog.....bho bho bho.......
    Dilwale collects
    41.09 Cr In 2 Days..With So Many Shows Cancelled And Only 2800 Screens....tab bhi tum chutiye log bolte ho flop movie

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